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> 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer, Knuckle.
  Posted: Nov 24 2017, 10:10 AM


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So yesterday i changed my oil and rotated my tires for the upcoming winter.
I noticed there is a crack on the knuckle. Front Driver side.
I am not sure how long this has been there or this is a new damage.

Last year if you guys remember my car had a hit and run incident while it was parked which damaged the whole front driver side of the car. The steering rod snapped off.

Luckily i had full coverage and insurance paid for the repairs. Maybe the mechanic tried to cut corners and did the job half ass? (because they told me they had everything new replaced and i looked at the receipt from the auto shop which said *Replce Knuckle front driver* so it should be brand new?

so it was maybe about 6 months ago i noticed a weird sound every time i make a turn or when i shift.( only in gear 1 or 2) It makes a thump sound. But sometimes there's no sound at all.

so until yesterday i noticed what was causing the problem when i took the tire off. There was a crack on the knuckle. The bolt\screw can even be moved. (I can rotate it by using my fingers).

I got a quote for replacing a new knuckle. They mention i would need a new knuckle and bearing? + Labor total price of $600 and change. (the quote was from a different place that i had my car fixed before)

I know this is something i need fixed. How dangerous is this? lol Even tho i have been driving around with it for the past few months. Luckily it hasn't broken off yet.....

user posted image
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user posted image
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I brought it to the mechanic that fixed it when it was damaged. I was told to bring it back another day and get it fixed cause he was short 3 workers cause of Thanksgiving weekend.

I had also asked him how much it would be. He only said he would have to look at the damages first and what is wrong with it. (even tho i showed him those exact same pictures above). But if he did replace the knuckle the first time. It wouldn't be broken that quickly? I don't recall hitting any potholes so hard that it would crack the knuckle? But judging by the rust on the knuckle it wasn't replaced? I am not sure.

Any thoughts?

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