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> [FANFIC] Generational Wings, Not working on anymore.
  Posted: Mar 23 2015, 04:03 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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QUOTE (Rin @ 20 minutes, 53 seconds ago)
Very nice but review? T_T

Seriously man? Alright I'll write one up before the end of today, promise you that.
  Posted: Mar 24 2015, 07:29 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Spring Break Update 2/?

Chapter 13: The Reveal

“Alrighty then Tomoyo, let’s see what you did to our cars!” Lillian exclaimed as she, her brother, and the red headed mechanic stood outside the garage doors. Tomoyo was truth to her word and it took a week to finish the tuning and body work.

“I have to say I’m kinda eager as well.” Neku smiled as he tapped his foot impatiently.

“Yeah, even though I didn’t see her upgrades I am interested to see what my daughter did. I didn’t help her at all.” Miyako exited out the main doors as she met up with the kids. “Depending on the job she did I may put her in more areas. Let’s see it.”

“Ok…man I’m nervous.” Tomoyo exhaled as she opened the garage doors. What followed was a girl with her eyes beaming, a boy who gave nice whistle, and a woman who smile and nodded at the work. “I assume this is good right?”

“Good? Hah! It’s BEAUTIFUL!” Lillian shouted as she ran to her silver 370Z with it’s new Nismo body kit. It was the 2015 variant with a small wing on it and a more aggressive looking front. The way it seemed to look was both majestic yet intimidating.

“And the RX-7 definitely looks more like a track day car than anything else.” Neku grinned ear to ear as he looked over the Knight Sport RX-7. It was exactaly how he imagined it, it had the Type 6 front along with the Type 4 and the MTC logo on the back. It also carried a small GT style wing but it was lower than the car’s top. Needless to say Neku was amazed at the job.

“Exterior: good. Now let’s look at the interior.” Miyako graded the outside as she opened the door of the RX-7, seeing how Lillian was inside of her 370Z looking around everywhere. The interior was good too; roll cage, bucket seats, changed the steering wheel, dials were changed, everything the veteran mechanic would do, her daughter did.

“So how did I do mom?” Tomoyo asked.

“I have another car waiting for an interior replacement, everyone is busy at the moment and I think I found the perfect person to do it.” Tomoyo’s mother smiled at her daughter whose face was beaming with joy and confidence. “Head to garage bay six and tell them I sent you there, anyone who says anything to you is going to get an earful from me.”

“T-Thank you mother! I won’t disappoint you!” With her eyes almost filling with tears Tomoyo gave a big hug to the veteran mechanic before she wiped her eyes and gracefully went to the bay.

“Wow, you know how to inspire confidence.” The RX-7 driver stated after watching that touching scene.

“Heh, well I had to let the bird out of her cage sooner or later. She was getting tired of the oil changes and basic checkups. I plan on letting her carry on the legacy for me you know? Anyway let me see the engine.” Miyako then popped the hood open of the RX-7 and looked around the engine.

“She did just as I asked and did a twin turbo conversion, nice.”

“Looks like all that looking made her confident in her work. I should probably get her to do more around the bays now, maybe I should look at putting her in a bay.” Miyako continued her thoughts as she looked at the 370Z, same things were checked and she opened the engine hood. “Hm, so a supercharger? Did you want that Lillian?”

“Yup! As much as the 370Z has the power in it, I wanted more! And no lagging either, I heard that superchargers don’t usually lag.” Lillian hummed as she settled into the Z.

“Alright you two, head back home. I found nothing wrong and it looks like everything I would do, she did.” The two cars then exited the garage with a more robust sound. “My little angel is growing up…it kinda makes me sad.”

“Hey there Ne…did you two get upgrades?” Shizuko was in the garage for some reason as she noticed the 370Z and the RX-7 were no longer stock.

“Yes mom, we did. We paid the mechanic like dad would have asked and you did say yourself that we can do with these cars as we wish.” Neku seemingly shot back.

“Easy there dear, I wasn’t going to harp on it. In fact…I’m glad you did something to them. The normal sounds of the cars were a bit, well, weak in my opinion.” The ex-street racer said.

“I see, sorry mom. But did you have a past in street racing? What you said is new to us.”

“Hm…well I think it’s time for me and your father to reveal our pasts a bit more now that you two are at this stage.”

“Shizuko?” Neon entered the garage and saw the two modified cars.

“Sweetie, I think it’s time.” She gave Neon a more serious look, he knew what his wife was getting at.

“Ah right…kids come to the dinner table, don’t worry it’s nothing bad.” The father said as the two twins looked at each other in confusion. They did comply with their request and sat themselves at the dinner table.

“Mom, what’s happening?” Lillian asked as the two parents sat down.

“You know how expensive these cars usually are right?” Neon started, the two kids looked at each other before nodding yes. “It is actually connected to our past while we were in high school, just like you.”

“Neku, Lillian, we were street racers like you two are now. We raced on the same exact highway as you two did. Why do you think we didn’t care if you came back at one in the morning? Most parents would be furious.” Shizuko started, offering a serious look with a warming smile. “We both know what it felt like to be in your shoes.”

“Yeah, we do even now.” Neon then handed the over a picture of him in high school posing in front of his old Nissan Skyline KPGC10. “This was me back in the day, just like you two…racing for a reason.”

“I don’t have a picture but I was like your father, racing for a reason. Now we won’t ask you for a reason on why you two race, nor do we want to hear it. Whatever you do out there is your choice, just as long as you take responsibility for your actions. It’s been hard for us to come out like this and we know you have questions for us.”

“Mom, Dad…did your parent’s give you your cars like we were given them?” Lillian asked, her tone more serious than her bubbly cheerful one.

“For me yes, for your mother…I guess. My mother was an important person in Nismo and gave me various sports cars to drive in to test them out.” Neon replied.

“My parents just gave me my car out of spite…their associates were giving their children cars so I got one. And soon I found myself racing.” Shizuko said with eyes closed.

“Is there a connection between you and Miss Miyako? She seems to know you two well.” Neku asked with his tone serious like her sister’s.

“Yes, you know the mechanic I kept talking about and how I paid her? She’s the one. She gives me top priority and clearance to anything in her shop thanks to that small act so many years ago.” The blue haired man said.

“I did have some relations with her, although in the middle it wasn’t too…clean you can say.” The purple haired woman shook her head.

“Mom, Dad…why are saying this to us now?” The two asked in unison. Neon and Shizuko looked at each other before smiling at the two.

“It’s to make sure that you two don’t get stressed over anything related to your racing habits. We know that most parents would scold us but for us…it would be a disservice to you two. Just remember, whatever you do out there you must take responsibility.” Neon finished as the two kids gave a genuine smile.

“Mom, Dad thanks.” “Thank you Mom and Dad.” Lillian and Neku both said as they did a small bow of respect.

“And it also shows why you get not as much allowance, a lot of it went to the cars.” Shizuko mustered as she got up. “Anyway let me make dinner now, you two go upstairs and get changed.”

“Oh wait, we almost forgot about this.” Neku then rummaged through his bag for a piece of paper, Neon took it and looked it over.

“Hah! They still do this dear.”


“They allow kids to bring their cars over on some sort of pseudo license thing. Of course we will allow you to do this.”

“Hm? You sure dear? If I remember well ‘Nissan Boy’ you got that name from driving all those Nissian cars to school.”

“I have a feeling that Neku is already popular and Lillian? I think it would be like how Kayo brought her S15 and how she managed to shut them up via skill and knowledge.” Neon and Shizuko both laughed at that memory.

“Alright, now to wait for Neku.” Satoru stated as he and Seiichi parked in the nearby lot that held the cars. There were quite a few people here that drove cars, but nothing elaborate or expensive as their cars…as well as the cars of Lillian’s friends.

“He did state that the RX-7 had a peculiar upgrade to it…what do you think it means?” Seiichi questioned.

“Who knows, besides it couldn’t be too elab-” The blonde started before two loud noises silenced a good majority of the lot. “Oh…well now. The twins are going to be the talk of the school for a while.”

The RX-7 and the 370Z entered the lot…and almost everyone looked at the two cars. They looked like track cars more than just a pair of sports cars. The boys were gritting their teeth at the two while the girls were anticipating on who were in the two cars. Soon they split and met with their respective friends. The silver 370Z went to the right and parked near the Elise and S2000. And the RX-7 parked right in the middle of the Camaro and the NSX.

“My, my Neku…you sure aren’t kidding on the upgrade.” The lilac haired friend said as Neku climbed out of the car.

“Yeah, it sure is a head turner isn’t it?” The driver smiled as he sat on the hood of his RX-7.

“This ain’t an Amemiya body kit, what is it?” The Camaro driver asked.

“Knight Sport body kit. Unique ain’t it? Anyway I asked for a twin turbo conversion and some other stuff.”

“Still Neku, I think we are going to be left behind with this much tuning. We should head to cla-”

“U-Um…Neku-san. C-C-Can I have a r-r-ride in your car after school?” A random girl approached the driver and questioned him.

“No.” He instantly replied, before covering her face and running away.

“Heartbreaker dude.” Satoru stated as the Trio locked their cars and exited the lot.

“I am loyal to one girl…and there she is.” Neku smiled at the beautiful dark blue haired girl. He waved at her and she gave a weak wave back, not wanting people to connect her as a special girl to Neku.

“So, are you going to drive on the highway after school? It’s the best time to do so with your new car.”

“Of course…and I think I’ll take Shino for a ride.”

“Easy there Neku, she might be a target for other girls.” Seiichi reminded the boy, but he smirked back.

“And what if she wants to get in on her own will?”

“Then I guess I don’t have a say in this…wait did you already…?” Seiichi started before Neku grinned a bit before going ahead of them.

“Hot damn Neku, making the moves on Shino and she responds? I think this could be a start of a beautiful relationship.”
Posted: Mar 26 2015, 12:53 AM

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"I think this could be a start of a beautiful relationship.”

Wouldn't we all agree on that? *snicks snicks* wink2.gif

Really...I find the Knight Sport Body Kit RX7 to be the sexiest thing since Re Amemiya's FD. Nice work dude. Keep it up!
  Posted: Mar 29 2015, 03:58 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Spring Break update 3/3, school starts tomorrow for me. At least I got my promise fulfilled.

Chapter 14: A Step

“What?” Erika questioned as Lillian decided to divulge a little bit about her brother’s life. Class hadn’t started yet and the three of them were talking to each other to pass the time. “He asked Shino out? Not like an outing but like a…?”

“Well that’s what I got, he did state that they were gonna hit up a diner and eat. Then he asked if a movie was good too, don’t know what movie but a movie nevertheless.” Lillian responded.

“Neku is asking her out on a more traditional date, there is no doubt about it. But my question is why Shino is all of a sudden bolder now?” Jun mused as she sighed. “Not that long ago she was shy but now…she seems a bit more confident in herself.”

It was true, Shino was no longer a shy girl but a…normal girl. She smiled a bit more, didn’t have a depressed look on her face, and just seemed to be a bit more brighter than how she was at the start of school.

“Can’t disagree there Junny, she seems more lively.” Erika sighed as class started.

“Now it’s time for home econ…great.” Lillian mumbled as she and the class headed towards the room.

“It’s good to go to that class Lillian, you need to know how to cook you know.” The green haired friend placed a hand on Lillian’s shoulder.

“Yup, don’t you cook for your family?” The indigo haired girl asked.

“No I do-well ok I do but it’s usually with my brother and he’s kinda skillful.” The twin responded as they settled into the room.

“Really…well someone’s gonna find out soon.” Erika stated as the teacher entered the room. It was a while before the teacher said something interesting.

“Everyone, you can only be in groups of two and two only.” The teacher explained, unfortunately all the students started to talk amongst themselves. “Hey, I’m still speaking here! Anyway what you wil…”

“Woah two only? So…” Lillian started before she noticed Erika had an arm around Jun.

