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> Did Bunta know Takumi would race God Hand ?, 4th stage; Bunta's motivations for buying the Imp?
  Posted: May 30 2018, 04:29 PM


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This question comes from 4th stage Episode 14 (The one where Itsuki gets cock blocked by Wataru and Kazumi leaves him for the older guy) appropriately name "Sad Lonely Driver"

More importantly, the subplot is that it's the first time Takumi delivers tofu in the 22b Bunta just bought.

He struggles with its superiority exiting corners and all the other ways that it out performs his 86, and comes to the gas station where he discusses the new car to Iketani and the manager. Later that night, Bunta has driven the Impreza to the g[SIZE=14]as station and Yuichi is asking Bunta what he is up to (as Yuichi suspects that having Takumi alternate deliveries between driving the Imp and the 86 is a highly advanced step in his racing training)

This is the funimation sub so forgive me if I misinterpret what Bunta actually said... But He pauses and then tells Yuichi "it's kind of a long story," but the gist is that he wants Takumi to experience the potential of modern cars.

Would Bunta have known that Project D would eventually go to race Purple Shadow, and plausibly God hand himself? My reasoning is explained by the fact that Bunta's purpose in having Takumi drive the Impreza on Akina every other day, was mainly to evolve his grasp of racing lines.

When Takumi races God hand, he is strung along by the multiple "faux" lines which are nonetheless perfectly timed, taken when his opponent leads. When he is leading, Takumi remarks that he has the same feeling as if Bunta is chasing him down in the Impreza. I would definitely say that if Bunta hadn't bought the Impreza when he did, that Takumi's skill level would be insufficient to last more than 2 runs. Getting over the "4wd complex" allowed Takumi to further perfect his braking more importantly his steering. The fact that he begins to race one handed steering in the Impreza after the God hand battle shows that Takumi is trying to figure out how it leads to faster times and more importantly to the least amount of possible tire wear.

All that said, theres no evidence in the show as to whether Bunta and God hand know each other. It is assumed not, as Joshima would have memories of the 86 if they had ever battled. Yet he remarks to Takumi that he would like to meet his father and feel they would get along. Bunta could just have coincidently chose his timing for training Takumi in the Imp,...

What I am saying is that at least Bunta knew the next tool Takumi would need to continue to beat modern cars would be to evolve his understanding of racing lines and redefine his driving style to further master weight shifting and tire management

If he knew of God hand through his network somewhere (I mean come on hes on first name basis with keiichi tsuchiya ) it makes sense how he started to up the intensity of Takumi's training in this specific way. Bunta first discusses buying a new car at the beginning of 4th stage, when he had first found out about Project D. The fact they were an expeditionary team, Bunta knew they'd end up where the fastest touge drivers race.

For me it's not a stretch to say that Bunta gave Takumi the specific weapons he'd need to have a chance even of battling God Hand if not winning. (Takumi should NOT have won of course, except for the huge asspull of God hand pulling over to vomit, but thats not my point)

Thoughts? Sorry this ended up being long

Posted: Jun 2 2018, 02:12 PM

IDW Expert Member

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Nice analysis!

I don't think Bunta knew of Godhand. I think Bunta was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Takumi was learning to steer with 1 hand.

How to explain that Bunta never crossed path with such great racers as Godhand and Godfoot?

I wonder if this means that Godhand might have been a late bloomer, possibly only reaching his peak and mastering 1 hand steering after he graduated from medical school.

It could also mean that Godfoot was a pro focusing on the race track when Bunta was touge racing. Or that Bunta is slightly older than both Godfoot and Godhand.