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> [FANFIC] Pressured Wings, Let those wings soar...
  Posted: Jul 20 2013, 12:22 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Yo, I decided to make a quick race to relearn the track...and I made it short to introduce some Initial D...techniques in. I dunno, but hope you like it. Also gonna need help with something for the next arc and I need help from the readers...if they want to.

Random Race

The starting line was set with two cars side by side at the top of the pass, a red Lotus Elise 111R and a blue BMW M3 GTS. After a short countdown between the drivers they both accelerated as fast as they could, the lighter Elise gaining the slight advantage in acceleration. Upon the positioning they both past the initial s turn the first hairpin appeared and both cars quickly braked into a drift past the hairpin no problem. However before the left turn was where the two driver’s tactics were different, the GTS was taking the racing line while the Elise stuck a bit close the apex on most turns. This left the GTS at a higher speed then the Elise, however the Elise was definitely compensating for this difference by using the lighter body to quickly turn past the next hairpin. As the result the Elise was entering and exiting at a slightly higher speed then the GTS, opening the gap a bit. This continued to the next hairpin as well, leaving a car length distance between the two racers.

However the high speed portion of the pass was the GTS’s main area of attack, using the higher powered engine to quickly close the gap between the two cars. Soon the GTS was ahead of the Elise by half a car length, leaving the Elise driver a little demoralized. Still this high speed portion was bound to end soon and about a few seconds later the GTS showed it’s lights to the Elise, signaling where the start of the Elise’s attack. The Elise was able to get just behind the GTS as it went through the next set of hairpins, leaving the Elise driver a little too proud. It was then the Elise was seeing a familiar way the hairpin was set up, similar to a track the driver knew too well…if the Elise were to come out on top the tactic had to be tried. The second hairpin was like the last one, thus the Elise attempted the tactic but he didn’t anticipate the hidden guard rail. That left the Elise to swerve back on the original line the driver used, opening the gap to a good two seconds due to that simple flaw. So much for the Invisible Line…the Elise knew this was a lost battle so the Elise managed to take the racing line down to the finish, where the GTS was not waiting. Unknown to the passing Elise was a F430 Italia.

“This was the fifth race this past two days…it is surely reviving, surprised there is no one here to spectate…” Haruko mumbled to herself as she finished up her last cigarette and tossed the butt to the ground. She looked at the emptied pack and crushed it in her hand before tossing it to the ground. “I’ll make an exception this time…” Haruko looked at the crushed pack before going inside her car and looked at the new pack in her hands. “Hope these nicotine patches do as they say…” She looked at the fresh patch out of the box and placed it on her upper arm before she turned the engine on and drove back home. Just as she left though a silver Audi RS4 and a green Ford Focus ST passed by her.


Yep this sucks, I think i'm losing my touch. Anyway I think i'll start asking this now: since this takes place years after the Initial D stuff i'm gonna need some racers to face off against. So if you guys/gals want an OC of yours to be incorporated in my fic then all you need to do is PM me. But there are a few things you should put if you want an OC in.

Car: Name and Appearance (of it)
Racing Style:
Behavior: (i.e. how this person would act)
Team: Yes or No

Now for teams, it is mainly just two people racing. But if you want to incorporate a leader of sorts (like Ryosuke role in Project D) that's fine, but I need to know who they would race. This is the racing roster:

Neon and Shizuko 1
Kayo and Kiyoshi 2
Airis and Haruka 2
Hitoshi and Viper Girl 2
??? and ??? 2

Don't worry, the final pair will be revealed in time...maybe the first chapter of the next arc. The number next to the pairs mean the number of requests I will accept, and a certain group the appeared will face off against Neon and Shizuko. You should know who, anyway yeah.

And I think i'll just start the second arc, if I don't start it I think i'll lose my creative juices for this fic. I already have a fanfic idea for Dynasty Warriors...with the created officers I made in yeah.
  Posted: Jul 28 2013, 01:41 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Let's do this.

EDIT: Reformatting of Arc 2 complete.

Arc 2: Redeeming Present

Chapter 1: Revival

At the bottom of the pass a smaller girl sighed as she looked at her laptop, noting the end of the race between a NSX Type R and a MR-S SW30. “Ugh, I know I was the so called proctor of the races but to actually reprise my role after all these years? Sheesh…” And next to her was a taller girl, looking at the younger one in her time of anguish.

“This is what you get for picking up that call and you just HAD to say yes didn’t you Haruka?” Haruka rolled her eyes, they were slightly bloodshot since she didn’t get enough sleep for the past few days.

“Shut up Haruko…they had good arguments anyway…” Haruko only sighed and shook her head as she heard her twin’s feeble excuse. Indeed it has been a long time, ever since that accident between the Impreza and S13 she immediately reprised her role and her thoughts of racing on the pass. But she didn’t expect for it to all come back and bite her again, Haruka ran her hand over her hair before noting a race coming up.

“Sis, I need you to take care of this from here on out alright?” Haruka then thrusted the laptop into Haruko’s hands leaving her in a slight daze before she silently screamed, “Hey wait! What on earth do you mean ‘take care of this’? I never did this before…HEY HARUKA!”

But her shout went on feint ears as her twin went inside of her white V12 Vantage. Haruko only sighed as she looked at the newly found laptop in her hands, her twin’s Vantage versus an Exige on the downhill. She then looked at the map that was placed near the list and it showed at least seven different blips, probably to tell the other people at the bottom or top about whose in front or whatnot. As much as my younger twin is a klutz at times, she sure knows how to multitask…Haruko then heard the signal to go and looked to see her sister take the pass.

“Exactly why did you think it was good coming up here at THIS time? I mean, look at the people…” A boy and a girl were sitting at the bench overlooking the pass and the girl’s head was on the boy’s right arm.

“I didn’t know it would populate THIS quickly…but then again didn’t you say that this place was beautiful at this time?” The girl brushed her purple hair to the side and gave a small smile to the boy.

“Well…I guess so, I mean I don’t know why but the stars appear more during the summer turning into fall time. But Shizuko I told you it would be like this for a few more weeks, why today?” The boy asked.

Shizuko only giggled a bit and put her head back on the boy’s arm. “I told you Neon what I wouldn’t be able to go out like this thanks to my parents returning for a few days; beside I didn’t tell them about you.” Shizuko voiced trailed off at the end but Neon gave her a reassuring smile as a small breeze ruffled his blue hair and put his arm around Shizuko’s shoulder.

“Ah…well same here too, I mean my mother would be surprised and would ask me who. But I fear that if I have you as my girlfriend well…I’m sure she’ll want to break your arms or something drastic to that nature.” Shizuko then looked at Neon oddly, her left eye slowly squinted at her boyfriend’s response.

“Break my arm…is she that strong? I know she’s a mechanic for Nismo and all but…” Neon could only look down and smirk at her expression.

“Trust me, if she can rebuild a Z32 VG30DETT by herself my mother could probably do something drastic to another human being.” Shizuko only sighed as she looked up to the oddly starry sky, it was quite a beautiful sight to behold. She then rested her head on Neon’s lap, in which he then proceeded to lightly pet her head.

“But why did we drive separately again Shizuko?” Neon asked as he looked at her.

“I don’t know…” Shizko stated as he looked at Neon.

“And that should do it for today…” Haruko groaned as the final downhill race between a Touring Prius and a Honda Civic EK9 finished. But who the heck would race a Prius here? Is that person trying to outlast the opponent or something? She then saw Haruka approach her; her eyes were starting to droop and she didn’t look well, she looked almost like she was ill.

“Hey, c’mon sis you should get to bed soon. You don’t look to well…” Haruko looked with a definite look of worry, Haruka only grabbed her laptop and stormed straight to her car. Haruka only shook her head as she drove out of the pass, she was about to follow suit until something came up over the radio her twin forgot.

“Is there another race that wasn’t posted? A blue Toyota 86 GT and a green WRX STi just flew by me!” Haruko’s eyes opened in shock, she knew who they were and at this point there was no stopping them.

She immediately grabbed the radio and responded, “This isn’t posted but are there any civilians here?”

“No, it’s safe here.” The other side said in the same frantic tone.

“Then let them go for now, they’ll be down soon.” And soon enough everyone’s breath was still for some odd reason as everyone heard the tires of the two cars squeal down the pass.

“Who the heck are these two? The WRX is at a pretty good pace ahead of the 86 GT but why isn’t it pulling away…? But look at the skills, I swear they were going about 120 km/h!” Then there was a bunch of random chatter on the opposite end but Haruko then heard her cell phone ring. Who the heck is calling now? Nevertheless she picked up the call.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it Haruko?” Haruko only sighed as she heard the oddly familiar voice coming from the phone. “Toshiyuki-san, it has been a while. Tell me, why are you calling me now? Besides, wouldn’t you have called Neon first?”
The response was a simple chuckle, “I was thinking that but since I heard the pass was opening up I thought he would be busy with defending his title. But none the less I wish to see you.”

Haruko only stared at the sky before responding, “Where at?” However other than a response the sound of a constant beep was heard, then the cell buzzed with a notification of a new message. She then looked at the message and saw what the message contained, a familiar place to her…and to the people she knew. Sighing Haruko closed her phone and managed to see the two racers fly pass the nearby crowd.

