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> [FANFIC] Pressured Wings, Let those wings soar...
Posted: Aug 14 2013, 01:30 PM

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Nice chapter, never would have thought that the Kurubasas would have such a troubled history...

Moar Chapters!!!

  Posted: Aug 15 2013, 10:33 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Final chapter of this little character arc. Next up race heavy chapter!

Chapter 11: Happiness Together

As Kaede left the room Shizuko just sat there as she began to contemplate everything the troubled mother said. Did Neon really go through that in his childhood? I feel like a large weight came upon me…

“So mother talked about our childhood eh?” Shizuko turned to the voice. It was Neon who was sighing as he placed his forearm on the door frame. “Before you ask yes we really thought that killing ourselves were better than living with our mother. We were…fools about that decision.”

“Fools…” Shizuko started as she decided to bit he lower lip. No I shouldn’t say they were selfish, it wouldn’t be right at this moment… Neon took a seat next to Shizuko and held her hand.

“Don’t say it…I-no we thought we were selfish bakas at the time.” Neon silently responded, Shizuko now took the initiative to kiss Neon. However he pushed Shizuko away, for what reason though…

“No…no,” Neon said after looking at Shizuko’s shocked face. “Sorry but after all that the last thing I need is help from my girlfriend…” Shizuko then tossed herself on top of Neon and held him down in a similar fashion like last night.

“Listen, I don’t know why you’re so emotional now…” Shizuko started as she stared down Neon who was surprised. “I’m here for you. Isn’t a couple supposed to share their troubles, pains, and their pasts together? I know we kinda started but still…” She then got off Neon and hugged him, “I am here for you.”

“Heh,” Neon started as his face started to heat up, “isn’t that what I am supposed to say? But I guess you are right Shizuko, maybe I’m just…afraid of what you thought of this whole thing about my past and all…” Neon then felt a single tear fall down his face.

Shizuko wiped that tear away from his face and gave him another kiss. Neon returned it and they both fell onto the bed together, for once the lonely Phoenix had an Angel to guide him.

It was until an hour later that Neon found himself sleeping next to Shizuko and the first thing he does was check under the sheet. “Thank goodness we didn’t do it…” Neon sighed as he silently shuffled his way out of the bed. Shizuko…thank you, I really owe you one now…He then shut the door and let his Angel sleep for the time being.

“Is Shizuko still in there?” Airis asked his brother. Like Neon she overheard everything that their mother was saying. Neon only nodded yes as Airis hugged his brother.

“I love you brother…and not like that.” Airis said with a satisfied smile. Neon returned the gesture and also said, “I love you too sister…and not like that.”

“I’m sorry you two…” Their mother said as she recovered from her earlier sadness. “I can never forgive myself for something so…”

“Mom,” Airis started, “WE were the fools…we decided to go home when they said we shouldn’t. We should have listened to them, we should have more faith in you, we should have never disrespected you!”

Ngh, I slept again. Shizuko said as she heard some voices from the other side of the door. Are they fighting…maybe I should just hang low.

“No, just no,” Kaede said as she held up her hand. “As a mother I should have been better to the both of you! What a fool I was…”

“Mom,” Neon said in a more assertive matter. “We were fools too. We didn’t mean to have that drama happen. We we-”

Kaede then slammed her hands on the ground. “NO! I WAS THE FOOL!” Kaede screamed as tears slowly formed down her face, “I shouldn’t been so rowdy I shouldn’t have been so…!”

Airis and Neon were hugging Kaede the best way they could. Shizuko slowly opened the door and smiled her way down stairs. Huh…at least they still care for them, while they…ugh.

“Thank you…” the twins said at the same time. Kaede could only return the hug and she saw Shizuko’s hair flow past the stairs.

“Shizuko?” Kaede muttered thankfully only Shizuko heard it.

“I’m gonna head home now, my parents must have left already and I don’t want to disrupt this moment.” Shizuko whispered, but somehow Kaede could only hear it. “Thank you…”

After Shizuko disappeared back to her house she found the key that her family kept as a spare for the outside. “They sure have that family happiness…wish I could have that, even for a short time.” She entered back into her house until her phone rang.

“Shizuko?” A female voice was on the opposite side, thankfully she knew who it was.

“Haruko, I’m fine. I went to Neon’s house to hide…I’m back now.” Shizuko sighed with an odd sense of relief.

“I see…your parents called me. Decided to keep silent.”

“Keep silent. Wait you knew…?”

“I had a guess, but I didn’t know for sure. So I was telling the truth when I kept silent.”

“Haruko, thank you…and by the way is the pass open?”

This made Haruko curious and surprised. “Huh? Why would you say that? The pass has been active for a while…”

“Well…I want to race right now…and was hoping if…?”

“Well if you don’t mind, what if I call up a few people I know and maybe we could have a little tournament.” Haruko then smirked a bit.

“Go for it. When do we meet?” Shizuko then gave an oddly happy smile.

“Midnight. Be there.” Haruko replied after hanging up. I wonder if they can make it?

Short but simple no? Anyway as I stated earlier now the race heavy chapters will come up now. See ya soo-

Akemi: Am I gonna be in the first race?
Okamiwind: No spoil-
Haruka: NO I am!
Okamiwind: Now hol-
Kiyoshi: I didn't even race in the last arc! I should be first!
Okamiwind: Now would everyo-
Haruko: I didn't race yet...but it's probably better that I don't...but I would li-


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Posted: Aug 16 2013, 07:31 PM

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  Posted: Aug 29 2013, 11:47 PM

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Wow, school. Anyway here's an update for you few people who like my fic...I think. Updates maybe random from here on out, technically there might be continuous surge then a pause or a chapter, pause, chapter deal. Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 12: Eternal Rivals

“Hm? A race? Sure I guess…”

“Huh, guess it’ll be good for me to try out my new car.”

“Yay! I wanted to race against the main locals!”

“About time Haruka…”

“Alright! Jus’ let me find my keys…”

“Sure, be there at that time.”

“Ok. I’ll be there I guess…”

“Yeah! I’ll be there for sure!”

“And that’ll do for the calls…” Haruko said after she hung up her cell phone. It was an hour before they would all meet, this will definitely solidify the main locals…hopefully. Sighing she took the time to look at the nearby picture of Neon and her back in high school. I hope he still…no he said he forgave me. Oh well…

It was five minutes before the meeting time and the Kurubasa twins were already there. They were waiting inside their cars as they eventually saw more headlights approach them.

“So, who do you think Haruko called?” Airis asked her brother as they both got out of their cars.

“Pretty sure some people we know at least. She wasn’t the one to call anyone who she didn’t trust 90%” Neon replied as they saw the first two cars appear, a Ferrari F430 and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

“You would definitely be here ‘on time’ Neon…” Haruko muttered to herself as he approached the twins.

“Yay! Neon-kun! You made it!” Haruka said as she got out of her car and hugged Neon.

“Um, nice to see you to Haruka…” Neon managed to mutter out.

“Anyway,” Airis said, “so is it us four or are there more coming…?”
Then there was another set of headlights and Airis instantly recognized who one of them was.

“THE HELL IS THAT PERSON DOING HERE!?” Airis yelled as she recognized the approaching Viper. And the Viper’s driver knew who was the person yelling and instantly shot out of her car just as soon as she recognized who it was.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Akemi yelled back at Airis as they indistinctively bashed their heads together, their teeth gritting in anger.

“Um…do I need to know about this?” Hitoshi said as he slowly got out of his car. Neon shrugged and shook his head.

“Wish I knew as well…maybe it has to do something back on the highway scene?” Neon commented as he approached Hitoshi. Hitoshi then gave Neon an odd glare. Highway scene? Who was he then? I should know… Then as Airis and Akemi continued to bash their heads the final four cars approached them.

“Gomenasai, hope we didn’t keep you waiting.” Shizuko apologized as she got out of the WRX.

“Something came up, apologies.” Toshiyuki said when he approached the group.

“Had to pull some strings to get here…” Kiyoshi sighed while he rubbed the back of his head.

“Accidently dozed off…” Kayo said after a quick stretch.

“By the way Haruko…” Toshiyuki said as he noticed the two Amerian cars. “How do you know those two?”

“Oh, how do I put this…” Haruko replied as she tapped her chin, “our family came across them in a business trip…I think that was how I met them…I think.”

“Them?” Neon asked as he gave Haruko an odd look, “Wait are you telling me…”

“I never told you this? Me and…Akemi are brother and sister.” Hitoshi said as he saw the two girls now were fighting in anime cliché way. They were trying to slap each other…

“Huh…never knew.” Neon said as he looked at the two. Haruko cleared her throat to try to get the two to stop, needless to say it didn’t work.

“Well now that we are here…Haruka, did you manage to clear the road?” Haruko said she asked her younger twin.

“Yep, told them the police were active…” Haruka then had to smirk and roll her eyes. “It’s easy how stupid some people are…”

“Alright, now who would like to go first?” Haruka asked…and in a short second.

“I WANNA RACE HER!” Airis and Akemi replied at the same exact time while pointing to each other.

“Oh boy…” Neon and Hitoshi muttered as they shook their heads at the same time.

Not gonna question how they managed to pull off the simultaneous acts…Haruka them shook her head and cleared her throat once again. This time the fighting sisters were paying attention.

“Alright, now that everyone’s settled let’s get this started. This will be a simple full hill race, which is both uphill and downhill. Let’s see…you all should know the cutoff point so I think we won’t need to worry about that. Um…winner is decided by who is in front, we start side by side alright?” Everyone nodded while the sisters were already at the starting line. Somehow, everyone face palmed at the same exact moment.

“Go, shi, san, ni, ichi…” Haruka counted down as she looked at the two drivers. Both of them were ready to go…“GO!” And the two racers raced off, leaving the rest to wonder who wins…

The Viper’s immense horsepower definitely gave it the head start, widening the gap between the two cars by a substantial length. After the first hairpin the Viper was already ahead by about a large five car lengths. Dangit…the car’s horsepower definitely gives it the advantage uphill…Airis gripped her driving wheel more and tried her best to emulate the same line the Viper had, which was pretty solid. However the distance between the two was slowly becoming closer, much to the M3’s surprise. Hm…I guess she relies on drifting almost every turn huh? Or is it that she can’t find her balance in the car…Airis could only exhale as she approached the first set of hairpins. She cleared the corner with good technique as the Viper was braking for the next hairpin. Pushing the accelerator slightly the M3 hummed as it approached the hairpin, however the driver was in over her head. Fearing she would hit the wall she up shifted too early and took the corner at a very slow pace. Airis could only try to keep up at this moment, unless the Viper messed up.

So you can’t keep up uphill eh? My win today! Akemi thought as she saw the M3 falling away from her. The high speed portion was a breeze for the Viper as it coursed its way through the portion. The second set of hairpins was up and Akemi stepped on her brakes to make sure she could make the corner decently. Following the high speed portion the M3 at this point was well behind the Viper and this made Akemi reckless. She then decided to try and gutter the second hairpin…

“SHIT!” Akemi cursed as she felt the balance of her car was somehow thrown off balance, much to her surprise. Dammit! Why the hell did that happen? Is guttering too much for the Viper? C’mon I know this car’s balance is a bit off with some of the suspension work when it comes to uneven roads…but c’mon! Airis somehow managed to catch up to the Viper as it recovered its balance.

“It’s definitely a balance problem…” Airis muttered as she wondered how the Viper wasn’t well ahead of her already. The M3 entered the hairpin and executed a quick drift around the hairpin which the Viper messed up on. Airis and Akemi knew this was going to be close…but by what margin will it be close by? As they exited the final hairpin they both exited out the s turn before they both managed to do a quick 180 turn to start the downhill. Akemi’s car was only a car length ahead as they started the downhill portion.

“So tell me Hitoshi…” Neon said as he approached the ZR1. “Who do you think will win this one?”

“Who will win…I don’t know really…” Hitoshi said after some thought. “I know my sister’s car is tuned well…but how it’s tuned is for something other than the passes…”

“What do you mean by that?” Neon asked the pondering boy.

“Well…ok. You know how suspension work will have a good impact on your car’s handling right? Hm…my sister’s tuning was made so that she could make good lap times, know what I mean?” Hitoshi managed to say. Neon knew what he was talking about thankfully.

“You mean she worked it for tracks?” Neon replied with some hesitation. “But what’s wrong with that…?”

“Simple, she has her car a bit too stiff.” Hitoshi said as he nodded. “Plus she always wants to try something new every time, meaning the stiffness of her work can make it so she has to rely on her lines and abilities that she does on the track. Meaning some tactics on the mountain may backfire on her…unless that didn’t happen already.”

The Viper was ahead no doubt, but now it was Airis’s time to attack. She knew what would happen; she would screw up at that part near the second set of hairpins downhill. So she decided to bide her time until that moment. Plus she knew that the Viper’s tires were starting to wear down at this moment. After Airis got through the s turn they approached the first set of hairpins, with the Viper now sliding more than it should. Maybe I should just…toy with it a bit. Airis then proceeded to feint an attack but then backed off just as the Viper regained its grip.

Deciding to put more pressure on the Viper the M3 quickly crept up to the Viper and stuck on its tail, down to the same exact line. Akemi was in a definite panic state. Shit! Too close! Can you give me a bit of room?! God! She could only focus ahead of her and look at the road ahead. Now it came to Akemi’s bane, the few tight turns before the second set of hairpins. Thankfully Akemi knew what to do now, she braked hard and fishtailed the Viper to make the turns at a high speed and managed to take the first hairpin with relative ease.

What the?! Is she using the weakened tires to her advantage?! Airis now was panicking as she could only try to make up the space she allowed Akemi to have. She took the second hairpin at a slower pace. Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT! Airis now pushed her M3 to the best she can, but the Viper oddly kept a continuous drift as she went down the hill. Needless to say, Akemi won that one.

“Oh? Akemi won…” Hitoshi said as he saw the Viper approach the group. Akemi only smirked as she smiled at her recent victory, then came along the M3 with Airis in a disheartened state as she approached them.

“Tch you got lucky that’s all…” Airis said as she jetted out of the M3 and to Akemi’s face. “If I didn’t toy with you back there I would have owned you badly.”

“Sucks for you.” Akemi smirked as Airis then groaned in anger, before Neon could pull Airis back.

“Not here sis.” Neon said as he restrained Airis attempt to knock out Akemi.

“Well…um,” Shizuko said to lessen the tension, “maybe we should have another race…?”

“Alright then,” Haruka said as she pointed to Haruko, “I want to challenge YOU!”

Anyway I did promise race heavy stuff, so the next 4-5 chapters are gonna be vroom vroom stuff. Hm...*snap*

(All of the characters fell in a mysterious area)

Neon: The heck are we....?
Shizuko: Ano...
Airis: Ow...
Haruko: Huh?
Haruka: OUCH!
Hitoshi: Oof! The hell...?
Kayo: Hup! Close one...
Toshiyuki: Ack! My nearly broke my glasses!
Kiyoshi: Ah! The hell are we in?

Everyone but Akemi: unsure.gif
Akemi: awesome.gif awesome.gif

Neon: Why are we here anyway?

Okamiwind: Simple, cause I want you guys to suffer I MEAN answer questions or odd requests that people might want to ask...if they want to...

Shizuko: laugh2.gif Not sure of you own readers? Some of them hate you huh?
Neon: Oi...Shizuko, calm down.


