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> AE86 die-casts & One memorabilia., Includes new model.
  Posted: Sep 22 2014, 06:53 PM


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Long story short, I want one (1) Initial D memorabilia. Might as well be an AE86 die-cast, right?
From a quick google search, this is the one to get. Rather expensive yes, but very well made.

However, I also found this upcoming model.

Which one do you prefer? Major factors are what you might think is more tied to Initial D, for instance stock or carbon fiber hood, and if there's any improvement on the second one, such as added details if any.

Secondly, would you rather have something else instead of a AE86 die-cast? For example it could be an Impreza die-cast with the exact model used in the series, if somebody could link me a good one; maybe a series dvd collection, who knows*.


*To be honest, besides the AE86 die-cast I can only think of the unrealistic stuff, like purchasing an arcade cabinet or the actual Impreza, both that are pricey and gained value recently too.

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Posted: Jan 10 2015, 10:10 PM

IDW Member

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They're pretty much the same model. The new Legend comes with the white bonnet and the previous one comes with the carbon bonnet. There was also a limited edition one that came out a couple years ago, its just the white bonnet version. I need to take out my limited one and compare it to my Legend. I don't have the limited on display. Here is what I do have on display smile.gif

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Posted: Jan 16 2015, 04:07 PM

Initial D Live Action UK Stage

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I was interested in the first one, but it hasn't got two bucket seats which is frustrating. It would be a cool thing to have, I know a friend who has one also.

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