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> Legends United - Lizzie's Journey, Legends United comes to IDW!
  Posted: Oct 8 2014, 02:08 AM

Request Title - PM Mods

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So before I begin, I thought an explanation should be in order. What you are about to see is a chapter of a series I've been working on for a long time. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of a fantasy world that I could retreat into any time I grew weary of the day-to-day life I lived. Visions of vast, green rolling fields and large walled cities and castles that breached the skies; of magic and mysteries and epic battles. Eventually this world had a name, and soon the lore began to take form. Legends United.

The original story took place far in the future. The human race had spread out from Earth and colonized many different worlds, enjoying an age of greatness unlike anyone had ever seen before. But this age quickly took a turn for the worst. Two planets are to blame for the decline and near-extinction of the human race: Caldaria, the planet most-known for scientific and technological advancement and discovery; and Rayerth, a simple farming planet.

Rayerth's ice caps eventually melted, flooding the planet and destroying farmland. The few survivors of the incident lived upon ships for many years, the neighboring planet of Caldaria failing to answer their pleas for help. In an act of revenge, the self-proclaimed leader of Rayerth, known only as 'Emperor G,' stole aboard a shipping vessel sent by another planet among finally realizing the planet was devastated and infiltrated the facilities among Caldaria. Finding the fruits of a secret project designated C.A.M. (Caldarian Annihilation Mecha), a project using a new element found on Caldaria called 'Caldus' (anything infused with this element became impossible to destroy), he activated the terrifying machines and gave them one simple task: wipe out all Caldarians...and anything that got in their way.

The C.A.M.s did this...destroying planet after planet in their hunt for the Caldarians throughout the galaxy, including Earth. Soon, only one planet remained: Valuxia. And that is where the story began. Realizing the danger the C.A.M.s posed to the last safe haven for life, the Creator (basically God, except in this story He is a 'SHE') tasked a young man she felt was worthy with gathering a team of powerful warriors to combat this evil and protect Valuxia from destruction. This young man, Kevin, would gather said heroes (among them were Haruhi, the princess of the capital kingdom of Washington (Valuxia, at this point, is in a sort of medieval stage after the survivors started over from scratch) and a superb mage; Rusty, a warrior with the power to manipulate shadow (also known as 'Outcast,' and is part of a race of people with the same name); Alicia, the last Caldarian; and a couple others of less importance) and eventually find a way to stop these C.A.M.s.

Since then, many different things have happened to threaten Valuxia and all life on it, and many different heroes have risen to the task of quelling them. It's a little late into the story, but I think this is a good place to start and is one of the best chapters of Legends United in terms of characters and the like. This is...Lizzie's Journey.

So a little backstory: this takes place after quite a long struggle. The popular character known as Elizabeth Weene, a.k.a. 'Lizzie,' is a girl who, for the longest time, had been cursed as a small child. Known as a 'Cursegrim' (someone cursed for so long that the curse becomes a part of them; they cannot age and cannot be killed, as their wounds heal instantly), Elizabeth was sealed away long ago. But circumstances led to her release from the seal, and her curse was temporarily sealed away. A friend of mine (who participated in the roleplay, which is what Legends United had become at this point) played the character Isamu Takeshi, his own personal character, and took her in as his little sister in a way. When the seal on her was broken and her curse returned, he traveled to a faraway land to find the one and only cure. Upon giving it to her, Lizzie was cured of the curse...and lost all memory of everything when she was cursed-onward, giving her a chance to live her life anew. Now able to age, Lizzie grew up in the prestigious Washington orphanage, given a proper education, and became an adept mage. She was reunited with Isamu, and soon met the handsome and intelligent Acheron (Ash) Knight (also played by my friend) and fell in love. However, after traveling with him and eventually realizing and admitting her feelings for him, he mysteriously vanished. We now join Lizzie not long after his sudden disappearance...

- - - - - - - - -

*Lizzie walks along Washington City's market street. It's the middle of the day, and the street is busy with the hustle and bustle of shoppers. A white cap covers her shoulder-length blonde hair, and her red eyes scan the snow-covered streets wearily as her breath can be seen in front of her. She wears her black dress, with white sleeves, white waistband, and white thigh-high stockings. Suddenly, she bumps into someone*

Lizzie: Augh! *Nearly falls over*

*The person is a boy, looking about nineteen years of age, with slick, spikey black hair with a purple sheen to it, purple eyes, and a plain black outfit. He struggles to stay standing, taking a few steps back*

???: Hey, what the hell, lady?!

Lizzie: Urk...*Stands up straight with a frown*

???: You walked right into me!

Lizzie: YOU walked right into ME!

???:'s not MY fault you acted like I didn't exist! I shouldn't have to get out of someone's way like that just because they think they're better than me or something!

Lizzie: Oh, and I SHOULD? Who says I even noticed you anyway?! I just wasn't paying attention! And I WAS going to apologize!

???: *Rubs his shoulder, walking past her, whispering to himself* Why are people so rude?

Lizzie: *Frowns, watching him go* Why are people so rude?

- Later on...-

*At a nice restaraunt, the boy from earlier stands in line to be seated. As he gets to the seater...*

Seater: Two?

???: What? *He looks behind him and sees Lizzie* Ack! No, no! Just one!

Seater: Oh. Alright. Well then I'm sorry ma'am, but you'll have to wait for a seat. There's only one left.

Lizzie: *Shrugs*

???: *Frowns, a slight internal struggle seen in his eyes* .............Rm.....forget it....

Seater: Hm?

???: Make it two.

Lizzie: *Blinks* Eh? Hey, wait a sec! What makes you think I want t-

???: *Turns around to face her* Look, I'm trying to help you out. It's either sit with me, or wait for who knows how long.

Lizzie: .........

???: Time is precious, is it not?

Lizzie: *Frowns*

*A few minutes later, the two of them sit at a booth, their meals in front of them, avoiding eye contact with each other. Lizzie has a frown on her face as she leans on her left hand, elbow on the table, slowly eating, miserable. The boy closes his eyes and breathes in frustratingly, then sighs*

???: Okay. We're here to enjoy a good meal. We're not going to be able to do that if we sit here miserable. So I'm going to go ahead and swallow my pride here.............I'm sorry. For earlier.

Lizzie: .......

???: Let's enjoy our meal while it's still hot, okay?

Lizzie: Yeah.....

*The two silently eat their meals*

???: name is...Drake. May I ask...what yours is?

Lizzie: Elizabeth. *Takes another bite*

Drake: Elizabeth...that's...a fancy one.

Lizzie: I like people to call me Lizzie. It's easier anyway.

Drake: Lizzie. It's fitting for you.

Lizzie: ........*Takes another bite*

Drake: ......So we got off to a bad start. I was having an off day and I took it out on you. Sorry.

Lizzie: *Sighs*

Drake: Anyway...I hope this made you feel at least a little better. I guess I'm sort of glad we ended up seeing each other again. I felt bad for what I said after the fact.

*After the meal, Lizzie is walking along the cobblestone streets of Washington City once more. The air is chilly. She wears a puffy white jacket with a tan-colored thick wool collar.*

Lizzie: *Breathes out of her mouth, her breath visible. She has a solemn look in her eyes. Her mood is neutral. She looks up at the sky, panning to the roofs of the many buildings. Soon, they will be covered with snow. What a pretty sight that'll be.*

Drake: Hey! Lizzie, wait a sec!

Lizzie: *Stops and turns, concerned and curious, to see Drake running out of the restaurant after her.*

Drake: You left this on the booth. *He holds out his hand, holding a small old red ribbon.*

Lizzie: Oh...*She looks at it with a tired blink, then takes it gently from his hand.* Thank you.

Drake: Yeah. Sure thing.

Lizzie: *She stares at the ribbon in her hand, then frowns, a thought on her mind. She looks at him curiously.* You're not like most people I know.

Drake: *Raises his eyebrows* Okay?

Lizzie: Yeah. You really felt so badly about what you said to me earlier?

Drake: I'm not usually like that. So yeah. I did.

Lizzie: And do you ALWAYS buy dinner for a person you've upset?

Drake: Eheh...okay, fine. *Closes his eyes with a smile* You're very pretty. I felt bad that I made such a lovely lady upset for no good reason. Someone as beautiful as you should ALWAYS be smiling. I think, anyway.