Anyway I might put this space for some small skits or answer if you guys ever want to ask question to these characters...if you care...

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  Posted: Sep 9 2013, 08:21 AM

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Writer's block sucks! Here's a new chapter to...hold people off?

Also why is it so quiet? School?

Chapter 13: Sisterly Rivalry

“Eh?” Haruko said as she gave the younger twin an odd look. Everyone else, albeit Airis, also gave Haruka an odd look.

“Um…” Shizuko started to say. Maybe my theory is wrong but… “Are you challenging her just because you believe that you would probably lose to everyone else?”

Haruka’s grinning face then turned slightly depressed. “H-Hey…that’s not true. I-I can beat you guys, I just thought I would give my sister a shakedown…” Everyone just face palmed.

“Sheesh, you still have that air around you ya know.” Kiyoshi said as he patted Haruka’s back. Only to be greeted with a punch to his stomach. “OW HEY WHA-”

“Enough.” Haruko said with a very harsh tone. “If she wants to race with me, fine. Let it be so.”

“Haruko…” Neon said. One thing he feared was Haruko’s quick temper change, going from a happy person to a sadistic and cyclical person the next minute, only to cause her to get physically aggressive. Haruko however gave a quick smile to Neon before facing Haruka.

“Well now…” Kayo said with a slight cough, “shall we get you two ready?”

“5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!” Shizuko counted down as the twins raced off to the top of the hill. The lighter F430 was quicker off the line and was able to get a head start. But the V12 was close to it and would not back down because of a simple lead. I know for a fact that the MR layout of the 430 would definitely make this car take a more grip style then the V12 Vantage which would make it more lenient to a bit of both. After taking the first hairpin with a decent speed the F430 seemingly snaked through the few turns before the first set of hairpins.

DAMMIT ACCELERATE! Haruka’s V12 Vantage was heavier and there wasn’t much she could do in terms of power and acceleration. Nane? I should have more horses then the F430?! So why is she ahead in terms of speed? Haruko looked in her rearview mirror and shook her head as she lightly braked as the 430 took the gutter and turned with the gutter, leaving Haruka to lightly drift around the corner and exited with a bit of under steer. Forcing herself to slam the accelerator the V12 roared as it approached the next hairpin and exit in a similar fashion, just as Haruko managed to finish her last hairpin and leave her poor sister in the dust.

Hm…truth be told I was hoping to race against Shizuko…Haruko felt rather bored as she went on, eventually leaving just one hand on the steering wheel. Yawning she accelerated to the turn before the second set of hairpins before releasing the accelerator just to make sure her little sister could catch up. After noticing the V12 lights Haruko decided to taunt her further by braking hard and took the turn at the legal speeds. This definitely led Haruka to anger as she took the hairpin at some dangerous speeds…and managed to make it.

Oh? Little sis is now taking risks…Haruko smirked as she took the next two hairpins with relative ease, leaving the MR to simply use the track to grip the rest of the way there. Haruka though could not get why she wasn’t winning. She had more experience, a better car in her eyes and more familiarity of touges. Everything was in her court…so why wasn’t she winning? Finally reaching the top she passed her sister as she was exiting the s turn before Haruka herself made the trip down. Haruko was in the lead by at least 7 seconds.

“So,” Toshiyuki asked Neon, “who do you think will win this little bout?”

“Strictly by the cars themselves the FR Vantage makes it easy to drift around some of the corners here, but the MR F430 could grip around the other corners with relative ease and keep a higher average top speed.” Neon replied after he closed his eyes.

“But don’t touge rules differ from racing rules?” Kiyoshi questioned his friend.

“There’s that to. I know for a fact that Haruka has greater experience and know for a fact that the Vantage is heavier thus she would only take downhill races. Downhill is her forte and knows the track inside and out while I have no idea about Haruko’s forte. However knowing her personality she is a pretty straight forward person, meaning she’ll probably want to keep a large lead to make sure she isn’t disturbed. Cause once she even twitches once, she’ll mess up.” Neon sighed after pinching his forehead. “Also, I did hear something about Haruka having a unique…thing in which people call ‘Throwing’. I think she might have unknown knowledge on how her car works…I dunno.”

Alright, keep calm and just do what you do. Haruka exhaled and did her best to catch up to the F430, pressing the accelerator to its max as she approached the first hairpin and then threw the wheel around to make the turn with amazing precision that made the heavy Vantage drift the hairpin with virtually no speed loss. Huh, never knew I could do that…is it because of the weight balance? Or is it by pure luck that I managed to do that…Nevertheless Haruka tapped the brake multiple times before making the drift past the hairpin. Then she attempted the maneuver again and does it again, which throws her off again. Why the hell is it doing that? Shouldn’t I have died back there? Perhaps the fact that the engine has a better center of gravity? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!

What the hell? Haruko thought to herself as she noticed a bright light illuminate her rearview window. How is this possible? Shouldn’t I be kilometers ahead?! Haruko now gripped her wheel harder as she proceeded with the high speed portion with the Vantage behind the F430 by about 3 seconds. Did she…Haruko started until she noticed the approaching twist of turns before the second set of hairpins. She lightly pressed her brake as she took an almost linear line to the hairpin, but her sister on the other hand didn’t seem to slow down…at all.

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING?! Haruko yelled inside her mind as she barely managed to grab the gutter and make the hairpin, with the Vantage somehow past those turns with ease as it managed to almost touch the F430’s rear. AH! Haruko then exhaled quickly and grabbed the handbrake to attempt a drift around the hairpin. Unfortunately the grippy F430 over steered and managed to spin out, with the Vantage quickly approaching her. OH GOD YOU FOOL YOU TRYING TO GET US KIL-Haruko then closed her eyes and waited for her end.

Nee-san?! At least make your car straight! Haruka sighed as she carefully pressed the brake and managed to barely avoid the spinning F430 and took the hairpin without much trouble. She could only exhale as she took the rest of the pass at much lower speeds. Geez, shouldn’t you know that almost any MR should never drift? Maybe you need to learn the car before you learn the pass…BUT HOLY SH-

“Oh? Haruka…won?” Shizuko said as she saw the headlights of a certain European car.

“I am actually surprised…” Toshiyuki said as the driver slowly got out.

“I…won…heheh…” Haruka slowly giggled. She didn’t look to good either, her skin was a bit pale and her face was slightly happy. It was here when Shizuko noticed something…

“Where’s your sister?” She asked just as soon as she heard the F430 approaching them.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Haruka screamed as she fell to her knees. Neon, against his better judgment, approached her and got on his knees as well.

“You ok? What happened?” Neon asked as he slowly placed his hand on her shoulder.

“She…beat me for sure.” Haruko started as she approached them. “How the hell did she managed to catch up to me…it couldn’t be possible unless she managed to take those first hairpins with almost zero speed loss…”

“I’ll theorize for a bit,” Toshiyuki started as he adjusted his glasses, “Neon, you said earlier that she could ‘throw’ her wheel yes? I would assume she just turned the wheel around until it locked and counter steered it back to normal yes? In essence she made the wheels turn a fatal, if not deadly, amount and utilized the weight of the car carry the impromptu drift with insane speed and impressive control. But the car would need a nearly god like amount of tuning for it to do that…Haruka must have suspension tweaking experience.”

“Huh…maybe.” Neon simply replied, Haruka just slowly turned her head left in confusion. Haruko sighed and made her sister stand up.

“Not bad sister, guess you do have aces in your sleeve somewhere…” Haruko said and hugged her sister.

“Heh, cute.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at Hitoshi. “I always wanted to go mano a mano with an American car!”

Well that does for YOU Shizuko...

(She's tied up and knocked out)
Neon: I would do something about it...but I'll let this one slide.

Okamiwind: Man...writer's block sucks...

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Nice Chapter!
I guess it is quiet cause of school... blink.gif
  Posted: Sep 24 2013, 09:46 PM

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Blargh, school and games. I know I should finish this arc up, but hell its hard at times. Anyway here is the next chapter for you guys, and thanks PWNatorPWNED for you...semi-constant comments on my fic. ANYWAY HERE WE GGOOO!

Chapter 14: Twin Red

“Huh?” Hitoshi replied with a rather bland expression.

“Yeah, I’ve always faced pretty much regular turbo powered cars. Never went against a supercharged one though, plus it should give me a challenge.” Kiyoshi ginned as he pulled down his hair.

“Eh, sure why not.” Hitoshi shrugged and went to his ZR1. Kiyoshi also went into his LanEvo 6 and approached the starting line.

“Hm, this should create some interesting results…” Kayo mumbled as she got ready to count down the race.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1” the red haired girl closed her eyes and sighed before shouting, “GO!” And thus the two red cars set off to the mountain top.

Obviously the ZR1 was quicker off the line thanks to the supercharged American V8 engine with plenty of wheel spin before launching past the first hairpin. The LanEvo was slower off the line and was well behind the ZR1 as it took the hairpin with relative swiftness. Hm, maybe I should have stuck with the all range turbo rather than the mid range turbo, sure is taking a while to accelerate to top speed. Sighing Kiyoshi pressed hard on the accelerator as the LanEvo gave out a large burst of fire, passing the turns before the first set of hairpins.

“No doubt he’s good but he ain’t gonna pass me here.” Hitoshi whispered quietly to himself before braking into the hairpin in which the ZR1 gave a nice drift around the rather tight hairpin. The LanEvo gave out a few bursts before sloppily sliding into the turn and barely touched the guard rail. Where is he? Hitoshi looked at his rearview before taking the hairpin in a racing ‘slow-in-fast-out’ style. The LanEvo gave a good roar before subsiding into loud tire squeals as he took the next hairpin in a much cleaner fashion. Oh…there he is.

Dammit, has it been that long since I last tried the uphill? Kiyoshi thought before shaking his head in disbelief. Before the the accident he would have been where the ZR1 would be, if he still had his old customizations. Clicking his tongue he carefully managed the next hairpin into the s turns before the high speed portion. The ZR1 was well ahead, keeping a steady line with decent speed. Not to say the LanEvo was try it’s best to keep up, but the turbo change definitely made a huge difference in the car’s overall output.

He seems desperate to catch up, am I being too hard on him? Or is it another factor… Nevertheless Hitoshi shook the thoughts out of his head as he continued to the next set of hairpins. The first one was taken with ease, same with the second one, but the third one…Hitoshi accidently overturned the wheel and forced the ZR1 into a longer drift, causing him to quickly counter steer which only led the ZR1 to lose balance for a quick second. Oh for fucks sake c’mon! He snaked for a good amount of time, enough time for the LanEvo’s head lights to appear in the rearview mirror. Aw dangit. He managed to recover but now the LanEvo was right behind him, following his same exact line.

“So,” Akemi asked Kayo, “I heard ya saying something about ‘interesting results’. Care to share what ya meant?”

“First can I say I will NEVER get your accent at all” Kayo retorted very quickly. “But I will tell you what I mean. Simply put, since Kiyoshi got a girlfriend I was asked to remove his highly modified turbo to a lower end turbo, mainly the one’s used in the mid-RPM range. So in theory the supercharger should win, since the ZR1 comes standard with it. But here’s the problem, he’s stuck with the supercharger at pretty much EVERY single RPM. Your brother must have careful control of the car’s overall handling. Power, turning, everything.”

“That’s true no doubt,” Neon said as he approached the two girls, “a car that has a ridiculous amount of horsepower means upmost control and precision from the driver. The second best uphill runner will have a problem against a driver of this level. Heck I’m surprised SHE wanted to downgrade, why was it?”

“Noise, she has sensitive ears from what I heard.” Kayo said as she rolled her eyes. “I know…she likes the car, hates the noise from it.”

Neon only rolled his eyes as he approached the green WRX. Inside Shizuko was lightly snoring in her car, not caring about the race at all. He looked at the passenger door from the window and noticed the door was unlocked. So he took the time to enter in the car, waking Shizuko from her little nap.

“Ah!” Shizuko screamed as she noticed who was in her passenger seat.

“Did I disturb you?” The boyfriend asked in a smug matter.

“JERK!” The embarrassed purple haired girl then punched Neon on his arm. He only laughed in response to Shizuko’s red face.

“Clichéd or not, your face looks cute when you blush.” The blue haired boy replied as he petted Shizuko’s cheek.

“H-Hey…shut up…a-anyway, are you going to go up next?”

“No not now…are you here just to watch or something?”

“No, actually I would want to race Kayo…”

“Huh, I’m not here to judge…but please, control yourself…” Neon sighed as he moved Shizuko’s hair away from her ear.

“With you here, I can’t make a third potential victim of my emotional instability. I will try t- no I WILL control myself. Just you watch, by the way…” Neon could see her determination in her eyes as she replied, she was serious alright. And this made him a bit relieved. “Could you meet me on top of the pass after this?”

“Well assuming we don’t have a party of some sort, sure.” Neon replied as he patted Shizuko’s head.

Starting the downhill section the ZR1 was ahead by half a car length with the LanEvo now keeping up with the ZR1. The first hairpin came up and the ZR1 drift past the corner while the LanEvo kept a very tidy line. A few turns later and the ZR1 was pulling away slowly but surely, since it was able to keep a slightly higher top speed due to it drifting. Now just gotta keep it steady… Hitoshi thought as the ZR1 passed the next few left turns with a long seamless drift the LanEvo could only take the turns in a grip style.

I know that the American car has a lot of torque to the back of the car, now I just need to force him to overdo it. But I can’t even pressure him! Kiyoshi could only grunt as he took the next hairpin like the others, a grip style. The final hairpin approached them and they took the turn in their own respective fashions. As the ZR1 burst towards through the high speed portion, the LanEvo slowly accelerated through the high speed part in order to chase the fleeing ZR1. I got try something new here! Tapping the brake Kiyoshi harshly turned the wheel as he managed to slide around to the portion and slowly managed to close the gap between the two cars. Hoping for the turbo to help now, Kiyoshi slammed the accelerator as the car gave out a loud burst.

It’s now or never! The LanEvo managed to catch up and positioned himself to the right part of the ZR1 and tried to force him to accelerate hard and make him shift outward. Somehow the ZR1 slowly lost control and managed to drift into the hairpin at an alarming speed. How the fu? Kiyoshi braked hard and turned into the corner, only to find the ZR1 turned around facing the LanEvo.

“Well shit,” Hitoshi shouted as the LanEvo approached the smoking ZR1, “I think I blew the engine or my tires are smoking like hell and nearly spun out.”

“So…my win then?” Kiyoshi asked with an odd look.

“Yeah, a car that breaks down usually means that the opponent wins. Now hold on and let me see if it was the engine or the tires.” Hitoshi replied as he attempted to start up the ZR1. It gave a delayed roar before it went into an idle stage. “Well it looks like the tires are shot as well as the engine is messed up. Must’ve been too rough on the engine, you kept good pressure though.”

*Ring, ring* “Hm?” Akemi noticed her cell phone was ringing and picked up the call. “Moshi moshi?”

“Ah, sis” the other side responded, “well my car has an engine problem and the tires are shot. Just to let you know that the Evo won. We’re heading down now at a reduced pace, so prepare the next two or something. See ya.” *Click*

“Well, so it looks like Hitoshi lost,” Akemi announced to the group, “engine problem and tires seem shot. Goin’ down at a slow pace so who’s next?”