“It sure has been a while since anyone of us meet here hasn’t it?” Said a lower male voice as Haruko exited her car.

“Indeed, who would’ve thought that you would call me here? The place where the five of us gathered before every race...” Haruko looked to her right and saw the remnants of a small park there. It was only a minute drive from the pass, but it was close recently due to the high amount of racers coming here. Ever since the police managed to catch this spot no one came by here…until today.

“Shame they closed this down, it was quite a bustling area.” Toshiyuki then turned to face Haruko, he still wore his black rectangular glasses that showed his red eyes and his short silver hair still was the same years ago.

“It was indeed, but why did you call me here?” Haruko asked.

Toshiyuki then turned around and simply stated, “If I’m gonna get back on the pass I need a partner.”

Haruko then felt a small bit of anger inside her. “Well I don’t know how to go the pa-”


Haruko could only stop and stared at him as he turned around with an angry look. “After your little accident there was a sighting of a F430 climbing the pass, and the last time I checked you were the only one sighted with a F430.”

She sighed and gave up, “So what? I haven’t been on here for a year, do you really expect me to be like how I was back in senior year? But fine I’ll be your partner…” Toshiyuki smirked and went back in his black Altezza RS-200 before he drove off.

“What did I get myself into…”


Yep, chapter 1 of Arc 2. Unlike the past i'll be only posting one chapter whenever I get around of making it. I'm losing it...oh well.

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Posted: Jul 28 2013, 03:19 PM

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pretty good suspense building chapter here, pretty well written.

Editor's notes: you do have a few wrong words in a couple places and small things like that.
Posted: Jul 28 2013, 04:37 PM

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Just read all of this in about an hour.
This fic is awesome man!
  Posted: Jul 30 2013, 01:25 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Alright, looks like i'm getting some of my creativity back. Just a note here, there is a bit of cussing near the'll see why.

Chapter 2: Unsettling

“You followed me pretty good Neon, although I thought you said that downhill was not your strong point?” Shizuko said to Neon as they were eating at a diner near the outskirts of the city. Although it was a slightly longer drive Neon knew a good place to munch on, plus his family were common patrons to the diner.

“Eh, I have to go down once in a while so I do try to practice on it. But even then, since you have to go uphill to go downhill I am surprised that I almost lost you going up the pass.” Neon responded while stirring the straw in his soda.

“Well I tend to conserve my tires going uphill so I usually go about the limit if not a little less…hope you get what I mean.” Shizuko lightly smiled at the boy’s rather nonchalant stare.

Their food came out and then they ate what they ordered. “I never knew how hungry I was…” Shizuko started before looking at Neon just running down his food. Needless to say she simply just sighed.

After their little dinner the both of them hugged before they went back to their own respective houses. It wasn’t long after Neon entered the house, for some odd reason the dining table’s light was only illuminated. He was greeted by an angry looking black haired woman, and he knew this was not going to end well.
“Sit,” and that was all she said; a command in which Neon quickly took a seat at the lightly illuminated table, which was followed by his mother walking slowly to the seat across from him; the tension slowly increased with every step.

“This is the eighth time you were out at this time for the past two weeks. About time you told me the REAL reason you are out.” Neon’s heart stood still for a second, his mother’s stare was burning deep into his eyes. Not that it helps her eyes were red that only added to the intensity. “And don’t make a bullshit excuse this time, I had enough of your lies for now. Tell me the truth.”

Sighing Neon finally gave up, he was hiding the fact Shizuko was his girlfriend ever since he asked her out on that day. “Fine, I’ll be frank. I have a girlfriend, her name is Shizuko.”

A simple sentence that had simply made his mother jet off of her chair and go straight towards the garage. She didn’t just slam the door but also managed to knock some things off the nearby table, the sound of the items crashing adding to the now strained relationship between mother and son. Neon then simply got up and proceeded to his room. At least Airis was nowhere around at that time.

Kaede tried the best to remember the last time such fury came inside of her, which was probably never now that she thinks about it. Her arms started thrashing her workplace; her neatly placed tools were tossed around all over the place. It only lasted for a few seconds before she suddenly just stopped and got inside her HS40 and drove off to a place where she would know where she could ease her anger, the bar a certain friend owned. After managing to get there in about forty five seconds, which somehow surprised even her, she stormed into the bar and a familiar yellow haired woman was surprised to see her.

“K-Kaede? What are you doing—” Kaede simply slammed the bar table, which surprised some of the patrons, and immediately pointed to a random bottle of alcohol. The yellow haired bartender was reluctant of getting the thing she was pointing at, until she looked at the pointed bottle. “What the hell happened to you Kaede? You do know that is freaking vodka you are pointing at!” No response, just an aimed finger pointing at it. “You are going to tell me what happened later…”
Now this was she didn’t expect, Kaede just took one gigantic drink of an entire bottle of vodka. And it was a liter of it too, yet Kaede’s face was simply flushed. “Um…are you gonna…”

Kaede then slammed the bottle, breaking it and the sound of glass resonated within the now vacant bar. “Fucking kid, the hell was he thinking being a boyfriend to the slut who almost fucking killed him. The hell was he thinking doing something like this, I fucking swear Tamiko she’ll do more fucking harm then god damn good.”

Tamiko then looked at the drunken patron in disbelief, another worker was quick to clean up the shards of the smashed bottle. “Look Kaede, last time you did this was when your first boyfriend cheated on you. And you weren’t even functional for a few days, and no way am I having another episode of that again. What the fuck happened?”

Kaede then looked at Tamiko with slightly watery eyes before saying, “You know that person who crashed Neon? Shizuko? Well apparently those two are fucking dating now.”

Tamiko only sighed at her so called dilemma, face palming before letting out a small groan. “Look, just because of a simple accident doesn’t mean she is a bad person. You are fucking over reacting for goodness sake Kaede! Who knows? Maybe she’ll be a nice person and make Neon happier then he was. You can’t just do something so damn drastic-”


Tamiko then slapped Kaede across the face before firmly grasping her shoulders. “God dammit Kaede get a fucking grip! Didn’t you want him to find a girlfriend soon anyway? You are way too damn overprotective of him! Let him free for a bit will ya?!” Tamiko then pushed her down, leaving Kaede to fall on her back. Kaede then slowly got up and jumped over the bar table to punch Tamiko.

“Don’t you DARE lecture me on how I care for MY children Tamiko! You don’t know the god damn pai-” Kaede was quickly interrupted by a quick knee by Tamiko in which she then grabbed Kaede and slammed her against the wall.

“LISTEN TO ME. You are fucking over protecting him, one simple accident and you think it’s the end of the world? How childish can you be? You still haven’t grown up since the last time we all met didn’t we? Sure you were one of the most cold hearted, but you are still also one of the most naïve idiots of our group!” Tamiko then let go of Kaede, in which she then went out of the bar. “You fool…”

Yeah, it's a bit serious. Don't worry a race will happen next chapter.

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Posted: Jul 30 2013, 11:59 AM

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hell of a chick fight at the end there, very cool, little short as the chapter goes (maybe thats just my screen being huge i don't know) but overall well done.
  Posted: Aug 3 2013, 11:34 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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What the heck is with me and late night updates? I mean I write late...and I know I have the WHOLE DAY to write these...whatever. Race time!

Chapter 3: Rematch

It was the dead of night, after the whole racing event time, as the sounds of tires squealing filled the pass. And on that pass was a certain silver M3 was going up the pass. Tch, why can’t I go faster? Inside the M3 was a blue haired girl, her eyes slowly analyzing the pass’s road layout. Hm…maybe if I can…she then shifted up and took the hairpin before the high speed and managed to get a decent drift in…but that was not as fast as my brother took it…sighing she managed to make it the rest of the way without much trouble but at a subpar pace.

“How the hell did my brother go up this pass so quickly…” the girl asked the wind as she exited the M3. She eventually came up with the answer she looked for. “Right, mother taught him this pass…should have asked for a few sessions here but nnnoooo. I HAD to be stubborn and stick with highway racing…” Just as she finished saying what she wanted to a familiar orange Viper came into her view. And she looked intensely at the driver coming out, a pink twin pigtail girl came out.

“I didn’t expect you of all people to be here” the pigtailed driver said to the blue haired girl.

“Tch, whatever you say Akemi. Same could be said of you…” Akemi could only let out a small laugh before looking at the distraught girl.

“Oh Airis, you are such an immature person at times. The rumors back on the highway scene are still true even to this day, it’s almost PITIFUL you haven’t moved on.” Airis knew her taunt was to get her riled up, and she almost fell for it if it wasn’t for the fact she had to bite her lower lip to keep her from lashing out on her. “Although I am curious, how da hell did you know my name? In fact we never met in person until a while back ago…”

Airis then found her rebuttal to Akemi’s taunt. “Oh? Well I happened to have contacts that concern over the ENTIRE racing scene, and if I remember right…you just act on a whim correct? Unlike you I act AFTER I gather information.” Now it was Akemi’s turn to bite her lower lip, Airis only smirked a bit before both of their faces returned to a neutral state. “So, fancy a race down here?”

“Hmph, you’re done now.” Akemi said she entered into the Viper’s door.

