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Posted by: DasKatza Jan 9 2017, 01:17 PM
I recently bought the first stage because I wanted to own it instead of watching it on hulu. I watched it in Japanese and everything was cool. But, when i switched it to English there was new music (A lot of rap songs) and sounds like new engine noises too. They're even calling Takahashi, Tak.

My question is this a new remake of this? It's just so weird and makes me think it's a bootleg copy or something. Sorry if this a silly question.

Posted by: Meteor Jan 9 2017, 06:58 PM
It's not a bootleg. You just got the old Tokyopop release of First Stage instead of the newer Funimation release with the new less shitty dub.

You see, back when Initial D was still a relatively new name, a US anime/manga company by the name of Tokyopop picked up distribution rights to Initial D, and proceeded to absolutely butcher it in a misguided attempt at aiming to the Fast and The Furious crowd. Pretty much no one liked the end result.

So yeah, what you have is a piece of ancient Initial D history, in a way. It's not all bad though: from what I know, the Tokyopop DVDs have the Japanese video and audio tracks in slightly better quality than the Funimation DVDs do.

Posted by: DasKatza Jan 10 2017, 04:58 PM
Thank you so much. I'm glad I didn't get ripped off but it just sucks they got rid of the great music. I can always watch it in Japanese so no big loss.

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