“I know it may seem weird,” Shizuko managed to say, “but Kayo…let’s do that race again. But this time I won’t do something drastic.”

Okamiwind: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Shizuko: dry.gif Is he REALLY asleep?
Akemi: Don't know, maybe he's tired? But I dunno...
Neon: Just let him be, got nothing against him. But Shizuko, sthap being so mean to him.
Airis: You REALLY said 'sthap'? Oh my...

Shizuko: I dunno why i'm so mean, maybe i'm...ya know...
Neon: blink.gif ...OH sweatingbullets.gif oh. aren't..ya kn-
Shizuko: *in a Scorpion like matter* COME HERE!
And a wacky chase scene happened between the two.

Haruko: I'm surrounded by idiots...
Haruka: I don't think that. You're to uptight like you under garm-
*Haruko materializes a spear*
Haruka: Uh oh... derp.gif

Haruka: chair.gif

My mind is so blargh right now...
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Here we go, head up; it gets a bit dark here (well if you know my style and all). Insanity is scary.

Chapter 15: Untold Grudge

After Shizuko pointed to Kayo a large weight fell on those who experienced the life threatening accident. Those who knew something was going to happen, while those who didn’t know felt like something was about to go south real quick. The only things anyone could hear were the soft wind whistling through the sky, the rustling on the leaves and the two cars coming closer to them.

“Woah, what’s with the air huh?” Akemi eventually muttered out loud just for everyone to hear. When no response came she only sighed at the odd predicament.

“Um…how should I put this?” Haruka replied as she pinched her forehead.

“Woah guys what’s with the atmosphere?” Kiyoshi shouted as he exited the car.
Unfortunately Kayo’s face turned a bit dark and did something no one expected at all. She sprinted towards Shizuko and pushed her down.

“YOU, what gives you the AUDACITY to ask a rematch?!” Kayo shouted as she managed to choke Shizuko. “You nearly KILLED ME, old friend. And you think the PAIN of that day is GONE?! Well think again ya bitch!”

Shizuko tried to respond but she only gave a weak sound as she struggled to breathe, but that only made Kayo put more pressure on her neck. “Ack…pl..ease..ack…” Slowly her eyes burned as tears started to fall down her face. No…Neon…I’m sorry.

Neon was concerned now; his new girlfriend was struggling to stay alive while his mechanic was the one trying to kill her. He had a large dilemma here, save his girlfriend and risk the friendship they had or let her potentially die but keep the friendship. I KNOW I should help Shizuko…but god dammit why does this happen… And to add insult to injury Shizuko was now staring at Neon, her tears slowly running down her cheek and her cries slowly died with her fading breath.

“Woah woah woah Miyako!” Haruka said as she pulled the red haired girl off of the now gasping purple haired girl. “I think we should have our own grudges OUTSIDE of the track right? C’mon now, no need to kill people..!” Kayo only scoff as Hitoshi managed to get Shizuko up.

“You alright there?” Hitoshi said as he managed to set Shizuko down on a nearby bench. She could only respond with coughs and light gasps for much needed air. Shizuko eventually gestured she was fine then gestured for Hitoshi to go away. He complied while Neon approached her, praying Shizuko wouldn’t hit him now.

“I’m sorry…” Neon said as he took a seat next to Shizuko, slowly managing to hold her hand. What he didn’t expect was her to smile at him, not a small smile but a large, cheerful smile.

“No it,” cough, “its fine,” cough, “I know you had a hard time choosing,” cough cough, “I don’t blame you at lea-” Shizuko managed to say before she went into a large cough and hack fest.

Neon was thinking of what to say, he was unsure how to take this. Was she putting on a façade or was she telling the truth? Sighing he put his hands on his head and gave out a light groan, stress slightly filling up his head. No…I can’t sit here anymore. The confused boy could only get up and approach the still frenzied girl.

“I WILL KILL YOU FIRST BEFORE YOU GET ME SHIZUKO!” Kayo shouted as Neon approached her. Only to have Kayo thrust her foot onto Neon with all her anger, leaving him on the ground as he clenched his stomach in pain. “YOU! YOU STAY THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY!”

“Miyako!” Kiyoshi yelled into Kayo’s ear, “GET A GRIP WILL YA?! For God’s sake you just gonna KILL someone who tried to kill you almost four years ago?! Sure you have a reason, but you COULD HAVE KILLED HER EARLIER! WHY DID YOU WAIT TILL NOW!?”

“BECAUSE I WANTED TO WAIT UNTIL THERE WERE NO WITNESSES LEFT!” Kayo shrieked into the air as she gasped loudly. This comment gave everyone a chill down their spine, Airis and Akemi slowly approached the girl.

“Hey,” they both said in unison, “You are going to be alright. Just calm down and race her…” They both gave each other a worried glance before Kayo screamed as she entered her Gallardo.

“Oi, Shizuko” Haruko said, “You ready to go? Or are you going to recover for a bit more?”

“No…I’m ready.” Shizuko exhaled as she approached her WRX. “She had every right to be mad at me. I wanted to see who would win…now is the time.”

“Please be safe you two…” Neon prayed as he looked at the two lined up racers. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” Shizuko…Miyako…please do not kill each other… “GO!”

The Gallardo was the quickest of the line, utilizing the V10 engine and the all wheel drive system to zoom out of the line. The WRX could only grunt out of the line as it managed to accelerate to the first hairpin, where the Gallardo was already ahead by three seconds. Giving the max it could do, the WRX’s engine screamed all it could as Shizuko managed to swiftly paced through the bends before the first set of hairpins where the Gallardo was already at the last hairpin.

I can’t win, the Italian car has a greater torque curve and much more power than me. I can only hope she messes up if I were to win. Shizuko closed her eyes and slowly opened them, only to imagine a blue R34 taking this section as fast it could. Somehow time managed to slow down for her as she turned the wheel and heel-toed past the first hairpin. As the CS400 effortlessly managed to stay within the gutter and exit with an alarming speed. How did I manage a 145 km/h? This is crazy! Maybe…maybe…

Kayo’s eyes were squinted as the Gallardo screamed past the high speed portion managing a blistering 185 km/h through it. She unfortunately had to brake hard to make the hairpin, lest she would cause a crash and kill herself. She noticed there were no lights in her rearview mirror, good enough for her. All the better to rub it in her face with afterwards. Turn after turn the Gallardo’s tires were screeching as the rubber on the tires was being stripped off slowly and surely with the increased pressure. The Gallardo could only struggle past the next few turns due to the weakened tires and not to mention there was an odd noise coming from the engine. Is there a problem already?! Did I push it too much?

I hope I don’t die, I want to be married at least…and maybe have children. Shizuko thought as she looked at the street, the tire tracks were marked on the track tracing the best line for the street. Again she imagined a blue R34 taking the lines here and how close it was to the apex, nearly kissing the guard rail. Neon…I love you, please make sure of that. Shizuko then nearly followed the same line, just a bit off as she took the hairpin with a slightly higher speed then the Gallardo. Hairpin two was the same story as well, slightly faster speed then the Gallardo. Hairpin three was the same story until she exited the corner…THE CAR IS HEADING RIGHT FOR ME! SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!!!! But the Gallardo barely missed her and she swore Kayo was laughing devilishly as she passed the scared driver. Shizuko knew she wasn’t going to win, so she made a U-turn before the s turn and chased the hell bent Gallardo down.

“Hey man, you alright?” Kiyoshi asked Neon, who was sitting at the bench Shizuko was earlier.

“I…I don’t know.” Neon said as he looked to the starry sky. “I want to take responsibility for this but I know this isn’t my fault.”

Kiyoshi noticed something on what Neon said. ‘My fault’? What? “You sure couldn’t decide huh? But I don’t blame you, you were the peacemaker.”

“No man it’s just more than just being a stupid peacemaker.” Neon muttered angrily through his teeth before exhaling heavily. “It was a deeper matter between love or friendship…”

“Love? Wait you don’t mean…you’re dating that fucked up girl?” Kiyoshi finally put the pieces together, only to stare dumb founded at his friend.

“I…was afraid that our camaraderie would be ruined because of it…” Neon finally exhaled out. Kiyoshi swore he was holding back tears as he saw his best friend slowly break down.

“No…you taught me not to judge people by what they do with it…and I’ll do the same for you. I may think you betrayed us but I know you have your reasons. And hey, I can’t judge love between two people whether they look compatible or not.”

“I am scared, for real man. I want them to make a cease fire at least. I can’t see Shizuko dead, but I can’t see Miy-I mean Kayo not talking to me.” Neon could only get up and face the hill before screaming “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!

Haruko could only look at the scene unfold, Neon’s anguish and sadness unleashing in a torrent of emotions. Airis and Akemi approached Haruko as she sighed and turned around to face the two.

“Is he gonna be ok?” Akemi asked as Airis could only look at Kiyoshi patting her brother.

“I hope so, he really didn’t deserve this personal hell at all. In fact he should be happy with all that has happened, not this at all.” Haruko said as she took out a cigarette. “You two don’t mind if I take a smoke?”

“Nah if you need it, ain’t going to stop ya.”

“If you must…but please exhale away from me, don’t need second hand side effects.” Airis replied as Haruko lit the cigarette. “I know I was harsh on him when I first found out but now I can accept her, maybe as a sister. But…”

“It’s that Miyako or Kayo girl right?” Akemi speculated as she placed her hands behind her head. “Now I ain’t a psychologist or nothin’ but I think she ain’t giving up the past. Still hurts her too much.”

“Maybe so,” Airis commented, “Shizuko seemed like she took that weight off or something. Whenever I hear Kayo speak, I think I hear some part of the past creeping up in her. She seems…troubled or possessed.”

“Yep, definitely see that in her. Like she slouches cause a weight hasn’t been released yet. Oh by the way, we agreed to cease fire for now, shit was getting crazy up in here.” Akemi answered to the wind as she placed her arm around Airis.

“Ugh, yes we agreed to cease fire…but not as friends you baka!” Airis yelled as she threw the arm off her.

“Sheesh, just tryin’ to be nice to you ya bit-” Akemi started.

“Why don’t you two get a room for goodness sakes?” Haruko interjected as she threw away the cigarette. “Anyway, race predictions what do you two think?”

“I think the Gallardo is going to win.” They both responded.

“So you too? Unless the WRX has a huge miracle or the Gallardo suffers a terrible engine problem the Gallardo is strangely going to win. Miyako is a great tuner and probably tried something after all her customizations.” Haruko replied after looking to the sky. “We should be prepared to intervene at any time though. I fear something might come up…”

The WRX slowly managed to pass the first downhill hairpin only to hear the Gallardo’s engine roar as it seemed to pass the third hairpin, well ahead of Shizuko. Neon I love you. Neon I love you. Those four words kept repeating in her head, she tried her best to catch up but as soon she exited the third hairpin the Gallardo was screeching as it slowed down to take the first of the second hairpin set…until a faint boom was heard.

Huh, the tire’s dead or the engine exploded somewhere, maybe it’s something of a tuning mishap. But the sound of it maybe a simple fix, in fact once I finish her off maybe I’ll head home and fix it. Kayo thought all that while decreasing her speed to about 20 km/h above the limit. She would take it slow so that she will win and then execute her plan, which involved an execution. There was no reason to rush to the end, she could just be lazy and still win. Simple and effective. The WRX was around the high speed portion as it managed to slow down just before the set of hairpins. At this point the Gallardo was nearing the last hairpin and knew she was going to win. Well now, maybe she is still the ignorant shit of a slut on the downhill. Maybe she would have a better time at an adult club or something, she would have a crowd for sure.

“Well looks like the Gallardo won after all.” Hitoshi said as she noticed the Italian car’s headlights.

“You two,” Haruko said as she pointed at Airis and Akemi, “be prepared for ANYTHING. Be ready to run or attack, I want to make sure Neon doesn’t suffer any more stress…or whatever it is.” They both nodded and readied themselves for anything.

“Nee-san…” Haruka whispered to herself, “you still love him deep down huh? I should also be prepared for anything…maybe I should take that out…” She then proceeded to go to her Vantage and open the glove compartment for a certain blade for desperate measures, a sheathed combat knife. Haruka could only hold the knife close to her chest before praying, “I hope this doesn’t turn bad…”

“Where did Neon go?” Toshiyuki asked Kiyoshi who just hid a butterfly knife in his pocket.

“He is in his car, probably waiting for the worst. Told him to just be prepared, Kayo was a radical person at times.”

“A hidden psychopath?”

“After the accident and her recovery, she went a little insane. She kept muttering murder plans, weapons, tortures and never anything nice for a few weeks. Surprised she didn’t become a mass school murderer really, she was a scary girl at times.”

“For a battle though? Seems a little over the top…” Kiyoshi only chuckled as Toshiyuki just stood there confused.

“You didn’t know? Her family has some…weapon connections, like full auto stuff like machine guns and shit. Plus before the accident she carried a sawed off shotgun, a PP19 and a Desert Eagle in her car. I know crazy right? Thank God her parent’s found out and confiscated them, but I heard she keeps a weapon of some sorts.”

Finally the WRX came down after a full 55 seconds down, savoring the final moments of her life…Sayonara daisuki Neon-kun…please don’t cry. “I-I-I lost ok Miyako? You win…and I didn’t do anything drastic. So please…don’t do anythi-”

“SUCKS FOR YOU BITCH!” Kayo shouted as she sprinted out of her Gallardo with a tire iron, aiming to strike Shizuko’s head. Kayo’s insanity focused on her target, ignoring all sense of judgment and her sane thoughts. Fear me YOU FUCKING MURDERER! YOUR JUDGEMENT HAS CO-

Kayo’s sprint was ruined by Airis who swiftly pushed Kayo down and Akemi managed to grab the pipe.

“Heh, what are you some sort of combat specialist?”

“Kayo.” Airis growled while using all her strength to hold down the crazy girl. “You need to stop this stupid rampage.”

“What do you know about anger? You never faced death’s door.”

“No, you have to let go Miyako Fujimoto.” Haruko said as she took the tire iron and gave it to Haruka, who threw the weapon into the bushes.

“Let go? You think I can let go an EVENT THAT ALMOST KILLED ME?! You know that this shit stays with you like a SICKNESS! SHIZUKO FURUSAWA ALMOST MURDERED ME! I DESERVE A RETRIBUTION GOD DAMMIT!”

“A retribution…? A punishment? DO YOU THINK I WAS NOT TOURTURED INSIDE WHEN I DID THAT?!” Shizuko yelled as she proceeded up to Kayo’s face. She then pulled out a throwing knife from her back pocket and then sliced her index, middle and ring finger, blood trickling down onto the ground. “I was cursed, pained and troubled when I did that! This bit that I did? I GAVE MYSELF A TORTURE BECAUSE OF IT! Did you think I reveled in the fact that I almost killed you? HELL NO YOU PHSYCOTIC BITCH!”


“I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T WANT TO YOU KNOW!” Shizuko’s tears were now falling from her face. “I WAS A TROUBLED GIRL! YOU KNEW I HAD PROBLEMS! I’M SORRY!”

I need to do something…but…what can I do? Neon looked at the scene unfold, until he heard a voice. Simple, stop them. You have more power than you think.

Okamiwind: Hope you enjoy this one and I think I did my job decently if I made you feel the dear of it. Yup.

