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> Linking 2 cabinets "Checking network now", NEED HELP
  Posted: Apr 13 2018, 05:51 PM


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Hey guys! I have done a lot of searching, and I have found people with the same problem, but no answers.

I have 2 cabinets. Both sides work, card readers work and everything.

They only work when both seat numbers are set to "undefined"

If I set the left side to seat 1, and the right side to seat 2, the right side will get stuck on "Checking network", and the other side will stay black.

The communication cables light up, and are hooked up right, but I ended up buying new toslink cables at best buy just in case, but it didn't fix the problem.

I did a RAM test, and everything tested good.

I also did a dim board test, and that tested good too.

One thing I noticed when doing these tests, it that each side has a different program version.

Can mismatched program versions cause this problem?

One of the NAOMI's has a PO# written on it with sharpi, so I'm guessing that it's been replaced.

Do I need to get it hooked up to the Internet and do an update?

I have been messing with this thing for months, and I am at a dead end.

I know this forum is dead as fuck, lol. But please reply if you can point me in the right direction.