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> Ridiculous (more or less) Viral Video by me
  Posted: Sep 26 2019, 07:33 AM

SBK on Tour

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Hi, together,

wanted to share this. I have a small YouTube channel. Not for money or anything. I'm just doing travel videos for the fun. Usually with 100 - 200 Views total.

Recently uploaded this video and things were going wild.
We (German Tourists) complained about missing sidewalks in Florida.
(You can turn English subs on if you want to watch).

My 2 minutes of fame on the net. laugh2.gif 300000 views for a dumb video I did with my phone. facepalm.gif

Somehow we even landed in our hometown's biggest newspaper:
(Sorry, in German only)

The wonder of accidential clickbait.

Ever expierienced anything like this on the net?

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Posted: Sep 28 2019, 12:41 PM

Request Title - PM Mods

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I've had it happen to me before, my channel is at 2 million views and 2,540 subs... the thing i learned is that you have to ask for the subscription in the video and in the description in order to build your fan base up, don't worry... i know the experience of making something viral on mistake. >_>...