Lizzie: *Brings her hand holding the ribbon down to her side, frowning disappointedly* So you just did that in the hopes that I'd like you?

Drake: Well, no...not really. It's nothing personal. I like to see people happy. So I felt that I should fix my mistake while I still had a chance is all. It was MY fault you were in a bad mood, after all.

Lizzie: So it was just to make you feel better about yourself.

Drake: *Frowns* What do you WANT from me, woman?

Lizzie: *Smiles and laughs*

Drake: *Blushes, glancing away in an attempt to hide it* Rm...

Lizzie: *Smiling* I think I'd like to get to know you better. I haven't really made any friends for a long time.

Drake: Unfortunately, I'm leaving. Sorry. *Sad smile*

Lizzie: Oh. Well......then.......*Looks down at the ground, then looks to the right, then back to him* I'll come with you!

Drake: What? Why?

Lizzie: I just said, didn't I?

Drake: Just to hang out? I'm leaving for good. I've got places to be. I'm not sure you'd-

Lizzie: Do you mind?

Drake: *Looks away, thinking with a cringe* I mean...the company would be nice...but...

Lizzie: But...

Drake: Well you can do what you want! I just...I mean, I've been alone for a long time. I'm used to it, so someone wanting to come with me seems a bit odd to me.

Lizzie: I won't cause you any trouble. I promise. *Soft smile* I want to go traveling again, and it'd be miserable alone. I had someone I wanted to ask, but.....*Looks distant and sad*'s not coming back.

Drake: *Looks at her* .......You...missing someone?

Lizzie: I try not to think about it. It's been a long time now.

Drake: Well, like I said. *Starts walking, hands behind his head.* You can do what you want.

Lizzie: I'm coming then! Will you...wait? For me?

Drake: *He stops and turns around, looking at her.*

Lizzie: *Her cheeks are a rosy red, looking softly at him. Though she smiles, he can see the sadness in her eyes*

Drake: Yeah. I'll wait. By the entrance.

- - - - - - - - -

I'm not sure how well this'll be accepted here, but I wanted to post it and see what people think. If you all like it, I'll post up the most recent one after this one is finished! It's really good!

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  Posted: Oct 9 2014, 01:12 PM

Request Title - PM Mods

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I'm not getting a reply, so I hope this double-post is acceptable! Another part!

- - - - - - - - -

*Lizzie and Drake walk along a main road out in the open fields of Washington Kingdom. The sun shines high in the sky, a clear, sunny day.*

Lizzie: *Looks up at the sky, shielding her eyes from the sun's harmful rays with her left arm, squinting slightly. She holds a small briefcase in her right hand, at her side.* Uh..... *Blinks tiredly*

Drake: *A bit of a ways ahead of her. He looks back, notices her trailing behind, and stops* Hey.

Lizzie: .....*Looks down from the sun, at Drake*

Drake: Come on.

Lizzie: .....It shines so brightly...but it's so cold...

Drake: Well, yeah. That's winter for you.

Lizzie: Winter...has it come already?

Drake: *Chuckles* Where have YOU been? It's been here a while.

Lizzie: ......

Drake: *His demeanor changes, sobering* I get that you're down over some guy leaving you, but that solemn look doesn't suit you.

Lizzie: *Blinks, dazed and a bit confused* ...?

Drake: *Smiles softly* You're still here. You're still going. Just like you were before you met him. You'll be fine. Right?

Lizzie: .......

Drake: So. *Turns around, nodding his head in the direction he's headed* Come on. Let's go.

Lizzie: *Watches him go, frowning slightly, as though wanting to say something but forcing herself not to. She follows slowly, but soon decides to jog and catch up, forcing a smile onto her face* So where are we heading anyway?

Drake: Oh. Well...I guess I didn't tell you what I do.

Lizzie: *Raises her eyebrows, intrigued*

Drake: I travel the globe, caring for the many different shrines. Doesn't really matter which.

Lizzie: You...clean...shrines?

Drake: *Nods* You got it. It's not always the most rewarding job, but someone's gotta do it. The people that live near them say that the donations in the shrines go to people like me, so I sort of get paid from it. It's not much, but it's enough to just get by.

Lizzie: Mmm...but...technically, you're a janitor.

Drake: *Frowns painfully at the accusation* I wouldn't call it something like that. It's a bit more like a little helper for the spirits, gods or whatever the shrine was put there for. They say if you keep them looking nice, good things will happen to you. Though so far it's been pretty dreary and dull for me. *Smiles weakly*

Lizzie: *Studies him with a neutral expression, thinking* ......

Drake: Well, anyway. The one I'm heading to right now is up North of Autumnoak. Have you ever been there before?

Lizzie: *Shakes her head*

Drake: Ah. Well then. *Smiles and winks* You'll be in for quite a surprise. It's really something. Although we'll only be passing through on the way there. It's just up North of Evermere Kingdom, to the far East of the Fairy Lands. Past Autumnoak is a large valley, home to the Dragons of old and the Wulfaz. In the valley, near the creek that runs down the largest mountain on the continent, there's-

*Suddenly, he's interrupted by a figure walking by. It looks to be a young woman in her early twenties, with short, cute red hair and amber-colored eyes, wearing white shorts and a white breastplate-like, sleeveless shirt that stops just at her middrif, with black thigh-high socks and tall white boots. She wears a long-sleeve jacket that stops just a little under the shirt she wears, colored blue with a white outline design. On the back, a golden falcon is pictured, its wings spread proudly. She walks the opposite way along the path that the two of them are heading, holding a suitcase in her right hand, slung over her shoulder. With a cheery smile, she waves*

???: Yo!

Lizzie: Oh! Uh...hi?

???: *Smiles* It's nice to see young couples like this on the road. I rarely see any anymore, come to think of it.

Lizzie: Eh?

???: How long have you been together? Are you married?

Lizzie: EHHH?! N-n-n-no! No way! It's nothing like that! We only...just met...*Looks at Drake uneasily*

???: *Surprised* Oh. So you're just traveling together? Just like that?

Drake: I guess...she said she wanted to tag along with me, and who am I to reject her?

???: But isn't traveling alone with a complete stranger a bit dangerous? *Looks at Lizzie* You never know what kind of people are out there in this world. Someone as young and attractive as yourself should really be more careful!

Lizzie: Uh...and who are you?

???: Hm? Me?

Lizzie: Yeah. You stopped us randomly and now you're preaching to us...

???: Oh! Ahaha! *Smiles worriedly, rubbing the back of her head* Sorry about that! It's just that I'm a bit meddlesome. I can't help but poke into peoples' business if I think something is amiss. *Smiles in a friendly manner* I don't mean to bother you or anything.

Lizzie: Oh. Well it's fine. *Smiles*

???: *Smiles* I guess it's also because I haven't seen any sort of civilization for a while now. It's been kinda lonely out here lately.

Lizzie: Oh. *Looks at Drake* Is the area past here really so barren?

???: Actually, I think it's just me hitting a lonely streak. This is actually a main trading road. People travel on it all the time. I actually just came from a cute little village up in the mountains. The valley there is something else! I always like visiting there!

Drake: Oh yeah? We were just heading there, actually. Pokke, right?

???: *Smiles* Yep! That's the one! The folks there are adorable! *Goes to walk past* Well, I don't want to keep you too long. Happy travels! *She waves as she walks past with a friendly smile, walking past*

Lizzie: *Smiles, waving sheepishly* You too.

Drake: *Smiles and nods* Let's go.

Lizzie: Okay.

*The two press on, Northeast, toward the tip of Evermere Kingdom*

*Lizzie and Drake make their way Northeast, and eventually start to notice that the leaves are still in the trees, albeit still in their autumn coloring. The land has a gentle, cozy, homey feel to it.*

Drake: Well, this is it. Autumnoak. A land eternally stuck in autumn. It's harvest season EVERY season here. The temperature is just right for most any crops. *Looks at Lizzie*

Lizzie: *Looks around at the area, unable to decide how she feels about it, but certainly intrigued*

Drake: Have you ever been here before?

Lizzie: *Shakes her head, her rosy-red cheeks a little more red than they were before*

Drake: *Smiles* Well, it's a nice enough area. We're only passing through, but it's nice to see it. *He walks down the leaf-ridden dirt road to a small town in a little rut in the land, a farm up on the hill opposite of them*

Lizzie: *Following him* There isn't a shrine here to clean?