They decided it was a simple case of who can outrun the other in a side by side starting. So I know that the American car will outrun me at the start, thanks to however American drag racing or whatever. (BGM: Freedom Ride by The Snake) The internal countdown started and the Viper was much quicker off the line, leaving at least two car lengths of space as the Viper took the first s turn. Airis clicked her tongue before following the same line as her. Akemi smirked before simply letting off the accelerator, letting the Viper fishtail the first hairpin. Out of instinctual fear Airis upshifted 1000 RPM too early and tried to fishtail the turn as well, only to have her downshift and exit the corner at a slower pace. Dammit, not gonna win like this…but maybe I could use her drifts against her…

“She doesn’t know that certain American cars can do this all day!” Akemi shouted as she effortlessly managed the next few hairpins with relative ease. One thing I do have to applaud her though…it’s how she can control her throttle with near perfect precision. Many people I know just floor it with no precision…but she isn’t the only one who can do that! Airis took the final hairpin after a quick brake and eased onto the accelerator, slowly shortening the distance between the two cars. Good now only if I can keep this up…and not shift extremely early.

However the high speed was where Viper regained the lead, leaving the M3 even further then where it once was. Alright, jus’ gotta take this next part evenly…why does this part hate me? The sharper s turn before the successive hairpins was oddly hard for Ameki, and she accidently turned the wheel too much leaving her to recover from a near crash. Airis’s eyes squinted for a second as she saw the Viper struggling to regain stability. The M3 then quickly accelerated to catch up, thus making the gap between the cars into a close encounter. Shoot! One simple mistake and now this happens?! Akemi then accidently upshifted two gears and took the hairpin as a regular turn then a drift.

“So you can’t handle tighter turns well huh? Maybe you just freaked out but I will take any opportunity to overtake you!” Airis then took the inner part of the hairpin and proceeded to take the lead. Akemi cursed her misfortune and tried her best to retake the lead. Airis was unnaturally good at blocking the Viper, forcing it to either brake hard or take the outer line; making Airis the victor.

“Dammit…” Akemi said as they both stopped at the bottom. It only pained her more as Airis got out of her car, smirking in a loathsome way.

“HA! You may have been my worst enemy back then but now I am your worst nightmare on the pass!” Airis taunted at the stunned driver before skipping back to her M3 and drove off. And Akemi swore she saw her flipping the bird on her.

“Man, what a sore winner…”


Yep, chapter with a race. BTW I JUST had an idea for another Initial D fanfic...this time something that has the original characters in it...but I don't know enough about the characters to write about I'll write that idea after i'm done with this arc...

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Posted: Aug 4 2013, 01:16 AM

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fairly good race, wouldn't mind seeing more.
Posted: Aug 5 2013, 10:10 AM

Patient Zero

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You're getting better at character interactions! I really like the way this is going. The chapter lengths are a little on the short side, but its nice because you get straight to the point without using a lot of flowery language. So do you still have my two OCs slated to make another appearance any time soon? wink2.gif
  Posted: Aug 5 2013, 10:17 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Yeah, but I think it'll be good to...well I ain't gonna spoil it. But it'll be soon enough...I hope, if you want i'll PM you about the specifics...
  Posted: Aug 7 2013, 10:39 PM

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Yosh, I think I'm both getting back my creativity but losing out on my writing skills. Anyway I don't own anything but my OC's (I think you'll see why I put this disclaimer here).

Chapter 4: Reunion

“It’s sure has been a long time isn’t, Neon-senpai?” Neon only chuckled at the voice that came out of the cell phone.

“Sheesh Toshiyuki, you still call me that after all these years? I mean we were in the same class…” Neon was just fiddling on his, surprisingly empty, computer screen when he got this unexpected phone call.

“Still though you taught me the pass since you, said from yourself, I had an ‘untapped talent’. Like you were a veteran or something.”

“Anyway, why did you call me anyway?” Neon said as he spun in his chair.

“Simple maybe the old team should meet back up again, since after the incident…I guess.” Neon then exhaled and stared at the small picture near the computer, a picture of the four of them next to their own cars. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad, it’s been way too long since I, Kayo, and Kiyoshi had a nice talk since then…

“Sure, I don’t see why not. Let me ask them when they’re available and I’ll call you back with the details.” Toshiyuki gave a small sound of agreement before hanging up. I wonder why he’s back? Didn’t he move to…ah come on I should remember this…

“Hm? Toshiyuki’s back? I don’t see why we can’t meet sooner than later. Hm…how about this Friday, I planned on resting that day after all.” A female voice replied to Neon’s request.

“Huh? Toshiyuki’s back?! Ah man, I wonder how he was after all this time! Count me in, Friday should be the best day for me.” A male voiced said excitedly.

And thus here they all are now, at the arcade they once went to back in high school. “Hm? An SXE10…it’s definitely different then your old RX-8, but I assumed you got better then?” Neon and Toshiyuki simply shook their heads upon hearing this as Kayo ‘greeted’ the group.

“You haven’t changed at all Kayo, still never expected you to get a Gallardo.” Toshiyuki ‘greeted’ as he rolled his eyes.

Kayo then only smirked at Toshiyuki’s response, before turning her face turned a bit dark. “Yeah, Yukianesa you sure must have changed your style to adapt to this car.”

Toshiyuki could only groan and face palm as he heard this ‘old’ nickname of his. And it didn’t help that Neon and Kiyoshi were both, literally, rolling on the floor laughing their sides off. “After ALL THIS TIME, you still call me that for my old attitude from playing BlazBlue? For the love of…”

Neon was the first to recover while Kiyoshi well…was still laughing. “You know Kayo, if you didn’t say that again I wouldn’t have called Toshiyuki that.” Kiyoshi managed to gasp out from his laughter fest. Toshiyuki then cleared his throat and that made Kiyoshi, slowly, recover.

“Anyway, I planned on after our little reunion if we could run down the pass again. It’s been way too long since I ran my home course.” Only Neon smirked, Kiyoshi and Kayo only looked at each other with slightly worried looks.

“Ah…well how do I put this…I haven’t ran the pass since I got the Gallardo, you know since that time. Plus I am BUSY with the tuning…business thingy I’m doing.” Kayo said with a meek smile.

“Truth be told man, I haven’t been on the pass for some time. Been busy with life, what the heck have you been doing?” Kiyoshi asked as he stared at Toshiyuki.

Neon only looked up, awaiting Toshiyuki’s response. Not that he was anticipating a shocking answer or anything. “Did you forget? My family is pretty well off, I’m taking a four year break before I start studying abroad for…um…”

Neon then proceeded to face palm himself. “C’mon man, are you seriously that forgetful on your future? Don’t you remember saying you wanted to be some sort of chemist or something?”

Toshiyuki then chuckled a bit, and simply nodded his head. “Well you two, better keep up.”

After he went into his ZN6 Neon’s cell phone went off and looked at who was calling. Picking up the call he asked, “Ah Shizuko, sorry but I’m with some old friends right now. Can’t talk now, and don’t come to the pass. It’s THOSE old friends.” The opposite side gave a small noise before hanging up. Hope you get what I meant…

It was a bit but the four of them managed to stop at the top, and thankfully no one was there. “It’s definitely different from Akina, but it definitely feels familiar.” Toshiyuki exhaled as he got out of his car.

Kiyoshi slowly gave Toshiyuki a strange look, “Akina? Ain’t that where the White Ghost originates from??”

Neon only nodded, “But remember, the old hachi-roku is done now. Heard the final race on Tsubaki Line ended with the Ghost ending up backwards…or did it lose by that? Everyone has a different take on it…” Kayo could only look at the city. I wonder how long it would take before a new legend with the newer hachi-roku begins…and I feel like I’m with that new legend…oh well.

“So he ended up here eh?” A black Z34 was parked not that far from the group of four. He only looked at them with a blank expression, analyzing the cars they had. “A red T.M LanEvo, looks too clean for it to be used here. An…Italian car? What in the hell does that girl think she’s doing with that? The ZN6…maybe I should see what the driver does downhill…if he is going to go down. And that freakin’ SXE10…does he seriously think he could escape me from coming here…I’ll show him one day…” The slick near black haired owner of the Z34 whispered to himself. “You were lucky that you ALMOST beat me, if I didn’t decide to go easy until the final sections of Akina I would’ve got you…” He then got back in his car and drove off. Is the RedSun’s number two still following me after almost beating him in Akina? I hope nothing goes south…

Heads up people, the next few chapters are going to be character heavy; with MAYBE an occasional race to keep it alive. Right now I want to do some character stuff, but don't worry. I plan to also do race heavy series of chapters later on, just that for now if you don't like character stuff...and maybe some luvey smush between the Angel and the Phoenix you might wanna hold off on reading for a bit. Yeah...but the luvey stuff is a maybe.

Anyway hope you guys don't mind...hopefully... ermm2.gif unsure.gif Also is it odd that I HAVE to listen to Eurobeat whenever I write a chapter? Character heavy or not?

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not bad, wouldn't mind a showing of some of that uphill if they weren't doing the whole legal thing tongue.gif

also if it makes the story go foward, there is nothing wrong with lovey dovey, or mushy...

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Cool chapters.
Yay for character development!
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Oh fancy fancy. What is this mention of the new RedSuns? I like where this is going! I also don't mind some mushy lovey dovey stuff. I'd like to see how you'd tackle that. Keep those chapters coming!