Neon: Where is Kayo anyway?
Kayo: I'm here a-
Okamiwind: No more or else it'll spoil it.
Kayo: Fine, buzzkill.
Shizuko: It's understandable though, by the that Kaede over there?

Kaede: Yo, I was taking a huge ass nap. Woke up and now i'm here.
Okamiwind: Oh great...what I needed. MOAR people....

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QUOTE (Dorifuta @ 4 hours, 2 minutes ago)
Pretty impressive. It's just as busy and adventure packed as another fanfiction whose name shall be concealed that I read. cool.gif

Oh gosh, please don't say that its my fic that you're reading... derp.gif

Anyway, its good to see that you're back on with the updates OkamiWind! I wish I had that much time to devote to my stories... They're totally sitting on the backburner right now as I work on classes and everything that's going on in my busy life... sad.gif
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I'm back!

Damn, that last chapter was heavy... crying2.gif
MOAR!!! laugh2.gif laugh2.gif
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I feel like I'm the only person here...
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WOW 19 days since the last update. If you guys wondering when this arc will end...two more chapters people! I will try to get the final two out as soon as I can...until then enjoy the last of the race chapters.

Chapter 16: Final Ends

What? Was the only thing Neon could think at this moment, he couldn’t tell if he was being delusional or if i- Simple, stop them. You have more power than you think. Nope. There was another voice in his head.

What power do I have?

More than you think…look at the scene. And Neon looked at the scene. Kayo still having that psychopathic look on her face, but Shizuko’s face started turning darker. She gripped her throwing knife harder as her face turned darker and more menacing.

If you are so omniscient then who the heck are you?

Me? I’m a physical mental subconscious in a way…let’s say that for now…but if you don’t do something soon…well something drastic may happen.

But WHAT can I do? I mean I don’t think I should intervene but…

That style of thinking is noble but you don’t get it do you? Shizuko loves you and wants to protect you, even if she doesn’t look like it. Miyako still cares for you but is clouded by the past. Did that kiss you gave her mean nothing to her? It meant something to her and you know it…

So what? It was peck on the cheek! Nothing big at all…but if I have the power what should I say?

Simple, just stop them. Break them apart, again you have more power then you imagine in this situation. You are just a bit weak right now due to the actions that happened. Muster up what courage you have and do something before something happens…

Well what should I say?

What is on your mind, you care for Shizuko and Kayo. You love Shizuko but do you wish to see her like this if you took Kayo out of the scene. Kayo, fellow friend and mechanic to you; you knew something like this could happen eventually if they met. Now is the time for action…but let me ask you this now: Who do you care about more?

…Both. I can’t see them fight anymore.

Very well then, that’s the spirit. Go then and stop those two.

Neon then exhaled slowly before getting out of the 86 GT and closed the door rather silently. Haruko noticed him and simply stood there. Neon did you know this was going to happen? I’ll leave this conflict to you…please stop them.

“YOU? HAVING PROBLEMS?! HAH!” Kayo screamed with the same demonic tone. “LIKE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS STARING DEATH IN THE FACE!”

“I’M SORRY! STOP YELLING!” Shizuko shrieked with a slightly darker tone. “I DON’T WANT TO DO ANY-”

“ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!” Neon finally yelled. This definitely stopped the two girls from their argument. “Enough! Shizuko, I know you had problems in the past but is it really worth it to engage in a physical fight her? Look at your right hand.” Shizuko then looked at her hand and was taken aback by the way the knife in her hand. The blade was facing downward, so if she was angry she could just stab Kayo by forcing her hand down.

“I…I” Shizuko stammered as she threw the knife away, taken by fear of her possible actions.

“Tch, you are evil and you know it. Right friend?” Kayo asked Neon, who wasn’t giving her a happy expression.

“I’ve known you have some hatred to Shizuko but does that warrant a murder?” Neon started as he gestured his sister to let her go. “I know you longer then Shizuko but that doesn’t mean I accept your actions. You have to forgive Shizuko’s actions, you will never move on with that weight in you. And to add insult to injury, you know it as well Miyako. Stop being stubborn.”

Kayo only stood there…confused…angry…sad…conflicted with almost every emotion. She didn’t move at all, stunned with her inner conflict before she threw a punch to Neon. “NO! YOU KNOW THE PAIN I HAD! YOU THINK I CAN LET THIS GO SO EASILY?! BAH! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW HOW I FEEL!”

“Stubbornness Miyako…” Haruko said, “You think of yourself being on a higher moral ground, when in reality you are no better than someone committing mass genocide.” Kayo stood still again, conflicted.

“Is it me being stubborn…Haruko?” Miyako asked, in a completely innocent tone this time. “Maybe I am stubborn, but this pain…I can’t forget it.” A hand eventually came on her shoulder.

“I will say this again…I’m sorry.” Shizuko exhaled. “Listen, I wanted to apologize but after your turn…I was afraid. So please…let’s put the past behind us ok?” Miyako stood there and exhaled hard before turning to Shizuko.

“Alright…but only as aquantinces alright? We are not friends. Period.” Miyako finally said before shoving off Shizuko’s hand.

“Well, that ended well.” Toshiyuki mumbled to himself before helping Neon up. “Senpai, don’t mind if I can ask you to race?”

“Sure, I guess.” Neon started as he held his chest. “But let me recover first alright? I was freaking Spartan kicked and punched around the same area…so yeah…”

“Understood Senpai.”

After the fight there was a time of recovery for everyone. Shizuko was now being bandaged up by Airis, Neon was recovering by sitting on a nearby bench, Kayo was oddly sleeping in her car and everyone else was talking a bit.

“Wow, managed to dodge that bullet rather smoothly…” Kiyoshi continued with the conversation.

“Didn’t think she would think things over so easily to be honest, I thought she would continue for a bit.” Haruko said as she rubbed her chin.

“Wah…that was creepy to say the least…” Haruka sighed.

“Well, guess that oughta calm her down a notch.” Akemi said as she looked at the Gallardo.

“I guess all that’s left is between me and Neon-senpai now…” Toshiyuki exhaled as he stared at his Altezza.

“So you are going to face Neon huh? And what’s with the senpai?” Hitoshi asked.

“Hm how do I put it…if it wasn’t for senpai I probably would not be here right now nor would my skills in the touge exist. So…yeah.”

“Alright I guess that makes sense, whenever you guys are ready…”

Shizuko thanked Airis for her aid and proceeded to sit next to Neon. She didn’t know why she sat next to him but it felt necessary.

“I want to say sorry.” Both of them managed to say simultaneously.

“You? Sorry? For what?” Again they replied in simultaneous fashion.

“Shizuko…I’m sorry that this had to happen.” Neon quickly replied first.

“Neon, I’m sorry for that event and the fall out.” Shizuko replied directly after Neon.

“I still wonder though, why you are with me? You seem to deserve someone better…”

“No, I think you deserve someone better. I am a troubled girl with no control of her emotions, but I will tell you why I love you.”

“Um…alright then.”

“I love you because you always listen to everyone. I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend around and I did hit you due to a miscommunication. But you held through it all, giving me a second chance from my mess up. You are in a few percent that look past the shell and look inside…I love you for that.” Shizuko finished as she put her head on Neon’s arm.

“Is that true…well my reasons are less intimate then yours but I guess you have that caring aura of yours that I like. Deep inside I was waiting for you to break up with me due to my boringness. However you still care for me regardless of the situation and I like that…man that was weak…” Shizuko could only giggle at the statement.

“Well at least you tried.”

A few more minutes passed by and the 86 GT and the Altezza were lined up at the start of the pass. The drivers were ready to go but Toshiyuki wanted to change the plans for this one.

“I just want to have an uphill battle, no downhill battle.” Toshiyuki stated as he stood next to his SXE10.

“Huh? That’s it? Why only the uphill?” Neon asked the challenger.

“With the current events going on, I feel that you need a lighter challenge today. Besides I want to face you fully focused on the uphill only.”

“I see, well I appreciate the gesture. Why not?”

“Alrighty then! Let’s go!” Haruka happily said as she readied the racers to start their cars.

“Ya know what? I’M GOING TO BE A REBEL! WA BLAH BLAH BLAH GO!” Haruka yelled as she put her arms down as the two racers somehow knew when to take off.

“What the FUCK was that Haruka?!” Haruko screamed as she nearly strangled her sister.


The two cars accelerated off the line, the 86 GT managed to get ahead of the SXE10. After the first hairpin they both kept the same line and speed. You improved Toshiyuki, you are keeping up with me…straight to the same exact line. Did Akina do this to you? The first set of hairpins approached them and the SXE10 suddenly took the outside line of the track. Oh? Taking the outside line and then drifting to the apex of the hairpin? Nice try but what will you do when I use the gutter? And Neon did exactly that, he managed to take the gutter and swung across the hairpin while Toshiyuki managed to drift across the hairpin with minimal speed loss, making the SXE10 directly next to the 86 GT.

See that Senpai? You need to stop thinking about yourself and think about the entire road. Akina did that to me. Then the next hairpin resulted in Toshiyuki taking the hairpin using the gutter while Neon had to drift around the corner, losing a little bit of speed. Hmph. The final hairpin approached then and the SXE10 drifted across the corner with the bumper barely touching the apex. Too close…maybe I’m being a little too reckless.

“Between brother and Toshiyuki? This one is a bit harder…” Airis started off after Haruko managed to calm Haruka down.

“Indeed, the uphill ace versus someone who trained on a well known high speed course who had previous experience here…” Haruko said as she looked to the sky.

“But based off what we know Neon SHOULD win the uphill right?”

“Based off rumors and past experience yes. But you must remember that people either improve or deteriorate with time and it’s safe to say Toshiyuki has improved over time. So it’s hard to determine a winner here, so we have to see what happens for this one way race…”

As they approached the high speed portion the SXE10 was 1 second ahead of the 86 GT and was slowly pulling away. Hm, you have improved my student…did I just say that?! Shaking his head Neon pressed the accelerator more, making the boxer engine work faster and louder. But he noticed that the SXE10 was still pulling away, little by little. Is my gear ratio’s not good enough anymore? I don’t see a flame coming from the exhaust…what the hell is my problem? The SXE10 was now about 2 seconds ahead of the 86 GT.

Approaching the first of the second set of hairpins the SXE10 quickly drifted around the first hairpin, with no speed loss. But with no speed loss Toshiyuki had to brake slightly before making the next turn ahead. However the 86 GT managed to take the turn relatively smoothly, closing the gap slightly. You sure are good with the course senpai, you haven’t missed a beat. In fact you may have improved. The next hairpin was quick as well but the SXE10 was sliding a little bit more then Toshiyuki wanted. What the? Are the rear tires burning out already? Wait…crap. Pressing the accelerator Toshiyuki heard the tires squeal faintly before the car managed to accelerate fully. Oh crap…my tires are wearing out NOW of all days?

I can only hope the Toshiyuki forgot to change his tires like he usually did back in the day…Neon then turned the corner before the final hairpin and noticed the SXE10 was sliding a little more than usual and Toshiyuki was doing a mock test of the tire grip. “Wow you need to change your tires man.” Neon said as he confidently pressed his accelerator and swiftly braked hard before drifting the last hairpin, just managing to pull ahead of Toshiyuki. Securing his win, Neon pulled ahead and stopped at the downhill start.

“Argh, guess old habits die hard…” Toshiyuki said as he exited his car.

“Heh, you kept up pretty good though. I thought I was going to lose.” Neon replied as he exited his car and approached his friend.

“By the way…I would have never imagined you hooking up with our old number one foe.”

“Times change friend, times change. She’s a pretty nice person once you get to know her.”

“So are we gonna call them about the results? Or we gonna go back down?”

“You can call them, I actually was asked by Shizuko to come up here later so…”

“I see. Well let me call them…” Toshiyuki said as he pulled out his phone and called Haruko.

*Ring ring* “Ah must be them,” Haruko calmly said as she felt her phone vibrate. “So who won the match?”

“Neon did, remember that bad habit I had with me not changing my tires a lot? Yeah…and you know how much I love to make sure twice…”

“I see…so we gonna part ways here or…”

“Actually I know of a bar that opens this late…how about all of us hitting that spot?” Toshiyuki asked rather calmly.

“Hm…that doesn’t sound bad…besides I do like a drink once in a while. So how about it everyone?” Haruko asked everyone else.

“Sure, I don’t mind at all.” Shizuko replied first.

“Eh, I can hold a few down.” Haruka replied.

“Yeah, that sounds kinda nice!” Akemi exclaimed.

“No problem.” Hitoshi replied.

“I might be weak but…why not?” Airis replied next.

“Could use a good drink…” Kiyoshi nodded.

“I guess.” Kayo finished.

“Alright well see you two there.” Haruko said before she was going to hang up.

“WAIT! Shizuko, you wanted to see me right? Come up here then.” Neon managed to yell before she hung up.

“Oops…” Haruko apologized as she smiled at Shizuko.

“Don’t worry I got it.” Shizuko replied before going into her STi.

Here we go, took me long enou-

Toshiyuki: Enough? Yes you did, this took five days and you were lazy to do some stuff.
Okamiwind: S-Shut up! I am starting to hit writer's block now!
Shizuko: Well keep trying your best...almost the end right?

Kaede: What the hell is that loli smoking?
Haruko: No she just found an entire bag of candy corn and stuffed it all in her mouth.
Kaede: blink.gif Not gonna ask ho-

Haruka: WAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! (imagine a Wario-ish laugh here) laugh2.gif laugh2.gif
Neon: Hey! Who ate my candy?!
Okamiwind: It ain't even Halloween yet! You buy candy just to eat it?!
Neon: Well didn't you buy candy corn along with some other stuff a few days back?
Okamiwind: HEY! Candy corn is a Halloween thing only! Unless i'm looking in the wrong places...

Haruka: WWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Dio Brando cry here)
Akemi: SHUD UP! (Pulls out a M249 and starts shooting Haruka...who dodges every bullet in a 'Get Down' fashion (the one with the Jap song ya know?))
Haruka: *Heavy style laugh*

Someone stop her...

Well anyway, if you could see in a broader sense I could have made a 'bad end' scenario if I wanted to. So who would like me to write said scenarios later? That is after the arc is finished? Respond if you want me to write it. Anyway I HOPE to get the final two chapters done within the next two weeks. See ya until the-


ARGH SHUT UP! (Also I plan on doing a Halloween chapter, no races and karaoke singing...which everyone sings something terribly)
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i gotta tell ya, the more i get to read of this thing, the more i get pulled into the characters (especially since i know what it feels like to get kicked in the chest like Neon tongue.gif) though i must admit, i don't think i've held a grudge to the point of wanting to kill someone years later as Kayo has.

keep it up

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Bwahaha...managed to get this chapter out quickly! bordem...god I need to entertain myself more...anyway IKOZE! (or however you spell that)

Chapter 18: Before Drinking

“You got the message? Alright then I will send you the bar’s location then. We will…I guess buy some stuff to make sure we all don’t get too drunk I guess…” Haruko said as everyone else was about to drive off. Shizuko only waved at them before proceeding to head up the pass.

“Still though, what does Shizuko want? Wait…I better smell her when she comes to the bar. I have a faint feeling on why she called him…oh wow Shizuko…make sure you fully clean up.” Haruko mumbled to herself as she finally started up her car.

