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> Castlevania, A Netflix Original, Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse as a Movie/Series
The Sixth Element
  Posted: Jul 13 2017, 09:43 PM

matter intangible

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user posted image
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The show's out and, in my own opinion, its great. The voice acting is pretty good and the gore is on levels a bit higher than AoT and Berserk. Its pretty short but its a pilot and its kinda understandable in netflix's defense, but its great that its getting a second season next year in which its said that it will get 8 eps.....

Now its just anticipation and patience for the next season.
Posted: Jul 14 2017, 03:32 AM


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Doesn't look half bad ~ though visually, I liked the Hellsing OVA by Madhouse's Wild Geese Committee better.

Still waiting desperately for someone to make an OVA out of my all-time fave game RosenkreuzStilette tho' user posted image

YOUTUBE ( http;// )
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Posted: May 16 2018, 01:18 AM


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This is included in my "to watch" list but I think I still haven't started watching. laugh2.gif
Posted: Oct 20 2018, 02:17 AM


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Well, I have to watch this. Many of my friends have already begun with it. It is just that I am waiting for the shows by Andy Yeatman to get over because I don’t feel like leaving in between. These shows are interesting and teaches a lot to the kids.