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T-T-T-TRIPLE CHAPTER UPDATE! My fingers wouldn't stop...but now my brains a bit weird. So now i'll take a bit of time off to regain my lost brain cells.

Chapter 5: Acquaintance

Neon felt uncomfortable, almost too uncomfortable. There was nothing that was making him uncomfortable inside the house…but his sister was unusually stiff today. He did say that he was going to be out for the whole day and his sister did acknowledge it…but it felt like she was almost keeping a stink eye on him. “Sis…why are giving me an odd look?”

Airis only gave a small ‘hmph’ before continuing to stare at the brother in question. He thought a good way to pass the time with some Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but his current streak of wins were lost when he felt her sister’s presence. “Truth be told brother, you NEVER head out at this time so it concerns me…” I would assume your last word was ‘greatly’…well I think it’s best to break it to her now then to have a second episode like mother.

“Alright Airis, if you REALLY want to know why I’m going out…then please sit down and stop giving me a glare.” Airis then immediately complied with the first part, sitting down near Neon but still kept her glare.

C’mon…please stop that stare…Neon could only sigh as he mustered what little courage he had at this moment. “Ok, I have a girlfriend to tell the truth and her na-”

“REALLY?! WHO IS IT?” And Airis’s face instantly turned around with a slight shine around her now bright face.

Neon knew she would act like this but he had reservations about how he started. “Ok, look. Don’t think about hurting me or overreacting when I say her name…and don’t tell mother ok?” Airis just overdramatically nodded.

“Her name is Shizuko Furusawa…” Neon slowly answered with a disheartened tone.
Suddenly Airis’s bright face went a little dark, “Oh…I see.” Neon knew she wouldn’t take this well…at least she didn’t overreact.

“If you want me to keep it a secret…assuming she didn’t know already…” Oh crap, she’s onto me…Neon thought as his sister said this.

“I want to see what you see in her. I will follow you to where you are meeting her…understood?” Airis demanded.

“Sheesh sis, you sure are strict when you want to be…fine just don’t do anything drastic alright?” Neon sighed as he proceeded to go to his ZN6, with his twin’s evil glare following him.

Neon knew this would end in either one of two ways, either with Airis walking away in anger or Shizuko in a state of danger…and he prayed for the former. Since when did Airis get so good at long trailing? I swear she’s keeping up at least 10 car lengths away…Nevertheless Neon stopped at the park nearby the Ushiroyama pass, and his sister was parked quite a distance away to keep a low profile. Neon was out of his car and looked around for a certain green car.

“Ah! Gomenasai! I was stuck in traffic for a bit!” A certain purple haired girl shouted off in the direction where Airis was. Neon kept a happy face but deep inside…Oh crap, sis must had a good look at her. “Sorry if I am late, accidentally slept in…”

“At this hour? You know that’s its almost 1PM right?” Neon asked with an odd tone. Shizuko only giggled as she stuck out her tongue. Oh boy…as much as I love you I do wonder what you do that makes you sleep in like a log. Then Airis was in his field of vision and gestured him to go away.

“Ah...I was here for some time and need to use the restroom, be back soon Shizuko.” Neon got away for a quick while before he managed to hide himself by a nearby tree, nearby the restroom at least before he looked at the now seated Shizuko.

“So you are Shizuko Furusawa…” an unknown feminine voice disrupted Shizuko’s thoughts. A long blue haired girl who looks somewhat similar to Neon?

“A-Are you Airis?” Airis simply folded her arms and looked down at Shizuko.

“So my brother HAS told you about me huh? He sure is a loose one…” Shizuko’s danger instinct was screaming right now, telling her to just push her down and sprint back to her car. But something told her to stay there and just talk it out.

“H-He isn’t that loose, I mean he still hasn’t t-told me a-about his favorite things…l-l-like his favorite movie or whatnot…” Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…Shizuko earlier instinct of running away now was at a full throttle. Shizuko was stuttering, her breath was getting slightly faster, and her palms were instinctively were heading towards her left pocket.

“Why are you nervous, I ain’t gonna do anything drastic…” Airis asked with a cold devilish smirk.

I swear you held back saying yet…oh god Neon…taskete! Shizuko could only gulp as Airis slowly approached her.

Airis then proceeded to casually take a seat next to Shizuko. Shizuko slowly inched away from her to the edge of the bench…“Seriously I’m not gonna do anything drastic unless you run or something; all I want is some…answers.”

And my blood…Shizuko then gulped a bit before responding, “S-S-S-So what do you w-w-want to k-k-know…”

Airis only smirked and shook her head. “Simple I have only…three questions I think. First, what do you see in my brother?”

Shizuko exhaled, although it was very shaky, and responded, “He…well he is very caring and understands some problems that I have…and even though he could find a more mentally stable person he chose me…and I like that.”

Airis then nodded and asked her second question. “If it was the point in which you had to die to protect him would you sacrifice yourself?”

Shizuko slowly exhaled, now more smoothly, and said, “Yes, although he would put himself before me. Neon can be a little bit odd at times but if it meant my life I’m sure he will take any abuse…”

Airis gave out a small ‘hmph’ before sliding herself next to Shizuko and whispered, “Why did you nearly kill my brother?”

This was unavoidable for sure…oh god stop breathing down my face…Shizuko then closed her eyes. She didn’t mean it…but her mouth was trembling and her eyes were slowly burning. “Go…Gomenasai…I…I didn’t mean it. If I would, I would…change…back time and and…please don’t hurt me…” Shizuko then slowly whimpered into her hands, waiting for some sort of backlash for her actions.

Airis then slowly backed away, hearing her muffled cries and her whispers of sorry. “Ok…so it seems you truly are sorry. Sorry I thought you just came to him for repentance or something. Look, I can’t make you forget the accident but at least let me say this…” Airis then approached Shizuko…and hugged her. “I was mad at you but now…I can say that we could start anew yes? I have to say, you have a good sense of tomboyish style. If it isn’t much…could I call you for tips?” Shizuko then looked at the now different Airis, her killer expression now one of compassion.

Shizuko could only let out a very soft, “Sure I guess…” Airis then let Shizuko go and smiled at her one last time before heading back to her car.

“Shizuko…” Neon could only muster up to say.

“YOU IDIOT! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?” Shizuko’s anger now only exploded on Neon. He didn’t say a word. “I WAS IN DANGER OF YOUR BIPOLAR SISTER YOU SACK OF SHIT! AND YOU WERE PROBABLY JUST LISTENING TO OUR LITTLE CONVERSTAION HUH?! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NEON KURUBASA!” Neon could only look down as Shizuko verbally abused him and then she did something he didn’t expect. Shizuko punched Neon across the face, leaving him in pain and a bit in confusion. “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY I WAS MEETING YOUR DAMN SISTER HUH?! TELL ME WERE THOSE WORDS JUST A WAY TO SWEET TALK ME?! ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” Then she got on top of Neon and continued to punch him again and again. “TELL. ME. WHAT. I WANT. TO. HEAR. NOW!” She then punched Neon at his upper torso.

Yet he didn’t respond. If I have to endure hell to make you understand…then I will endure it. Neon closed his eyes and waited for another hit, but all he heard was a small whimper.

“Tell me why…why…tell me…” Shizuko started as she slowly started to threw her arms in a weak fashion.

Neon then slowly got up and hugged Shizuko. “Didn’t I *cough* say I would endure hell if there was something I didn’t do and I would want you to understand? I meant all those words Shizuko, they were not just sweet nothing I wanted to say.” He then calmly patted Shizuko off him before they both stood up and Neon hugged Shizuko.

“I swear by my life I will endure hell and back to make you see something I didn’t do Shizuko. So please…

Have faith in me. I want to show you what I am.”

Chapter 6: Understanding

“Huh…so she really loves him, oh boy…” Kaede then put her right hand on her forehead as she pinched the bridge of her nose. It was only a few minutes since Airis came back home and she decided to tell her mother what happened. Kaede then decided to tell her little outburst.

“I didn’t expect her to actually hit him of all things and she sounded REALLY pissed.” Airis responded to her mother’s statement.

“I think I estranged out relationship…Neon and I. Oh boy…Tamiko was right when she said I was overreacting…I better owe her an apology and a drink or twelve.” Kaede exhaled before leaning back in her chair.

Airis could only sigh and look to her phone. “Mother…do you think Neon will hate us now? I don’t want him to hate us…but I think I might have come out too harsh.” Kaede closed her eyes and tried her best to remain strong in front of Airis, unfortunately some tears were slowly running down her face. “It’s ok mother…I think I’ll have to get him that game he wants or something. I hope he understands, well I’ll get going now.” Airis slowly got up and got her keys before leaving to the garage. After a few seconds Kaede could only scream and cry.

“Tamiko?” The yellow haired lady picked up the call from her friend, it was an odd time calling her as she just woke up.

“Ngh…Kaede, you know I had the late shift last night and it’s only 1:45 PM.” Tamiko slowly sat up in her bed and scratched the back of her head.

“Well um…I guess I owe you a few drinks and a meal or something…” Tamiko noticed the tone of the opposite side, it was somewhat innocent. Huh? Kaede what the heck happened?