I wonder what Shizuko wants? Maybe a mock downhill race? I dunno…wait is someone approaching me? Neon was sitting on a bench while he saw two pair of headlights approach where he parked his 86 GT. After a while Neon could make out the cars, a white Nissan GT-R R33 and a black Nissan 370Z. Hm…both Nissans…the R33 has almost no body changes that I see while the 370Z has a Nismo body kit with a GT wing…these must be serious people…As Neon was finishing analyzing the two cars the owners approached him.

“Hello there.” The coffee haired girl greeted Neon while the black haired boy simply grunted a greeting.

“Hello…might I ask who you two are? By the looks of your cars you don’t look like casual drivers…” Neon replied as the boy somehow took an aggressive stance.

“Woah, calm down Tokoji. We are just here to greet another team remember?” The female pressured Tokoji as she cleared her throat. “My name is Katsuko Tomoyuki and this is Tokoji Urameshi. We are the main drivers of the recently renewed Akagi RedSuns.”

“Wait…THE Akagi RedSuns? The group with the Takahashi brothers…but didn’t they disband a long time ago?” Neon questioned the two leaders.

“Correct, however Takahashi Ryosuke acknowledged our skills and reinstated the RedSuns with us as the new drivers.”

“Alright, but why may I ask are you here? I do know some people from Akagi come here sometimes but the main drivers here? You must be here for a certain purpose…”

Katsuko simply giggled, “Well this is an odd time for us to meet like this, I know. However I keep hearing rumors of a blue 86 GT and a green WRX STi being the so-called ‘leaders’ of this track and well…here you are.”

“I see…but you never told me your purpose of coming here.” Neon noticed Tokoji who was still stiff…Sheesh man what did I do?!

“Tokoji, CALM DOWN. You knew this was going to happen! Seriously stop being so tense, you’re scaring him!” Katsuko nearly yelled at Tokoji, who was kind of surprised.

“Sorry but you know I…um, well I don’t trust him that’s all!” Tokoji replied back slightly louder.

“That doesn’t mean you can be tense all the time! I…I know you…Iknowyou…are…” Katsuko tried to respond back in a higher volume then Tokoji.

Wow, they sure are awkward at times…kinda reminds me of me and Shizuko…but instead of fighting we make it only awkward. Neon sighed as he shook his head analyzing the fighting couple.

“ANYWAY!” Katusko exclaimed as she cleared her throat. “We just wanted you to know that we do plan on coming here to battle you two…and I want to tell you that the people who call themselves the RedSuns are not part of the group. That is all.”

THAT’S IT?! WOW. Neon’s face fell as he heard that. “That’s it? Well…thanks for the information I guess…” Then he felt himself get lifted off the bench and was eye to eye with Tokoji.

“Hey, appreciate the woman’s info kid. You know there ar-” He started before Katsuko pinched his cheek. “OW…OWOW!” The pain made him release Neon.

“HEY! Didn’t I tell you to calm down?! Geez I TOLD YOU to clean up your act for goodness sakes! You said you were going to stay away from the past!” Katsuko yelled as she now pulled Tokoji’s cheek.

“OWOWOWOW! Awlright, I’m sorrie! Jus’ let go alwre-OWOWOWOW!”

“Alright. Now that you learned your lesson, we will be off…Blue Phoenix.” Katusko calmly said as she now pulled Tokoji to his car. Neon simply stood there confused as the both of them left.

“What the fuck did I just see?” Neon said as he noticed a green STi park next to his 86 GT.

“Sorry…you know how I am on the uphill…” The purple haired girl sighed as she took a seat next to Neon.

“Daijyoubu, I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting the new Akagi RedSuns…they are interesting to say the least.” Neon replied as he instinctively put his arm around her.

Ah…he doesn’t know he did that? Maybe…well… “Well I did call you up here for a reason…and um…can…I ask you something a bit…personal?”

“Huh? Well…shoot it.”

“Have you ever…did anything…you know…THAT?” Shizuko lightly mumbled as her face turned red.

“WHAT?!” The blue haired boy almost shouted with his face turning a deeper shade of red.

“AH! Um…but please answer it…”

“Ah geez…well ok I will admit some stuff. You know how I was dating Haruko for a while yes? Well…three times. But nothing THAT deep!”

Haruko, you really shouldn’t have gone into explicit detail on your sexual exploits… “I…I see. Well I want to…thank you for staying with me for so long…”

Oh goodness Haruko did you TELL PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT YOU DID?! Neon could only look at Shizuko oddly at this point. Was she seriously going to do something...intimate with him now? Here?


“Just let me do this ok?”


At a nearby convenience store…

“I wonder what Shizuko wanted from Neon anyway?” Kiyoshi said as they exited their cars at a convenience store.

“Probably something minor, beside YOU tried to kill her anyway…” Haruka replied as she pointed at Kayo.

“Maybe so, I dunno…but I guess nothing major.” Kayo sighed as they entered the convenience store.

“Oh I could guess what they are doing…” Haruko gave out as her face turned a bit dark.

“So then what do you think they’re doing?” Airis asked as she grabbed some aspirin.

“Oh…OHMAIGAWD! Surely you can’t be serious?!” Akemi screamed as she nearly dropped some canned coffee.

“I am serious…” Haruko replied with a faint blush, “and don’t call me Shirley.”

“Wow, applause for getting the reference. But aren’t these things used AFTER the hangover?” Hitoshi asked.

“Well…who in here has ever gotten drunk as hell before?” Toshiyuki asked the group. No hands rose up nor did anyone say anything. “Crap…maybe we should part ways…”

“Then why the HELL did you bring this up then?!” Akemi, of all people, screamed at him.

“I-I-I thought someone might of had experience you know…” Toshiyuki replied nervously as he adjusted his glasses.

“Well better now than never I guess…” Kiyoshi said. “But now I want to ask, who had a few drinks but not gotten drunk?” Everyone but Airis raised their hand, in which everyone looked in her direction.

“H-H-HEY! I never drank before! So what?! Neither has my brother!” Airis replied furiously as she puffed her cheeks.

“Oh boy…” Haruko as she pulled out her wallet to pay for the items they needed. “By the way, Toshiyuki could you send Neon the location of the bar? We are following your lead after all.”

“Got it.”

Back on the top of Ushiroyama pass Neon and Shizuko were calming down after having a rather close experience.

“Was that REALLY necessary Shizuko?” Neon asked as he caught his breath.

“I’m sorry…I felt like it was needed to continue our relationship…” Shizuko sighed as she put her head on Neon’s arm.

“You know you didn’t need to use those advances to continue our relationship you know.” Neon calmly responded. “We just haven’t been seeing each other a lot, that’s all. I mean the last time we went on a full on date was well…our first date. It was either me or you that had schedule issues you know.”

“M-Maybe so…I’m sorry Neon. But…” Shizuko wanted Neon to comfort her…but he didn’t to her surprise. “Hah…do you hate me for doing this?”

“What? Oh no, this was similar to the first time Haruko did something like this…so I kinda spaced out a bit…stupid memories…” Neon then patted Shizuko’s head just as Neon’s cell phone buzzed. “Ah? Let’s see…wait…this bar, I know this area?”

“Y-You drink?” Shizuko asked Neon with a small hint of relief. Does he drink? Maybe I can get away wi-

“No, picked up my mother a few times before. Those were the days where she was flat out drunk, which never happens nowadays.” Neon replied as he got up.

-th…nope…shit. Shizuko then got up and ran to hug Neon from behind.

“I truly love you regardless of what I did.” Shizuko managed to say.

“Same here…just next time…actually let’s NOT have a next time.” Neon said as his eye twitched. “Well anyway, lead the way down Shizuko. I still need to learn some new tactics on the downhill.”

“Alright, but keep up.”

All girls but Shizuko and Haruka: hmm.gif
Shizuko: WHAT?! YOU GUYS AR-
Neon: AND NO.

Okamiwind: Well now...AWKHAWK MOMENT!
Toshiyuki: Really? I... facepalm.gif
Hitoshi: what did I miss?
Okamiwind: N-Nothing much...


Goodness someone stop the loli...

*clears throat* Well as you can guess about in the final chapter the group is going to get some drinks...problem is...I have NO EXPERIENCE with alcohol so...if anyone is willing to PM me about the strength of alcohol...or something like that then please do...I need it. >_<

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nice chapters!

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Alright people, Halloween episode. Nothing scary here, just 10 people who attempt to sing well at a karaoke area. It might look long, but I placed the lyrics of songs here so that alone atones to about half of this omake's length.

Don't worry, the final chapter will come soon.

Halloween Omake

“Now to put this on…and done.” Neon finished the last part of his costume as he put on his wig. He was wearing an open white jacket with a teal shirt underneath it along with white pants matching his jacket. The wig he put on was a somewhat neatly flattened red brown color.

“Hey brother, you nearly done yet?” A familiar female voice called out from downstairs.

“Yeah give me a second will you?!” Neon nearly screamed as he almost tripped over the fake sword that was a part of his costume. Hastily fastening it on he went downstairs to see his sister. He was rather perplexed about the costume she had on.

“Are you seriously going with THAT costume Airis?” Neon asked.

“What? It’s nothing revealing or exposing.” Airis replied. She flattened her blue hair and wore a white dress with a white cap with placed blue markings.

“You do not look the part of Arin from Pangya you know. It just doesn’t fit you.” Neon facepalmed as he shook his head.

“And what about you Asbel Lhant? You look nothing similar to him as well! At least I don’t need a wig to complete my costume!”

“Enough you two...” An elderly woman’s voice groaned from upstairs. “Seriously every single year you two get into a fight about how each other’s cosplay does not fit them. I get sick of it you know…” The same woman came down with a black shirt with a school uniform white jacket only buttoned around the neck with a matching uniformed skirt. Needless to say, the two were confused and a bit shocked on what she was dressing up as.

“Um…isn’t that…Momoyo Kawakami from that…game slash anime?” Airis asked Neon.

“Yeah that’s her from Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai alright…but why did mother cosplay THAT of all things?” Neon replied back to Airis. Their mother rolled her eyes and went down to them.

“Because I look strangely like her right?” Their mother asked them. And truth be told…she was pretty much right. Her raven black hair did look like Momoyo and not to mention the eyes were pretty much there as well…but Neon and Airis simply shrugged. Noticing this she rolled her eyes. “Whatever, just make sure you two stay safe ok? This time can get a bit wild if you get what I mean…just stay safe.”

“Got it mother.” They both replied before putting on their respective footwear to enter into their cars.

“Sheesh, maybe I should see Tamiko’s cosplay. She said she had a whip though…so…”

“So is everyone gonna be here soon or what?” Airis said as she swayed her body left and right.

“Be patient will you?! I’m sure everyone’s costumes aren’t as simple as ours.” Neon replied as he noticed a familiar set of European headlights. “Ah, speak of the devil.”

“HAI! YURU YURI um…YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY!” A smaller pink haired female said as she pulled up to the two.

“Akari from freaking Yuru Yuri…oh lord this is gonna be a long day…” Neon mumbled as the girl got out of the V12 Vantage. She simply wore a middle school uniform with a red skirt.

“Haruka…of ALL THE LOLI COSPLAYS IN THE WORLD, you chose the one who gets the least screen time?” Airis asked as she shook Haruka around.

“YES BECAUSE IDIDN’THAVETIMETOMAKEANOTHERONE! AHSTOPSHAKINGME!” Haruka managed to reply as she was being shaken. At this time another set of headlights approached them.

“Alright Kiyoshi…what did you get this time?” Neon said to himself as the red LanEvo stopped. The owner was wearing a familiar white hooded coat with brown-black of what seemed leather pants. He also had a cape attached on his left shoulder, covering his arm and a little bit of his torso.

“Ezio Auditore? Eh…it’s alright.” Neon simply stated as his friend came to greet him. Needless to say Neon pointed the sheathed sword to him. “No assassinations this time Kiyoshi.”

“Hah! Knew what I was gonna do this time eh?” Kiyoshi laughed as he shook his head.

“Well you got me last year so I had to be careful you know…by the way is this costume alright?”

“Character-wise Asbel doesn’t suit you…but the costumes pretty much spot on.”

“And how about my sister?” Neon pointed as Airis finally freed Haruka from the shaking.

“Uh…no in some aspects. First off she’s a bit mean and secondly…well…chest size.” Kiyoshi whispered to Neon. Neon simply shrugged as now two sets of headlights came up to them.

“Oh so she showed up now eh?” Airis said as the Viper parked next to the M3. “OH YOU SON OF A-!”

“HEY! AT LEAST I KINDA LOOK THE PART!” The owner said as she exited the car. She had on a long pink wig with matching singer’s clothing.

“Who woulda guessed that Akemi would cosplay as Lucia from Pangya? That’s a slim chance…” The Corvette owner, Hitoshi, said as he exited the car.

“Kanji Tatsumi from Persona? Eh…you look like him in some regards anyway.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at him. His blonde hair was spiked up while he wore a purple shirt with a large skull right at the center of it, along with a black blazer jacket that was buttoned only at the neck with black pants.

“Asbel and Ezio? You two look the part at least.” Hitoshi commented on the two guys costumes as the rest of their little group came.

“Apologies for running late.” The F430 owner said as she got out. She wore a mainly white outfit with the shirt having some black birds flying.

“Sheesh car wouldn’t start…” The Gallardo owner grumbled. She had a white wig with red highlights on it and wore a sky blue shirt with some utility straps over her arms along with dark orange shorts with stocking.

“Kinda ran into traffic coming here.” The Altezza owner complained while adjusting his glasses. He wore a similar uniform to Hitoshi’s, only which he was wearing a white buttoned up shirt and the jacket as completely opened.

“I kinda woke up so…” The WRX owner yawned. She had on a short messy blue wig while wearing a unique coat over her with what appeared to be a blue one piece that covered her body.

“OHOH! I know what you all are!” Haruka said as she rushed back to them. “My sis Haruko is Jun Kazama from Tekken, Kayo is Pascal from that game, Toshiyuki is Yu Narukami slash Souji Seta from what Hitoshi’s cosplay is from and Shizuko is…Nu from BlazBlue? Huh.”

“Hey guys? Did you hear something?” Shizuko said as she looked around.

“No I didn’t…was it the wind? Wait, what is a V12 Vantage doing here?” Haruko replied as she looked at the car.


“Excellent observation Haruko, perhaps someone left it here to keep it safe?” Toshiyuki pondered as Haruka was practically waving her arms in from of his face.

“I dunno…I would feel sorry for the owner if the car got jacked.” Kayo said as she observed the V12.


“Anyway, shall we go to the karaoke place you mentioned Haruko?” Neon said as he got to his 86 GT.

“Oh yes, quite. Now come on Airis and Akemi, you two can fight later.” Haruko replied in a fairly odd motherly way. They both gave each other one last glare before heading back to their cars. Haruka at this point was pretty pissed off.

“I DID NOT HEAR ANYONE SAY AKAIRN!” Haruka yelled as she started to go back to her car.

“Oh Haruka! You were here the whole time?” Kiyoshi said as Haruka about faced and ran straight for Shizuko. Neon simply intervened by placing his sword out near her feet. Haruka soon found herself kissing the pavement.

“Ok I earned THAT one. BUT YOU GUYS ARE ALL ASSHOLES!” Haruka grumbled as she rubbed her face a bit before running to her car.

Oh man, this is gonna be both fun and…interesting. Neon thought as he was the last one to leave the lot.