“Sorry Lil, but you should make a new friend.” The indigo haired girl smiled before Jun sighed.

“A-Alright…” Defeated Lillian looked around for a potential partner…Stella seemed alone.

“Tch!” Neku clicked his tongue after the teacher finished the beginning speech.

“You lost the rock, paper, scissors match Neku. Good luck.” Seiichi mustered as he and Satoru slowly inched away from Neku. The poor boy knew that within a few seconds that some girl was going to try and drag him to work with her. He needed an escape plan…and an escape plan he found. The boy quickly darted through the approaching mob and found himself sitting next to Shino.

“Hey there Shino, mind if I work with you?” He quickly asked as Shino just processed that he was sitting next to her.

“U-Um sure!” Shino squeaked out as she jumped a bit. She knew that this would come sooner or later, they talked about the next step…becoming an official item. Apparently a small injection of her pride was all that she needed to feel a bit braver. But just as she was settling down she felt the jealous glares of her classmates.

“Calm down Shino…I’m here.” Neku smiled as he placed a hand on her shoulder. This made her calm down a little bit but the stares grew even more intense…it felt like a thousand needles poking her right now.

“R-Right, anyway shall we start?” The girl asked, they were doing a simple task of making chocolates…a clichéd thing but whatever. Neku started the heat and Shino placed the various ingredients in a neat manner before she emptied some of the coco powder in the bowl as well as some other ingredients.

“Now that’s the first step…we just have to make milk chocolate right? So let’s see…”

“Yes, so maybe we should add some sugar and milk…” And soon the two worked to make the chocolate less bitter.

“Wow Neku, efficient in the kitchen I see. Plus you got all the girls, except your sister and her friends, staring at you.” Satoru commented as he looked around the room. Many of the girls simply eyed Neku’s work, dreaming about him making them some meal no doubt.

“Shino’s gonna be one lucky girl ain’t she?” Seiichi mused as he looked at the two, they both looked at each other before giving a small smile to each other.

“Can’t disagree there…but I’m sure we have some looking at us.”

“But not to his degree.”

“Alrighty then Stella now we should let these cool for a bit yes?” Lillian asked as the blonde haired girl nodded yes. “I know that we just met and all but…would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends?”

“Sure.” Stella spoke, her voice was innocent and quiet…just like her.

“I…I know I may seem like an insufferable goofball who has her head in the clouds but I hope we can be good acquaintances at least.”

“Don’t beat yourself up too much. You seem nice.”

“Aw shucks, thanks Stella. Maybe you should speak up more, you seem like a genuinely good person and an efficient person too.”

“Thank you, you did remember to spread the chocolate out all over the pan right?”

“Guah! I forgot! But the chocolate seems warm!” Lillian quickly picked up the bowl and tilted it to let the contents of it flow onto the pan.

“It’s a bit slow, hope we didn’t mess this up.” Stella sighed as she looked at the panicking girl.

“Same here! I like chocolate but I don’t want to have messed up chocolate. I like it fresh and…tasty?”

“Maybe you need to learn more words too.” Stella giggled at the twin’s words.

“You have a nice laugh you know, you’re still gonna eat with us right?”

“I didn’t say no.”

“And that should do it.” Neku smiled at the cooled chocolate. “Now to cut this up…any shapes in mind?”

“A simple rectangle should be enough.” Shino picked up the knife and started to cut into the chocolate…well she started to at least. She wasn’t putting enough power into the cut. “Tch…!”

“Here.” Neku then stood behind her and held her hands as he applied the pressure onto the chocolate. Not only was she blushing like a ripe tomato but she also felt the stares of the girls turn into straight up bombs, missiles, machine gun rounds, and pretty much anything that can cause fatal harm to her emotional wellbeing.

“N-Neku…c-could I p-please h-have s-s-s-s-some personal s-s-s-sp-space?” She mustered as much her trembling mouth could spit out.

“Well do you know how much power you need to put into the chocolate?” Neku asked, the girl responded with a flurry of nods. “Alright then.”

“Wow, does Neku like her? He never does that to anyone.”

“Why her? She doesn’t deserve him, she is so quiet. Me on the other hand…”

“Ugh, I would so love to have him to that to me! Why is she important?

“Woah! Did my brother actually do that? Oh man it’s official now.”

“Lillian, maybe you can quiet down?”

Those were a few of the many whispers, or in Lillian’s case a regular speaking voice, that she heard. It was beginning to burden her…she sighed and continued chopping the chocolate until it was complete.

“There…now say ‘ah’.” Neku smiled as he picked up one of the pieces.

“Ah?” Shino was confused but she complied and he placed the piece onto her tongue. She slowly closed her mouth with a bit of Neku’s finger with it. He slowly pulled his finger out as she started to eat the chocolate. “That was good.”

“I see, well this ends our adventure for now. See you after school.” The dark purple haired boy said as he waved at the girl. “Keep the rest, that’s my gift to you.”

“Smooth as hell man!” Satoru slapped Neku’s back.

“Well I did have two good examples to go off of.”

“But I think you showed us up Neku.” Seiichi smirked as he placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “It should be a no brainer on who you have the hots for. But may I ask why now?”

“Within a week’s time you should see the two of us hand in hand.”

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Posted: Mar 30 2015, 05:48 AM

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Great as always! Thank you for making this!

Just one question: Where did Neon suddenly come from and turn on the fire? biggrin.gif Haha :-)
  Posted: Mar 30 2015, 07:02 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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QUOTE (mamorunl @ 1 hour, 14 minutes ago)
Great as always! Thank you for making this!

Just one question: Where did Neon suddenly come from and turn on the fire? biggrin.gif Haha :-)

Nice catch, even shadow didn't get that...or maybe he did but whatever.

Bah everyone makes mistakes right?
  Posted: Apr 22 2015, 03:55 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Hey guys, I will have to delay the next chapter for a while. My new laptop is having problems and such so I do not have access to it now.

Sorry for the delayed chapter.
Posted: Apr 22 2015, 07:46 PM

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QUOTE (mamorunl @ Mar 30 2015, 08:48 AM)
Just one question: Where did Neon suddenly come from and turn on the fire? biggrin.gif Haha :-)

QUOTE (OkamiWind @ Mar 30 2015, 10:02 AM)
Nice catch, even shadow didn't get that...or maybe he did but whatever.

i missed it, also sorry about the laptop having problems, let me know when you're back in it smile.gif
  Posted: Apr 23 2015, 08:51 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Alright, update on the laptop issue...the motherboard's is a lemon. Looks like I won't be able to use it for a while...I can still use my old laptop but any progress is null and void due to that.

I will try to have a chapter up soon regardless.
  Posted: May 9 2015, 10:19 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Chapter 15: Headaches

“You guys are the most insufferable assholes I have ever seen.” Melody sighed as she found herself eating with Ayumi and Hana. It was lunch time and the three of them were on the roof.

“Hm? Be thankful that you have the privilege of ea-” Ayumi started before a large exasperated sigh came from Hana.

“Geez, I only came up here only to make sure nothing bad happened to you.” Hana slowly exhaled. “I do not wish to intrude your lunch in any way at all, but once I saw the ‘insufferable asshole’ model here yank you away from your friends I followed.”

“Ah, I see…but you couldn’t help me?”

“Unfortunately I do not wish to harm the…model.” Hana started before muttering under her breath, “Its cause all the eyes would cringe under the bloodbath I would have artistically decorated the walls with.”

“Um…excuse me?! Am I being ignored here?!” The model shouted as she stood up. “If you aren’t dumb YOU, Melody, should be honored in eating lun-”

“Oh give it a fucking break asshole.” The idol now feeling really, REALLY pissed off; her tone wasn’t calm anymore, it was sadistic and dripping with venom. “First your ‘gracing’ was nothing more than a freaking chain on her neck via YOU, then you drag her like a fucking slave and you THINK, THINK that you are ‘gracing’ her? Oh yeah sure, REAL FUCKING SURE. It’s like a slave being able to eat at the table of their masters and fed the damn scraps. But I think that’s all I’ll say, when you stood up your lunch fell down.”

“Ah fuck.” The scared idol whispered in a submissive tone.

“Oh…well I can spare a bit at least.” The civilian offered.

“Geez, well I’ll let this slide. Everyone has to eat…even the submissive ones.” Hana sighed as she grabbed her bread and took an aggressive bite out of it. The lunch went smoothly after that…well as smooth as one would expect after someone screamed at someone else.

“Hey Hana mind if I say something?” Melody asked.


“Well, I don’t mean to intrude in your life, but do you hate the fans?” She hit the nail on the head as the idol’s eyes opened wide and her mouth opened slightly.

“W-What? H-How did you know?!” The pink haired girl replied.

“I can tell by your tone and the way you used your analogy. You see, when you talked about a ‘slave’ I thought about you as a slave to the ‘masters’, them being the fans and the revenue and other stuff they generate.”

“Heh, you hit the nail on the head, the bull’s-eye, whatever else you can put in there. You ever think of becoming a psychologist? You seem to think like one.”

“In fact I am.” The heterochromatic girl looked to the sky. “I find the minds of humans very interesting and I want to learn about it specifically…you know I want to narrow the field and all.”

“Really? Maybe if you get high enough I can employ you as my personal psychologist, I promise to give you a great pay.” Hana smiled to the girl.

“I’ll keep it in mind, but the idol industry is not a focus for me at the moment. But if you are willing to go that far, I’ll take a few classes in therapeutic then.”

“H-Hey I-I’ll do the same f-for you too!” The shocked idol replied slowly.

“Ah, sure I guess.”

“Well I’m not a psychologist but I think that she is a bit more repulsed by the idea of treating a lost cause such as YOU!” Hana grunted as she was about to stand up and give her a second earful.

“AH SHUT UP HANA!” Melody screamed at the idol, who immediately stiffened and silently tilted her head down. “You’re givin’ me a fucking headache!”

“Hah! Take that you incon-” Again Ayumi was interrupted.

“YOU TOO ASSHOLE! I’M STILL PISSED AT YOU!” That made her did the exact same thing as the idol. “Fuckin’ hell…you have a damn superiority complex. Hana is just pissed, you’re more of a lost cause. Look after school at 4PM I’m gonna drive around the highway, come race me if ya two wanna.”

“So ready to head off Shino?” Neku asked the girl after school.

“S-Sure, so, are we heading to the diner?” Shino responded as she got up. A couple of eyes fell upon her, she felt a little uncomfortable but she needed to steel herself.

“Alright then, let’s head to my car.” Then the two of them walked out of the classroom.

“So I guess you have something to do with Miss Shino?” Seiichi asked as the two of them exited the classroom.

“Sorry about it man.”

“Eh don’t worry, I’m just glad you found someone man.” Satoru said as he slung his arm around his lilac haired friend. “It’s just gonna be me and him today.”

“So many gay undertones in that…well I need to go home and catch up on homework.” Seiichi threw off the arm and walked away.

“Dude…really? Ah…guess I’ll head home or something. Catch you all around.” The blonde sighed as he walked away as well.

“Shall we?” The dark purple haired boy gestured as Shino nodded.

For Neku it was a nice feeling of having someone of the opposite gender next to him, but for Shino it was both a divine gift and demonic punishment. The young soon to be couple was walking side by side. As soon as they got to the front doors every girl was staring at them.

“Wait, is that Neku-sama with another girl?”

“Huh, who is that girl?”

“Hold up, are they an item?”

And those were some of the numerous and seemingly endless whispers that were directed at them. Shino felt extremely frail…but she had to be strong, she wanted to be that special other for him. Soon they found themselves at the parking lot where his car was surrounded by a number of girls. Neku managed to drive the girls away and opened the passenger door for Shino.

