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> Question about the music download sites, anyone have issues with them, random ads and other crap
  Posted: Aug 3 2014, 05:21 PM

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Hello all,

I figured it would be better to post this here instead of in the ID music thread...

I was listening tot he IDW community pick album, and there was a download link to sendshare.

I went there and first had one page and clicked "download" and it sent me to a page which my Kaspersky Pure said was "Malicious" and blocked it for me.

Afterwards I clicked back and it brought me to another page... weird... When I clicked download again it said

"Error ###: cannot download, please turn off your anti-virus and try again."

And then proceeded to ask me to download a "setup.exe" lol...? So it couldn't download, but did anyways okay....

So yeah that was a bit ridiculous, and I ended up getting a MEGA link instead.

Now I am listening to Super Eurobeat Presents GTC Special 2000 Non Stop Megamix

and found a thread here with some. On the first post I tried downloading the first one, I clicked download, it went, then a usual popup came etc lol.

The next one I tried to download and it asked for an authorization which was weird and it said enter the text above "my social security" so I clicked the textfield (popup opened) and then typed exactly that. and clicked the big red "authorize" and it gave me the download link... I had another one opened I just clicked authorize with no text and it worked... weird haha. The ad was for some social security thing, were they really trying to get me to enter to real SS # Idk but lol..? After that I could download as many as I needed. I just tried to open the links again and againa nd it worked (before I kept getting the authorize, after the first download) Said something about premium membership or something.

Anyways it seems to have downloaded properly, I scanned everything just in case haha.... The thread is here

I thought it was weird when one said "" but I found that's apparently a big site dedicated to gaming and music?

So yeah I've encountered other crap on download sites in the past too, but curious if anyone has experienced crap?

I love being able to get music, but damn, lots of crap to go through hahah.... MEGA seems to be one of the only legit places to go, but people say there are downloading issues with it if you don't have the plugin or something....?

Thanks all.
Posted: Aug 3 2014, 06:09 PM

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QUOTE (KonradZuse @ 47 minutes, 34 seconds ago)
MEGA seems to be one of the only legit places to go, but people say there are downloading issues with it if you don't have the plugin or something....?

As far as I'm concerned, the only acceptable file hosts for anything are MEGA, Sendspace, and Mediafire. Some others like Depositfiles and 4Shared are usable, but inferior. The rest are shit and should never be used. Ideally, we would have a rule against using sketchy filehosts in the music section, but that could be hard to enforce effectively. We'll see, though.
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Nomake Wan
Posted: Aug 3 2014, 06:58 PM


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Minus is pretty good for random stuff too, but yes, Mega/Sendspace/Mediafire/Torrent.
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