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> Signature Rules Updating
Posted: Aug 10 2010, 09:23 AM

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QUOTE (Dem @ Oct 18 2009, 12:32 AM)
I would personally love to be able to have a bigger avatar. 100x100 really isn't that large to begin with, and most of my avatars that I use for other forums are of a larger size (usually 120x120 or sometimes 150x150) but I can understand how it would all add up, especially if everyone has animated .gif for an avatar. I've noticed that most people don't really put too much time and worry into making their sigs look nice, so I could do without that part.

Observation on that part :

The location, etc. fields under the username are normally longer than the 150 width anyway, so this would not have a major impact as long as the KB limit is maintained as before.

I'll support this idea. cool.gif
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