“Let’s go Shino.” Neku smiled as he gestured her inside. The dark blue haired girl nodded and entered. She couldn’t help but feel the eyes on her…

“Look…all I am going to say is this experience is nerve-racking…” The nervous girl sighed as Neku entered the car.

“As we discussed in our call you need to be ready for this type of…exposure.” The bespectacled boy sighed as he started up the RX-7, the tuned noise making a few of the people outside cover their ears and some appreciating the noise.

“I didn’t know that Neku liked the loud cars…”

“I find it befitting for Neku-sama and his style.”

“Geez, I think if I want to be with him I need to get used to this…”

“C’mon let’s get outta here.” He grunted as the RX-7 rolled out of the parking space. It was not until the school was well out of their sights that the two of visibly relaxed.

“God this is such a headache, anyway may I ask something about…you in a way?” Shino asked as the RX-7 approached a stop light.

“Sure, ask away.”

“Well, why did you choose me? If that makes any sense…” The girl trailed off, knowing how stupid such a question must be.

“Why you? To be honest I was simply attracted to you, the first part of love is attraction yes? And I wanted to be closer to you…yeah.” The boy blushed at the last sentence, it was harder to say those words then he anticipated.

“I see…but there are a lot of other girls much more beautiful than me, so…”

“Again, I said I was physically attracted to you. So don’t worry…”

“Ok.” Shino replied reluctantly, it was too overwhelming for her and she was getting pessimistic. It was nice but she felt too out of place…this was a big headache for her.

“If this is too much for you Shino I do not mind if we just become frie-”

“No no it’s ok! So, what are you going to get when we get there?” She quickly cut off the boy, as much as this was a headache for her she couldn’t just give him up…not yet.
  Posted: Jun 2 2015, 04:47 PM

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Whew, done with for a double update!

Chapter 16: The Knight Born of the Ring (Anyone get the reference?)

“Well, that after school treat took much longer than expected.” Neku sighed as he and Shino left the diner they’d gone to after school. “I didn’t expect a simple desert to take almost an hour…”

“If it means anything they were at their max capacity and I think I heard that they were understaffed for the shift.” Shino responded as they climbed into Neku’s RX-7. “But at least we still have some time to mess around on the ring and catch that movie in the city right?”

“Yeah, but still I didn’t want to be out so late with our school clothes on.”

“I don’t mind if you drop me off and you can go home, change, and pick me up.”

“Too much gas would be wasted, my father and mother are somewhat lenient with paying for gas but they aren’t that lenient…if that made sense.” Neku scratched his head a bit which made Shino smile.

“Ok then, onto the highway.”

The RX-7 then entered the highway, it was about 4PM when Neku decided to press the accelerator and three other cars approached them.

“Huh, three other cars.” The Ice 33 driver stated as she looked at the rearview mirror. “Two European cars and an American car. This might be a hard race Neku.”

“Hard? A challenge is nice one in a while sweetie.” The RX-7 driver said as he grinned and let the three cars past him.

“S-Sweetie?!” Shino gasped at that word, but it fell on deaf ears as Neku was drafting the third place car, a BMW M4.

“Another RX-7? But…it looks familiar.” Ayumi stated as she noticed the RX-7’s license plate. “Yup, it is that RX-7, I should be a bit more careful…”

The race was now past the first right onto the long straight. The F-Type and Viper were neck and neck as the two powerhouses were racing with each other. Behind them were the M4 and the RX-7, which to Ayumi’s surprise was not like the last time they raced.

“Impossible! What did he do to that RX-7?! It…it’s catching up?!” She screamed in disbelief as the distance between the two was shrinking. “No!”

“Looks like the M4 is having some issues.” Hana said looking at the rearview mirror as the M4 was looking like it was having issues.

“Dammit! Speed up!” The idol cursed.

“Wait, I think I know why now.” The idol looked as a red car made an almost ghastly overtake of the M4, managing to drive from behind it, going to the right, and coming out in front. “Looks like my Jaguar might have a challenger for once. Bring it!”

At this point the RX-7 was good distance away from the F-Type, the group of cars were approaching the banked right. Both cars took the racing line and decided to not drift, but the odd thing was the F-Type was slipping off to the left of the line a bit.

Hm, did I change the tires? I think they’re failing a bit. The pink haired driver said as she decided to shake the wheel a bit after exiting the turn, the response was the car was unstable for a small but noticeable moment. “Tch, I was wondering when I should have changed them.”

Approaching the angled left the RX-7 went right quite suddenly and quickly turned left, catching up with the F-Type, who just finished the turn. However to the idol she saw the same ghastly image again…and now in her rearview she saw how much the RX-7 caught up.

“I-Impossible! H-How can it do that?! I have never seen cars on the Wangan do something so…impossible as that?! How…HOW?!” Hana screamed as she intensely gripped the wheel of her F-Type, her usual calm driving style reduced to a scared and frantic style.

“Looks like the F-Type is…scared?” Shino commented on how the Jaguar seemed to have lost its speed and overall aura. Neku shrugged as he effortlessly passed it. Is he the one who will overthrow my status as the Ice 33, the one who will be better than me?

“Hm? A red RX-7 with a Knight Sport body kit…let’s have a small dance shall we?” Melody stated as the car approached the Viper. They were now battling through the traffic of the straight before the two s turns. “Should be no surprise then that it should take the Veteran’s line with ease.”

Lo and behold the two cars managed to pass the Veteran’s line with ease and the Viper pulled away a little bit away thanks to the more inherent horsepower. The hard right proved no match for either car. They were approaching the start line again.

“Alright RX-7 let’s see what you are made of.” The Viper’s driver said as she grinned. This was a completely new driver, to her at least, and she managed to take down her two acquaintances in a short order. Unleashing the American horses, the Viper accelerated quickly, leaving the RX-7 behind. However that quick acceleration backfired on her quickly. “Wah! The right turn!”

“Did that driver really forget about the right?” Neku asked as he saw the Viper’s brake lights quickly light up and saw the Viper almost spin out in a pseudo drift. “Unbelievable…since the driver took the Veteran’s line…”

“Maybe they got caught up with the moment? I tend to do that sometimes and it doesn’t end too well for me at times.” Shino responded with a faint smile. He will overtake me…so why do I feel happiness and sadness?

“Uh oh…” Melody stated when she noticed a strange sound coming from the engine. “Is something broken? Did something leak? Shit I gotta end this fast!”

The Viper then rigorously accelerated onto the straight where it started to pull away from the RX-7 again, then the engine sounded as if it was going to explode.

“Fuck this! I gotta pull over! I gotta call mom and pray that she doesn’t skin me alive for this!” Melody then flashed her warning lights and pulled over. “But at the same time…”

When Melody stopped the Viper she saw the RX-7 pass by her with a victorious sound. She couldn’t help but feel a bit glad that she was defeated by that driver.

“A knight born of the ring…it seems fitting for the driver.” She said as her acquaintances parked behind her.

“You alright there?” Hana sighed, recovering from her earlier freak out.

“Sounded like my engine was going to explode or something. It definitely sounded bad, that definitely is not a good thing right?”

“You have a serious problem then, hold on…let me talk to a contact of mine. They can help with the repair and stuff.” Ayumi pulled out her cell phone and started dialing up a number.

“Really…you…have contacts like that?” The idol questioned in a rather curious matter.

“Yeah? Look I know you hate my guts and think I’m a prideful bitch, but I’m a bitch with a caring heart alright?” The model said as the receiving end picked up. “Hey, an associate of mine is having problems with her car and…”

“I…wasn’t expecting her to say that.”

“Neither did I. Guess deep down she cares for a lot of people and in a possible situation…” The civilian started.

“She can have a certain attitude to keep her fans happy.” Hana finished as she started to laugh sorrowfully. “God I’m a dick…”

“Don’t kill yourself over it. We learned something new today.” Melody smiled as she placed a hand on the pink haired idol’s shoulder.

“Alright thanks. My contact will be here in a few minutes, but that driver…” Ayumi started as she looked down the straight.

“The Red Knight of the Ring…” The three said in unison.

Chapter 17: Closeness and Attraction (Has a warm moment if you catch my drift)

“We’re here.” Neku stated as he turned off the RX-7. They were at the city and there was some time before the movie started.

“Mmm.” Shino nodded as she got out of the car first. She stretched a bit, as she’s taken a small nap on the way here…obviously after the race.

“So it looks like we have some time before we need to head to the theater, want to look around?”

“Actually…um, I want to go the arcade and play for a bit. It’s a bit rare that I play arcade games with anyone else.”

“Is that so? Well then, let’s go.” He then lent his hand to Shino, who graciously accepted the offer and hugged his arm. For the journey to the arcade, it was rather peaceful and calm for the both of them. There was no one they knew, mainly schoolmates, to comment on their relationship and everyone else was busy doing their own thing.

“So what do you want to play first?” Neku asked as he smiled at his soon to be girlfriend.

“Well…” Shino smiled as she dragged Neku around to various games. There was no real theme to the games they played. They played against each other, teaming with each other, supporting one another, it was a time for them to truly just be teenagers and have fun. If it weren’t for the fact the two of them had a time limit, the movie, they probably would have lost track of time.

“We should get going soon, the call time is closing in.” Neku stated as they finished their game of air hockey.

“I do want to have a picture of this moment so if you don’t mind…” The girl then pointed to a closed photo booth.

“Eh, why not. Previews are overrated anyway.” They both entered and put in the money to start the process. “So you want a close picture or…?”

“Either the ‘Group Mode’ or ‘Couple Mode’ huh? W-Well…” She then pressed the latter mode and noticed the original size of the picture close in a bit. “T-The screen size decreased a bit huh?”

“Closer it is then.” Neku felt a bit uneasy when they both got a bit closer. Ironic since they were pretty close the entire time before the picture. He couldn’t help but notice how good Shino smelled today, her hair surprisingly had a faint scent of cherry shampoo…

“S-So when does the picture start?” The dark blue haired girl asked as her face started to blush. She suddenly felt nervous and shy again…but what she did not expect was Neku to suddenly hold her against the wall. “N-Neku wait…”

He did know what he was doing but…it felt so right. The boy slowly moved his hand down her face as his knee unconsciously found its way in between Shino’s legs and up to her thigh. At this moment his face slowly got closer to hers before he started moving his knee around. This caused the girl to give out a small yelp before it turned into a soft and seductive moan.

“N-Neku, please…hah, wait…” Shino tried to fight back but the increasing pressure from down there made her want him to keep going. Her arms started to hug Neku out of needing to hold something. Am…Am I going to lose my virginity here? To Neku? I…I don’t mind it but I…I was not mentally prepared for this. A-At least I should tell him to wait until we get home. I can invite him in and…

“P-Please wait Neku…let’s finish this elsewhere.” She muttered as her moans slowly got louder, she indistinctively covered her mouth to muffle her sounds a bit. It was at that moment she felt something rough on her. Th-That’s Neku’s…I am going to lose it here…

“Gah!” The boy pushed himself away and shook his head. He couldn’t believe that he did that! That was the one thing that he didn’t want to do with Shino.

“N-Neku?” The girl asked in between small gasps as she began to come back to her senses.

“Sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me!” He stated as he went outside of the booth and started to pace frantically. “I-If you hate me I can completely understand and I will try to compensate for the mess I made and-”

“Neku!” Shino yelled, it was not too loud for people outside to hear but enough to make him stop pacing. “I-It’s ok. M-Maybe we should just head over yes? I…I think we have a picture already, if you understand.”

“Y-Yeah.” Neku agreed as Shino quickly left the booth to recover. “Geez, the one thing my father said not to do I did…ugh.”

