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> Drift a FR, Heel & Toe ---- HOW???
Posted: Apr 22 2013, 04:51 AM

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Because the cost of the springs, plus having someone install them as I don't have the tools, was not do-able at the time. But that cam grind was specifically advertised as fine with the stock springs (even has a warranty). So far it has been fine. Is this really relevant? Just know that I have a fear of over-rev on any car. And having cams, even ones guaranteed to be safe, make that fear worse. I don't really feel like playing a thousand questions for if my build lives up to your personal standards.
Posted: May 15 2013, 01:38 AM

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I seen some people install a larger Cusco accelerator pedal to allow some people to heel and toe (or this case ball and edge) easier.

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