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> THIS is how you transfer the old card data
  Posted: Jan 16 2014, 08:26 AM


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Ok, listen up. I have no idea how many are posting protests against 50% of the data lost in their cards, including those that have NO IDEA how to renew their cards without losing THE DATA, but that's the way it is, and I have saw a post made by a newbie that I don't remember where it is and it has been unanswered a long time ago.

But to refresh your mind, here:

1. Start the game as usual, and when the card insertion is requested, then insert the old card.

2. When it asks you to transfer the data, insert the coins again

3. After the transfer, the old card is ejected with the "USED" mark. The game restarts on its own. After playing, TAKE the new card with you

We got people complaining about their progress reset to zero after renewing their cards, but THAT'S THE WAY IT IS. To refresh your mind:

What's carried to the new card:

Accumulated tuning points
Player's Name
Transmission choice
The remaining plays back to 50

What's left behind:

Installed parts (Don't worry, with the points accumulated, you're free to re-customise it again
And yes, Time trial and battle results, as well as your progress on LotS and Bunta Challenge, your level on both driving and battle, back to zero.

Before you post another thread about this issue, you better read THIS first, as it may have to be pinned