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> When did " New physics at full spec" start?
  Posted: Jan 29 2017, 05:55 AM

Reading is magic!

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Because this feels shady AF. Humor me, I'm grossly out of date on what happened in ID. The last I played was 7, and I remember the gameplay changing MASSIVELY once you reached full spec.

4 and 5, while questionable in physics, I remember being played in the same way. You didn't for example, brake reeaaaally hard into a corner in 5 at the start of your car's tuning, only to completely ignore this aspect in favor of full wheel lock, yolo cornering. I don't remember much about 6.

7 though? How do you justify the gameplay changing so drastically from a design perspective? From a business one sure, milk players for greater retention and revenue.

There's a lot I don't agree with on how design works in these games, but this was the more shady, P2W-inny aspect that I wanted to discuss.
Posted: Jan 29 2017, 01:52 PM

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Maybe 6 onwards, definitely 7. Basic Tune in ver 3 was good. Of course it sucks not being able to play the "real" game at start without winning 60 games.

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Posted: Jan 29 2017, 11:11 PM

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Nice to see you around again, Digibunny.

I sort of agree that I don't really like it being able to play the "real" game at the start but at the same time I don't see it as anything too sinister on Sega's part.

They made the physics like that to make it easier for beginners early on in the tuning since they don't want to turn off new players. I recalled Sega releasing a statement that they wanted to make D7 to be more accessible not long before it was out. My guess is they wanted the game to be relatively accessible while also pleasing the hardcore crowd that most of us here fall into. I don't know whether it works well for that purpose but it doesn't bother me too much these days.

The physics at the earlier level of 7 and 8 means you are less likely to crash into things and give you time to learn the course better, and the gameplay works better for non-card casual players who may not be okay with the technical courses of the game. The high speed loss when turning then, is useful in this regard even if it sucks for being fast.

In the case of 8, the transformation is more gradual which gives you chance to master the changes better. If anything it eases it much better than 7, the flipside is that the full physics only unlock during the last few boxes as opposed to at the start of Spec 5 in 7.

But the main reason I'm not too upset about the physics changes is because that's how car upgrades work when you tune them to be vastly more powerful in real life/simulation games. It's not just a matter of having the same physics minus ten seconds, the way you handle them is totally different as well. The specifics physics changes may be different than in real cars/simulation games, but the concept that the car's handling and the way you control it is totally different is not.

If Sega is to be accused of doing something sinister, I would argue it's more towards including microtransactions in D8 than the physics system. Even then, I am of the opinion that microtransactions in D8 was handled well for the most part, which is good because we were really frickin out about it when the news first came out.

And the me at the start of D8 won't believe I'm about to say this, but I really miss the D-Coins. Come back.......

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