Drake: *Chuckles* Thankfully. Actually, there IS a shrine. They say it's the farm. But I don't have to clean it since it has its own caretakers. *Smiles*

Lizzie: *Looking up at the farm. It has an calming aura about it. The crops are surrounded by gentle golden dust floating in the air, giving them a very enchanted feel* What's all that floating through the crops?

Drake: *Looks over* Oh. They say it's the magic from the God that protects Autumnoak. They say this God is responsible for this land escaping destruction on many occasions, as well as for its success and good, stable economy, despite its small size.

Lizzie: Hum...*Stares at the farm, thinking* I'd like to meet this God sometime. They sound pleasant. *Smiles softly*

Drake: It's nice to have areas like this in the land, huh? *Stops, having taken the path on the left, going away from the farm, and turns to stare at the town*

Lizzie: *Slightly behind him, she nods* Yeah. It's all because of.....*Looks down*

Drake: *While staring out at the town happily, he notices Lizzie's hesitation and looks at her worriedly* The heroes, right?

Lizzie: ......

Drake: They definitely made sure peace still reigned supreme in this land. No...on this world! We owe them EVERYTHING! Even the God here, wherever they are.

Lizzie: ......But did THEY get a happy ending?

Drake: *Blinks* The heroes? Well why wouldn't they have?

Lizzie: ......Nevermind. *Turns away from the town, facing him* I'm ready to go. You're in a hurry, right?

Drake: *Sobers* Ah. Right. *Nods, turning* This way.

*The two leave the small town of Autumnoak behind, walking up North to the mountainous range North of Evermere*

- - - - - - - - -

If anyone has any questions, I'll certainly answer them. I know this is kind of out of the blue.
  Posted: Oct 11 2014, 04:41 PM

Request Title - PM Mods

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*Drake and Lizzie walk for an hour, eventually making it to a massive valley Lizzie had never seen before, nearly as large as the Washington Kingdom fields and surrounded by a mountainous range, a large mountain taking up the Northeast and dwarfing the others...the largest mountain on the continent. At the base of the mountain is a small, quaint village, the houses old and made of wood. Everyone seems very cheery, little children carrying baskets full of food or flowers around and shops open, like stands, selling from out the front windows.*

Drake: Well, this is Pokke Village. You can stay here if you'd like to...I know my work probably isn't the most exciting thing to watch, after all.

Lizzie: *Shakes her head slightly* No, it's fine. I'll just stay with you.

Drake: *Frowns slightly, a bit surprised* If you say so. *Points toward the other end of the village* The shrine is a little ways past the village, up on the trail.

Lizzie: Are you going now?

Drake: Pretty much. Let's go, I guess. *Walks, Lizzie following*

*Lizzie follows Drake until they get to a shrine next to a small body of water, just off the trail a few minutes from the town. It's a small, whitestone shrine, a little wooden storehouse off to the side. A little Foxximur girl is leaning next to the stone shrine, with bright orange hair, dull blue eyes, and wearing a red dress. She looks about ten years of age. She's scrubbing the shrine with a rough sponge, the sound it makes against the stone raspy and dry, as she hums a soft, merry tune*

Drake: *Concerned and frustrated, drops his things gently on the ground as he rushes over* Hey! What are you doing?!

???: *Jumps, startled at the angry voice, and looks at Drake fearfully*

Drake: Don't scrub it with that! You're just making things worse! Get outta here, kid!

???: *She begins to tremble, slowly standing as tears fill her eyes. She whimpers, then takes off running, crying as though she had been gravely injured*

Lizzie: *Watches her go with a frown*

Drake: Hey, wait- *He hesitantly turns, holding his hand out as though he was going to grab her shoulder, but stops, an ashamed look on his face*

Lizzie: That wasn't very nice.

Drake: I didn't mean t-

*Just then, another young girl, a Felini with short, light pink hair and light blue eyes wearing a white camisole, pink shorts, and seemingly the same age as the Foxximur girl that ran away steps out of the storehouse. She's carrying a wooden pail and scrub brush, but stops as she sees the Foxximur girl running away crying*

Felini: *Concerned and confused* Red? *She looks over and immediately spots Drake* HEY!

Drake: *Looks over at the angry voice* Huh?

Felini: You made Red cry! *Angry*

Drake: S...sorry?

Felini: *Drops the pail at her feet with a loud clang, the brush inside, and points at Drake defiantly with anger* Unforgiveablllllllle! I'm gonna beat your butt!

Drake: *Sighs*

Felini: *Runs at him, arms behind her back, ninja-fashion* Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Drake: Okay, look, kid. Just chill out a sec and-

*Before Drake can finish his sentence, the girl sends a hard right hook to his gut, causing him to keel over in pain. She sends a left hook, then another right hook, but before she can throw another lefty, Drake brings his right hand up and stops her left hand, holding it in his grip, holding his gut in pain with his other. The girl tries to struggle and push his hand back, but despite her spirited fight, he's stronger than her*

Drake: Ghk...c...come was just a misunderst-

*Once again, Drake is interrupted as the girl uses her free right hand to send an uppercut...straight to his groin. Drake lets go of her hand to hold his groin in pain, groaning painfully as he falls to his knees*

Drake: Why my balls?! *With that, he topples over onto his side, laying on the ground in agony*

Felini: *Does a short running kick into his back*

Drake: Gahk!

Felini: That'll teach you to make Red cry! *With that, she runs off after the Foxximur she refers to as "Red," leaving Drake to suffer alone with Lizzie.

Drake: Y-yup...*sniff* sure showed*sob*

Lizzie: *Shakes her head* Picking fights with little girls is a bad hobby, you know.

Drake: This is no time for jokes! Why me?

Lizzie: *Sighs* Well I'm going to go see if she's alright too. *Turns to leave, but looks back at him as she walks away* You should apologize once you're feeling better! *With that, she leaves him all alone*

Drake: Tch...*sniff*...*still holding his groin in pain*

*A little ways down the trail, the Felini girl had caught up with the little Foxximur, Red. As Lizzie approaches, she's consoling Red as she cries softly.*

Lizzie: *Looks a bit sad for the girl, stopping for a bit and watching before approaching, speaking in a soft, sweet voice.* Hey. Are you okay?

Felini: *Turns, looking seriously at Lizzie as she hugs Red* Who are you?! You were with that guy, weren't you?!

Lizzie: Well...yeah.

Felini: Then that means you're a terrible person too!

Lizzie: Uh...what? No! I am not!

Felini: Liarrrrrr! Anyone who hangs out with someone like that is our nemesis!

Red: *Stopped crying* Nemesis.

Lizzie: *Looks surprised* What?! N...nemesis...

Felini: Get outta here before I beat your butt too!

Lizzie: Hey, I'm not a bad person! I think what he did is mean too. He means well, though. He just...doesn't...think before he acts, I think. He's very impulsive. I told him to apologize once he can walk.

Felini: *Frowns, studying Lizzie with narrowed eyes as she groans annoyedly* Mmmmmmmmmm.....

Red: *Blinks once, backing away from her with a sniff and wiping her eyes*

Felini: Hm. *Crosses her arms* Okay. I guess I can give you ONE chance. But if you screw up, don't be surprised with what happens!

Lizzie: Aha.....yeah, okay.

*Just then, Drake limps in.*

Felini: NEMESIS!!!

Drake: *Shields his groin area* Wait, no!

Felini: *Gets in a defensive stance in front of Red*

Drake: I say.......I'm sorry. For yelling at you. That wasn't fair to you.

Red: Mmm...*Starts to walk around the Felini, standing beside her* .....

Drake: I...don't know...if you forgive me or not...but sorry.

Felini: Why're you here anyway?! Just to bully us?!

Lizzie: He came here to clean the shrine. It's his job. I think he just got mad because whatever...*Looks at the Foxximur*...Red?

Red: *Nods* Hm.

Lizzie: Was doing, it was ruining it instead of cleaning it like she thought it was. *Looks at Drake* Right?

Drake: *Breathes out* Yeah. That thing you were scrubbing it with was abrasive.

Red: *Stares at him, confused*

Drake: Let's just say it's like wiping your arm with sandpaper.

