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> Buntas car card?, Is it possible?
    Posted: Aug 5 2010, 03:33 PM

IDW Senior Member

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Joined: Jun 16th 2010
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I was thinking about starting a new car because I chose an Evo V for my first "Serious" card because it looked cool. I did research on here afterwards and it's not a particularly bad car but there are better ones that are more noob friendly and the GC8V was one of them so i started wondering if I could make a card with Buntas version. I can get past zack on akina with my Evo V but then again I just flat out suck on Akina for some reason.
Posted: Aug 6 2010, 12:33 AM

Reading is magic!

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Sure you can. It's going to look the same all throughout it's tuning life, but you can make a Buntamobile.

Just don't expect the car to be your magical solution.