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> Mika's Father, Two Guys From Tokyo?!
Initial D World
    Posted: May 26 2014, 11:40 PM

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Wait... is that... ?...

Doesn't Mika's father from Final Stage Episode 1 look like one of the two guys from Tokyo in Fourth Stage? If that is really Mika's father, then that is some crazy plot twist, Shigeno-san!! (laugh)

Special thanks for the idea, "kikyou灬止殇" from Initial D Baidu Tieba.

| Sources |
「原来美嘉的爸爸早就物色好Takumi了」头文字D 百度贴吧 |
Screenshots from Initial D Fourth Stage ACT.7「嵐のハチゴーターボ」"Eight-Five's Thunderous Turbo"
Screenshots from Initial D Final Stage ACT.1「ナチュラル」"Natural"

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Posted: May 29 2014, 07:59 AM

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Maybe its Mika's uncle.

Or he just ran out of character design and said:
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