“S-Shall we go?” Shino appeared next to him near the front of the arcade, where he was slowly breathing. “If we don’t go then we will be late.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s…go.” He offered his hand again, but once she touched it he felt a bit off. Neku couldn’t believe what he did, he made a girl sexually moan! That was something he never wanted to do. It was not going to be a calm dream when he sleeps tonight.

“Do you want anything Neku? We did discuss that I’ll pay for the snacks today.” The girl asked as they entered the theatre.

“Maybe some candy might help.” The boy responded as he looked around, no one form school was here. “Excuse me but I need to use the restroom.”

“Ah ok then, I’ll wait for you.”

“Stupid!” Neku muttered to himself as he finished his business. “What made me do that? Sure I am physically attracted to her but for me to do that?! Argh!” He then splashed water onto his face to refocus.

“Took you long enough.” Shino said as Neku approached her. She was feeling a bit impatient, the movie they were going to watch was the ending of an anime she was religiously watching. “C’mon let’s go!”

“Ack!” The poor boy was being dragged by the collar of his shirt as they managed to find a place to sit down. So they watched the movie…but Neku, who didn’t watch the anime at all, was looking at something else. He couldn’t help but notice how womanly Shino was. Sure her bust was not that big, his mother being the largest…ever, but it was sizeable enough to make him notice. Her shape was nice enough to also take notice, it was good. But…before today he never thought like that about her. Perhaps that incident made him like this.

“Ha…that is how an ending should be.” Shino hummed after the movie ended. It was on a romantic note and made her feel giddy inside.

“Glad to know you enjoyed it.” Neku smiled as they made their way to the RX-7. “I feel kinda tired so I’m gonna head straight home after I drop you off ok?”

“Ok.” She smiled as her eyes slowly closed. But her mind decided to recall the events in the booth.

“Shino!” She shot back up to reality as she heard her name. “Man you must be tired to fall asleep like that…anyway here’s your house.”

“R-Right.” The girl got out and said her goodbyes to Neku before entering into her complex. Once inside her apartment she got ready for bed wanting to fall asleep…but her body was not yet ready to sleep…it needed some relief.
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Whew,after a month...,is your laptop finally fixed?i still enjoy this fanfic

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A bit of erotica out of nowhere. Nice biggrin.gif
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Yay new laptop is fixed, so a chapter is here.

Chapter 18: Catching Up and Values

In the Kurubasa household there was an unexpected doorbell ring around nine in the morning. It was a Sunday and everyone was just relaxing, no one needed to go to work or had plans.

“I’ll get it sweetie.” Neon stated as he headed to the door and opened it, revealing two blue haired women.

“Heya there brother, it’s been a while.” A familiar person stated as she smiled at Neon.

“Sis? It’s been a while.” He smiled and the two of them gave each other a hug. “And I see you brought your daughter…Ayumi right?”

“Yes sir.” Ayumi stated with a smile and a small bow.

“Ah geez sis, she’s a bit more prim and proper than I expected.”

“Sorry about that…wait why am I apologizing? Dear you do not need to be so formal around family members!” Airis explained as Ayumi scratched her head a bit.

“S-Sorry mom, instinct.” The daughter laughed as she shook her head.

“Don’t fret it Ayumi. I ain’t the person to care about manners…when it counts.” Neon added as his sister gave him an evil glare. “Anyway come on in you two, I must admit I was surprised when you announced your break.”

“Well everyone gets burnt out eventually. Anyway, thanks for letting us in.” Airis stated as she and her daughter entered into the house. “I have to admit brother…didn’t think you would buy our childhood house.”

“Hahaha…well it was the only house open at the time and it fitted within the budget.” The man stated as they sat down in the living room.

“Hi there Airis. I hope you don’t mind some green tea.” Shizuko greeted as she came in with four cups of green tea.

“Nah, not at all. You look good there Shizuko.” Airis replied. “I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but I have to admit the housewife look fits you.”

“You think? Well I wanted it this way.”

“Huah? Who’s here?” A lethargic, sleepy female voice came from upstairs. “Do we have visitors?”

“Yeah Lillian, your aunt and cousin are here.” Neon replied as he saw Lillian come downstairs, her short ice blue hair was messy and her large white shirt added to the look, it exposed her left shoulder and a bit of her chest and it look like she wore nothing underneath it.

“Lillian…what did I say about coming downstairs before cleaning yourself up?” Shizuko closed her eyes and gave a heavy sigh.

“Sorry mom, I am feeling a biiittt thirsty. I’m ma go get some water then I’ll wash up.” She lethargically replied as she went down the stairs to the kitchen where she took a glass of water and chugged it down before letting out a relieved breath of air and a large yawn. The sleepy girl then went up the stairs.

“Er…I know I haven’t asked about your family but is she really that big of an airhead?” Airis said after an awkward moment of silence.

“Y-Yeah, she is a bit of an aloof character.” The parents responded, both of them sighing afterwards.

“Ooooowwww…brother you didn’t need to step on my fooott.” The same sleepy voice responded, surprisingly with no change in tone.

“Sorry sis, I am in a bit of a rush.” A male voice stated as he came down the stairs with a bit of hurry. “Oh we have visitors? Sorry I won’t be able to stay long.”

“It’s ok.” Airis smiled, “You must be in a rush to step on your own sister’s foot in the process.”

“Ack! I d-didn’t mean to! Anyway, it’s good to see aunt Airis.” Neku bowed as he rushed to the garage.

“May I ask where you are going?” Neon asked as his son put on his shoes.

“My friends asked me to come and help them with their studying, they did not sound calm, and they wanted me to come now. I should be back by 2PM latest, anyway I’m heading out!” Neku responded quite rapidly as he headed to his RX-7.

“Uh…I must have come at an awkward time.” The adult model stated as she sweat dropped.

“I have to admit…this is a weird morning.” The wife stated as she sipped her tea.

“Anyway, sis how has life been?” Neon returned the conversation to the original topic.

“Well it’s been good. So I have a…” And so Airis, Neon, and Shizuko caught up with each other after their children entered into their lives. Lillian also came downstairs after some time and deeply apologized for her rude and unladylike greeting earlier. Airis and Ayumi waved it off, as both of them apparently had many similar entrances.

“Anyway Ayumi, this is my room.” Lillian then led Ayumi around the house for the heck of it, feeling bad that she wasn’t doing much for her guests.

“I see…er…well I want to apologize.” The young model stated as she sat down on Lillian’s floor.

“For what?” The airheaded girl was a bit confused.

“My greeting towards you at school earlier within this year. I…wasn’t expecting to see you so quickly.”

“Aw that? Don’t fret it! I really wasn’t expecting you either! I was kinda surprised when mom gave us three lunches instead of two, she said that we’ll know who to give this to.” Lillian said as she sat down next to her cousin. “So…modeling, how is it? Is it rough? Stressful? A pain the butt?”

“We-well it is a bit tiring but it does give a nice pay and I do have more free time than a regular school person.” Ayumi stated as she slowly created a bit of room between her and her cousin.

“You also go to some kick ass places and take pictures right?”

“Well sure I guess…Hawaii, England, Italy, to name a few. It seems that green screens just aren’t good enough.”

“Wah! Awesome! You also eat some great food huh?” Lillian now seemed to have bright twinkles in her eyes.

“S-Sure…um if you don’t mind can I ask something?” Ayumi nervously laughed as she didn’t feel too comfortable all of a sudden.

“Eh? Sure I guess…” The ice blue haired girl lost her twinkle as she closed her eyes and gave a smile.

“Is it wrong to fight with another person?”

“Huh? Well…as long as it is for fun I do not see a reason.”

“But let’s say you and a friend fight because of a misunderstanding, what would you do?” Instead of an answer, Lillian eyes opened slightly and looked to the ground. “Um…did I hit a nerve?”

“A misunderstanding from what?” Lillian’s cheerful tone now was more sorrowful and a bit mad.

“Uh…l-let’s say you and a friend had a fight about trust and the value of friendship so wh-”

“Then that is bad. That is horrible. Friendship must be based on trust, if you cannot trust that friend and it ends in a fight then there was no friendship to begin with.” She responded with an awkward monotone.

“A-Ah I see…” The young model sweat dropped, she has definitely hit a very rough topic for her cousin. “Uhh, you wanna hear some of the foods I ate?”

“Sure!” Lillian’s earlier downcast turned bright as the twinkles came back in her eyes. This was gonna be a long day for Ayumi…

Been a wile since I did this portion of the thingy.

Neku: Reason for it?
Didn't feel like it, laziness.
Neon and Shizuko: *Sigh*
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*Bows on all fours* I am so sorry for anyone who was following this and waiting for almost two whole months for a new chapter. This is the worst writer's block I've ever had...i'll try to update more but don't expect it...

With that out of the way, enjoy!

Chapter 19: The New Legend

“Nice night eh?” Seiichi asked as the Trio was sitting on their cars as they were idling in the parking lot.

“Uh…sure man. Why the awkward intro?” Satoru responded as he felt the question was a bit weird.

“Well I was aiming that at to Neku, who seems to be a bit…off.” The lilac haired boy said as he stared at Neku. The dark purple haired boy was a bit off, his gaze was to the ground and the air around him was a bit…weird to put it in words.

“Yeah, I sense that as well. Anything you would like to tell us man?”

“Ah…um, well…no, but I guess you already know it’s not huh? Well ok…uh…geez I know talking helps but I can’t shake it off.” Neku murmured as he tried to answer them.

“Deep breaths man. Calm yourself dude.” Satoru then placed a hand on Neku’s shoulder.

“Alright…well it happened two days ago…” And thus Neku spilled the beans about his close encounter with Shino that day. Needless to say the two of them were very surprised.

“It helps to create a bit of distance.” Seiichi replied to Neku’s encounter. “It could be that you just don’t know how to act around her in a closed space. Perhaps I should give you some tips later?”

“P-Perhaps.” The boy responded sorrowfully. He felt extremely bad about the whole incident and felt distraught over his actions.

“Although it may not be the same way with the two of ya, but try contacting each other and sort things out.” Satoru put in his two cents shortly after.

“I-I guess, anyway let’s go on the ring.” Neku said that to get his mind off of the situation, but the lack of an audible response was unnerving for him.

“About that…I have to head home now. I only came out cause I said a friend of mine was in a dire situation, told my folks I wouldn’t be out too late.” The blonde haired man sadly replied as he hopped off the hood of his Camaro.

“Although not the same reason, I was asked to go pick up some things for my family and they will start calling me for an update. I’m sorry.” The lilac haired man replied in a similar tone. “This is a new experience for you and, even if we give tips, this is something new for you to decide and deliberate.”

“No…it’s true. I have to face my errors very soon…” Neku sighed as he got off his RX-7. “I did call you two here to have a race, but given your reasons I shouldn’t hold you out here for too long.”

“Yeah, sorry man…I think I see your sister here.” Satoru pointed to three incoming cars, with two of them following a silver 370Z.


“I think we’ll take our leave here.” Seiichi said as the two guys left in their respective vehicles.

“Heya there Neku.” Erika greeted Neku as the three of them parked near him and exited their cars.

“Erika.” He replied back with a nod. “What brings you girls here? This isn’t the girl dominated lot you know.”

“Yeah, yeah we know. Thought she might want to get some exposure to the large lots.” She then pointed to his sister Lillian, she was a bit more timid here than usual. “I have a feeling the smaller lots aren’t gonna hold her eventual fame in.”

“You say it as if she’s going to have a dramatic change.” Jun chimed in as she looked at Erika. “Fame is one thing, but you assume she’s gonna flaunt it like a trophy.”

“Ah shut it perfectionist, you became her friend two years ago…I’ve known her since we were in kindergarten! I know her well enough!”

“D-Don’t fight you two…and yes Jun, I think I may flaunt my position if it does get that high. I need to get rid of that…” Lillian timidly responded with a faint laughter afterwards. “A-Anyway brother…wanna race?”