“What is this change of voice Kaede?” Tamiko asked in a somewhat surprised state.
A long sigh was heard and the reply definitely woke her up. “My son Neon…and the girl Shizuko, they really do love each other and I think I overreacted.”

Tamiko only let out an oddly load groan as she got off her bed. “Didn’t I tell you that you baka! But nnnoooo, you just HAD to drink a whole liter of vodka. And you JUST HAD to punch me to listen to you! YOU ARE A GOD DAMN FOOL KAEDE!” Tamiko shouted at the phone.

An oddly small whimper was heard on the other side and Tamiko didn’t feel any remorse in shouting. “H-Hey…aren’t you gonna…?” Kaede started.

“No, your fault. Your responsibility. You should know that better than ANYONE Kaede, you kept saying that to me when I got a 74 on my math test in high school.” Tamiko could only shake her head and asked, “Are you planning some sort of payment to Neon now? It would soften him back to you a little bit.”

“Your right Tamiko I should…” Kaede was lying down on her bed, continuing her conversation with Tamiko.

“Look you SHOULD do something at least…maybe just pop him a few extra bills or something. Leave a note too. Let him be for a bit as well, he’ll talk to you when he’s ready.” Tamiko responded as she went to the bathroom.

Kaede only could let out a small chuckle and asked, “When did you get so good at family relationships? Geez…maybe I should have got lessons from you before I got married…” Then there was a faint ‘thunk’ sound before another loud groan was heard.

“Did you forget that I took a few classes about family relations…or something like that? You were too busy messing with engines to realize HOW to take care of a family when it counts the most. And before you asked why I haven’t married yet, I just haven’t found that guy yet.” Taimko replied after rubbing her forehead a bit.

Now it was Kaede’s turn to sigh, “Well at least you know how to…geez it feels like I’m back in high school and here I am coming back to you for general advice about life.” Now the both of them laughed at this little trip down memory lane.

“Good thing I haven’t decided to cut you off yet. Well I’m gonna take a shower, text me when you are ready to grab a few. See ya.” And the phone clicked the call off. Man Tamiko…maybe I should have taken those classes with you, maybe I would be a better mother then this pile of useless car knowledge and short fuses.

“And that will do it, come back soon!” Airis left the nearby video game store, looking at her now empty wallet.

“Maybe this will teach me to be cold to others from now on.” Airis whispered to herself before noticing a nearby couple enjoying their time together. They are holding hands, smiling and laughing, and they look like they are having the time of their lives right now. Maybe…but I don’t know, sheesh maybe I just have very high standards…Airis then imagined the both of them being replaced with his brother and Shizuko. They had the same reactions, same smiles, and the same feeling of satisfaction.

“Dammit…” Airis whispered to herself before she got in her M3 and drove off back home. Maybe I should head to the gym or something…need to get my mind off this little…ugh. Upon returning home she decided to check up on her mother, who was oddly sleeping soundly on her bed.

“Geez mother…you sure sleep well after a major accident.” She could only smile as Airis simply went to her mother’s side. “I don’t know how you will like this, but at least let me make you feel safe…” Airis went back to her room and changed to her house clothes before taking a spot next to her mother.

Kaede woke up from her random sleep and noticed her daughter sleeping next to her, her mouth slightly open. I love you my daughter…and thank you for helping me. She then kissed her forehead and slowly got off her bed and noticed the time.

“It’s only 7PM? Man I sure knocked out quick…” Shaking her head she saw a plastic bag with a game store logo on it. “Maybe I should repay you…” Kaede then looked around the room; it was clean like it always was. Where are you? You know a mother at home taking care of two kids is quite a handful… She then went to the computer in the garage and proceeded to type an apology letter to her son.

“I don’t expect much but at least let me make amends…” Kaede said as she started to type. After the short note she then printed it out then proceeded to Neon’s room along with the game. (BGM: Brand New Days –The Beginning-) Please let us make amends…I love you my son, please know that much at least. Maybe I’m not the best mother but understand please…Letting her fatigue get the best of her she proceeded to go to her bed and sleep with Airis still sleeping there.

Neon was home now, even after the little fight he managed to quickly recover from some light bruising and a faint black eye. He didn’t feel angry towards his family, nor was he angry about Shizuko’s little outburst.

“Life happens I guess…” Neon said to the air. Shizuko felt very bad throughout their date at the mall, making sure that Neon didn’t experience any more pain then he already physically felt. Though one thing she said made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Um…feel free to use me in any way you see fit…that means if you want to defile me then I will humbly accept it.” “WHAT?!” Neon only shuddered at that little sentence as he made his way to his room. Upon turning on the lights he found a small note along with a game he wanted, leaving him in a slight state of confusion. This note…

I’m sorry my son. I knew I overreacted when I heard you were in a relationship with Shizuko and I want to apologize. You sister Airis bought the game for you, in her way of saying sorry as well. I don’t expect you to apologize right away, but you are my treasure and pride. Especially on the Ushiroyama pass and don’t forget about that. I love you my son. Please find it in your heart to forgive your foolish mother.

“Heh, since I was never mad at you both why would I be mad now? I love you both as a family…”

Chapter 7: Family

Huh? Where am I…right. Airis awoke inside her mother’s bedroom with Kaede sleeping next to her, holding Airis softly.

“Geez mother, at least let me breathe you know.” Airis struggled a bit before she was able to get out of the bed. She then proceeded to brush her teeth and plan out her day. Hm…maybe I should hang out with Haruka today I need to get my mind off the little incident. But I hope brother doesn’t hate me…Her pace slowed a little bit, she was trying to remember the last time Neon and Airis just had a joyous time together. Unfortunately it was back in their youths, until middle school started and she drastically changed her attitude.

“I am an idiot…why?” Airis mumbled to herself before aggressively spitting out the contents of her mouth she rinsed and went back into her own room.

“Why did I drink alcohol again…” Shizuko woke up with a splitting headache, something she would feel for an extremely long time.

“God dammit Neon would hate me if I showed myself like this.” Slowly getting up she closed her eyes to see if she would throw up or if there were going to be any side effects. Thankfully there wasn’t any.

“Now if I only could get to the bathroom without tripping on myself.” Shizuko slowly zigzagged out of her room and used the wall to stabilize herself as she went to the bathroom.

“Alright, looks like I didn’t drink too much last night…why did I drink again?” After doing her business Shizuko’s head felt much calmer, but she didn’t know why she felt that way. Was it something that happened yesterday?


“Hey Neon…” Shizuko stopped in her trail and Neon eventually stopped two feet after she stopped. His face was still a little beat up but it wasn’t anything damaging at least.

“Hm? What is it Shizuko?” Neon asked to his girlfriend.

She then clutched her pants and managed to meek out, “What do you think family is?”

Thankfully Neon heard her, “Family? Well to everyone it’s different but here’s what I think. A family is someone…wait I meant a group of people, who care for each other. Sure there might be some ups and downs in the process but it’s a combined effort of everyone to make sure that whatever happened is cleared up quickly. That’s what I think…but why are you asking?”

Shizuko blushed and looked at the ground, “Nothing…just curious that’s all…” So nanoka…
(End Flashback)

“Right…kazoku (family in Japanese), maybe its cause of that I drank a little.” Shizuko massaged her temples as she slowly went back to her room. Her head was clouded with thoughts about family…something she wanted.

“Ever since I was little I was forced to live with my relatives who didn’t care two cents about me and eventually I had to learn things on my own…maybe that’s why I have such an odd drinking habit since the start of middle school.” Shizuko sighed as she laid back on her chair, only to lean back way too far and fall off her chair with a nice crash. “Ow…dammit.”

She said as she heard some footsteps and her door opened with her parents, “Are you ok Shizuko?”

Sighing she replied weakly, “Yeah I’m fine, just rolled out of bed…” They both just said ‘oh’ and just walked away. Yep, kazoku alright…

Airis was successful in managing a hangout with Haruka…in her house no less. “Sorry for the intru…sion?”

Haruka nearly sweat dropped at her odd greeting. “Everyone’s out, Haruko is doing something she didn’t want to say. Parents are out of town…so I’m stuck here. Yay. C’mon in.”

Airis sighed and entered herself in. “Geez Haruka you sure have good house manners…”

Haruka rolled her eyes as she plopped herself in the couch holding a PS3 controller. “Wanna play that All Stars Racing Transformed game that I got not too long ago? Looks like you could let off some steam.” Airis went to the couch and sat herself down and took the controller from the girl’s hands.

“Truth be told Airis, you seem like something dramatic happened. Care to share what happened?” Haruka asked her down faced friend. “Well…*sigh* alright here’s the low down…”

And Airis explained Neon’s girlfriend Shizuko until Haruka shouted, “WHAT! WHY IS HE DATING SOMEONE LIKE HER?!”

Before she got around to explaining how her mother and Airis kinda let their emotions get the better of them. Haruka only sank back in her spot and Airis just hugged the nearest cushion. “So you bought him a game huh? Guess that’s one way to look at it, but knowing him he probably isn’t that mad.” Airis slowly grabbed the cushion harder in attempts to subdue her anger.

“Don’t be angry at me. Remember what happened when my sister got angry at Neon because she thought he was cheating? She was following some stupid rumor and even in the end Neon was not one tiny bit angry with her.” Haruka said to the dishearten girl.

