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> Transferring parts
  Posted: Dec 30 2016, 06:31 AM


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So I just got my car to exspec and wanted to change it up from my Fc to a FD, so I have to get a stock fd and build it all over again or can I just transfer the parts from the Fc to it? Stupid question but rather know now then spend countless hours and money building a fd just to find out I could have transferred the parts the whole time. This is for Infiniti btw. I'm mildly lost cause on segas site it talks about selling cars and parts showing up on new cars I think

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Posted: Dec 30 2016, 12:01 PM

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It's not possible. The only way you can get an ex spec FD is to tune it from scratch, using either D points or D coins (the latter is only available on an online machine).

I believe the stuff you read about refers to one of these 2 features:

1. If you have an ex spec FC, you can delete that FC from your garage, and the next time you buy an FC, your FC would retain the same spec prior to deletion. The only caveat is it won't have the specific parts for that spec, only the base spec itself. For example, let's say your FC is ex spec with 5 parts currently. If you delete the car and rebuy it, you will get an FC that's ex spec, but without any ex spec parts (all 5 parts will be gone, so don't delete the car if it's close to ex full).

2. If you're on an online machine, you can remove aero parts that you've installed to the car and reinstall them at any time later. But this is irrelevant to what you want, which is performance parts, not aero parts.

While you might be discouraged hearing this, it's not actually that hard to farm points and tune a new car. Getting the first car to ex spec is the hardest part (especially if you're on an offline machine), but once you have an ex spec car and start playing frequently, you will have enough points for a new car before you know it. It's even easier if you're on an online machine, since the first 2 project D missions are fairly easy and provide you with 18000 points.