“Sure thing sis. Sorry girls, I’m gonna take my sister on for a race.” Neku shrugged as he and his sister entered into their respective cars.

“Well…that was quick, guess Lillian was too nervous eh?” Erika sighed.

“I guess…wait is that…?” The green haired girl asked as she noticed a certain blonde.

“Where? The black Evo X? Wait…”

“Hehehe…” Lillian laughed. She and Neku didn’t actually race right afterwards, they went to a nearby convenience store and got something to drink.

“Geez sis, I know you are a bit scared of large crowds but…really?” Neku replied as he finished his drink. “Anyway, I do plan on racing tonight and I do not want to a simple time attack run.”

“Ah, sure I can race with ya. It seems like a waste to just go outside and not race.” Lillian said as she went into her car and started the engine.

“Eager as always…” Neku followed suit afterwards and threw away his drink before swiftly entering the car and leading the 370Z to the highway. “Here we go.”

The RX-7 accelerated when the passed the start finish line, the 370Z followed soon after. Upon exiting the right turn the two cars accelerated down the straight and passed the traffic there…with a shadow black Ferrari 458 Italia catching their eyes.

“Hm…” The RX-7 driver stated as he saw the Italia fade away in the night as they approached the wide S turn.

“Why have I seen the car before?” The 370Z driver also wondered before she shook her head and managed to initiate the drift into the banked right.

“Woah! It’s the Red Knight!” A random racer stated as the two cars overtook them at the end of the banked turn.

“And who’s that behind him? That Nismo Z is doing quite well!” The friend of the racer stated as the cars vanished on the angled left. “That racer is keeping up with him in a different way.”

“I think that Nismo Z needs a name…I know how about the Silver Shadow?”

“You with the names…but the driver did drift the corner and seemed to disappear in a way, but we need some other people here to witness the race…”

“WOAH BOY!” A female driver stated as the RX-7 and 370Z were bolting down the highway, weaving in and out of traffic with the two cars barely missing the car on both sides.

“Jeez and you wonder why I say that the highway is more dangerous than the mountain passes.” Her glasses wearing friend sighed as the two of them relaxed.

“Hm, they are formidable though. I’d bet they are mountain racers who decided to have an off day today and race here.”

“Maybe, but I have a feeling we are witnessing something now.”

“Well that does it sis, I must admit that you kept up with me rather nicely today.” The driver stated as they both went back to the same convenience store.

“Heh! Well I did train more after we fought earlier with the Ice 33…I wonder who it is?” The female driver questioned as she put a finger on her hand and tilted her head.

“I know who it is, but you must promise me not to tell ANYONE ok?” Neku stated as he got close to her sister’s ear.

“You know me brother, a secret between siblings is the most kept secret!” Lillian replied as Neku whispered who the Ice 33 was. “WWWHHHAAATTT?!”

“Yeah I know. Anyway let’s head home, mom and dad are going to wonder where we are.” The two of them then went home…with a certain 458 and its driver looking at the two in the shadows.

“Hm, I wonder if my services are needed…”

“Mom, Dad we’re back!” Lillian greeted as the two of them entered into the house.

“You two sure took a while.” Neon replied, “Anyway have you two decided on a club yet? I would like it if you two did something in your time at school.”

“Hm…I don’t know what I want to do yet, but a little exposure may help.” The purple haired boy pondered as he looked up.

“Eh, the ‘going home’ club isn’t something you want I guess?” The ice blue haired girl giggled as her father looked sternly at her.

“At least do something dear…oh I know, maybe me and your mother will bar you from using your car until you find something to do.” The man grinned for the inevitable response.

“Wha?! DAD!!!” Lillian screamed before puffing her cheeks in response. “I don’t like that, and why doesn’t that apply to Neku?”

“Because sweetie, your brother at least interested in something.” Shizuko stated as she came down the stairs with a towel over her hair. “We’re not asking you to join a club but at lea-”

“I want her to find something.”

“-st look…I guess you don’t mind me telling you about YOUR club activities then mister go ho-” Neon the proceeded to pull down the towel over her hair and cover his wife’s face.

“Dad?” Lillian asked, knowing what lever she can pull.

“Ah geez, at least find something to do after school other than eating.” The husband gave up before placing the towel over her head again…only to have said towel cover his face.

“Come with me…” Shizuko stated before she dragged her husband up the stairs. A lot of grunting and resistance was made as Neon was pulled up, leaving the kids in a dumbfound state.

“Well, that was weird.” The two said.

Again I apologize...trying to find a job over the summer took up a lot of time and me playing a lot of games did not help much. Seriously...almost every game gave me a fanfic idea...
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Chapter 20: Clubs and Life

“Hup!” Ayumi said as she released the string on her bow. The model was at the archery range at the school, she remembered that her mother did archery and wanted to at least try it.

“Not bad Miss Ayumi.” A club member said as the model relaxed a bit, she managed to hit the ring around the bullseye.

“Well my mother was part of this school’s archery club and I wanted to see how things run, but don’t expect me to join.” She was clear on just visiting, her tone shooting down any attempts of asking to join.

“A-Ah I see…well if you ever want to join there’s a spot here!” The female captain stated as Ayumi smiled.

“Maybe, I dunno…seems a waste to just go to school and not experience the…average things a person might do.” The idol muttered to herself as she shot another arrow at the target.

“Wow! A bullseye!”

“Hm…” Hana mused after hearing the choir singing their song. “It’s good but the tenor could use a bit of vocal traaining. Mind if I use the piano a bit sensei?”

“Not at all.” The teacher then moved away from the piano and let the idol sit.

“Now, tenor…sing to this note.” She pressed the middle D key and they tried to sing to that note, it didn’t go well. “Hm, alright altos…” The idol continued to do this for the rest of the sections with their respective ranges, but in the end they were all off key.

“Oh dear.” The teacher sighed as everyone but the idol was a bit tense after that test.

“This is easily fixable sensei, what I’m going to do is something I do for practicing my tone.” Hana stood up and stretched a bit. “Ok sensei, can you go through the C scale but press any note along the scale.”

“Alright.” So the teacher did that and Hana within two seconds max managed to sing the notes in tune. The teacher also decided to speed things up and press notes faster. Somehow after the teacher was done, Hana decided to sing one of her own songs afterwards.

“Ok, aside from the song, this exercise is important to me because it forces me to sing in tune as quickly as I can…but first you need to be in tune.” Hana sighed as she went up to one of the female members. “Now, try to match to my voice ok?”

“I didn’t know you did kendo Shino. Was this something you did when you were younger or just on a whim?” Neku asked as he and Shino went to the kendo room.

“Um, I think my mother wanted me to do this so she signed me up back in elementary school.” Shino replied.

“Oh? I think that’s cool.”

“Well anyway I was planning to leave anyway…to uh, be with…you…more.” The girl replied softly. “B-But if you want me to keep on doing this I’ll be ok!”

“My father told me that I shouldn’t have a lot of control over what my girlfriend does so, in the end, it’s up to you and I don’t care either way.” He smiled at her before looking around for people.

“Ehehe…thank you.” Unknown to him, Shino gave Neku a quick peck on the cheek before dashing off to the changing rooms.

“Wow, I was not expecting that…I guess watching a bit wouldn’t hurt.” The boy muttered as he rubbed the place where she kissed him.

“Hah!” Shino screamed as she swung her shinai down on her opponent. Neku was there watching, along with a few other people.

“Point!” The referee said as Shino and her opponent stood back at their respective places.

“Heya there man.” A familiar voice came to Neku’s ears. “So why are you here?”

“Oh Seiichi, ah I’m just here to watch…her.” Neku then pointed to Shino. “Show a bit of support for her.”

“Is she planning on going to the prefecture match or something?” The blonde haired friend asked.

“No, she was thinking about leaving. But it’s a maybe, not a definite yes.”

“I see. Before you ask why I’m here…well I’ve heard that there’s a nice girl in the kendo club who is quite a looker…” It was at this moment the match ended.

“You with girls. Anyway it looks like Shino is done, so if you you’ll excuse me.” Neku then got up and approached Shino, making sure that not a lot of people noticed him. “Nice job.”

“Well I am a bit rusty but I was lucky enough to win. But…um, I want to know if you are ok with me doing kendo.” Shino took off her head gear and looked down.

“Again I don’t mind either way.”

“It’s just, well, um, I don’t know if I should continue this or not. And I would like your opinion for the decision.” She looked at the boy with a small smile.

“Personally? I find it cool and wouldn’t mind you continuing, but there’s a side of me that would like to have you stop kendo. But in the end I’ll support you either way. Oh right, I uh…wanted to apologize about that day.”

Shino was confused for a minute before a certain sensation ran through her body, making her remember the moment inside the photo booth. “O-Oh, I forgot about it until you brought it up…”

“I see, so…no hard feelings?” Neku sighed with a small blush on his face.

“W-Well, I did feel a bit violated that day but it doesn’t change the way I fe-well what I should say is that I still love you deeply, but that made me reconsider a bit about us.” Shino did not want to say that…but she had to be true to herself. Although it did pain her to see Neku bite his lower lip and sigh deeply.

“I-I see.” A pregnant silence rolled over the two. Both of them thought about this relationship that they were about to go into and they thought the same thing: I would like to get in this relationship but…am I really ready?

“Dude, how much longer are you going to stand there for?” Satoru slapped Neku’s back rather hard and the bespectacled boy reacted and winced in pain, thus making Shino jump a bit.

“Ow! The hell man?” Neku reactively yelled as he turned to the boy, only to find a kendo girl alongside him…she was just about Satoru’s height and had moderately long bleached yellow hair. Her cold looking blue eyes were also a bit of a surprise to him as well. “Er, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful around here. I can leave if you want me t-”

The girl only closed her eyes and shook her head no. “It’s ok…Shino?”

“Y-Yes?” The girl was surprised by the commanding style tone of the girl.

“If you wish to leave, it is ok. I can make sure that the captain doesn’t hound you.”

“What?” Both Neku and Shino were appalled by the response, then the girl about faced and walked away, with Satoru in tow.

“That was the vice-captain and she overheard me…? Shit I need better awareness of my surroundings…” Shino surprisingly cursed.

“Huh, well the vice-captain…” He started.

“Her name is Yuka, she’s pretty good with the shinai but is highly anti-social…so is she using Satoru as a means to be more social…or does she like him?”

“Um…I dunno but I think I should leave, see you.” The purple haired boy left on an awkward note. He felt bad for making the vice-captain come to them, most likely she was trying to get him to leave and saying that Shino could leave was an indirect way of saying leave. It was until he reached his RX-7 that his phone buzzed. Neku looked at the phone and he got a message from Satoru.

“Hey man, I wanted to confirm on what Yuka said to you. She was not trying to be mean at all, in fact she was surprised that you left quickly afterwards. BTW she’s the one I was talking about.” Neku sighed at the text, well that was one mystery solved…he thought.

“Sheesh Satoru, are you going to get along with Yuka?” He muttered to the air before heading home.

“SSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!” The sound of Lillian slurping the heck out of her second bowl of ramen was resonating throughout the small restaurant, thankfully the only people there were the chef, two other people, and her friends.

“Geez Lillian, can’t you slurp any quieter?” Erika sighed as she finished drinking her water. “I’m not sure Stella would like the noise…”

“Ah c’mon, sure I slurp loud but the sole fact that neither you, Jun, or Stella have slapped me over the head means that you all tolerate me! Besides the chef likes it.” Lillian replied, with the chef giving a small smirk. She wasn’t wrong…

“Yeah yeah I know but you could at least try to be quiet? I mean Stella is here…” Erika glanced at the blonde girl, who was placing a piece of chicken in her mouth. She didn’t seem bothered, but maybe inside…

“I’m ok. I’ve heard louder stuff before.” The blonde haired girl responded, after eating her chicken of course.

