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> Donald "Pink Ranger" Jackson Pro Drift Japan
  Posted: Sep 29 2015, 03:34 PM

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Location: Misawa, Japan

Hello guys been a while, I hope all is well! At the start of this racing season finally acquired pro drift liscense. Do I feel different? Nope...same ole guy who got into drifting via Intial D and Gran Turismo haha. If you would like to follow my journey here in Japan as well as chances for JDM gifts check out my social network sites at the following places:

Youtube Donald Jackson Drift:


Instagram, twitter etc @ PinkRanger Drift

Thank you

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  Posted: Sep 30 2015, 03:30 AM

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Welcome back DJ-mang! Your vids are pretty informative. I hav a friend over in Hokkaido that's pretty into the Eurobeats, Imma tell him to go cheer you on in Misawa~ Also, if you ever get a chance go take some piccies of Otaru in the winter - heard it's friggin' beautiful! Thanks for the updeito bigmegahit, I hadn't seen your name in like forever, lol. Keep us posted s'far as your pro-career goes. happy.gif
  Posted: Sep 30 2015, 02:37 PM

IDW Prime Member

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Location: Misawa, Japan

Indeed! I never forgot you guys and I still follow Initial D faithfully!! If anything I just hope to inspire others who want to go down this route. It is hard work, expensive but fun as well!
Posted: Oct 5 2015, 10:57 PM

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Go Pink Ranger! Still have your drift charm on the kei truck and that UpGarage issue I got biggrin.gif

Probably wont drift the truck. But it could always be a tire carrier for those who do.
  Posted: Nov 22 2015, 01:56 PM

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Oh man, last time I was looking for somebody who recreated the ebisu curcuit on GT6 and saw the Pink Ranger actually commented on one of the videos I found on youtube and now I have to find out your on as well. awesome.gif

You actually seem to be a pretty cool guy cool.gif even though you seem kinda stricter than the usual on videos but I guess that comes from the military life.

Keep up the good work with your channel and congratulations on your upcoming child.

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  Posted: Jan 25 2016, 06:43 AM

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Location: Misawa, Japan

sorry for the ultra late reply haha but thanks man!!
Nomake Wan
Posted: Jan 26 2016, 08:25 AM


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Duuuuuuuuuude! I haven't heard from you in forever and what do I find? A man livin' the dream large as life! A baby on the way, got yourself an actual shop, got cars comin' outta every city...

No words, man. I'm definitely hittin' up Pinku Style when I'm out there. Peace, man! cool.gif
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