“Here we are; it has a good reputation so we shouldn’t have many problems.” Haruko said as she was the last one to exit her car. Everyone went inside the karaoke place and found out there some people here already.

“How did ya find this place anyway? And if I maybe kinda blunt Haruko…the long hair ain’t doing your costume too well.” Akemi asked as Haruko sat down.

“Ah yes, I do plan on cutting it soon…and maybe to the style of Jun Kazama but for now what can I do? Also I know this place from a while back.” Haruko answered while running a hand through her hair.

“Alright, I got the room reservations so…now we wait for ten minutes. The person at the desk said we were the last ones to come here so we don’t have to worry about time restrictions unless two more groups of 10 arrive.” Neon explained with Shizuko accompanying him.

“But what I found odd was how friendly this person was Neon…” Shizuko started, “she was quite friendly with you and stated you look like your father. Is she a family friend?”

“Oh, well since this was our mother’s hometown so she might have a few friends here and there Shizuko.” Airis replied as Akemi was about to pinch her arm. “OH MY GOD STOP THAT! IT’S ANNYOYING.”

“NEVER!!!!” Akemi yelled as she continued to pinch Airis more.

“Geez you two should REALLY get a room…” Haruko said as she pinched her forehead.

Thus after a few minutes more the group that was inside their room exited the room and they themselves entered the room. Everyone sat around the rather large table while Neon and Airis looked at the song list.

“So you two are gonna open us up?” Hitoshi asked as Neon pressed some buttons on the karaoke remote.

“Um…sure I guess it’s me this time…man I hope I don’t mess up…” Neon said as he picked up the microphone.

“You’ll do fine brother, besides you sing that song when you shower. You sing loud before you ask.” Airis commented before the song name came up.

Complications-Rookiez is Punk’d

“Ah I knew you would do this senpai.” Toshiyuki said before he relaxed back in his seat. “Besides you like that anime anyway right?”

“OH! Be quiet!” Haruka yelped before Neon sighed and sang.

(Karaoke Things: The singing will be in italics and it will be in good tone, if you will. If it comes up like this that means they cracked it too high, you know when people try to sing high and fail? Yeah. If it comes like this they sang too low. Alright, HEAR THEM SING! Also note all the lyrics will be transliterated, songs will appear before singing.)

Nakidashi sou na kao de ueru hikui sora
suru koto mo naku toki wo kezuru
Haki dasu ba no nai omoi wo nomikonde
iradachi majiri no tsuba wo haku

Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na
fuan daite asu ni obie asatte bakka mitetatte
Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte

Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku
Genjitsu ga someyuku makura na ashita ni nani wo egaku
mogaki kagayaku

“Oh god I hate this part” Neon sighed as he took a large breath.

Nayanderu jibun ga nanka dasakute jitto shite rannakute bakkure
Yaritai koto sonnamonnaize
okujo de kossorikuwaeru maize Nanka tanoshikune kyo no saizen
shinpai sou na me de miteru ma ine
Naite naize nante haite
tsuyogatte mitemo maji tsurai ze Kayoi nareta usugurai douro
Yatto no omoikatta AIPODDO uwabe dake no USUPEPRAI RAPPU
nazeka omoi USUPPERA no BAGGU Yasashiku atatakai hazu no basho
omokurushikute akehanasumadojuuatsu ni oshitsubusare soude
nigekonda itsumo kouen

“Wow, other than a few slurs he did well.” Shizuko commented.

Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na
fuan daite asu ni obie asatte bakka mitetatte
Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte

Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku
Genjitsu ga someyuku makura na ashita ni nani wo egaku
mogaki kagayaku

Everyone gave a well rounded applause.

“Not bad man!” Kiyoshi said as Neon sat back down.

“Indeed it was great to hear you sing.” Haruko also commented as Airis got up.

“Eh? You? What can ya do eh?” Akemi taunted Airis as the song name came up.

Progress-Ayumi Hamasaki

“Never knew you were a Tales of Xillia fan Airis.” Kayo said just after the music started playing.

“Well I liked it enough to say the least.” Airis said in the microphone before the lyrics came up.

Ano toki ni ano basho ni ite tatakatte ita jibun ga
Subete wa ima wo erabu tame datta to shita nara

“Nice timing on the triplet there…” Akemi whispered to herself.

Mukiaezu okizari na mama me o sorashite ita kako wo
Yurushitai to omou no wa yurusaretai kara na no kana

Bokura ga tada jiyuu de
Irareta ano koro wa tookute
Mujaki na egao dake ja
Kono koro wa sugosenai kedo

Bokura wa susunde iku
Sore demo susumi tsuzuketeku
Nanika wo shinjirareru
Kokoro ga nokotteru kara

Again, everyone clapped nicely to Airis’s performance…maybe except Akemi.

“Eh, not bad. I’ll admit ya do have some talent.” Akemi nodded as she finished inputting the numbers.

“So what will you sing huh?” Airis said in a challenging matter.

White Dreams-BoA

“Hah! Tales of Graces opening song, of course you would sing something in similar to mine.” Airis smirked as Akemi gritted her teeth as inhaled to sing.

Think of days with no hope so alone in the dark I cried so many tears
Now I know now I know the page was turning chapter one in my book of love

But you came and you showed me that dreams can come true
I want you to know my hearts glows from your touch
In your arms all my pain inside washes right through
Together we’ll find the way

“I just noticed she’s singing the American version.” Haruka said.

I believe your love I believe in our love
No matter what I know our aim is true
Every step we take our love will grow stronger
I wish that two hearts could be one

“Ow.” Airis winced at Akemi’s singing.

Here we are hand in hand we watch the stars up in the sky they’re shining down on us
We can share everyday in every way we hold the promise of tomorrow

Hold me tight wanna feel you close don’t let me go
I want us to be until the end of time
Call my name any time when your heart feels sorrow
I’ll wipe the tears from your face

I’ll be there for you I’ll be right by your side
I promise to cherish eternally
You’re the only one to lead me through this life
I wish that our hearts could be one

“My ears…” Airis said as she covered her ears.

Seasons are changing snow’s coming down now
Melting from traces of our love
Never be alone
Forever more

I believe your love I believe in our love
No matter what I know our aim is true
Every step we take our love will grow stronger
I wish that two hearts could be one

“MY EARS THEY HURT!” Airis dramatically screamed as she covered her ears. Everyone clapped modestly.

“I admit you kinda messed up on the higher ranges, it was nice though.” Neon smiled as Akemi sat down with a gloomy face.

“Me next!” Haruka said as she inputted the numbers on the remote.

Weekender Girl-Hatsune Miku

“You know, I wonder why you just didn’t cosplay Hatsune Haruka…” Kiyoshi said as she shot up.

“Decided to change a bit ya know?” Haruka quickly responded before singing.

Kirabiyaka na SUTOROBO ga
Tokimeku LED ga
Watashi no te o tori hashiru
Tsumazuite me ga sameta Ah

Mada atama no naka ni aru
Shigekiteki na LINE to
Temoto ni nagareru jikan
Mikurabetara tameiki

Meguri meguru no
Taikutsu na hibi o koeru

Kyou mo yume o miru wa
Nana-iro kagayaku oto
Kuukan o umetsukusu
Shiawase hanashitakunai no
Hora ryoute o takaku agete
PURIZUMU no mukougawa
Weekender Girl

Everyone clapped loudly in complete surprise.

“Wow Haruka, I have to admit it was really good.” Haruko said as she got up to sing the next song.

Sorairo Days-Shoko Nakagawa

“Huh, this song eh?” Shizuko said as she adjusted herself in a more comfortable position.

“Why not? I know this one quite well.” Haruko said as she prepared herself.

Kimi ha kikoeru?
Boku no kono koe ga yami ni munashiku suikomareta
Moshimo sekai ga imi wo motsu no nara
Konna kimochi mo muda de ha nai
Akogare ni oshitsubusarete akirametetanda
Hateshinai sora no iro mo shiranaide

Hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
Kono mune wo tashika ni tataiteru kara

Kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsudzuku
Bokura nari no asu wo kizuite yuku

Kotae ha sou itsumo koko ni aru

“A bit all over the place eh Haruko?” Toshiyuki said as everyone clapped.

“Eh, haven’t sung for a while so my voice was a bit all over the place.” Haruko sighed as she sat back down.

“Yosh, me next.” Toshiyuki said as he got up.


“I’m gonna have to sing a bit short today, my throat’s been hurting for a bit.” Toshiyuki stated.

“As long as you sing.” Kayo said.

Shizuka ni sora ni kaeru anata no sugata wo
what else can I do besides avenge you?
Namida ga kareru made zutto mitsumete ita

Afureru kanashimi wa kesenai kizuato ni
Wasure wa shinai to chikatta

Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase subete wo keshite miseyou
Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru saigo no kane ga nariyamu made

you told me
live as if you were to die tomorrow
feel as if you were to be reborn now
face as if you were to live forever

*COUGH COUGH COUGH* Toshiyuki hacked for a bit, Neon decided it was a good time to end it now. “Well other then the English parts you did quite well.”
“Indeed, not bad man.” Kiyoshi added as he got up to sing.

Day to Live-Daiki Kasho

“Huh? Ain’t this an all English song man?” Neon questioned.

“So? I can sing this quite well.” Kiyoshi grinned as he started.

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in

“Huh, not bad at all…” Neon said as he nodded his head.

When in the past there is no future
Everyday is the choices that we make
Do you know we'll always be waiting
But the truth never forgets your name

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in
Telling me to spread these wings and fly
To far away from your Earth fly
To feel a new sunrise
Because I can't take this anymore the way you're building me inside
The day for me to live's arrived

Maybe this choice will end in failure
Maybe everything that I feel is wrong
But I can't continue second guessing
Because It'll already mean that I've stayed too long

The voice of life is screaming out
Surrounding everything in
Telling me to spread these wings and fly
To far away from your Earth fly
To feel a new sunrise
Because I can't take this anymore the way you're building me inside
The day for me to live's arrived

“All good until the end man. OW!” Neon commented as he held his ears.

“God that sucked badly…” Kiyoshi said he slumped back down into his seat.

“Alright guess I’ll round off the guy’s first song I think…” Hitoshi grunted as he got up.

In the Zone-John Underwood

“Oh? Ace Combat fan?” Neon asked.
“Yeah, loved all of them…they’re pretty fun.” Hitoshi said before he started to sing.

I'm fighting for life yeah
I'm growing stronger now
Sink or swim
We'll see what I am made of now

Our friends and our survival
Is what we're fighting for
Flying high
Be all that you can be
and more, and more

The fight is on
We're giving it all
Take to the skies now

No giving in
We're seeing it through
Right to the final draw

We're in the zone, Were hot
Yeah we are taking
giant steps now

“Wow…almost nail on.” Toshiyuki commented.

In the zone
We're flying high
The vortex is ours

Yeah we are
History in the making
Life forces beyond breaking
Here the laws don't apply

In the zone
Beyond the reach
Of mere gravity

We're here to save a life
Stronger and braver life
We're in the zone

“Except of the ‘In the zone’ parts near the end it was quite good.” Kayo commented as she got up.

Pursuing my True Self-Shouji Meguro
Singer-Shiroko Hirata

“Heh, didn’t think a Persona song would be up.” Toshiyuki said as he adjusted his glasses.
“Same here…” Hitoshi added.

We are living our lives
Abound with so much information

Come on, let go of the remote; don't you know you’re letting all the junk flood in?
I try to stop the flow, double-clicking on the go, but it's no use; hey, I'm being consumed
Loading loading loading, quickly reaching maximum capacity
Warning warning warning, gonna short-circuit my identity

Get up on your feet, tear down the walls
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world
Snooping 'round will get you nowhere
You're locked up in your mind

We're all trapped in a maze of relationships
Life goes on with or without you
I swim in the sea of the unconscious
I search for your heart, pursuing my true self

“Good until the end…shame it was good.” Airis critiqued Kayo’s performance.

“Whatever, singing ain’t my forte.” Kayo responded as she rolled her eyes.

“So it looks like I’m last for round one huh? Ok then…” Shizuko exhaled as she got up.

Crossing Fields-LiSA

“Ah SAO huh? Not bad not bad…” Neon stated as the piano opened the song up.

“Sang this a lot when I was alone.” Shizuko exhaled before she started.

Mitomete ita okubyou na kako
Wakaranai mama ni kowagatte ita
Ushiro no jibun ga genjitsu wo ima ni utsusu

“Wow it’s like she is the singer or something…” Neon managed to say as everyone was stunned by how accurate the tone was to the original song.

Ikutsu mono sora wo kaita koko wa kitto
Hakanai kokoro midashite

Yume de takaku tonda karada wa
Donna fuan matotte mo furiharatte iku
Nemuru chiisana omoi hirogari dashite
Kizuku yowai watashi kimi ga ireba

I always want to be with you
I’ll give you everything I have

“Hehe…I did bad huh?” Shizuko stated as she smiled sheepishly.



And thus they continued on, singing and enjoying each other’s company. Sure they didn’t get candy or whatnot but it was the only time they could dress up and sing. Not a very fulfilling day in the eyes of others, but for them? It was a day they will never forget…hopefully.


There we go the awaited, probably dumb, Halloween special. Hope you guys like it and if your confused about how everyone is cosplayed...just search it up for goodness sakes.

Also shadow, if any glaring errors PM me.

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NiCe omake man! Can't wait for tHe final CHapter!

Call me stupid, but I didn't exaCtly get tHe final part of tHe omake.

(I Had to write some of tHe letters as Capitals Cause my keyboard's broken. sad.gif )
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Alright first off, we are back on track for the finale of Arc 2! As for the final part of the omake...make of it what you will. Finale away!

Chapter 19: Wings of a New Team

“Alright this is the place…” Toshiyuki exhaled as the eight of them managed to go to the bar.

“This place huh? I think my mother comes here quite often…” Airis mused to herself as she looked at the front of the bar.

“Huh…I think this place is well known around here.” Haruko said as she exited her car.

“Well then, let’s go in.” Hitoshi said as he opened the door for everyone else.

“Hello there…what the hell are you kids doing out at this hour?” A yellow haired female partially greeted them as the eight entered in.

“Is it wrong to get a dri-” Haruko started before the bartender harshly cut her off.

“You are all too young, so get out of here…hold on a second…” The bartender started as she closely looked at Airis. “You. You’re Kaede’s off spring right?”

Who the hell uses off spring nowadays? Airis thought before nodding yes. The bartender quickly let out a quickly chuckle before gesturing them to the bar.

“I’ll make an exception this time, you kids can get whatever you can pay.” She said as the eight of them slowly walked to the bar.

“Airis? Do you know her at all?” Haruka whispered to Airis.

“No, but then again I have terrible memory of my early childhood.” Airis responded back as she took a seat.

“So when do ya think Neon and Shizuko gonna get here?” Akemi asked Toshiyuki.

“I have no idea, but hopefully soon.” Toshiyuki responded before the door opened to reveal a blue haired boy and a purple haired girl.

“Guess we made it just in time huh?” Shizuko exhaled as the both of them looked at the group already sitting down.

“Barely, can’t believed we got here as fast as we did though.” Neon said as they took a seat. Neon was sitting next to her sister while Shizuko took a seat next to Haruko, who stared at her quite intensely.

“Um…Haruko why are you staring at me like that?” Shizuko asked before Haruko started to sniff her face. “Ok what the heck are you doing?”