Airis then sighed and nodded, “That’s true…maybe I should see if Neon’s still pissed.” Haruka then suddenly gave Airis a hug, “He’s not a bitter person, you should know that better than anyone else. By the way…you haven’t grown since then huh? I can faintly hear your heartbeat…”

Airis then proceeded to beat up Haruka with all the cushions on the couch. “OWOWOWOWOW! HEY I THINK I’VE SHRUNK SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! STOP IT! OW! HEY!”

Haven’t grown since then…tch. Airis was going back to her room after coming back but he was stopped by her brother. “Hey, I wanna talk to you and mom for a second…I hope you don’t mind.”

Airis then nodded and quickly changed to her house clothes and went down. She then noticed her mother was already sitting down and proceeded to take a seat next to her. “Oh boy…I hope he isn’t mad…” Airis said to the wind. However Kaede was strangely calm, like she knew he wasn’t going to be mad.

Then Neon sat across from them and sighed, “First off, what made you two think I was mad at you?”

The females of the family looked separate ways before Kaede spoke up, “I did have an outburst so I thought you took that as a rejection of your choices.”

Not too long afterwards Airis spoke up, “I thought you were angry after how I interrogated Shizuko like that…and how she proceeded to sucker punch you.”

Neon only shook his head and exhaled in an even matter. “Life happens yes? Look as much you both believe I am angry at you for such things. I’m not mad; in fact I’m almost glad you both did what you did.”

The females then looked at each other oddly before staring at Neon. “Airis, thanks to you I got to understand a possible problem Shizuko had. And mother I got to understand that you really care for me, unlike some people who don’t care about their children at all. So really…I’m not mad at either of you…so, let’s put all this stuff behind us yes?” Then all of a sudden a furious amount of knocks were heard at the door.

“Neon, could you get that?” Kaede asked as Neon then proceeded to go to the front door. Upon opening it…

“Shizuko? What the..?” “Please…let me stay here for the night!”


Truth be told I didn't want to do a cliffhanger but I guess I did! Anyway my head hurts from flowing out these three chapters so now i'll lay low for how long my head can handle.

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QUOTE (OkamiWind @ 1 hour, 50 minutes ago)
Though one thing she said made him feel slightly uncomfortable.[i] “Um…feel free to use me in any way you see fit…that means if you want to defile me then I will humbly accept it.” “WHAT?!"

WELL, that escalated quicky...

I really enjoyed the chapters, hope to see more soon!
Posted: Aug 9 2013, 08:27 PM

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Your paragraphs are a little big. And I have a little bit of trouble distinguishing who is talking. But those are just my nitpicks... I like these chapters. They are very well written! Keep it up! Are you planning on getting steamy soon or something? wink2.gif

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QUOTE (THE_HONDA_CG2 @ 39 minutes, 1 seconds ago)
Your paragraphs are a little big. And I have a little bit of trouble distinguishing who is talking.

ain't just yours Honda, but he won't listen to me tongue.gif
  Posted: Aug 9 2013, 10:53 PM

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QUOTE (shadow55419 @ 1 hour, 46 minutes ago)
ain't just yours Honda, but he won't listen to me tongue.gif

...HEY I CAN LISTEN IF I WANT TO...just it's that well I have to admit for this one I kept switching POV (technically characters) WAY too much. I'll try to tone it down so it's just one character or a definite switch.

But i'll definitely try to tell whose talking and what not. I have no one to blame but myself.

No it's not gonna get steamy...but it'll be close... shifty2.gif shifty2.gif

Also apparently playing ID7AAX gives my inspiration back...HELP ME.

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Chapter updates as well as some other things. For one you as you may have just looked over I did a different style as of now. So i'm gonna go back and fix the rest of the story and place it in this style as don't expect an update for a good amount of time.

Chapter 8: Difference

“Shizuko? What the…?” “Please…let me stay here for the night!” Shizuko was gasping quite heavily, as if she just proceeded to run all the way here.

“M-Mother can she-” Neon started with a worried look.

“It is not a problem at all, quickly get her inside.” Kaede gestured the poor girl inside and sat her down on a chair at the dining table.

“Shizuko…what happened? Why are you here? Did you sprint here?” Neon asked Shizuko, who now was seated and holding Neon’s hand.

“Hold on brother let her catch her breath first; she is probably in shock or something…” Airis said to Neon, who now was actually pretty worried about Shizuko. Shizuko slowly caught her breathing slowly looked up before letting out a slow breath.

“Alright…let me tell you what happened…” Shizuko then let go of Neon’s hand and closed her eyes.

“It was earlier today when it happened. Being the business people they are I was going to be with one of my relatives in Tokyo I believe. But something inside my snapped, it didn’t happen for four years so why would it happen now?” She started.

“You hate your relatives or something?” Airis asked before being smacked by Kaede. Shizuko looked at them weirdly before moving on.

“So I argued with them for a bit, something between the lines of me stating I’m in college and them responding back about the ‘minds of the kids these days’. Kinda idiotic if you asked me.” Shizuko said after looking down.

“Should I get you some water or something Shizuko?” Neon asked the girl. She nodded yes and Neon returned with a water bottle, in which she took a moderate drink out of.

“Thank you Neon. Anyway so I told them ‘I’ll run way and see how you like it.’ Of course they thought of it as a blank threat and said things like ‘You don’t have any friends’ and such. So after they left to meet with their relatives I had to act fast.”

This is kinda like a storybook theme or something…could be interesting to see how it goes down. Kaede thought after looking up for a quick second.

“So I just grabbed some toiletries and my keys to my Subaru before I jetted out of the house and tried to find your house Neon…I was worried I was on the wrong street so that’s why I was panting fantically…and I knew I had about ten minutes to do so before my parents came back.” Shizuko finished and then proceeded to drink the rest of the water bottle. Neon, Airis, and Kaede were left with slightly open mouths for a minute.

Then Airis shouted at Neon, “You told her where we LIVED?!”

Neon’s face recoiled in the fear, “I-I didn’t pinpoint EXACTALY where we lived! I just gave the street name, not the actual location and all that!”

Kaede then rolled her eyes said, “Well knowing Neon he probably told her that I was a Nismo tuner and it probably made her life easier that our garage lights were probably the only one on at this time of day.”

Airis just gave out an ‘ah’ and Neon looked at the time, it was 5PM. “‘At this hour’? Mom you know it’s only 5PM.”

Kaede then exhaled and rubbed her forehead, “That’s why it made her life EASIER, duh.”

“But that’s quite a story you have there Shizuko…” Airis said looking back at the now calm purple haired girl.

“So um…now that you heard my story…I did forget to pack some clothes so…” Shizuko started as she slowly looked at Airis.

Airis then sighed and shook her head, “I have some extras, but looking at you it might be a tight fit around the…torso area.” Kaede then smiled and gestured her to grab said clothing.

“Neon, our guest is a little startled. Maybe a good bath might clear up her mind, so can you please…?” Neon nodded and proceeded to prepare the bath for Shizuko.

“You just make yourself comfortable, I was about to prepare dinner so you can wait…ah maybe I should show you the guest room.” Shizuko then followed the woman to her temporary room. Definitely different then back home…it almost feels like paradise.

“Here it is, just stay in here or feel free to look around until Neon is finished preparing the bath.” Kaede smiled at Shizuko before Shizuko lightly bowed and said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Kaede only giggled and responed, “It’s no problem.”

Kaede then closed the door and Shizuko sat herself on the bed. A bed for a guest room? Kaede…must have some excess to spend or something. Shizuko then sat up and looked around the room. A basic desk accessorized with a digital clock, a lamp that could be turned on and off manually, a basic painting of a sunset or something, and a window looking out to the street. “They sure know how to decorate a room nicely…” she muttered to herself before lying down on the bed.

A few minutes later a knock was heard at the door. “Hey Shizuko, the bath’s ready.” It was Neon’s voice who said that.

“Ah! Thank you I’ll head there right now.” Shizuko replied as she got off the bed.

Neon rolled his eyes and said, “You don’t even know where it is…” She swore she heard Neon face palm himself.

“O-Of course silly me, I’ll head out soon.” She got up and opened the door, with Neon removing his palm from his face at the same time. He was wearing a white v-neck with black basketball shorts. Simple…

“Anyway, let me show you to the bathroom.” Neon then took Shizuko’s hand and nearly pulled her to follow him.

“Hey! Be nicer will you?” Shizuko softly yelled as she followed Neon’s tug.

“Well if you haven’t stood there like a rock then I wouldn’t have pulled ya.” He replied after shaking his head.

“Here we are; my sister already put the extra clothes on top the towels.” Neon nodded at Shizuko before heading back to his room…which was a few feet away. Nevertheless Shizuko went inside the bathroom and removed her clothing before sinking into the bathtub.

“Hm…it’s warm. I feel kinda tired, but maybe it’s caused I’m relaxed…” She then lightly sang an anime opening tune, albeit at a much slower pace. Sure has been a while since I last decided to sing in the bath…oh well it’s not like anyone heard me.