Red: *Turns her head at an angle, still confused*

Drake: It's bad for it is all, okay?

Felini: So?! You didn't have to yell at her!

Drake: *Closes his eyes tight, holding his head* I know, I know! *Relaxes, looking ashamed* I need to work on that.

Felini: YEAH you do!

Lizzie: Do you two live around here?

Felini: Maybe. Why should we tell you?

Lizzie: We're just here to clean the shrine. We're trying to help out. We're sorry about the misunderstanding. Really!

Felini: *Studies the two of them closely* Mmmmmmm...

Red: *Looks at her*

Felini: *Looks at Red* ......Red. Do you forgive them?

Red: I guess...

Felini: *Sighs* Fine. I guess it's okay. For now.

Lizzie: *Smiles worriedly and chuckles*

Drake: live in the village, right?

Felini: Nope. We live that way. *Points in the direction opposite the village, further up the road*

Drake: Really? I didn't think there was a village up there.

Felini: There IS no village, stupid! Just a house!

Drake: Oh. Why don't you live in the village? Wouldn't it be safer?

Felini: Who cares? Nothing bad ever happens here. Besides, we like it there.

Lizzie: *Smiles* So your parents let you come down here a lot?

Red: Mmm...*Looks away*

Felini: Parents? We don't have parents.

Lizzie: What? What do you mean? You're so young. You HAVE to have parents!

Felini: Nuh-uh!

Lizzie: *Frowns* Yes you do. Come on.

Felini: Do not! How come you don't think we can live on our own? All the grown-ups are like that!

Drake: Then you've been living on your own? How long?

Felini: *Looks at Red* As long as I can remember. They died when I was little. I was only two. *Looks at Lizzie and Drake* We've been like this ever since. So don't say we can't!

Lizzie: You can't be sisters, though. You're different species altogether.

Felini: So?! We ARE sisters!

Lizzie: You came from the same parents?

Felini: Well...maybe not, but so what?! That isn't what makes a sister a sister!

Lizzie: *Looks at the Felini with a bit of respect, studying her* Huh...

Drake: *Looks dumbfounded at the child's words*

Lizzie: Okay. This is Red. What's your name?

Felini: Chika. And if you forget it, don't blame me or ask again!

Lizzie: *Smiles* Don't worry, I won't!

Drake: Yeah. Me neither. You two seem like something special.

Lizzie: Well, we should be off to clean that shrine now. You two take care. *Turns and waves*
*As Lizzie and Drake walk back to the shrine*

Drake: Wow. There are many different kinds of people out here. I'm kind of worried about them, but if they've lasted this long, I guess we shouldn't question it.

Lizzie: *Smiles, walking beside of him* They remind me of two friends of mine. They seem similar in that way. I wonder how long THEY'VE known each other for...

Drake: *Looks at Lizzie* ..........Do you miss your friends?

Lizzie: I guess...but I want to make friends on my own for once. They're my friends, no matter what, but...I feel like everyone I've known all my life have just been introduced to me by my friends.

Drake: Nothing wrong with that.

Lizzie: Maybe, but I still want to make my own friends. *Looks at Drake and smiles* It looks like you're the first.

Drake: Huh. Well if you really see me as a friend...

Lizzie: Sure. You're getting there.

Drake: Great...

*The two of them walk onwards, back to the shrine*
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*Lizzie stands around watching Drake carefully wash the shrine as the sun sets. He silently scrubs with a special brush, wiping with a rag, and then dries it with a soft towel.*

Drake: *Stands, looking at it as he wipes his forehead, and nods* With love and care. It's finished.

Lizzie: *Looks at it* Hm. It seems...happier here now...somehow...

Drake: *Smiles, looking at her* You're not imagining things. There are good reasons why such things should be kept in good condition and cared for like this. *Slings his bag over his shoulder* Anyway, let's get back to Pokke Village. It's getting late, so we should rent a room at the inn for the night.

*The two of them walk back into town as the sun sinks under the horizon. Lizzie notices little Red toting a basket of apples around and smiles.*

Drake: Come on. This is the place. *He walks into the inn, the bell ringing as he does so* Hello! We'd like rooms for the night!

Innkeeper: *Behind the bar, wiping a glass* None available. Sorry.

Drake: *Slumps* Really?

Innkeeper: Sorry.

Drake: *Frowns disappointedly* Alright... *Turns around as Lizzie walks in*

Lizzie: *Raises her eyebrows* What?

Drake: There aren't any rooms available.

Lizzie: Oh. That sucks.

Drake: Yeah... *He walks outside and looks around* Well...since there are no rooms available, it looks like we're camping outside tonight. *Looks at Lizzie* Sorry.

Lizzie: *Little smile and shrug* I camped out all the time with my friends.

Drake: It'll get really cold out though.

Lizzie: *Looks a bit worried* Yeah...

Red: Um.....

*Lizzie and Drake turn, seeing red twiddling her fingers bashfully, avoiding eye contact*

Drake: Red?

Lizzie: *Smiles sweetly* What is it?

Red: could...stay...with us...

Drake: *Blinks* What? You your place?

Red: *Twists her body back and forth, still avoiding eye contact, touching the tips of her pointer fingers together* Mm-hmm...

Drake: Oh. Well that's nice of you, but no th-

Lizzie: That's so sweet! We'd be honored!

Drake: Wh-

Red: Really? *Seems a bit excited, looking at them now*

Drake: Y...yeah. Sure.

Red: *Smiles* Okay.

*Lizzie and Drake follow Red quite a ways away from the city, at least five minutes past the shrine, up a hill near the base of the mountain. There, nestled in a little area, is a cute, cozy little cabin, smoke coming from the chimney and the lights on inside. Red runs up to the front door, reaching up and opening the door.*

Red: *With a gentle shout* I'm home!

Chika: *At the fireplace, stirring a pot. She looks back with a smile* Welcome home! *Notices Lizzie and Drake and looks surprised* Huh? Red, why did you bring THEM here?

Red: Um... *Looks at Lizzie and Drake nervously* ...well...they couldn't get a room at the

Chika: .....Mmmmmm...oh, I get it! *Smiles* You're trying to make friends. That's nice.

Red: Can they stay?

Chika: long as they don't mess stuff up or eat all our food!

Lizzie: *Chuckles* We won't. I promise.

Drake: Hey! Stop speaking for me!

Lizzie: *Frowns at him* They're trying to be nice to us. And you're not exactly tactful with your words.

Drake: Thanks...

Lizzie: Well you aren't!

Chika: Hey!

*Lizzie and Drake look at her*

Chika: *Points at them frustratingly* Close the door! You're letting all the cold in!

Lizzie: Sorry! *Comes in, letting Drake past, and closes the door. Just then, the smells of the soup in the pot fill her nostrils, and she swoons* Woah that smells good!

Chika: Well a'course it does! I wouldn't be making it if it tasted bad, stupid!

Lizzie: Well...

Red: *Totes over to Chika and hands her some coins* Here's your share!

Chika: *Takes the coins with a smile* Awesome! Good work today!

Red: You too!

Drake: *Sits down on the couch, watching them intriguedly* ......

Lizzie: So you sell apples?

Chika: *Stirs the soup some more, watching it closely* Yeah. There are apple trees all over the place around here, and no one else picks them.

Drake: How do you reach them?

Chika: *Frowns, looking at him angrily* What's THAT supposed to mean?!

Drake: *Jumps slightly in the couch* I don't mean it like that, I swear!

Chika: *Looks at him angrily, groaning as she looks away and back to the soup*

Red: We have stools and stuff. And special sticks with hooks.

Lizzie: There aren't any more apples now though, are there?

Chika: We just picked the last ones. Winter's here now, so we gotta start helping around town for our money instead. *Brings the stirring spoon up to her lips and sips carefully*

Lizzie: You're very mature children.

Chika: *Dips the spoon back into the soup and looks at her angrily* We're not kids!

Lizzie: Sorry, but I have to argue with that one. It's not a bad thing though. That was a compliment, you know.


Lizzie: *Smiles*

Drake: *Chuckles*

Red: *Climbs up onto the couch in the middle of Drake and Lizzie as Lizzie sits down on the other end, opposite Drake* Where do YOU live?

