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> [FANFIC] December Snow
  Posted: Sep 27 2019, 05:36 AM


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This is my first Initial D Fanfic and I don't know if anyone will read this, but if anyone does read this, I will appreciate some feedback.

Chapter 1-Chilly December Night

December 10, 1999

It's a rather snowy night. Most of the Myogi Night Kids are avoiding the Touge because snow and Touge racing doesn't go together that well. However, Nakazato isn't slacking off this winter. He'd spent the last two weeks sulking after being rejected by Sayuki for the second time. He needed to get back on his bearings right now. Besides, the Night Kids don't really have a good reputation anymore, not since the consecutive loses against outsiders and the defeats on Akina. For now, Nakazato wanted to practice, even if the entire Touge is covered in snow.

A little bit of snow will not impede the prowess of the GTR. The "R" badge is the symbol of invincibility! Nakazato thought as he clears the last few corners of the downhill. Then, he will complete his first mixed run in two weeks. He sees the exit of the last corner and slams on the gas, exiting at speeds much faster than when he raced that legendary downhiller, Takumi Fujiwara. Nakazato crosses the finish line, the stopwatch is stopped. For a guy that hasn't driven fast in a while, he did pretty well. However, Nakazato isn't satisfied with the time.

Damn it, I went a bit too fast on that run, I need to be able to maintain a constant time if I want to improve. After that, Nakazato backed his GTR up, and prepared for another run. The uphill part of the run was pretty much uneventful. Nakazato was only concentrated on keeping a constant pace.

Not known to Nakazato, another person was watching his practice runs.

Nakazato reached the turnaround point. He braked hard, slid around and accelerated into the downhill. As he went around the winding corners of Mt. Myogi, he flashbacked into the tace against Takumi Fujiwara, Keisuke Takahashi and Seiji Iwaki. Everytime I lose, I lost because I got too aggressive, I couldn't drive smoothly, my tires wear out and I lose traction, thought Nakazato as he drove.

Not too far behind Nakazato, the observer was catching up in his car. For him, snow was never an issue.

If only I had realised my weakness earlier. I wouldn't have been in a slump for such a long time, Nakazato thought. It was at this moment a pair of headlights appeared from around the corner behind him. Nakazato realised, a bit too late, that he was being followed.

"So you're pretty fast huh? I don't know who you think you are. But if you think that you can come waltzing into Myogi and face no challenge, then you are mistaken!" Nakazato yelled and picked up the pace. His R32 roared downhill, the unknown car keeping up with him very well. Nakazato felt a slight bit of pressure. His car runs pretty well in the snow eh? I'm really curious to see what he is driving, thought Nakazato as he was being chased down. Nakazato saw the next corner coming up. He decided to slide around the corner instead of trying to grip as it was probably faster to slide through it in the snow. He pulled a feint and slid around the corner. While sliding, he took a quick glance at his opponent's car. The opponent was sliding too. This gave Nakazato a chance to figure up what he's up against.

Due to the way the opponent was sliding, it was obvious that it was a AWD car. It was a two-door coupe. And then Nakazato saw a glance of the emblem: four rings. It was an import car. A German car, then it clicked in for Nakazato

An Audi Quattro? Interesting to see an import racing on the Touge.

To be continued....

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