After cleaning herself up Shizuko dried herself off and changed into Airis’s clothes…but…Urk! She wasn’t kidding the top is gonna be a bit tight…Shizuko looked at herself in the mirror. It was a blue tank top and some purple pajama pants that were just above her knees.

“My goodness Airis…what are your measurements…why am I asking that? The tank top doesn’t cover me completely, my lower stomach is exposed…” Sighing Shizuko stepped out of the bathroom with her old clothes in hand and went back into her room. Tossing her clothes onto the desk Shizuko let herself fall onto the bed, letting her body slowly succumb to her tiredness. And for once she fell asleep soundly. What felt like a day was only an hour and thirty minutes as Shizuko’s ears heard three knocks on her door.

“Hey Shizuko, if you’re hungry we are about to eat.” That was Airis’s voice and at the same time Shizuko's stomach growled pretty loudly. “Um…yeah hurry up and get over to the dining room. I even heard that.” Shizuko slowly got up and rubbed some sleep out of her eyes before opening the door. There was definitely a unique smell in the air and the Kurubasa family was waiting for her.

“Ah! Sorry for accidently sleeping…” Shizuko said after a slight bow.

Kaede smiled at Shizuko and replied, “No problem, you were probably exhausted after that little excursion.”

“Oh? It’s curry rice…” Shizuko asked in a slightly quite tone

Airis then rolled her eyes and asked, “Geez what’s with you? You sound like a tourist or something, c’mon you grew up in Japan right?”

Shizuko then looked away in embarrassment just then Kaede smacked Airis across the head and scolded, “HEY! Watch your mouth Airis! You shouldn’t treat our guest like that! I taught you better then that!” Airis then bowed in apology.

“Don’t fret over her, she’s kinda uptight with other people around.” Neon said reassuringly to Shizuko, who only smiled back at him. “Alright, now that that’s outta the way…let’s eat alright?”

“Itadakimasu.” Shizuko then followed the suit of the Kurubasa family. “I-Itadakimasu.”

Chapter 9: Alike Heads gets a bit...warm.

“Gochisosama…” Airis said after quickly finishing her meal.

“You know sis, you never finished eating before me…” Neon said as he continued to eat.

“He’s right Airis, why are you eating so fast? Are you in a rush?” Kaede asked the girl.

“N-No! I didn’t eat much today! Geez…” Airis replied after putting her dish in the sink and then proceeded back to her room. Shizuko was appalled in her observation. My family is never like this…they get along so beautifully. This is like a dream of some sorts…

“Gochisosama.” Kaede said as she got up and placed her plate in the sink. “I’ll be in the garage doing my job, but feel free to just look around or ask me anything if you want to Shizuko.” Shizuko then nodded as Kaede walked to the garage.

“Wow…why am I eating so slow?” Neon said as he stirred his food for a bit. “Maybe cause you’re here…ha even at home I feel obliged to eat slowly…” Shizuko could only chuckle for a second.

“Now what’s so funny? Is our family weird?” Neon asked with an exasperated sigh.

Shizuko her head no quite vigorously and replied, “No, it’s…somewhat funny how my family differs from yours. It feels…nice.”

Neon then mustered up a quick smile and patted Shizuko’s arm. “This is what family is also about, just being yourself around people who you are comfortable with.”

Neon quickly muttered something as he placed his plate in the sink as well. “You should probably say your thanks a bit louder you know…” Shizuko said in slight concern in her tone.

“Maybe, but whatever.” He replied and then Neon proceeded go to the couch and started to play something.

“Thank you for the meal.” Shizuko whispered as she placed the plate inside the sink as well. Maybe I should acquaint myself with Neon’s family…but who should I talk to first? After thinking for a moment, she then decided to go to the garage. Shizuko was amazed on what she saw: a white Z34 all ready to go, a black R35 which was outfitted with a carbon hood and a GT wing, a KPGC10 Skyline that was nearly restored, and Kaede working on a S15. The place was also pretty neat as well, tools and parts all in their respective areas.

“Ah Shizuko, sorry but could you hand me that spark plug on the table?” Kaede asked after quickly looking at who entered in the garage. Shizuko shook her head out of her amazement before she handed the plug to her.

“Thanks…and that should do it.” Kaede said after patting her hands off before noticing Shizuko’s face. “You looked a little shocked Shizuko…never saw this many Nissan cars here before?”

Shizuko could only nod yes, and continued to look around. “But where are your cars…? I don’t see Neon’s ZN6 in here…”

Kaede then pointed to the right of her to another door. “That’s our personal garage. This is my ‘workplace’ if you will.” Kaede then looked at Shizuko, “Sorry to ask this…but could I see your Subaru? I want to see what modifications you did to it.”

Shizuko was confused for a second. Why would a Nissan tuner want to see a Subaru for?

“Cause I can, you said that softly ya know.” Kaede said rather sternly.
Shizuko then laughed nervously, “Oh…heheh…sure you can.”

“Hm…” Shizuko was anticipating something bad from Kaede. “The engine seems to be done well, turbo is alright, and nothing seems done in an amateur way. Some of the aftermarket parts could be hard to install and fatal if done wrong…you sure have connections don’t you Shizuko?” Shizuko could only nod yes.

“Sheesh you can speak right? You don’t have to be so silent. You’re making me feel like a villain or something.” Kaede said after scratching her head.

“S-Sorry about that, I just expect something negative that’s all.” Shizuko replied then turned her head to the R35.

Kaede then noticed Shizuko looking at the R35…and rambled. “Hm? The R35 already had stuff done, it was a simple installation of the hood and wing. The engine was made…poorly I should say. Got only a reading of 488 bhp…pretty low whoever made it, or maybe the idiot didn’t change the oil recently. Oh well, but the Z34 was retuned by me. Engine was made to rev up a little higher than usual…I think 500 RPM more and the suspension was replaced with some parts that could go on the R390 if it could. Although it is definitely remade for a Fairlady.”

The hell is she talking about? Shizuko then looked at Kaede funny. Kaede then looked at Shizuko and lightly hit herself on the head and said, “So sorry about that. I tend to ramble about the things I do for the cars, you must’ve been confused.”

Shizuko shook her head, “Oh no…it’s nothing wrong. If it happens it happens.”

Kaede then looked away for a second before she sighed and asked“ Hey…do you drink?”

This caught Shizuko off guard for sure. “Wh-Wh-What?!”

“I mean you could say no…but I’m curious that’s all.” Kaede said as she fiddled with her tools.

Well they all have been honest to me so far…so I guess one secret ain’t gonna kill me. “I…I do drink. But only once in a while.” Shizuko mustered up.

“So you want to drink after the children go to sleep?” Kaede seemed a bit brighter for some reason and much to Shizuko’s surprise.

“Why do you call them children? They’re in college for goodness sake…” Shizuko asked a bit slowly.

“Simple cause they’re too chicken to drink.” Kaede replied before working on the KPBC10.

You call them chickens? Geez what type of mother are you? Shizuko thought after she closed her eyes.

Eventually the both of them agreed to drink something just before they head to bed. After that Shizuko then decided to talk to Airis, a girl to girl talk would do her mind some good…maybe. “Um Airis…is it ok if we could…casually talk?” She asked after she knocked on the door.

Airis then opened her door, “No problem and sorry for coming out so harsh on you…”

Shizuko only smiled and waved it off. “It’s ok, your brother said that you tend to be cold to people…”

Airis only shook her head as she invited Shizuko into her room. It was lavishly decorated, a faint peach wall painting with plushies covering a bit of her desk and bed. She also had some drawers that were probably filled with clothes. “You sure are a fashionable person aren’t you Airis?” Shizuko asked the room owner.

“Of course, aren’t you?” Airis said as she turned around.

“Not THAT much, but I do try to keep up with the fashion scene once in a while.” Airis then took a seat at her desk as Shizuko sat on the ground.

“Oh…yeah um…I noticed know what we can talk girl to girl right?” Airis started as she looked at a particular place on the guest’s body.

Shizuko then turned her head to the left in confusion. “Like we weren’t already…?”

Airis then exhaled, “Fine then, your boobs. How the hell did you get them so…sizeable?” Eh?! Shizuko’s face was now flustered; she swore her face was on fire.

“I mean that was what I was worried about, my clothes were bought based off my chest size but you…what’s your size?” Airis gritted out as she slowly approached Shizuko.

Shizuko was still flustered and confused, “W-W-Wh-What? H-H-Huh? This…um…my size…? Ano…” “Did you do anything? TELL ME!” What the heck? AH!

Shizuko then exited Airis’s room after…well being female groped. Her arms were covering her chest, and now she wanted to meet up with Neon now. Maybe he could give her some relief. She knocked on Neon’s door and asked, “Um…can I hang out…if that’s not a problem…”

Neon then made a noise and replied, “Sure, just come on in.” And in she went. His room was a bit decorated, there were 3 video game posters spaced evenly between each other, a desk that had a laptop with some video game and anime figurines on it, and Neon on his bed.

“You sure like video games and anime huh?” Shizuko said after her analysis.

“Well at least I’m not afraid to admit it.” Neon responded back as he rolled his eyes.

Shizuko then took a seat on Neon’s bed…and Neon felt slightly uncomfortable. “I just wanted to thank you for this and all that…” Neon then sighed his uneasiness off and sat up next to Shizuko.