Lizzie: Well, I lived with a friend of mine in Washington City for a while, but now that she's gotten married, I'm not really sure. They offered me room in the castle, but even though my stuff's there, it doesn't feel right.

Red: You live in a castle? *Excited, stars in her eyes*

Lizzie: W-well...sort of...I guess...*Smiles nervously*

Red: That's cool!

Lizzie: *Chuckles nervously* Thanks.

Red: *Looks at Drake*

Drake: I don't anywhere. I just move around too much. I live where I happen to be staying for the night.

Red: Then that means you live here tonight?

Drake: I guess.

Red: Welcome home!

Chika: Ha! Like I'd let a meany like him live here.

Drake: Yeah...

Red: *Looks at Chika* I think it's okay.

Chika: How come?! He was so mean to you earlier! He made you cry!

Red: I forgive him. *Looks at Drake and smiles* I think we should make friends. They seem nice now.

Chika: *Groans* You forgive too easily, Red! Have some backbone!

Red: Mmm...maybe you don't forgive easily enough...

Chika: *Turns away* Hmph! Why should I? You could forgive someone who wants to hurt you someday.

Red: They won't hurt me. I don't think they will.

Lizzie: Chika makes a good point though. Remember to use good judgement. Parents always teach their children not to talk to strangers or people you don't know in general.

Drake: It's good to be friendly, but do it in moderation. Keep safe. There are bad people out there, even with the Ancient of Evil defeated.

Red: *Looks down, ashamed*

Lizzie: It's okay. Like we said, it's good to be friendly.

Chika: Soup's done! *Turns with a smile that quickly turns serious as she points at her houseguests* Don't hog it all! I didn't make that much!

Lizzie: *Raises her hands defensively* Okay, okay.

*As the four of them eat in front of the fireplace, Red looks at Lizzie*

Red: You never told us your names.

Lizzie: Oh my gosh! We didn't! Sorry! I'm Elizabeth. You can call me Lizzie. And-

Drake: *Butts in before she can speak for him* I'm Drake!

Lizzie: *Looks at him apologetically*

Red: We're like real friends now!

Chika: Feh. If you say so.

Red: So where do you travel?

Lizzie: Oh, all sorts of places. I've been around a lot of the continent, but never up this far North before.

Drake: We're traveling all over the world to care for the different shrines all over. It's been what I've done for a while now. I see it like my job.

Lizzie: You've really traveled ALL over the world? Even to the different continents?

Drake: Oh yeah. Definitely. This continent isn't the only one with shrines, you know.

Lizzie: *Excited* I didn't know you'd be sailing! I've never been on a boat before!

Drake: *Smiles nervously* Don't get too excited. It's not all that great.

Red: I wanna travel someday!

Lizzie: Really? Maybe when you're older-

Chika: *Stands* Why do we gotta be older?! Why can't we travel now?!

Lizzie: Well-

Chika: The answer is "we CAN!" We just don't want to, that's all!

Red: I want to...

Chika: *Looks at her apologetically* Oh, right. Well...we'd need a way to make money though! You can't just up and leave without a plan, you know!

Red: Yeah...

Lizzie: could always travel with a group. That's what I did for a long time. If everyone chips in, it's a lot easier.

Red: Hmmm...we could go with you!

Chika: What?!

Drake: What?

Lizzie: Mmm...yeah, I guess that'd work. It's cold out though. You might have to camp out in it sometimes. Would you be okay with that?

Red: Mmmmmm...*Thinks* I think so. I wanna travel and see more stuff.

Chika: Red! What are you saying?! We can't travel with them!

Red: *Looks sad* Why not?


Red: *Watches her intently*

Chika: Well.....I don't want to!

Red: *Sad* But I wanna...

Drake: I don't think you should come along anyway. The world is a dangerous place. It's no place for-

Lizzie: *Gives him a warning look*

Chika: *Watches Red sadly*

Red: It's so hard to make money now...*sniff*...and we never get to do anything fun anymore...

Lizzie: *Pats her back* Awwww...

Chika: *Closes her eyes tight, rubbing her hair furiously and groaning* Mmmmmmnnnaaaargh! Fine! But it's not like I like it or anything.

Red: Uh...*sniff*...really?

Drake: Wait, what's going on?

Chika: We're coming with you on this shrine-cleaning thing! Don't say no! We'll follow you no matter what!

Drake: .......

Lizzie: *Smiles nervously* I hope you know what you're doing.

Drake: What about your house?!

Chika: It's fine. We'll keep it locked and ask the people of the village if they can watch it. *Shrugs* They know us well enough that they'll help us out. *Looks at Red* Right?

Red: *Nods* Hm!

Drake: *Crosses his arms with a frustrated groan* I don't like this. I don't want to tote some kids along.

Chika: I'll make you regret saying that!

Red: We'll be helpful. Promise.

Lizzie: It's fine. Don't worry about him.

Drake: Hey!

Lizzie: Trust me. I've traveled with people enough to know: they'll grow on you. Pretty soon, you won't want them to leave.

Drake: ...Okay?

Red: *Smiles* Yay! We're going on a adventure!

Chika: *A smile creeps onto her face as well* I can't hide my excitement about it! This is gonna be so cool! *She takes Reds hands in hers and they dance and jump around excitedly*

Lizzie: *Smiles, talking to herself* They'll be a nice addition. *Looks at Drake* He could use something like this to loosen himself up. He reminds me.....*Looks at the fire*.....of him.
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*Early the next morning, a thin layer of snow covers everything as Chika gingerly opens the door, her face similar to that of a child first walking into the living room on Christmas day. As she sees the white powder on the ground, she yanks the door open, her eyes aglow with excitement.*

Chika: *Big smile* WAHOOOOO!!

*A few minutes later, Lizzie and Drake are up and outside, Red running around with Chika making snow angels here and there, laughing and playing with her. Lizzie watches with a solemn look, wanting to smile at the scene.*

Drake: *Notices Lizzie watching solemnly* Hey.

Lizzie: *Perks up, looking at him*

Drake: *Looks slightly concerned* .....

Lizzie: *Smiles weakly*

*Suddenly, a puff of snow hits Drake in the left shoulder*

Drake: Auck! *Looks at his shoulder in surprise, then towards Chika and Red* Hey!

Chika: *Laughs triumphantly and heartily*

Red: Hee hee hee!

Lizzie: *Forces herself to smile, not wanting to bring everyone down*

*Chika and Red dance around happily*

Chika: It snowed, it snowed!

Red: Snowed! Snowed!

*A little bit later, Drake manages to get Chika and Red to pack for the long trip ahead, considering they forced their way into coming along. They leave, Chika locking the door behind them.*

Chika: There. *Turns to face Red with an eager smile* This is it, Red! We get to go see the world!

Red: *Smiles* Yay!

Drake: Just stay near us. If you get lost, it'll be a big problem.

Chika: Yeah, yeah. Don't spoil the fun, you dummy!

Drake: *Sighs, shaking his head as he walks toward Pokke Village*

Lizzie: We're going this way?

Drake: *Turns, walking backwards* Breakfast!

Chika: Hooray!! Breakfast in Pokke!

Red: Hooray!

*As they walk through the village, Lizzie looks around dazedly at the buildings, covered with a thin blanket of snow. As she exhales a small sigh, her breath can be seen. She wears a light-brown jacket with a white wool collar now, and a dark-red plaid scarf around her neck. Drake wears only a black scarf to ward off the cold, and Red wears a white trenchcoat-like heavy coat and mittens. Chika wears a poofy pink coat and white gloves.*

Drake: *Looks at Lizzie worriedly*

Lizzie: *Feels his gaze on her as she looks around* I always liked being at Washington for this.

Drake: Is that why you're suddenly like this again?

Lizzie: *Slight frown, looking down at the snow crunching beneath her feet as she walks* I never even got to know how HE felt about snow.

Drake: Who IS this "he" you keep talking about?

Lizzie: *Glances at him, slightly irked*

Drake: .........What? Should I not ask that?

Lizzie: *Looks away, back at the buildings* I'm trying to forget now.

Drake: Okay. My bad.

Lizzie: *Shakes head* It's fine. *Smiles slightly* Besides, I know you're not tactful with your words, remember?