“Your face smells funny.” Haruko replied in a deadpan expression as her eyes slowly squinted. Neon had to suppress any movements that would give away the act they did earlier.

“H-Huh?! W-What are you talking about?!” Shizuko lied as her face turned red as she nearly looked at Neon, which would make Haruko’s accusations right.

“Eh? Last time I remember sis, you didn’t take a shower for two days straight. You oughta smell yourself first.” Haruka said as she pinched Haruko.

“What?! No her face smells funny! And I took a shower before I went to the meet earlier for goodness sakes! OW! Stop pinching me!” Haruko grunted out before slapping Haruka’s hand.

“Enough you two seriously…” Neon managed to say before the bartender looked at the twins again.

“Yup, definitely Kaede’s children alright…” She mumbled to herself before Airis got curious.

“Ok, seriously how do you know about our mother?” Airis nearly shouted in anger.

“Yeah, that’s Kaede’s temper back in the day. Name’s Tamiko, a friend of your mother back in high school.” Tamiko replied before placing a shot of sake before the two, which confused them.

“Why only us Tamiko-san?” Neon asked before he looked into the glass.

“Simple, you’re my friend’s children. I’m letting you two off the hook for now and I will provide this one shot to your friends as well.” Tamiko said before doing what she promised. “Well if you need me you guys know my name, so call me over alright?”

“T-Thanks Tamiko-san…” Neon replied as Tamiko headed to the phone. I wonder if she’s gonna call mom now?

“Anyway, are ya sure it’s the first drink you ever had you two?” Akemi asked as Airis and Neon reluctantly took their glasses.

“Y-Yeah…” the twins replied nervously. “F-First drink…ever.”

“Loosen up man!” Kiyoshi encouraged, more or less, to Neon. “One ain’t gonna kill you. It’s when you’re addicted when it’ll kill ya. So calm down!”

“Indeed Airis, I never saw you so tense before.” Haruka commented. “Look at me! You expect me to fall after a sip right? Nope! Managed to stay up after a whole bottle of whiskey! Or was it beer? I forgot…”

“Geez! Fine!” Airis replied with a slight blush on her face.

“Hmph, guess this will start a whole new team now huh?” Hitoshi asked as he raised his glass.

“A team huh? Sounds good if you ask me.” Kayo said as she raised her glass.

“Very well then but I think we’ll discuss the name after this right?” Haruko finished up as everyone raised their glass.

Then everyone downed the shot in one quick motion and put the glasses back on the table. Everyone was fine, but Airis and Neon looked stunned as their faces flushed a red color. They looked directly at the wall with the stunned expression.

“Woah. Ya doing alright Neon?” Akemi asked as she ignored Airis. No response.

“Huh? You’re a light drinker Airis?” Haruka asked Airis, who also did not give a response.

“SSShhudup!” Airis managed to slur out as her head slammed onto the table. “Agh! That was really freaking strong. Fuck!”

“Wow, strong word there Airis.” Toshiyuki said as he looked at Neon who seemed to be suspended in time.

“Um…are you ok Neon?” Shizuko asked as Neon finally put his hand against his head.

“Fuck that’s strong…” Neon gave out before holding his head harder.

“Wow, ya both are light weights huh? Who woulda guessed?” Akemi finally connected as the Kurubasa twins groaned loudly.

“Geez could you two be any louder?” Haruko asked as she shook her head.

“AND FUCK YOU TO!” The twins retorted loudly.

“Ouch my ears hurt now.”

“So it seems your children are here Kaede…” Tamiko said casually over the phone.

“I see, well about time the kids grew up.” Kaede responded.

“I still don’t understand why you still called them kids until now. They are far past that ‘kid’ age ya know!”

“Still, it’s about time those two drank. How are they?”

“Terrible…well that’s being rough. They’re not taking it lightly. They both just sat like statues before Airis snapped out of it then Neon. Kinda like the time you took your first shot huh?”

“Hahaha! Touché! Well I expected Neon to do better but I can only be so hopeful.”

“You know…why do you put more faith in Neon then Airis? I thought you had more of a connection to her?”

“That’s where your wrong my friend. Neon was more attached to me while Airis was more attached to her father more than me…well until that happened.” Tamiko swore Kaede was hiding a tear.

“Don’t fret it, they like you better now I think. And now they are on shot two…let’s see what happens. Wait how the hell did they find that sake bottle?! Hold on a second!”

Airis, of all people, somehow managed to procure a sake bottle from behind the counter and filled the shot glasses.

“HOLD IT THERE! How the HELL did you get that bottle?!” Tamiko screamed as she approached Airs, who only giggled a bit before rudely shoving the bottle back to Tamiko.

“Yeah, we were calling ya. And you didn’t respond. SO we just, I mean I just, picked up that bottle and poured us all the sake.” Airis oddly sang before going back to her seat.

“Who the hell pressured me into a second shot?” Neon grumbled as Akemi and Airis simply giggled intensely.

Yup, drunk already. Dumb kids. Tamiko sighed as she saw a 1000 yen bill that Toshiyuki placed in front of him.

“I hope this covers the bill we have to pay.” Toshiyuki said as Tamiko smirked.

“Well,” she snatched the bill off the table before she continued, “I would have only charged 500 yen for you all, but I’ll take the large tip thank you very much.”

“Oh you sly person…whatever.” Toshiyuki cursed as Tamiko returned to the phone.

“Second shot AWAY!” Haruka yelled as the group took the shot. Everyone now was staring to get a flushed expression, albeit Shizuko who only had a faint red face. Airis only giggled more as she placed down the glass while Neon sat like a statue…again.

“Whats the madter brotha?” Airis slurred as she slung her arm around Neon. “Drink gettin’ to ya?”

“Holy mackerels,” Akemi commented, “notice how she kind of talked like me for a bit. I think that’s really bizarre.”

Like how bizarre your accent is completely gone and you start talking almost like a natural person. Kayo shook her head as she looked at Neon, who was still sitting like a statue.

“Maybe alcohol doesn’t go well with him?” Shizuko asked as Kiyoshi went straight to Neon.

“Hey man you alright?” He asked as he waved his hand in front of Neon’s face. Now Neon’s static facial expression turned a bit sick.

“No, fuck who the hell made me do this shit?” Neon cursed as he held his head up with both of his hands.

“Sheesh man,” Hitoshi responded, “what a radical difference of character.”

“Fuck off you prick, my head feels like it’s going to explode from just two fucking shots. God dammit this hurts like a bitch.”

“Yeah, Airis was like you back in the past. Neon well…he’s like a cursing fool.” Tamiko reported to Kaede, who was still on the line for some reason.

“Huh, so Airis is a slurred, messed up, giggling freak while Neon curses more? That might be an interesting experience to encounter.” Kaede replied back.

“Indeed it is, well anyway thought would I inform you about that. By the way, got my text a few days back?”

“Yeah, can’t believe that the both of them decided to call you up first. Think the two would at least call me you first, am I still scary?”

“More than you think my friend, night.” Tamiko hung up the phone as Neon continued to curse some of his friends more.

“And fuck off Haruka! Seriously just fuck off you annoying bitchy loli, your making my head ache more than it should be. FUCK!” Neon commented out of nowhere.

“HEY! Stap hoggin’ all the sake ya bitch!” Airis screamed as Akemi poured herself another shot.

“No way, it’s my shot alright?!” Akemi yelled back about the same volume.

Nevertheless the two of them managed to compete who could drink the most shots…while everyone else was just talking…without going to shot three.

“Heh, who woulda thought that Airis and Akemi would compete to finish that bottle.” Kiyoshi said as the group walked out of the bar with Neon carrying a sleeping Airis while Hitoshi carried Akemi out who was also knocked out.

“Indeed…never get me drunk again.” Neon replied in a more normal matter, to him at least. “I’ll take Airis home, I talked with Tamiko and she said she’ll keep the M3 and the Viper safe for tonight. But only for tonight, so you better pick it up tomorrow…somehow.”

“Noted.” Hitoshi replied as Akemi grumbled some nonsense.

“Anyway off our own ways for now yes?” Toshiyuki asked the group.

“Indeed, it was a nice change of pace from my everyday life at least.” Haruko said as she entered her F430.

“By the way, expect Akemi and Airis, is everyone capable of driving back?” Haruka asked. Everyone responded back with agreement.

“We only live a few blocks away anyway; if I could I can probably walk back here to grab the M3.” Neon added.

“I guess we are now a…semi-official group now?” Shizuko asked as everyone else went into their cars.

“One race, that’s all it takes.” Haruka finished off as she started her V12.

One race…Shizuko thought as everyone else drove off, leaving her alone with the STi, M3, and the Viper.

“Geez, am I ready for this? I’m still unsure about myself, ever since that moment. I want to do this but I feel like I will hold everyone back. Perhaps I should move out…maybe my parents are too oppressive on me. Neon needs a stronger woman in his life…or is it me just being selfish? I want to do this, I want to be next to Neon, but how much of it can I achieve with my current status? Maybe I should contact my aunt soon…I need to move on.”

End of Arc 2: Redeeming Present

"You sure you want to do this? She isn't going to forget what you did..."

"Of course, it'll be fun to mess her mentally again...besides that old car ain't gonna hold up to the LFA I modified.


DUN DUN DDDDDDUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Sub plot that only applied to the end for now! Anyway arc 2 is complete.

Heads up, racing chapters are going to be far and in between in arc 3. SO YEAH.

Neon: So what happens now?
Okamiwind: I dunno...wait until I decide to write Arc 3 ya idiot?!
Neon: Asshole.
Shizuko: Now now...stop fighting you two...
Okamiwind: Eh, I wasn't trying to start a fight...

Okamiwind: Say, how about if my readers ask questions for the characters until December?
Kaede: A Q&A technically?
Okamiwind: YES! A character Q&A thingy! I'll be taking a break until December where I would pick the writing back up.

So if you guys have any questions for anyone then ask away! See ya until Arc 3!
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Eh...I guess this is a random thingy I wanted to write...anyway, with no proofreading whatsoever...a small intermission on what happened after the drinking thingy.

Intermission: The Next Morning...

Oh my goodness what a night...but ugh my head hurts...Neon groaned as he attempted to get up...again attempted. He managed to finally roll out of his bed and slam his body on the ground. "AH! Man that hurts, stupid alcohol..."

"Are you ok Neon?" Kaede asked from behind his door, which confused Neon.

"Okaasan? What time is it?" Neon mumbled loudly as he suddenly felt his head get heavy.

"It's freaking 2PM already, you've been out since 3AM. You slept for 11 hours, that rivals your sister's longest sleeping time."

Shit. THAT long? Oh my goodness remind me to NEVER drink alcohol again...uh oh... Neon slowly got up as he held his mouth to suppress any vomit that would come out.

"Hey by the wa- WATCH IT!" Kaede started as Neon darted out of his room, almost pushing Kaede down. "Huh...already throwing up after drinking...hangover eh?" She mused to herself as she heard the familiar sound of puking...all too familiar...Sheesh kinda reminds me of my first drink...

"HEY NII-SAN STOP HOGGING THE TOIL-" Airis somewhat screamed as she banged on the bathroom door. "I THINK I'M GONNA PUKE."

"I AM PUKING BAKA NEE-SAN STOP SCREAM..." Neon shouted back before he puked...again. "USE THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM FOR GOODNESS..."

"SCREW YOU NEON! GOD MY BRAIN HURTS!" Airis finally decided to went down the stairs...and puked as well.

Geez my children sure are light weights...gonna put on the music in the garage for once... Kaede shook her head as she went down the stairs...BUT COULD PUKE ANY SOFTER?! GOD.

In Haruko and Haruka's house...

"ACK. I SWEAR I HATE THE HANGOVER." Haruko shouted as she puked for the fifth time.

"Wow aneki (apparently older sister in Jap...formally) you sure have a low tolerance..." Haruka yelled back while cooking...bacon?

"BLEH. Still imouto...why the hell are you cooking bacon of all things?" Haruko finished up as she dragged herself onto the kitchen table.

"Heard having a bacon...sandwich...or maybe just bacon will help with the hangovers." Haruka responded.

"Still how the hell is a loli able to stay sober after two fucking shots..."

"I have NO idea...maybe it's luck?"

"Fuck luck you must have the lucky genes from father..." Haruka groaned as she slammed her head on the table.

"Hey. Grab some pills or something. You know we recently got this table and the last thing we need is to have it replaced."

"A hand desk ain't going to break it you know..."

In Kayo's house...

"Stupid hangover...and it doesn't help that I have an important tuning job to do...a freaking McLaren F1...although now that I think about it...WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO FOR A MCLAREN F1 TO IMPROVE IT?! It's already a very nice car..." Kayo moaned as she woke up on the couch in her garage.

"The contract said she'll be here at 5PM...maybe I could rest for another hour or two...AH THIS FUCKING SUCKS." Kayo screamed as she shook her body to attempt to sleep again.

In Akemi and Hitoshi's house...

"WOW...HANGOVER HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?!" Hitoshi screamed as she woke up. "IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME BUDDY."


In Kiyoshi's house...he's puking like a maniac...


In Toshiyuki's house...

" body cannot hold alcohol for head...fuck..."

In Shizuko's house...

*Yawn* " my head feels off..." Shizuko stretched as she got up. "I need to call my aunt soon...maybe now..."

Never said it was gonna be long or well thought out.

Everyone but Kaede and Shizuko: HANGOVER'S SUCK.
Shizuko and Kaede: Is it bad that we're both used to it?
Okamiwind: NONONO! DO NOT QUESTION IT. You'll get your chance in arc 3 jackass.

Okamiwind: *summons a Fire Sword (look up the weapon in Dynasty Warriors 8) and a Phoenix* Wanna fight now?
Neon: NOPE. *Runs away*

Yeah, kinda wanted to throw in the day after thingy but not disrupting arc 3's flow.

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I don't think I've ever been drunk after two shots, much less this hungover.

glad you made point of saying there wasn't any proofing, might have made me look bad tongue.gif
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Nice! It was funny how everyone was hungover (?) except for Shizuko.
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Alright, time for the finale arc. A bit of foreword though, this arc will be character heavy at times. Also if I could put in an into song for this arc, listen to Looking for You by daiki kasho. Damn GT6 songs are gooooood. Enough of me now, onto to Arc 3!

Arc 3: Wings

Chapter 20: The Alpha Stage

And so time passed for this small group…and what an impact they made to the scene of Ushiroyama.

With an overwhelming victory over pretty much every team that came to the pass, it was no wonder that the ‘Azure Wings’ were considered the top team on the pass. Even though they had a bit of a hierarchal way of challenging any team, many people never seemed to pass the first two racers.

When a team from the pass challenged them the first people they faced were Airis and Haruka. Seeing how Haruka is in charge of the battles of this pass, it would only be reasonable to let her tackle all incoming challengers…in her very flawed logic at least. Airis took the uphill battle in a hidden attempt to be like her brother. Unlike the other four though, they can race either direction while everyone else is pretty much set on where they start.

Should a team manage to pass the first two they would face Toshiyuki and Haruko. Haruko decided to be an uphill racer due to the fact Toshiyuki was a downhill racer and it was a miracle if someone defeated them. Haruko’s ability uphill was almost mesmerizing to see, she could tackle almost any corner with ease and with only a light application of the brakes. Toshiyuki did lose some skill on this particular pass but he was still a threat.