“E-Eh? R-Really? Cause I found her slurping to be louder than my S2000.”

“Well I concede that Lillian’s slurping is one of the loudest things I have heard in my life.” Jun sighed as she continued to eat her beef bowl.

“Yeah yeah yeah, I should be quieter…but I am happy that Stella joined this little band we have!” The ice blue haired girl replied as she gave Stella a wide smile. The girl replied with a small smile and a nod. After a bit more small talk the girls finished their food and to their surprise, Lillian wanted to pay for the entire meal.

“Woah, Lillian…actually paying for other people’s MEALS?! Who the hell are you and what have you done to my Lillian?” Erika and Jun looked at the girl paying as if they saw a demon.

“W-What? I-I thought since Stella was with us and all that I should welcome her by buying the meal and all that…” The girl was a bit scared by their looks, well except Stella who gave a soft smile to her.

“Shall we go?” Stella asked as the four of them entered into her black Evo X. Exterior wise it had a Ralli Art body kit, with no changes to the wing. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was carrying people around, but interior wise there was no roll cage and many of the parts were fairly stock.

“I don’t mean to sound like a prick, but damn having a four door sports car is nice for a group outing.” The indigo haired girl said as she and Jun shared the back seat. Lillian was riding shotgun and of course Stella was driving.

“None taken. Anyway…never mind.” The driver said as the car headed to another destination.

“Hey Erika.” Jun whispered to Erika.


“Should we ask about…?” She then pointed to Stella. The very fact that they saw the car they are sitting in the lot when they went to the large lot was kind of unnerving for them. Erika only waved her hand no, which Jun nodded.

“Hey Stteeelllaaa?” The ice blue haired passenger started.

“Hm?” Stella responded.

“You drive on the highway?”

“Uh, well I don’t at the moment.” She felt a bit uncomfortable for some reason.

“Really? Cause the way your car sounds and turns seems like you do. Are you a track racer?”

“Y-Yes in a way…” Stella’s mind raced, she was NOT ready to revel so much of herself to a new group of people. She needed a way to change the…

“Enough Lillian, you’re scaring her.” Jun sighed as Stella visibly relaxed.

“Hehehe…sorry.” Lillian stuck a bit out of her tongue in her apology. However Stella was not expecting to stare at her tongue for a bit…and it was pretty bad that she wanted to touch it…

“Eyes up!” Erika stated as Stella looked at the road and managed to stop before she rear ended a car at a stoplight. “Geez Stella, are you always this air headed?”

“N-No, I don’t usually carry people around. But regardless I apologize for that.” She sighed as her mind was focused on Lillian’s tongue. “A-Anyway I was wondering…are any of you interested in a part time job?”

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Early updates...on whoever the heck is still reading this.

Chapter 21: Their Relationship

“So, I guess that this is makes us official huh?” Shino asked while sitting on the hood of Neku’s RX-7, they were at a small parking lot where they had agreed to meet for a quick race.

“Well after a race of course. I think we are comfortable with each other enough to consider us an item.” Neku replied as he got a bit closer to Shino. “Or am I wrong?”

Shino chuckled as she playful pushed Neku away from her. “No, no you’re right. I don’t feel as nervous as you and the rumors…well it comes with the package. Nothing I can do and you said you’ll protect me right?”

“Heh, of course. And don’t forget, my friends will also assist you as well.”

“I know, so when are we gonna race?” The Ice 33’s driver grinned as she moved very close to Neku, her body barely pressing on Neku. But he grinned and moved his face closer to Shino.

“Very soon, also…I kinda like you being a bit seductive in a way. Just don’t do this at school alright?” The RX-7’s driver said.

“Hah I know…honestly I have no idea what came over me.” She moved back and laughed a bit, a light blush with a smile on her face.

“Alright, enough foreplay…let’s go.” Neku stated as he entered his RX-7.

“Oh my, foreplay? Wait…I’m not ready for that!!” Shino shouted as she caught the words coming from her soon to be boyfriend’s mouth. Flushed, she climbed into her R33 and followed the Red Knight onto the ring.

“Sorry for using foreplay, anyway 2 laps right?” Neku said through his phone, since Shino did not have a radio inside her car.

“I hate you…but yes 2 laps, classic start finish line.” Shino grunted a bit after she put the phone down, her body was getting hot…and memories of that day in the photo booth started to fill her mind before she shook them off.

And so the Red Knight and the Ice 33 took off at the line. The Knight was half a car length ahead as he was leading the race, the Knight’s rotary engine sang as the driver pressed the accelerator and was followed closely by the Ice 33’s own light but aggressive tone. The first right was no problem for the two of them as they took the same line. At the straight though the Ice 33 was slowly catching up the Knight and was about to overtake it if it weren’t for the long s turn that came up.

“Shoot.” Shino muttered as she had to back off the accelerator to compensate for the ATTESA kicking in.

The distance though wasn’t too drastic, what was once a close distance fell back to the same distance. After the s turn the banked right was next and the RX-7 was taking the inside line while the R33 was taking the outside line to catch up to the RX-7. This proved to work a bit since the distance closed between the two.

“Hm…perhaps the engine of the R33 got stronger, it seems to run better.” Neku mumbled as he looked at the rearview window and saw the R33 headlights getting a bit brighter. At the angled left the two cars were taking the same line…and this troubled Neku quite a bit. “Damn, I forget sometimes that I am racing a street legend. She must perform better in one on one conditions…”

For the rest of the lap the R33 was just trailing the RX-7, weaving through the traffic turn for turn, much to Neku’s discomfort. Shino wanted to see what the Red Knight of the Ring was capable of doing, he did have that name for a reason. “You know Neku, I’m a bit disappointed. I expected a bit more from you…but then again you only had the lead a few times over the few times I saw you race.”

Upon starting the second lap the R33 used the slip stream to accelerate and overtake the RX-7, leaving Neku a bit confused. Shaking his head he tried to make up the distance between the two cars, but the R33 seemed to be inching away from the RX-7. At the long s turn the two cars were a good four car lengths away.

“I gotta make a change now!” Neku grunted as he took the outside line for the banked turn, the R33 was using a traditional racing line. It only closed the distance by a car length, not what Neku wanted. Letting his pride get the better of him he recklessly pressed the accelerator and took a more dangerous approach to the angled turn, forcing his RX-7 into a drift to not lose much speed.

“So pressure cracks you? I feel sorry in a way.” The Ice 33’s driver sighed as she wasn’t afraid of the aggressive change. There was light traffic on the second lap so they did not weave through the traffic as much and were able to increase their speed. Upon the Veteran’s line the RX-7 was behind by one and a half car lengths, but Neku was still determined to overtake the R33. The two cars again took the line and there was no change to the placement. “My win Neku.”

“DAMMIT!” Neku screamed as he followed the Ice 33 back to the lot where they were a while ago. “WHY!?”

“My win!” Shino smiled and exclaimed after they parked and exited their cars, well only Shino did. The Red Knight’s driver was still mad over this loss and didn’t get out. Concerned she knocked on the passenger side window of the RX-7.

“What.” The boy madly grunted as he didn’t stare at the girl who knocked.

“Is the door open?”


Shino then got in and placed a hand on Neku’s shoulder. This was the first time she had ever seen the boy deliberately mad and wanted to comfort him.

“I know you feel mad about losing, but there was a reason why you lost…I could feel the anger from you. Street races are kind of race which needs control over yourself, like any other race. Too much emotion will hamper your driving…that’s what you did and the results show. But to be honest, your racing style was impressive and the Red Knight suits you…because I know you can protect me anywhere.”

“Sheesh, what are you my mother.” Neku chuckled a bit before inhaling deeply. “I…I just wanted to win against you, so you be impressed with me.”

“Let’s step outside.” The girl recommended as she got out first before the boy did. Shino hugged the boy as tears started to flow out of his eyes.

“I-I just wanted to impress you…” The purple haired boy said with a few small breaths of air.

“And you did. Your emotions, you don’t release them as much as you like huh? Racing is one outlet where emotions can determine between winning and losing. But I’m not here to be that person, cry as much as you want.” And his feelings of anger and broken pride was gushed out.

“It’s ok…” Shino smiled as he patted the boy’s back. This continued for some time…

“Thanks Shino. I was right about you.” The purple haired boy smiled at the dark blue haired girl.

“Thank you. So…are you gonna ask now?”

“Heh, of course.” The boy stood back and looked at Shino’s beautiful eyes. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I would love to.” She replied as the two hugged one more time and ended with a soft but affirmative kiss.
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Bleh...not idea why I held this chapter back...oh well. I may have a Halloween special thing like I did with the previous fic...maybe.

Chapter 22: Timely Happenings and Death Threats

And thus the drivers of the Ice 33 and the Red Knight were officially a couple. Time has passed since then, a lot of time. The time now is the very last day of their second year, now about to start their final year of high school. Over the course of the nearly two years of time many relationships and friendships were made.

First Lillian, Stella, Jun, and Erika were one of the closest set of friends ever seen at school, they always seemed to be together wherever went they go. It has also been about a year and a half since they all started working at a nearby café as waitresses. This actually surprised the Kurubasa family quite a bit when she asked.

“So…uh, mom and dad? I uh, have something to ask.” Lillian slowly started the conversation after eating dinner.

“Hm? What is it Lillian?” Shizuko asked.

“Well, uh, I, uh, got a friend, who, uh…”

“Calm down sweetie, take a deep breath and say everything smoothly ok?” Neon replied as he chuckled a bit. After a quick breath, Lillian closed her eyes and asked her question.

“Ok, so I have a friend who offered me a job at a café where she works part time and I am wondering if it’s ok for me to work there.”

“What.” The parents flatly said, not expecting to hear that coming from Lillian.

“Is this from your new friend, uh what was her name?” Neon sighed as he tried to remember the blonde haired girl’s name.

“Stella, if I’m right. Did Stella offer you this position sweetie?” The mother asked, in which Lillian gave a firm nod.

“Where is this café located?”

“Dad, the café s just down the street from school. So you don’t need to worry about me going too far from home. I drive myself to school anyway.” The ice blue haired girl smiled as her father nodded slowly.

“Well I think as long as your grades do not take a hit because of your part time job, I don’t see a problem with it.” The purple haired woman said.

“I agree with your mother, as long as your grades are in the clear I don’t see a problem.” Neon smiled as Lillian did a small fist pump. “However Neku…”

“I’m sorry dad, I said I was planning on joining a club but…well there weren’t too many things that I liked. Plus my school reputation made me a prime target…if you will.” Neku sighed as he gave his answer.

“Well, I’m not sure about your father but as long as your grades up and at least think of something for your future I won’t harp you about joining a club.” Shizuko smiled before starting to clean up the dining table. “Now start your homework you two.”

After giving Stella her answer, Jun and Erika’s parents were also on board of them having a part time job. So the four of them started to work at the café, with surprising success. Just within the first month the four of them were pretty much the talk for all the patrons of the café, both male and female. It mainly came down to how they acted and having a distinct personality. Mainly Lillian was the air headed waitress who was slightly clumsy but always seemed to keep a smile on her face. Stella was the silent waitress who was quick to answer any of the patrons and seemed to keep a straight poker face, leading to patrons having a staring contest with her. Jun was the beauty who knew how to be elegant…at times when she was being an actual waitress, thanks to her intelligence she was mainly stuck on cashier duty but she was ok with it. Finally Erika was the…normal person, if you will, she was the average waitress with just an average attitude.