Drake: You know, that's kind of-

Chika: *Interrupts, hopping in front of the two of them* We wanna eat THERE! *Points to the inn, still hopping*

Red: *Walks up with a begging look in her eyes* Please?

Drake: *Smirks* Weeeelllll, since you said "please." *Looks at Chika with a smirk and raises his eyebrow*

Chika: *Annoyed, slumping her arms* Please.

Drake: *Looks at Lizzie*

Lizzie: *Still looks distant for a second, then blinks and looks at Drake*

Drake: Still with me? They want to eat at the inn.

Lizzie: *Nods* Yeah. I heard. Sorry.

*As they walk through the front doors of the inn, the crisp, dry winter air changes to warm and cozy in an instant, becoming even more so as they close the door behind them. The innkeeper, standing behind the bar, waves them in. They walk past the many circular tables, full with people eating breakfast at them, up to the bar.*

Drake: *Leans on the bar* So I take it you know these two girls. *Gestures at Chika and Red as they walk up beside of him, getting on their tippie-toes, hands on the bar, trying to see over it*

Innkeeper: *Chuckles* Everyone here does. They're really something, aren't they?

Chika: Hi, mister innkeeper! We're here for breakfast! On the double!

Innkeeper: *Chuckles, turning away to get started* The usual?

Chika: For me, yep! *Turns to Red* What about you, Red?

Red: *Nods* Hm. Usual.

Innkeeper: Alright. *Writes on a notepad, slightly turning to look at Drake and Lizzie* And you two?

Drake: Uhm...uh......*Makes a confused frown and shrugs* Surprise me.

Lizzie: *Smiles big, feeling warm inside*

Drake: *Looks at her* How about y-.....hey! You're smiling! *Smiles*

Lizzie: *Looks surprised, blushing* Uh?

Drake: What do you want to eat?

Lizzie: Uh...*Looks at the innkeeper, then up at the menu* I guess...I'll have...the regular breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, and hash browns sounds good.

Innkeeper: Alright. *Turns, writing down some more on his pad*

Lizzie: A-and can you make it two sunny-side-up eggs?

Innkeeper: Sure. *Writes that down too*

Lizzie: *Looks relieved* Thank you.

Drake: *Looks at her with a smile* Haha! I didn't know you liked dipping your toast in your eggs.

Lizzie: Huh? *Looks at him, surprised* How would you even know that's what I'm doing?

Drake: I know. *Winks, tapping his forehead* You can't fool me.

Lizzie: Oh, okay. *Rolls her eyes, looking away*

Drake: *Laughs*

*A few minutes later, they're all eating at a table near the front-left window. Lizzie's breakfast is spot-on what she ordered. Drake's consists of scrambled eggs with green and red peppers mixed in in little dices, and three stacked pancakes. Chika got three blueberry pancakes, and Red got regular scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, two pieces of buttered toast, and a sausage patty.*

Chika: *In the middle of chewing her pancake* Sho. *Cuts another piece* Where are we goin' firsht?

Drake: *Annoyed* Hey. Swallow before you talk. It's rude to speak with your mouth full.

Chika: *Annoyed, swallowing with a frustrated groan*

Drake: I'm supposed to keep going North. The next shrine I need to visit is in Volcalor.

Lizzie: I've never heard of it.

Drake: It's the Dwarven capitol city.

Lizzie: *Eyes light up* What? Really?! I get to see Dwarves now?!

Chika: Whoa-hoa! Dwarves! *Looks at Red excitedly* We get to see Dwarves!

Red: *Swallows, then smiles* Yay!

Drake: *Smiles nervously with a small chuckle* I don't really think you should get so excited. It's nothing special really.

Chika: Maybe to you! You've seen 'em before!

Drake: I guess... *Takes a bite of his pancakes*

Lizzie: I've been to quite a few places on this continent, but like I said, never this far up North. I've NEVER seen a Dwarf before in my entire life though!

Drake: *Swallows* Well they don't really leave their city much. If they do, they don't go far. Not much reason to, according to them. They have tunnels underground that connect to other cities and towns they made, and they ARE a ways underground. Would YOU travel underground to get back to Washington if you can just walk on land?

Lizzie: Okay, I get it.

Drake: *Nods*

Chika: So when are we going?

Drake: Right after this I'm heading out. It's always important for travelers to have a decent breakfast, if anything.

Lizzie: *Nods, taking another bite. As she chews, she looks outside, distantly staring at the snow and the people walking around* ........

Drake: *Looks at her, noticing her distant look again, but simply frowns sadly, not wanting to bother her again.*

*The small group trudges through the slightly-melting snow, up to the Northern mountains, looming over them in the distance not far from their location.*

Chika: *Groans, walking tiredly* How much longerrrr?

Drake: *Looks back at her with worry* If you're getting tired already, maybe it WAS a bad idea for you to come along...

Chika: *Suddenly stands up straight, her cheeks flush red* No way! I'm fine, okay okie-dandy!

Red: *Walks up beside of her with a worried smile* Sure?

Chika: *Gives her a nod*

Lizzie: *Walking beside Drake. She smiles a little.*

Drake: *Glances at her* say you're trying to forget this guy, right?

Lizzie: *Looks annoyed* It's hard when you keep bringing him up.

Drake: *Chuckles* Sorry, sorry! It's just always look so distant. It seems like you're not doing a very good job of forgetting.

Lizzie: *Looks at him questioningly, still frustrated*

Drake: I don't mean to sound creepy or anything, but...I at the inn, while we were eating, I saw the way you looked as you stared at the window.

Lizzie: *Looks ahead, trying to remember* ........Oh...kay? It's not like he's the only thing on my mind that has me thinking.

Drake: Oh yeah? So there's other things.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Drake: Like?

Lizzie: Ugh...

Drake: Come on. Why not get it off of your chest?

Lizzie: Because it's...not...easy to put into words. There are tons of things I've done...choices I've made...things I've said...and I wonder sometimes how it would have turned out if I had just not bothered.

Drake: *Looks at her, eyeing her with a look of...respect or something (can't think of the word, sorry)* Yeah? I get like that too sometimes.

Lizzie: *Smirks mockingly* Ahuh...yeah, I bet. The way you talk like you don't think first, I'm sure you have plenty you'd like to have taken back.

Drake: *Scoffs, but can't help smirking*

Lizzie: *Sobers, looking distant again* And I miss the people I know well. My friends. I don't want to think this was a bad idea though. *Looks at him* And to all of the stuff I think about, if I was given another chance at it all, I wouldn't change a thing, for sure. It just gets me thinking.

Drake: Hey, you'd better NOT think it was a bad idea to come with me! I know I was reluctant, but... *Looks up at the sky and shrugs with a small smile* that I've been traveling with you, I'd miss the company if you were gone.

Lizzie: Hm... *Steals a glance at him as he walks*

*Soon, they arrive at a massive entrance into the largest mountain. Large, brass doors bar the way, guarded by heavily-armored Dwarves. They stand about four feet tall, with large, muscular bodies and long, intricately-braided beards. Their gold-colored armor shines brightly in the sun, and they brandish their long war axes proudly, standing at the top of the steps leading up to the doors on either side. As the group approaches, Chika and Red looking up at the doors with awe, the Dwarf on the right holds out his hand*

Guard 1: Halt, travelers.

*The group stops.*

Guard 1: State your business.

Drake: My name is Drake. I come here on a yearly basis to clean the Volcalor shrine. *Gestures toward the girls* These are my friends.

Guard 1: *Looks him up and down, then looks over the girls* Mmm... *You can barely see his mouth behind his beard as he frowns, narrowing his eyes, then nods at the other guard, who turns around and speaks through what appears to be a microphone on the wall*

Guard 2: Human named Drake, here to clean the shrine. Three female companions with him.

*Through the speaker above the mic, a jolly-sounding voice booms*

Speaker: Ah! He is here! Let him in, let him in! I'll meet him at the door.

Guard 2: *Turns back to attention, glancing over to the other guard and shrugging*

Guard 1: *Nods, looking back at Drake* Alright. Let him in. *Steps aside*

*The large doors rumble open slowly with large metal clangs. As the group's eyes adjust to the darker, torch and fire-lit interior, they see a jolly-looking Dwarf with long, brown hair and a long beard with a single braid down the center walk up. Unlike the guards, although his body is large, it seems more fat than muscle. He wears a green shirt with a brown stripe down the front, and brown trousers. His eyes glisten a dark brown as he waddles up, arms out as if to hug them*

Dwarf: Welcome! Welcome! It's good to see you again, master Drake! Good to see you, indeed! Right on schedule, as always!