Only two teams managed to beat Hitoshi’s ZR1 and Akemi’s Viper SRT10. The American cars were simply too powerful for almost any of the racers to handle. Hitoshi’s supercharged ZR1 took the uphill pass while Akemi’s naturally aspired SRT10 took the downhill passes. Using practically only the accelerator these two cars were greatly feared.

Only one team managed to defeat Kiyoshi and Kayo. Kayo’s skills on the downhill were spectacular to watch, managing the Gallardo in a pretty spectacular way. Kiyoshi seemed to have never lost a beat when it came to the uphill races, people were saying that his skills were pretty much the same back in his old group, little did they know it was the same group but with more people.

Finally, Neon and Shizuko were the team’s aces and leaders, no one managed to defeat them…at all. Both their skills had improved drastically; Neon and Shizuko were feared when their cars came into view…when they showed up that is. As the ‘leaders’ of the group they made it a ‘rule’ if they weren’t being challenged they would not appear at the pass.

“What the hell kind of a rule is that?!” Haruka questioned that remark after their first ‘official’ group meeting.

“We made it, so shut up you.” Shizuko responded back.

Flashback aside, only one team managed to reach the team’s leaders, and they were utterly defeated with a very large 15 second gap. Neon’s driving style adapted to his 86 GT which meant his driving style adapted to the slightly weaker boxer engine, which resulted in virtually no brake usage. Shizuko’s downhill skills improved in a unique way, she decided to take a slight kamikaze tactic, where she would take the racing line and swiftly cut across the front forcing opponents to either slam their brakes or risk a crash.

“You know Shizuko, I kinda like that rule YOU created after all.” Neon commented as the couple was playing some fighting game in the arcade.

“It’s like I planned it out or something…!” Shizuko responded as she managed to avoid a combo that would damage her quite a bit.

“Maybe, but even now I STILL think it’s a bit of a dick move…” Neon sighed out as Shizuko managed to kill him off.

“Shut up, didn’t we agree that we needed more time together?” Shizuko saked as she stood up for a quick second, only to remember she had to sit back down to fight the computer.

“True, true but…how the hell did you manage an aerial combo out of THAT?!” Neon asked as he looked at Shizuko’s screen, who decided to just throw the fight.

“I just did, suck it.” She stuck out her tongue as she attached herself on Neon’s arm. Rolling his eyes Neon decided to go to a certain racing game.

“Wangan Midnight Max Tune 4?! I won’t say that I don’t have a card though…” Shizuko then stared at the machine…before noticing her hand was subconsciously moving to her wallet.

“You ain’t the only one…here we go…” Neon shuffled in his pocket for a bit before pulling out a card. “Want to go for a quick round or two?”

“Well it is only 9PM…why not.” Shizuko then sat down in the chair and swiped her card, in which Neon also did next.

“So what do you run with anyway? Wait let me guess…a Subaru of some sorts?” Neon asked as Shizuko chose her car.

“Actually…a Toyota Supra RZ.” Shizuko responded as she slumped on her chair. “And let me guess yours…a Nissan Skyline V-Spec II? Bayside blue color as well?”

“Nope.” Neon responded as he let Shizuko look at the car he chose. “I have a white Nissan Skyline KPGC10, nice little car…but then again I don’t play this that often…plus I did kinda do something similar to this when I was younger.”

Shizuko only tilted her head in confusion. ‘What do you mean when you were younger?”

“You don’t remember what I said on our first date in the Z33? I knew the ‘Free Cycle’, which was a highway racer…which by the way is similar to what we are about to play.”

“I see…anyway shall we start?”

“Hah…that last one took a bit out of me…” Airis sat down as she rested herself on her M3. Back on the pass the last of the races were completed, since apparently not many races were happening.

“Hah…same here…they were getting good until the end…” Haruka replied as she laid herself down in her V12 Vantage.

“Still though…why the hell did we agree to be the first ones to go?”

“Remember what we agreed on? If they ask us in person to challenge them we can either agree or they’ll send them to us…fuck me though…who knew how many imported cars this small city has…”

“Same here…in some regards. Plus what you just said is pretty contradictory, I mean WE have imported cars…in the sense of cars coming into Japan…”

“Shit you’re right…by the way Airis, I want an honest opinion about something I had my mind on.” At this question Airis slowly forced herself to stand up.

“What is it Haruka?”

“What would you think if I traded my V12 Vantage for just a DB9?” This made Airis a bit more awake.

“Huh? Wait…you’re gonna DOWNGRADE your current car? Ain’t the Vantage a heck of a lot better than the DB9?”

Haruka sat up and looked at her V12. “Yeah, it is. But with how it is right now…I think I need to downgrade to something a bit more practical in my everyday life…”

“You are seeing someone?”

“NO! I think…I dunno…I feel like I just cannot keep this car with me for much longer…”

“Well…” Airis pinched her forehead a bit, exhaled and continued, “I’m not going to stop you if you decide to trade down. Just, I hope you know what you are doing.”

“I am.” Haruka replied instantaneously, “If I don’t want to be a liability for the group I need to get a car that is a bit…thinner? A skinnier back? I don’t know but it feels necessary.”

“Again I am not going to stop you, go for it if you want to…”

“I see…well, mata ne Airis-san.” Haruka finally said as she drove off, leaving Airis at her M3.

“Maybe I need to…but what can I downgrade to? Maybe I should see if dad has that connection to BMW…maybe I can use the M4 that just came out…but do I NEED it?”

Bazinga. Here is the start of Arc 3, expect some...changes here and there for all the characters.

Neon: About time...not complaining of course. College is running down now right?
Okamiwind: FFFFFFFFFFiiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaallllsss....UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.
Shizuko: Can you be any louder? My ears hurt now.

Haruka: Eh? I'm gonna get a car change? Sweet...?
Okamiwind: Oh some people...wait no spoilers.
Haruko: Geez first YOU shut US up about spoilers now YOU need to shut up about spoilers.
Okamiwind: Finals. And since you said that Haruko...ZIO!
Haruko: Zio? What...OH SHI- *electrocuted*

Haruka: *Pokes Haruko with a stick* Huh...she's zapped.
Toshiyuki: Indeed...and it would be same to assume updates aren't gonna happen for a while yes?
Okamiwind: Yup, finals again.
Kiyoshi: So...what now?

Kayo: Wait you asshole, geez you have minimal patience.
Kiyoshi: Shut up, I think we dragged this after thing part a little bit to long anyway.

Yeah I agree...signing off for now!


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Nice chapter. 화이팅!
  Posted: Dec 19 2013, 09:16 PM

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Post finals chapter away!

Chapter 21: Everyone’s Back

“Alright then, see you soon!” Shizuko said as Neon got into his 86 GT as he drove back home. Shizuko also did the same shortly after.

“Well…can’t say that I didn’t enjoy that small date.” Neon mumbled to himself as he pulled into the garage. “Sis ain’t home yet? Huh, maybe there were more races then I expected today. Perhaps we should give those two a break.” Just as Neon finished that sentence a familiar M3 came into the garage.

“Brother, all I have to say is…screw you.” Airis screamed at Neon as she turned off her car.

“Love you to Airis…” Neon weakly replied as they both entered the house.

“We’re back.” The twins said as they took off their shoes.

“Oh, are you two doing alright?” Kaede’s voice responded from upstairs.

“I’m fine, Airis is a bit exhausted though.” Airis then hit Neon’s arm. “And she just hit me…great.”

“Eh whatever, you two are grown anyway.” Just then the family heard the garage open, which made everyone a bit surprised.

“Wait…you don’t think…?” Airis asked Neon, who just turned to the garage.

“Oh yeah, though I didn’t expect him to be back THIS early…” Neon responded as a midnight blue haired man in a business suit, looking rather exhausted.

“Hey everyone…I’m back from England…”

“DAD!” Neon and Airis exclaimed as they both hugged their father, who was very surprised to say the least.

“Woah you two, did something happen to make you two hug me like this…not that this is a problem or anything.” He asked out of straight confusion.

“No Hideki, they’re just glad to see you.” Kaede said as she came down the stairs and her husband a kiss.

“I see…well I’ll be home for a while actually, managed to talk myself into some vacation time.” Hideki responded as Neon and Airis released him from their hug.

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“Well, they also talked to me about a certain business venture…but I can’t say anything about this for now.”

“This should be unique, really moving up now aren’t you?”

“Yeah…although the freaking Furusawa are always a step behind me, kinda making me mad if I say so myself.” At the mention of Furusawa, Neon slightly tensed up a bit.

Wait…didn’t Shizuko say that her parents were business people? Does that mean… Neon thought as Hideki noticed Neon’s sudden change in expression.

“Hm? Neon, what’s the matter?” He asked as Airis and Kaede both figured out why Neon was like that. They only looked at each other in anxiety and worry to see if Neon would say anything. “Now what’s with the atmosphere? How the heck did everything turn gloomy?”

“Um…well…how do I put this out?” Airis finally spoke up on Neon’s behalf. “He has a girlfriend now…but…well…” Airis’s words were caught in her throat as she tried to explain.

“Well honey…Neon is dating someone, but he’s dating the daughter of your rival…” Kaede finally finished as Neon closed his eyes.

“That’s it? Sheesh, what did you all think I was going to do? Yell at him for his bad decisions in a possible partner for his future? You all should know better than that.” Hideki explained as everyone looked at him in surprise. “In fact, I’m a bit glad that Neon is dating her…I don’t remember her name unfortunately. It’s about time someone showed them what a real relationship is.”

What? The entire family thought as they looked at Hideki’s smiling face. “Honey…did…I just hear that you are actually ok with Neon dating your business rival’s daughter? I thought you were going to explode or something.”

“Sheesh, have I not been at home that much? I don’t care who our children date, love comes in different forms and in unexpected ways. In this case I see this as a case to show Furusawa that love can still bloom in unexpected ways. I overheard that they wanted to have their daughter have an arranged marriage with no choice in who she marries.”

“Really? Wow…so it’s a good idea I stepped in?” Neon asked his father as he sat down at the dinner table.

“Yup and recently I overheard that she is ‘rebelling’ against them by moving out. Apparently her mind is stuck on moving out that no amount of bribes can sway her mind.”

Shizuko…why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you…well I can ask these questions later…Neon thought as Hideki smiled at Neon.

“All I ask of you son is to make sure that you love her with every fiber of your body. When Furusawa told me about her, I saw a million holes in his logic and even more things wrong with how they raised her. She needs that someone to make her look at life with a smiling face.” Neon then lightly smiled and nodded his head.

“I will father…I will.” Neon responded with a lot more confidence. Although why the hell didn’t Shizuko tell me about her moving?!

“Well that aside…I was told to ask you about this business venture I was offered.” Hideki said as everyone looked at him.

“Alright then, but didn’t you say you had to keep your mouth shut about this father?” Airis asked.

“Yes, but now I can…apparently they said I had to wait ten minutes when I came home…odd and I have no idea why. So Kaede, don’t ask.” Kaede then closed her mouth and nodded. “Alright…well this business venture will force us to move, but not away from this city rather to a new location.”

“Ok dear, that I can live with.” Kaede said.

“They are asking me to be a manager of a hot springs they managed to get here.” Hideki then closed his eyes, expecting a reaction. Needless to say he thought exactly on what they were going to say.



“WHAT?! SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID YOUR COMPANY DO THIS?!” Kaede, Airis, and Neon shouted at the same time.

They continued to yell for a bit more before Hideki cleared his throat.

“WAIT. I was surprised at this too and seeing how my company works I had similar reactions too. However they needed a new venture and seeing as a hot springs would be a good way to generate income for them…well…yeah. A led to B, B led to C, etcetera. Plus they said I needed to spend more time with our family…and apparently they got wind of your company, honey, saying you need a bigger workspace.”

“WHAT?! Nismo’s e-mail…how did your company intercept that?! Isn’t that illegal?” Kaede fumed a bit as she looked like she was going to strangle Hideki.

“Actually they sent a copy of it to me as well…which my boss somehow managed to yank from my company e-mail account. Don’t know how, but it did. So they are actually willing to build a bigger workspace for you honey, if you’re willing to do it.” Kaede was slightly freaking out for a bit before calming herself down.

“Well can’t change what happened. But the garage now is getting a bit small…plus I am getting a large number of orders for some odd reason, something about the ‘touch’ I have. So…I’m fine with it but if the children say no, then it’s a no go.” Kaede exhaled as she looked at Neon and Airis.

“I don’t mind really, a bigger room is all I ask for…along with a walk in closet that can hold a lot of clothes.” Airis said with an odd smile.

“Sure I guess; I would like a good view outside though, sick of looking at another house.” Neon responded. Hideki smiled a bit before getting up.

“Well since everyone is surprisingly on the same note I’ll contact my boss and tell them it’s an ok from my family and don’t worry you two I’ll tell them your needs as well.” Hideki finished as he proceeded upstairs.

“Didn’t expect THAT of all things.” Kaede said as she went into her workplace. Airis looked at Neon’s perplexed face.

“Hey Neon, you doing alright? I mean dad did leave on a high note.” Airis asked as Neon went to the couch and slouched on it.

“Yeah, but it seems…odd. I mean I was slightly aware of dad’s business rival but I didn’t expect it to be Shizuko of all people…” Neon responded as he held his head lightly.

“Don’t fret it, besides Shizuko’s moving out…and I guess she didn’t tell you that huh?”

“NO!” Neon screamed back, thankfully their parent’s didn’t hear that. “I mean…I would think she would at least give me a few subtle hints, but NOPE. None…AT ALL.”

“Why are you getting angry at her? I mean she must have her reasons, maybe she was worried on what your reaction would be. And seeing you RIGHT now, I would be scared on how you would react if I told you this.”

Neon simply exhaled as he calmed down his anger. “I…ugh, I’m not that mad. I would be supportive of it…but she did say she would tell me if anything important comes up. I would THINK that THIS would be important.”

“Neon…I think she is worried about telling you because you would probably question on why she is moving. In addition to that she might have a bad past that she isn’t ready to tell you.”

“You think so Airis? I mean…you know what? Maybe you are right, maybe I’ll just wait the storm out before I ask anything about it.” Neon then got up and went to his room.

Well, here we go. Post finals chapter.

Neon: Not much huh?
Okamiwind: Nope. Got nothing here to say.
Kiyoshi: By the way...who the hell was that person at the end of the last chapter?
Okamiwind: What? Thought you would recognize her voice...

Kiyoshi: Nope...why?
???: Of ALL the people you know...YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE ME?!
Kiyoshi: Huh?...OH SHI-

Okamiwind: I'LL BLOCK THIS OUT FOR NOW. Character spoilers...
Haruko: What the hell is with YOU and spoilers now?
Okamiwind: Do you need to get Zio'd again?
Haruko: *Cowers in fear* please.
Haruka: Aw...nee-san is scared...

Haruka: Nope, but all I have to say is....HAHAHAHAHA!
Okamiwind: Garu.
Haruka: HAHAHahaha...*cough cough cough*
Okamiwind: I HAVE THE POWER.

Shizuko: THAT'S ALL FOR THE ENDING BIT FOLKS. I might as well say that chapter updates are going to be more often since Okamiwind is finished with finals! But expect no updates until...Monday? He's going to a church retreat so yeah!
Neon: Wow...not bad Shizuko.

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