Among Neku’s group of friends, Yuka and Satoru became a couple, which didn’t surprise Neku. Of course there was some hate…but Yuka did have a way of shutting people up, a simple kendo match. Win, you get to have a date with Satoru; lose, and you have to keep away from him. Unsurprisingly many girl immediately backed down with a small handful of them accepting the challenge and ultimately losing. Unfortunately for Seiichi he did not find a person to be with. His previous experiences with girls made him a bit wary of who he wanted to end up with. Neku and Shino were a strong ongoing couple…of course with problems for the girl in the relationship. With the first week of them officially stating that they were a couple, Shino received…various mediums of angry fangirls. Hate messages, a small incident of bullying, stolen items, and other means of getting the hate across…although one major thing pushed the group into action.

It was a rather cloudy day two months into their relationship and Shino arrived a bit early to school and she entered her classroom…only to find a pot with a flower in it on her desk. Shino’s eyes shot wide and, after a bit of confusion, rushed out of the classroom and into the restroom. She called up Neku in a panic.

“Uh…hey Shino I just woke up so I ho-” The boy greeted sleepily.

“Neku, there’s a flower on my desk.” Shino quickly replied through a futile attempt of hiding her fear.

“What?!” Neku shouted, waking him instantly. “Dammit…”

“I-I don’t know who it was from and I…I…I…”

“Hold on dear, I’ll try to come to school as soon as I can.”
Neku then called up his friends in order to see if they were willing to help out with the rising situation. With an immediate yes, Seiichi, Satoru, and even Yuka came to school early to solve the problem.

“Someone wants you to literally die, this is bad.” Seiichi sighed, the group was oon the rooftop, with the death threatened girl clinging onto Neku out of sheer fear. Yuka was the one who retrieved her from the restroom.

“Alright, first let’s get the obvious facts down first. This threat MUST have come from Neku’s side of things. None of ours would do this…” Satoru said.

“Wait dear, some of the girls on your side are fans of Neku as well. From what I hear in the kendo club, it isn’t rare for a girl to like all three of you. I’ll do what I can to dig up some information from the kendo club, my members are surprisingly good at uncovering information.” Yuka stated, placing a hand on Shino’s shoulder.

“That is true, I’ll keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals and try to grab some information. I’m sure some of my…ugh loyal girls…hate saying that, can uncover some information.” Seiichi sighed, closing his eyes to recall any suspicious behavior.

“Same here. I can also see if any of the guys might know about this. I have some connections with a few boys as well.” Satoru said as he stretched.

“I can ask my sister and her friends to keep an eye out and help you out sweetie.” Neku said as he closely hugged his girlfriend.

“T-Thank you everyone…” Shino mumbled through a few gasps before her tears of fear started to come out. “I…I don’t want to die…”

Immediately after texting Lillian about the incident and what she should do, she and her friends immediately took her back home. Stella opted to stay with Shino for the day, in case someone planned this to happen. At lunch time the group sprang into action, Neku’s eye were scanning the room and his friends went off in their own directions. This made his cousin, Ayumi, nervous so she went to talk to him.

“Hey, cousin Neku…is something the matter?” Ayumi questioned.

“Someone wants Shino to die and I want to find out who is responsible.” The boy stated harshly, his eyes still scanning the room.

“What?” This was new to the model’s ears. “If you want I can help you…”

“Please, I don’t want to be at her funeral this early in my life.” Neku sighed as he took off his glasses, just saying that put the disturbing image of his girlfriend’s funeral in his mind.

“Ok, let me tell my acquaintances…” Ayumi growled as she hastily went to the rooftop.

“About time you got here sucker.” Hana smirked as she quickly noticed the model’s angered expression. “Uh, I’ll take that back…something up?”

Ayumi, Tomoyo, and Hana weren’t what you called friends…acquaintances was closer to what their relationship was. There was a lot of bickering between the model and the idol with the mechanic in training more often than not separating the two. They each benefited from each other, discounts in clothing stores, free car repairs, and discounted electronic devices thanks to them knowing each other well enough. But it was at moments like this where they set aside their hatred for each other and became quite inseparable.

“WHAT?!” The idol shouted as the model retold what his cousin said. “A flower on Shino’s desk…the teacher must have removed it or maybe it was your other cousin’s friends that did it…”

“Nevertheless, we need to find the people quickly. Any more time wasted can affect Shino’s mental stability. I know that she is practically the lightning rod for the fangirl’s hatred. I don’t have much info though, but I’ll keep an eye out.” The young mechanic stated, feeling the need to help one of her classmates.

“I have a lot of contacts in school. I can also see if the choir can help out too, since I became a helper for them. This…I mean I get threats every once in a while but a school one? This is insane…” Hana stated as she started to pace.

“Same here, but with the archery club. I did join a while ago and everyone seems to like me…” Ayumi finished as she looked at the other two and nodded.

With the group of friends looking around the school, it took about three weeks for all of them to come up with a definite answer. Shino did return to school the next day and stayed at school during their whole search, Neku did command Shino to immediately head home for her own safety though. She had no quarrels about that command. Hana and Ayumi were very helpful with the case, people were more willing to help an idol and a model. The model relayed her and Hana’s information to Neku, where he started to note some similarities with his observations. Lillian’s group of friends also relayed information to him, where he was able to eliminate some of the similarities. Then his group of friends also gave Neku the last bit of evidence that gave him the answer.

“So, you really think it’s that girl?” Yuka asked, it lead to a black haired girl in the room next door who was part of the student council. Neku, his group of friends, Lillian’s friends, and even Ayumi’s group were in the classroom after school finalizing the plan to expose the person who sent Shino the threat.

“I think so, she has been giving Shino the evil eye more often than not and a good majority of threats come from her.” Neku stated as he did one last cross reference.

“Jealously is dangerous, I hope that Shino doesn’t mind doing this…” Seiichi looked at Shino who was still shocked with fear.

“It’s the only way we can expose her. I mean she’s been carrying a freaking knife to school recently, thanks to some of the people I contacted with. By the way, that contact almost DIED since the discovery.” Satoru sighed. “But Shino…I fear for her.”

“I’ll make sure to quickly intervene.” Stella stated. “I can run very fast.”

“I’m still surprised here, a member of the student council of all people? I had to confirm five times to make sure.” The pink haired idol exhaled as she shook her head.

“I don’t know if I can get a teacher to believe this though, but I’ll try to grab one.” Tomoyo said. “But regardless the data and observations are enough for me to believe this.”

“Thankfully I was able to confront the supporters of the threat and managed to make them shut up.” Erika closed her eyes as she spoke. “Although I did get hurt a few times.”

“Now we need to get this plan in motion.” Neku finished as everyone nodded.

The plan was a complicated yet simple one. Shino already put a threat inside the shoe locker of the girl, stating to go to the rooftop after school in order to confront her. Stella and Yuka were on intervention duty, just in case the girl was armed with a weapon. She didn’t say so earlier but Stella was taking judo classes for self-defense and was very good at it. Tomoyo would have a teacher nearby in order to catch the act and hopefully call the police to arrest her. Seiichi would be nearby in order to record the incident. If the plan was exposed and Shino was attacked, someone up there would say ‘blade’ and everyone else would come in from the hallway after the girl was on the rooftop. This was devised by Hana and fine-tuned by Neku…but he didn’t like it too much.

“I hate using something I was acting in in real life but…” Hana looked down and exhaled. “It’s the only way I can think of with most of us nearby…”

“It’s time.” Shino shakily stood up and went to her place on the roof.

“Hey, so I managed to grab a teacher. It’s the new one, you know the young one? She’s coming with me now.” Tomoyo called Stella, who acknowledged the action.

“Shh…” Yuka silenced Stella as she heard the door being forcibly kicked out. And out of their hiding spot they saw the black haired girl in question, she had a short ponytail and red eyes. Stella also closed her fist as she saw a small glint of steel on her.

“So, what makes YOU deserving of Neku huh?!” The girl pushed Shino…who remained silent.

“Oh, playing the silent type eh?” She then punched Shino in the stomach, forcing her to bend over in pain. She wasn’t saying anything though.

“Alright then…let’s make you suffer.” The girl then pulled out a knife from her skirt and readied herself to stab Shino.

“HAH!” Stella yelled as she and Yuka both came out of their hiding place and managed to quickly divert the would be killer’s attention. Within a second her eyes widen as she figured out that this was a trap.

“Tch!” The girl readied to stab Shino but just as the black haired girl was about to be in range, the girl was hit by a shinai that Yuka was carrying and managed to disarm the girl.

“So you think that murder is ok?” The teacher was at the door, who was told by Tomoyo to wait until the attacker was disarmed. “This is unacceptable from a student council member!”

“D-Dammit! It was perfect!” The student council member cursed as she was being pinned down by Stella. Soon the cops were called and she was taken to the police station for interrogation.

“Hah…” Shino fell as all her nervousness escaped, leaving her to start crying. Everyone else came up and were thankful the threat was eliminated.

“Welp, that took off a few years off my life.” The mechanic stated as she stretched. “I’m gonna head home and crash.”

“I’m glad that this is over too, but this incident may happen again…” Neku mumbled as he held Shino’s hand tightly.

“Don’t worry cousin. I can easily get the word out about messing with Shino and you. And I can make it convincing.” Ayumi stated.

“Tch, leave it to me asshat. I’ve actually acted a bit, I can make the message MUCH more clearly.” Hana smirked.

“Why you…tch!”

“Anyway that’s over for now…see you later.” Seiichi stated as he, Yuka, Satoru, Tomoyo, and soon Hana and Ayumi left the school.

“Hey Shino, remember you still got us to help ya!” Lillian smiled at the girl as she gave a hug.

“Don’t be afraid to call us.” The blonde haired girl stated.

“Yeah, gonna head home now.” Erika finally stated. Soon Lillian’s group of friends went home.

“C-Can you stay with me for the night?” Shino asked the remaining boy.

“Sure…” Neku responded, kissing Shino. They couple went home, knowing well that the nightmare was taken care of.
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Alright, sorry for the delay. HERE WE GGGGOOOOOOOOO.

Chapter 23: Inside the Virtual World

“Let’s go.” Neku stated as he was ready to enter the realm of virtual reality. It had come a long way since the inception of simply just seeing a programmed area. Now the technology had exponentially gotten better as more people worked on it and entire cities and fantasy worlds can be created. And one such world held a racing style MMO that Neku loved to log into. Once the initial startup screens flashed by, he entered into a rather normal looking city with tall corporate buildings, construction sites, and houses strewed around the area. Then after a quick second his car popped into existence, the car was a digital copy of his RX-7 in the real world.

“Looks like they still need to fix the spawning issue.” The boy mumbled as he entered the car, where some screens came up as a means of making sure that original user was entering the car. Once the screens disappeared, he revved up the RX-7 and sped off into the streets.

The general theme of this game was to any of the free roaming games available on most console systems. There were many areas that one could race, from the city to the open plains to pretty dangerous mountain passes. Because of this wide diversity in landscapes it was no surprise that this virtual game was the ‘pinnacle’ of virtual racing games…and the world would continue to get bigger and bigger until the game would shut down. Within this game there were two different servers, they were the Realism server and Arcade server. As the names implied, the worlds had a different means of controlling cars. Neku was a fan of the former server, where his skills as a street racer first began.

But Neku was not here for practice, he was here to meet up at his in-game apartment with Shino. In the real world it was an unusually hot day for spring, with the temperature sky rocketing to a steady 90 and up, and they were planning to go on a date…but the excruciating heat made them have a change in plans. It would be nothing more than a bit of time together and then a quick drive to the beach area and back…and maybe some more time together.

Shino was already logged in and was waiting at the location of Neku’s apartment, which was a very nice building and something that many people would be envious about. In the virtual world Shino looked exactly like herself in real life, with the exception of being slightly taller, brighter blue hair, and a more shapely body to compensate for her…lacking features. She wore a simple white t-shirt that barely exposed her midriff and some black jeans that lightly accented her virtual curves, something she would never wear in real life. She drove a digital copy of her R33 with the exception of a single white line that ran across the car.

