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> Anyone have these out for sale? Read to find out, SEB 136 and SEB 183, 184, 185, and so on
    Posted: Jun 18 2013, 09:59 AM

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okay, this is not a sale thing....but a "I'm looking for these albums" thing.

So if anyone knows where I can find these ones at a decent price, then please escort me there. lol but all in all, I want to know where I can these. the following I am looking for:


and if there is some from the 200's...redirect me to that too. :3

Thanks community!
  Posted: Jun 18 2013, 10:13 AM

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As far as I know, those are old enough to be out-of-print. Your best bet would be eBay or Discogs. If you really want, you can use Yahoo Auctions JP, but you'll need a middleman service like Yokatta, and that's a big expensive hassle in my opinion.

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  Posted: Jun 18 2013, 09:22 PM


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CDJapan links ahoy!

The only volumes Out Of Print on CDJapan that you are searching are SEB185 and 189.

However, YesAsia seem to have all of the above PLUS the one CDJapan did not have!

Here's 189!

Here's 185!

In other words, they may not be printed anymore but because of poor sales, they are still available! I know, it's full price... but eBay seem to prefer very old albums over newer ones (i.e. SEB 1 to 100) SEB 160+ are very rare on eBay and, if you happen to see one, chances are they are going to be very expensive. So expensive, it would be better be worth purchasing it directly from a Japan retailer or Japan-items (YesAsia is not in Japan but offer authentic Japan items. CDJapan is IN Japan) retailer. The prices between YesAsia and CDJapan, if you live in the US, are very similar. Anyway, you know the drill!
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