Drake: *Smiles uneasily, slightly bowing his head* It's good to see you again, Morvir.

Morvir: *Turns around, heading back down the long, adorned entrance hallway to the large double-doors at the other end as the entrance doors rumble to a close behind them* Come, come! You don't usually have friends with you. I'll give them the tour!

Drake: *Chuckles* That's very nice of you, but if they don't mind, I'm kind of in a hurry.

Morvir: Ah. As always. Very well. The view from the entrance platform will have to be enough.

Chika: Awww! But I wanna see the city!

Red: Wanna see.

Morvir: Ohhhh, don't you worry kiddies. You'll see it, alright. An' you'll never be forgettin'! Am I right, master Drake? *Chuckles*

Drake: It's certainly incredible.

Lizzie: *Frowns, whispering to Drake* Why can't we stop for a while for some sight-seeing? I'd like to see it too, you know.

Drake: *Whispers back* I have a tight schedule. You could have come up here any time anyway!

Lizzie: Oh yeah? Those guards outside might have something different to say about that!

Drake: Look, just-

*He's interrupted by the metal clang and rumble of the double-doors opening up in front of them*
Morvir: Wah-haha!! WELCOME! To Volcalor! *He extends his arms once more, towards the scene in front of them*

*The group walks out, Chika and Red running to see in awe. Before them is an entire city, under the ground, ten times larger even than the largest Human city. White stone buildings with brass roofs line the cavern walls, towers stretching up very near the ceiling. Large platforms extend out from the walls, creating room for more buildings, which cover them as well, so much so that you can never really see the entirety of one building alone. The entire city itself sits atop a massive, constantly-flowing lava lake below, providing most of the light and giving off a ton of heat. The city seems to go on forever.*

Lizzie: *Steps out, also in awe* Wow...

Chika: Whoaaaaah-ho-hoaaaaaa! It's so BIGGGG!

Red: Big!

Chika: *Looks at Morvir* You all really made all of THIS?!

Morvir: *Chuckles* Well a'course we did! Who'dya think made it? The Elves? WAAAH-HA-HA!

Lizzie: This is really something... *She seems entranced by the massive city as she walks up beside of Drake, putting her hands on the entrance platform railings*

Drake: Yeah? *Looking out at it*

Lizzie: Yeah...

Drake: *Frowns slightly* I'm sorry we can't stay and see more.

Lizzie: *Blinks, her gaze turning to him* ......Yeah.....I understand though...

Morvir: Well, come! Come! We must get master Drake to the shrine and then send him on his way!

Chika: Awwww!

Morvir: Come on! Come on, kiddies! Lots to do, lots to do! *He gestures for the group to follow him, walking down the steps to the right*

Lizzie: Well, let's go.

Drake: Yeah.
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*The group follows Morvir out of the city and into the caves beyond. Eventually, it gets so dark that only the light of the magical blue mushrooms lining the walls on the ground light the way. It gets cold too: lava doesn't flow through the caves, but instead cold water. Eventually, the cave they walk through opens up...revealing a vast, unimaginable cavern, the ceiling too high to see. The cavern itself seems to go on forever, lit only by the blue mushrooms, only in the cavern, they seem to grow to many different sizes. Some are the size of a small shrub, while others as large as fully-grown trees. One, near the center, is larger even than the largest tree in the land topside, giving off the most amount of light as well as spores that also give off a blue light. The area is rich with a magical, mystical aura that astounds the group.*

Lizzie: *Looking around, not even paying attention to where she's going anymore*

Chika: *Speechless, standing still, unable to move in her state of awe. Her eyes sparkle with wonder.*

Red: *Stands beside Chika, also in a stunned state of awe*

Morvir: *Chuckles* First-timers are always great to have. *Looks at Drake with a smile and winks*

Drake: *Smiles* Aheh...

Morvir: Well. *Claps his hands together* Let's keep a move on. Nearly there, nearly there.

Lizzie: *Still looking around at the cavern in wonder* Yeah...

*They follow Morvir up to the largest mushroom. There, at its base, is a large Dwarven statue, carved out of some ancient rock. Drake carefully approaches, getting out his gear.*

Morvir: Well. *Nods toward it* That's it.

Chika: Eh. *Crosses her arms* It looks old and yucky to me.

Morvir: Ah, but don' let it be foolin' ya, kiddies. This is the great shrine of Volcalor, created by the first Dwarven king a long time ago. It protects us from harm, coaxing the earth around us to keep us safe and prosperous.

Chika: You really believe that kinda stuff?

Red: *Looks at it in awe*

Morvir: Well a'course I do! We all do!

Drake: *Silently cleaning the shrine*

Lizzie: *Watches him, sitting beside of him*'ve been here before then.

Drake: Two other times, yeah.

Lizzie: How did you get in the first time?

Drake: *Dips his special cloth into a soapy water in his small bucket* Well. *Wipes gently* It was around the time when I cleaned my first shrine. It was a sad, sorry shrine that had been forgotten. The feeling I had upon cleaning it was.....*Stops for a few seconds, thinking*.....I can't even explain it. And then there force.....this force that drove me...guided me. It guided me here.

Lizzie: And?

Drake: *Resumes wiping* turns out that the Dwarves had a shrine as well.

Lizzie: How do you come into the picture though? Can't they clean it themselves?

Drake: Well, they COULD. But, like I said, PROPERLY cleaning these shrines requires a special technique and specific tools. Technique and tools that the Dwarves had long-forgotten after their war with the Elves millions of years ago. They tried to clean it, but only made it worse.

Lizzie: So then you came in and wowed them with your super-janitorial skills!

Drake: *Smiles* Yeah! *Suddenly stops, frowning with disgust* Ugh...very funny.

Lizzie: *Smiles* You really don't like it when people call it that, huh?

Chika: *Walks over with Red* So this is what you do? Scrub peoples' stuff all day?

Red: It's nice.

Drake: It's not just "stuff." It's the shrines. Like you didn't already notice...

Chika: Booooring. I wanna play a game!

Red: Game!

Drake: *Sighs, dipping his cloth into the bucket and pulling it out to wipe some more* You know, you sound a LOT like a couple of little kids when you talk like that.

Chika: *Groans angrily at Drake, looking at him threateningly*

Lizzie: What kind of game do you want to play?

Red: I wanna read.

Chika: I guess reading's okay. What books do you have?

Red: *Pulls a children's book out of the bag slung over her shoulder* This one.

Chika: Ohhhh! I love that book! Good thing you thought to bring it! I would have forgot!

Red: *Smiles* Hee hee!

Chika: *Looks at Drake and Lizzie* So you'll read it to us, right?

Drake: *Hesitates, looking at Lizzie with a pleading glance*

Lizzie: *Looks at him, then at the kids, and forces a gentle smile onto her face* Drake's busy right now, so I'll read it to you this time. *Holds out her hand*

Red: *Walks up and gives her the book carefully*

Lizzie: *Takes it and gently opens it up* Okay. *Looks at the first page as Chika and Red sit on either side of her, leaning in to look at the pages with her*

Drake: *Continues to scrub gently, a solemn look on his face as he listens to Lizzie read the book out loud. He stops for a second and looks back at her, seeing her with the two girls on either side of her, reading to them with a gentle smile. For some reason, her voice is almost hypnotizing to him. He returns to scrubbing as Lizzie continues to read to the girls in the silence of the magical cavern.*

*Out in the forests to the West of the Volcalor entrance, the group treks on, not stopping for anything.*

Chika: That city was really cool! I wish we coulda stayed longer and seen more of it. Did you see how many buildings there were? And the roofs and stuff! I think they were made out of gold! Didn't it look like it?

Lizzie: I don't think that'd be a smart thing to make a roof out of. *Thinks* Maybe brass.

Chika: Whatever! It was still cool-looking!

Red: There were moving things in there. They made "psh" sounds. They were scary. But cool too.

Chika: Yeah! What WERE those things?

Drake: Hydraulics? The Dwarves power most everything by steam.

