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> [IDAS8∞] Post Your Day, What'd ya do?
Posted: Aug 30 2017, 11:45 PM

IDW God Member

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Oh wow, D8 at a local movie theater!? That's crazy. Cool, I'll hit you up if I'm ever in that area and maybe we can play.
Posted: Aug 31 2017, 07:59 AM

MYS Retired Perfectionist Racer

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QUOTE (DrillPressed @ 9 hours, 3 minutes ago)
Thanks Shinn! It means a lot coming from the legend himself!

Nah, was never a legend. Just that I remember I was once doing the same thing as you did also. Haha. Most importantly enjoy the game.
Posted: Oct 14 2017, 07:46 PM

IDW Member

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Today I hit Specialist on Happogahara inbound with a time of 2'48"748! After messing up on the consecutive hairpin segment, I had mentally written off that run but I ended up making up the lost time in the final section. I still can't believe it happened haha.

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Posted: Nov 11 2017, 04:24 AM


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Why they end of Online Services and Initial D.NET and on initial D Arcade Stage Zero in Japan but not in Asia

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Posted: Nov 11 2017, 04:58 AM

Nagao Fanboy

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EXP version of D0 is not out until next month so they can't have an online service for a game that's not out yet. Usually EXP and JPN release dates aren't that far apart but this being on a new system and cabinet likely means more delays and things to settle.

Majority of online battles also take place in Japan, so Sega likely retired D8 online so they can use the servers for D0.

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