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> ID8: How do I change back to an old tachometer?
  Posted: Jun 26 2017, 06:34 PM


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A few months back a Round 1 opened up here in Georgia and I got into Arcade Stage 8. Recently, I unlocked the ID7 tachometer and equipped it by accident. I tried searching through the forums on how to change it back, but I wasn't able to find anything useful.

Is it possible to revert to and old tachometer on these machines or was it something you could only do with

Edit: Never mind. I searched more thoroughly through the forums and found a post saying that the change is irreversible. Oh well. I'm too deep into this card to start a new one, so I guess I'll just manage with the D7 tachometer.

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Posted: Jun 26 2017, 07:28 PM

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Yup, it's irreversible. I personally enjoy the D7 meter though, looks more modern and compact. If you really really prefer the D8 meter, there is the expensive route of getting a new card laugh2.gif
Posted: Jun 26 2017, 08:43 PM

Nagao Fanboy

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Early on in D8, I tried so hard to get the D7 meter back cos I loved it so much. Once I finally got it however, I noticed that the D8 meter is more practical me personally. While D7 compresses the info into one place better, D8's speed and gear info is closer to the center of the screen which makes it easier for me to look at the road, while not obstructing the lower part like road like Wide meter does.

I went through a few other meters as well, even had a Wide meter phase for a month or two, but in the end I returned back to D8 Default.

D7 does have that nice modern look to it though. I also liked the new accel/brake meter redesign they had for it, which is better than the way it was done in the actual D7 game in my opinion.

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