Chika: Steam? Why don't they just use magic like everyone else?

Drake: Because Dwarves can't use magic.

Chika: What?! Why not?!

Drake: I-...*Looks frustrated* Well how should I know?! It's just how they were born!

Chika: Huh. Laaaame.

Lizzie: Where are we going now?

Drake: To the Forest Of Origin. There's a very special shrine there that needs my attention. Especially since no one else travels through this forest.

Chika: How come? Is it scary?

Drake: It CAN be. The Forest Of Origin is said to be the place where all of the magical, mystical creatures and things on this planet originated from. Even now, it still churns out more strange things and new creatures. I think this shrine is kind of like its heart. Keeping it well-kept makes it a much happier place, and it creates much more happy things.

Red: It sounds magical.

Drake: It is. *Smile* Just stay close. If you get lost, we might never find you again.

Red: Okay.

*Eventually, the group gets to a part of the forests that seems different than usual. It's thicker, and more concentrated with magic.*

Drake: Now...I just need to wait for my guide. She should be here soon.


*Just then, there's movement right above them. They don't even have to look up, as the figure floats down in front of them, to eye level. It's a Fairy, only she seems more like an adult than a child. She has glowing light-blue eyes, light-blue hair, and massive butterfly wings, also pulsing with a light-blue power. She flitters, upside-down, cheerfully in front of them*

Drake: There you are.

Fairy: Heyaaaa! You brought friends this time!

Drake: Yeah. Guys, this is Moondrop. She's an Ancient Great Fairy.

Lizzie: What?! You know a Great Fairy?! An ancient one, at that?!

Drake: Yeah...sort of...

Lizzie: That's...just...

Moondrop: *Smiles cheerfully* I'm ready to go! Let's go to the shrine!

Drake: *Nods* Lead the way. *Looks at the others* Come on. We can talk while we walk.

*The group follows Moondrop, the kids watching in awe as she flitters around playfully, leading the way while humming merrily*

Lizzie: So? What's the story with THIS one?

Drake: After my first time cleaning the shrine at Volcalor, I was directed here by a lady who had traveled the world. It was here that I was saved by Moondrop. When I first got here I was attacked by...well, who-knows-what. After she saved me, she asked me why I was here, and I told her I was looking for a shrine to clean. She led me right to it.

Lizzie: And that's it?

Drake: Yeah. Why? Were you expecting more?

Lizzie: *Looks away* I guess not.

*Eventually, they emerge into a small clearing, with water at ankle-level, and tons of flowers. One, a four-petaled flower, catches Lizzie's eye. The four petals start out white, then change to blue near the tips. The petals droop slightly.*

Lizzie: I feel like I've seen this somewhere before...

Moondrop: Oh? Really? That can't be right, though.

Chika: Whaddya mean?

Moondrop: There's only one like it. It's my eggflower. *Smiles with a peace sign*

Red: Egg...flower?

Moondrop: Yeah! Didn't you know? Fairies are born from special flowers!

Red: *Eyes sparkle with awe and delight* Ooooo...

Chika: Cool! You're so magical-like! It's awesome!

Drake: *Chuckles*

Lizzie: *Uneasy* Even still... *Bends down to get a closer look. She can feel the magical properties of the flower* ...I feel like I've seen it somewhere before.

Drake: *Walks up beside of her* Maybe it was in a dream. Like a prophetic dream. Maybe you were just seeing this one.

Lizzie: *Stands, looking at it, unsure* Maybe...

Moondrop: Let's go, let's go! Drake is always in a hurry!

Drake: Ahah...yeah...

*The group follows Moondrop a bit further, ending up in another clearing. In this clearing is a large, whitestone fountain, with steps leading up to the shrine.*

Drake: Wait here. *With that, he takes his tools up and readies to clean*

Lizzie: *Standing with the kids and Moondrop. She looks over at the Great Fairy, her wings constantly pulsing with a slow energy, the blue color shifting like a kaleidoscope.* So...

Moondrop: *Looks over with a smile* Hi!

Lizzie: Hey. *Smiles nervously*

Chika: So Mrs. Great Fairy! How long have you been here for?

Moondrop: Ah! *Thinks* least three-million years.

Chika: WHA?! That's a long time!

Red: Long time.

Moondrop: Yep! I don't really feel like going anywhere else. It's nice enough here. Although a while ago, I DID leave for a bit to travel with some humans for something.

Lizzie: Really?

Moondrop: Yeah. They were some group of people. *Shrugs* What we were doing was kinda boring though, so I don't remember too much about it.

Lizzie: Oh...right...

*Meanwhile, Red had approached Drake, up on the fountaintop*

Drake: *Cleaning. He notices Red out of the corner of his eye* Red? What is it? Is something wrong?

Red: *Stands there bashfully* Mmm... *Looks away shyly* No.

Drake: *Looks confused* Then what is it?

Red: Um... *Twists her body back and forth nervously, trying to think of how to say what she wants to say* I...uh...I...want to learn...I wanna learn how to clean shrines like you.

Drake: *Blinks, surprised* R...really?

Red: *Looks at him, a bit of strength in her eyes, though mostly fear. She nods* I wanna do what you do someday.

Drake: *Stares at her for a moment, trying to comprehend her. Though a child, he feels compelled to take her seriously, like an adult. He smiles, coaxing her nearer* Okay. Let me show you the basics.

*The group emerges from the Forest Of Origin as the sun sets, out in the fields North of the swamplands West of Washington Kingdom. Due to the threat of dangerously cold night out in the field, the group races to make camp before the sun vanishes under the horizon. By the time night falls, they have succeeded, and a fire crackles between a bunch of tents. Chika had brought some leftover soup from the house, and they cook it over the fire, serving what's left to each other. As they finish eating, Chika looks at Red and notices her mouth is dirty.*

Chika: Oh! Red, you have soup on your mouth.

Red: Oh.

Chika: *Grabs a napkin* Here, lemme wipe that off for you! *Smiles cheerfully* Now hold still!

Red: *Smiles* 'Kay.

*As Chika carefully wipes Red's mouth off, Lizzie can't help but smile*

Lizzie: You two really are like sisters. How much older are you than Red?

Chika: *Looking to make sure she got it all* I'm not older than Red. She's older than me. By like half a year.

Lizzie: *Surprised* What?! Really?! That...seems so hard to believe. You seem like the older sister to me.

Chika: Red might be a bit of a crybaby, but she's always real cool when I lose my temper, and I always know I can rely on her for stuff.

Drake: You still seem much older than she is.

Chika: You just don't understand! Either way, she's older than me, so get over it!

Drake: Yeah, yeah. *Sips his soup*

Red: *Scooches over to Lizzie* Lizzie, do you have any brothers or sisters?

Lizzie: *Her heart sinks* No.

Red: Oh...that's okay though. That means you got lots of attention from your mommy and daddy, right?

Lizzie: *Looks pained to think about it*

Red: *Realizes she may have made Lizzie upset* Uh-oh...sorry.

Lizzie: *Looks at Red, trying to smile, and nods, knowing she didn't mean to make her think about something that would upset her*

Red: *Slowly retreats back to Chika, sad that she made Lizzie sad*

Chika: Hmm...I wonder what her problem is.

Red: Mmm...

*A bit later on, the kids are asleep in their small tent, and Drake sits next to Lizzie by the fire with a release of breath, finally able to relax*

Drake: Okay. Do you want to talk about it or what?

Lizzie: *Looks away* No.

Drake: *Stares at the fire*

Lizzie: ..................Maybe.

Drake: *Smiles gently*

Lizzie: No matter how hard I try, I can't escape my past. Who I am.

Drake: *Looks at her* ?

Lizzie: *Looks at him, looking extremely sad* I can't escape myself.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Lizzie: I'm a monster. I shouldn't even be here.

Drake: *Tries to cheer her up* You don't look like a monster to me.

Lizzie: You wouldn't understand... *Looks away*

Drake: *Looks up at the stars* Well yeah, if you're not going to explain it to me, I guess I wouldn't.

Lizzie: Maybe some other time. *Stands carefully, heading to her tent*

Drake: I'll hold you to it then.

Lizzie: *Gives a tired wave as she goes into her tent*

Drake: *Sits there by the fire, curled up a bit. What is it about this girl? Why is she so......*

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