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> EGR Delete: Pros & Cons
  Posted: Dec 27 2016, 10:00 PM

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I'm in the position of having to do something about a bum EGR valve on my Accord and wondering whether to replace it or just chuck it and put a block-off plate on. I've heard convincing arguments about the merits of both keeping it and removing it, and was wondering if any of you guys could provide some final say.

Obviously it sounds like a delete should only be beneficial, given that for the most part you're keeping the air in the intake cleaner, but I've also heard the recirculated exhaust keeps things cooler and actually helps prevent knock (at least, on Accords like mine, even though one would think the ECU would re-learn the appropriate air-fuel ratio), so I'm a bit lost.
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Nomake Wan
Posted: Dec 28 2016, 12:23 AM


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I deal in older cars, and on older cars there is literally no reason to have an EGR. You remove it, you block off where it was, you enjoy your better-running engine. On newer cars, it depends on how the ECU is programmed. If it is programmed to require an EGR, it might do something funky without one. Your ECU may vary.

I'm of the opinion that blocking off the EGR, if it's a simple enough option, is always worth doing.
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