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> Online problems
    Posted: Nov 22 2013, 02:46 AM


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I recently Got IDES and a Ps3, and decided to race a friend online. We got a lobby set up and both of us in the lobby. But have no way to start the race. and on my screen there's a small picture of a car X-ed out under his driver picture and he sees the same thing on me. (my car im using is an rx-7 and hes using R34 Skyline) The only difference between me and him is that he has the DLC and I don't. Does any one know how to fix this and/or get the race started? any help would be appreciated.
Posted: Jan 24 2014, 12:07 PM

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This thread's kind of old so I'm not sure if you're still looking for help on this, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the DLC. I got the message and asked a friend to translate it, and they said it's basically saying that it failed to start the race because there's a lost connection between you and the other party. I'm not entirely sure why, or how to fix it. I was getting that error message with some players in a lobby last night, and later that night I tried joining another lobby, and the same players from the first lobby no longer had the error message on them. So maybe it has something to do with who's hosting the lobby? I don't know for sure, but joining another lobby fixed it for me.