“Sorry for the wait.” Neku said as he got to the location, he looked no different from what he looked like in real life with the exception of being a bit taller than Shino and having more defined features around this face, making him look older and mature. He wore a red shirt with a black trench jacket and brown cargo pants, something that Neku would not normally wear outside. The two of them then exited their cars and hugged real quickly before he used an item to unlock the door to the building.

“I am curious, how the heck did you get this apartment? It’s stupidly expensive.” Shino asked as the two of them entered the elevator that would instantly lead to his apartment.

“I’m not sure if you remember, but did you sign up for that in game lottery that was going on last year?”

“I remember that, the grand prize was five cars of your choosing right?”

“Yup, I actually got the honorary prize in that drawing. This was the ‘mystery prize’ that they sent me.”

“Huh, all I got was a lousy thousand credits…aka what I put in was what I got back.” Shino huffed at the memory of her opening the message.

“Heh, well I keep saying you can move in with me at any time sweetie.”

The elevator door opened, leading to the apartment. It was something similar to an extremely high class apartment, a lot of room with a bunch of expensive looking stuff. The overall theme was modern with white and black coloring to it. There was also a window that overlooked the city and quite a bit of the nearby plains.

“I thought you lived in a basic apartment, so when I got the message I said no…but now I kinda want to.” The girl said as she sat down on the couch overlooking the city.

“Offers open sweetie, funny enough this building only has twelve occupants and seven of them are the admins of the game.” The boy reiterated as he sat down next to Shino.

“Really? No wonder so little people lived here when I saw the occupants list.”

“Yup, so you wanna move in?” Neku then swiped down a menu and offered Shino to live with him in the virtual world.

“Hm…sure.” Shino was about to tap yes, but Neku held her hand and he had a sly smile on his face. “Uh…what’s the deal?”

“Oh I dunno…maybe I like teasing you a bit.” He then moved in for a kiss and slowly laid her down on the couch.

Soon the message was swiped away by Shino for a make out session. A bit into the session they soon disrobed, leaving the two of them in their underwear. They were going at it for a while, hands were touching the other gender’s body and both of them started to arouse one another. Unlike most virtual worlds, this game allowed for opposite genders to have full body contact and only on the Realism server. And the two of them exploited this trait a lot, with the two high schoolers lustfully touching each other when in the real world would they would never do so, even in their bedrooms. This world was the only place where they could throw away their shyness and embrace their hormonal urges.

“Ok…we should stop now. Let me resend it.” Neku gasped as he and Shino got up, with their faces red with lust and them hungrily gasping for air.

After a few more swallows of air Shino accepted the message and soon another message appeared saying that her cars would be transferred over soon. They both sat there for a few minutes.

“Hey Neku, you love me right?” The blue haired girl asked, her breathing becoming more natural by the second.

“I do Shino, what do I need to prove it?” The bespectacled boy asked, only to have the girl lustfully lick her lips.

Again, thanks to the full body contact nature of this game the two high schoolers exploited it…to its near fullest.

“Well whatever, we should really go and get that drive in.”

“About time Lillian!” Erika exclaimed.

“Sorry, sorry. I had to move downstairs because the temperature is too damn high!” Lillian stuck out her tongue.

“Ugh…” Stella sighed.

Lillian’s friends also played the same game and were on the same server as Neku. Erika didn’t receive many gifts for her birthday last year, but thanks to the part time job and a bit of pitching in from her friends she was able to finally buy a VR headset.

“Well as long as you feel comfortable it’s ok. Anyway let’s go start that run.” Jun stated as she got into a virtual Elise, similar to her real life car, the heavily tuned rev of the engine was the only significant difference.

“On the clock Jun?” The ice haired girl said. Her virtual self was not that much different over her life self, with the same hair and features. During the years Lillian grew slightly and her body became much curvier, possibly due to her mother’s genes.

“Well I have a cram session, I have to go to in a few.” The Elise driver sighed. Other than a marginal height difference and slightly more curves, Jun remained pretty much the same.

“Stop stalling Lillian.” Stella firmly said as she entered into her Lan Evo X.

Unlike her real life car, the virtual version had a significantly modified exterior, looking more like an exaggerated rally car with an exaggerated wing and a completely unique body kit. She was the only one not to have changed in any way, now becoming the shortest of the girls…and she hated that.

“Seriously Lil.” Erika sighed, entering into her GT300 inspired S2000 complete with various sponsors and a unique paint job. Nature was nice to her as she grew and her body became curvier as well. In terms of height she and Lillian were equal contenders for being tallest in the group.

“Sorry!” The girl huffed as she jumped into her digital copy of her 370Z. The four of them then accelerated to the highway where Lillian then set up a race room for them. “Alrighty then! Here we go!”

“I like this at times.” Shino said as the two of them were racing to the beach area. This time though, he was not driving his RX-7 but a silver McLaren 650S that he earned with his racing.

“The car or the fact that you’re not driving?” Neku sighed as they continued onto the beach.

“Guess which one. Anyway I plan on just vegging out today so don’t be surprised if I don’t pick up any of your calls today.”

“Hm, ok. Anyway I think I see my sister and her friends.” The driver and passenger looked a bit ahead and saw four cars coming straight at them. “Yup. Definitely her.”

The four cars then zoomed past the McLaren and shortly after the two of them were at the beach, where they didn’t swim but had another heavy kissing session. The beach air felt nice at least.

“Ah I feel tired Neku.” Shino yawned as she brought up her menu. “See you at school.”

“Same.” Neku smiled as he saw his girlfriend magically disappear in an instant. “Yeah, the spawning system’s still buggy. They usually slowly disappear rather than just pop away.”

“Dammit Lil!” Erika cursed as the four entered the city area. The 370Z was in front, the Evo X second, and the Elise and S2000 tied for third.

“Hehehehe! Catch me if you can!” Lillian sang as she grinned and drifted a sharp left. The Evo X also drifted, but not in the same style as the 370Z.

“Well she is a drifter.” Jun sighed as the Elise and S2000 gripped the corner. The race was about over and it looked like Lillian would win another race.

“Hm!” Stella hummed as she slammed the accelerator and drafted the 370Z, slowly catching up to it a few hundred meters before the finish. “NOW!”

“WHA?!” The 370Z driver shouted as the Evo X slingshot around the Z and claimed first.

“Boom.” The blonde haired girl stated before she slowed down for a few donuts. “Yeah…”

“Not bad Stella. Anyway I gotta jump.” The green haired girl stated before pulling the menu up to log out.

“I swear they need to fix the spawn and despawn transition. It’s a pop. Really?” Erika stated as she noticed the Elise just instantly disappeared. “Anyway I’m gonna jump to, fucking homework.”

“Anyway, you won Stella. And as we talked about you get a reward so what ya want?” The ice haired girl asked as Stella exited her car.

“If you don’t mind.” She then went up to Lillian and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. “There that’s what I wanted to do…nowIleavenowgoodbye.” After a few seconds pass Lillian placed a hand on her cheek and was dumbstruck.
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...Wowzers...over 152 days since my last update. Ugh, I can only say that I am so sorry. Life was eating me up and I had a huge writer's block too...again I am sorry. This chapter is short but if it kick starts this fic then I will take it.

Chapter 24: A Second Life

Stella simply sighed. Another day at the café, another day at school, another day being the shortest of the four. She changed out of her uniform for the café and stared at herself at a nearby mirror. She hated that she was shorter than everyone else, she wasn’t as short as a certain pink haired idol, but she was short. Her shoulder long hair was the same, her body type was the same, everything about her felt so similar and boring to her. Perhaps she was depressed? No, she was ok. She didn’t feel like the world was crushing her.

“Watcha doing Stella?” Lillian’s voice surprised her as Stella examined the girl, who was also out of her uniform. She…she was everything Stella wanted to be. A curvy figure that is nice to the eye and a bubbly personality mixed in. Stella wanted that, Stella wished to be her.

“Just…looking at myself.” The smaller girl replied.

“I see I see. Hey I have to go early, momma wants me to help her with dinner. So see ya!” Lillian said quickly as she changed back to her school clothes. She ran out with great haste.

“Jeez Lil, so energetic.” Erika said as she put on her school clothes. “Anyway I’m out Stella, see ya tomorrow.”

“I have to go as well, I will see you.” Jun spoke last as she was exiting the dressing room.

“Ok.” Was Stella’s simple answer. She wasn’t a wordy girl nor was she one to hang out with other people often. Sighing she looked at the mirror one last time before changing her clothes.

Stella returned home immediately and plopped herself onto her bed. She was tired of this little game of life…or was it a large game? Every day was tiring for her, without something to live for what good is life? A question that was maybe too philosophical for her but she was always questioning her life. Perhaps she was depressed but an alarm was set off, it was set at 9:30PM. It was time for her to go out.

She did a look over of her Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, a black car that had a RalliArt body kit and had a modified engine that was not for straight line power. Stella had the idea that accelerating out of a corner faster was more important than maxing out in a line. Sighing she got inside the Evo X and started the engine, a roar that was normal for her. The streets were quiet today as she went to the Ushiroyama pass, no one was there was well. Guess there were no races today.

The Evo X spun its tires a bit and shot off the start line as it started the run. Upon reaching the first hairpin, she initiated a drift that was on par with Lillian’s highway drift. And as she navigated the small corners leading up to the first set of consecutive hairpins Stella readied herself. While she didn’t use the gutter she managed to hold pretty close to the inside line of the turns. One after another, she managed to sweep through the hairpins as usual. Then she let the car accelerate through the straight, eased off a bit for the left and slammed the accelerator through the long straight. During that moment Stella was deep in thought, it was as if time slowed down for her as the car kept moving on. At this point she would just think in her head about stuff and in a few rare cases, like right now, she would monologue her thoughts.

“Why did I think about my body today? What is wrong with me? Perhaps it’s my…maybe? Last time I checked it was going to be a while, but…damn what is wrong with me? Perhaps I should talk this out with other people. First off Jun, she isn’t too busy on a good number of days, so it’s possible for me to talk to her for a bit. But I don’t feel all too comfortable talking with her, maybe I could say that it’s a hypothetical situation with her? Next is Lillian…why does thinking about her make my heart race? Anyway I feel comfortable talking to her but her personality may not be ready for a serious talk. She’s usually free outside of work. Then there is Erika, I get a bad vibe out of her. So maybe I shouldn’t talk to her, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt…maybe.”

After the monologue her body instinctively made the right turn to the final set of turns. Her mind caught up to the run and Stella focused her red eyes to the road. A hairpin left to a sharp right, then a left turn into a hairpin, then a right a hairpin left and onward to the end. After the small s turn the run was over, Stella sighed and decided to step outside of the car, needing some fresh air.

“Perhaps I’m getting lonely. That must be it.” Stella said as she exhaled. “A mountain run can be pretty lonely and boring if you don’t have another person to compete against. Ah well, I should sleep soon.”

So, thanks to life catching up to me I think I will try and finish up at least the Highway arc. Again I apologize for the near 5 month delay of an update.

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Location: Riverside, CA where is the next update? Unfortunately due to some circumstances on my end I won't be able to work on this anymore. Sorry in advance. BUT with that said, my mind has wanted to create a new version of this fic. So when the time arises, I will put up the new version of Generational Wings.

I can say a few of the changes I made so you can have some interest.
1. The Kurubasa family now have five children, a set of triplets and twins.
2. The overall tone will be more...varied. I wanted to try a new style so this fic will have that style.
3. This fic will only focus on the highway for now, thinking back I may have been too ambitious in making two arcs.

So yeah. This version of Generational Wings will be closed. But I will have a new version up...whenever I can.

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