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Posted by: Leon The Big Fat Jan 20 2019, 11:29 AM

Hello everyone who is viewing this thread, I have a question for you all:
May I upload a remake of Legend 2, the battle of Shingo vs Takumi where I put eurobeat instead of the original music? If so, where can I upload it?


Posted by: Nomake Wan Jan 20 2019, 10:13 PM
The question of 'can' depends on who exactly you intend to ask permission of. Avex's position is most certainly 'no'. IDW's position is certainly "we don't care either way." As to where you could upload such a thing, it again depends on how you want to present it. If you want it to be viewable online, you'll need to find yourself a streaming video service that doesn't do Content ID (good luck). If you want it to be downloadable, I generally recommend either MEGA or BitTorrent.

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