“It’s not a problem Shizuko, I mean you did kinda catch us after a miscommunication. So you came at a good time, at least.” Shizuko then slid closer to Neon and laid her head on his shoulder.

“I hope I can repay you for this favor one day…” Shizuko whispered to Neon. He then gave Shizuko a kiss on her lips. Neon…

“You don’t have to repay me…you are here and this is enough payment back to me.” Neon replied with a genuine smile. Shizuko then pushed Neon down to his bed.

“Um…Shizuko?” Neon now was getting very uncomfortable. His girlfriend was practically right on top of him and nearly held him down.

“Shizuko…could you…” However he didn’t finish the sentence as his mind started to slowly drift away. He moved his hand onto Shizuko’s breast in which she could only make a quick yelp as he slowly rubbed his hand against it.

“N-Neon…hm…” Shizuko’s face blushed a faint red as some pleasure was stimulated to her body.

“Shizuko you smell…quite nice today,” Neon said before he licked Shizuko’s neck. She could only moan softly as his tongue dragged across her skin. Succumbing to the pleasure Shizuko fell on top of Neon, where he proceeded to feel up Shizuko’s breasts more.

“N-Neon…oh…hm…” Shizuko mustered as pleasure coursed through her body. Then he stopped and stared at each other for a bit before they both kissed each other furiously, eventually they used their tongues as well. “Hey broth-”

Airis walked in at an awkward time to put it nicely. Her face was really flushed, she just walked into her brother’s make out session for goodness sake! “Ah…um…” was all Airis could muster as she looked at the scene. Shizuko was on top of Neon, full body contact too, and was looking at Airis with a visible blush on her face. Neon was fully flustered and embarrassed, he probably should have locked the door…but then again it probably would lead to consequences if he did.

“Um…Airis, could you not-” Neon slowly started.

“IDIDN’TSEEANYTHINGANDIWON’TSAYATHINGABOUTTHIS! CONTINUEONYOUTWO!” Airis slurred very quickly as she nearly sprinted back to her room where she slammed the door. My goodness…wah! I GOTTA LOOK AT SOMETHING ELSE NOW!

Neon could only push Shizuko off as the both of them quickly separated themselves to each end of the bed. “Shizuko…” Neon could only say at this moment.

Shizuko could only look down in embarrassment, “S-S-S-S-S-Sorry about that…my mind just went on its own whim! I’ll head back to my room now!” Shizuko then quickly fast walked back to her room. What the hell came over me?! I’m not a female perve…WHY AM I SAYING THAT WORD?

Shizuko now paced around in her room as she thought about…His hands were firm and warm…and he wasn’t quick to make me…NONONONO! Shizuko could only shake her head and hit herself with a pillow. “Maybe I should ask Kaede to see if she has anything stronger…”

“Ah you’re here…why are you so flustered?” Kaede asked the red faced Shizuko.

“N-Nothing really…I just that had an embarrassing thought before I came down.” Shizuko looked away for a quick second.

Kaede then nodded and replied, “Well if you two are gonna do anything tonight, just make sure you suppress the screams or moans. I am a light sleeper after all, even after events like this.” Shizuko’s face turned into a deeper shade of red.

Kaede simply just laughed loud, “Wow! Didn’t think you were thinking about THAT! I just guessed what you were thinking that!” Shizuko now just sat down and face desk herself out of total embarrassment.

“But enough of that, is sake alright?” Kaede asked the embarrassed girl.

“Y-Yes that will be fine.” Shizuko replied, her face still red. Kaede got up and grabbed two bottles of sake.

“Um…you need a glass or something? Cause I usually just drink straight from it…” Shizuko just shook her head no as Kaede proceeded to reach for the glasses.

Shrugging Kaede left the glasses alone and handed Shizuko the second bottle in her left hand. “Heh, you drink often? Cause someone your age might be more prone to it.”

“No I drank really early…so I could sleep soundly sometimes.”

Kaede now was interested, “Oh? Please do tell.”

“Might as well,” Shizuko let out a sigh as she shook her head and placed it on her right hand. “It was back in middle school when I was back with my parents, but they weren’t all that happy to see me. I remember getting a punishment when I got an 85 on some test.”

“An 85?” Kaede said as she looked at Shizuko, “Seems pretty rough if you ask me. I would be alright if my children got that grade.”

“Yeah, anyway after that little incident I suffered a slight case of…what is it insomnia? Yeah insomnia, I couldn’t sleep well for a few weeks.” Shizuko then sighed heavily as she remembered the pain her parents caused.

“If it’s uncomfortable for you, you know you can stop.” Kaede gave Shizuko a very sympathetic look.

“No no, it’s ok. Then one day my parents left a bottle…of what I want to say beer. So I just took it and just downed it in one go. Knocked out pretty quickly and for a solid eight hours as well.” Shizuko sighed as she shook her head.

“So that’s when you started drinking? Did you get addicted to it?” Kaede asked as she relaxed back in her chair.

“Well…how should I put it...” Shizuko started as she tapped her finger on her chin, “I didn’t get addicted to it. I only drank if I wanted to sleep well, so in total about a week’s worth in total per month. And of course I had the hangovers which were a pain in the ass.”

Kaede could only nod as she started to open her bottle, “So you do it constantly, even to this day?”

Shizuko furiously shook her head no, “Oh no no no no…in high school my parents were a little easier on my actions so I reduced it to only about four a month. Still I have insomnia, I guess being around your son makes me sleep easier.”

“Tough story there Shizuko.” Kaede said as she closed her eyes.

“Indeed, I don’t want Neon to know I drink so I guess I try to make an effort to try and drink less every time I want to.” Shizuko said as she stared into the bottle in her hand, smiling as she swirled the bottle.

“At least you make a conscious effort; there are people who can’t stop and end up dead.” Shizuko only nodded at Kaede’s statement.

“Anyway, enough of life. Let’s drink away yeah?” Kaede raised her bottle as well as Shizuko and they both toasted their bottles before both of them managed to take down the bottle in one giant swig. Somehow they both ended at the same time and exhaled simultaneously too.

“Wow Shizuko, didn’t think you could do *hic* that.” Kaede slurred as slammed down her bottle

“Haha…same could *hic* be said of you *hic* Kaede.” Shizuko slurred as she swirled her head around.

After some random slur talk Shizuko made it back to her room and slammed herself on the bed. Well at least I forgot about Neon’s…DAMMIT.

Yeah never gonna do that again. Anyway I will get around the fic update as soon as I can. See ya around.

You know what...I'll put each my main character's theme song for their own races.

Neon - The Top by Ken Blast
Shizuko - Yesterday by Cherry
Airis - Freedom Ride by The Snake
Kiyoshi - Fire on the Beat by Ace Warrior
Kayo - Set Me Free by Cherry
Haruko - Forever Young by Symbol
Haruka - Love is the Name of Love by Irene
Hitoshi - Speed Man by Dave Simon
Akemi - Save Me by Leslie Parrish
Toshiyuki - Ministry of Power by Fastway
????? - Burning of the Night (Total Fire) by 2 Fast

Yes I know most are these from the Arcade what?

SHEESH YOU GUYS ARE LIKE HUNGRY DOGS. But I did think up of a little thing so I might get around writing it tomorrow, school's gonna start soon anyway. Gotta hammer down I guess...

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There we go! I like this format much better. Way easier to read! Once you reformat all your chapters, I'll probably be going through and rereading them all again. As for the stuff that happened in this chapter, woah. Do we really have to wait for stuff and updates? laugh2.gif
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QUOTE (THE_HONDA_CG2 @ 1 hour, 37 minutes ago)
There we go! I like this format much better. Way easier to read! Once you reformat all your chapters, I'll probably be going through and rereading them all again. As for the stuff that happened in this chapter, woah. Do we really have to wait for stuff and updates? laugh2.gif

I agree. I like the new format better.

I. Can't. Wait. for the next chapters...

Btw, do you have a rough estimate for when the next chapter is gonna be released?

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QUOTE (PWNatorPWNED @ 1 hour, 46 minutes ago)
Btw, do you have a rough estimate for when the next chapter is gonna be released?

he's never really scheduled updates.

format looks great, came up with a pretty good set here.
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QUOTE (OkamiWind @ Aug 11 2013, 07:55 PM)
“An 85?” Kaede said as she looked at Shizuko, “Seems pretty rough if you ask me. I would be alright if my children got that grade.”

YOU'RE NOT ASIAN KAEDE!!!! I wish I had parents like her...
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Well Kaede is a different Asian mother, she's the rare gem that doesn't kill you for B's...but C's however...

"WHAT?! GET OVER HERE AIRIS!" Kaede then proceeded to hit Airis on her calves.
Neon: Hey since when did we make the upper part?
Okamiwind: SHUT UP! *snaps fingers*
Neon is now KO'd.

Lol maybe I can do these random moments in the upper part. Anyway tear jerker episode...I think. Also when Kaede talk about something, if you wish put on River Flows in know that piano song? Anyway enjoy.

Chapter 10: Parental Pains

Shizuko woke up with a slight headache, slowly getting up on her bed. She then looked at the clock at the desk. It’s 10AM? Man I must’ve sleep in a lot…then again…Shizuko then looked out the window, the sunlight blinded her eyes a bit.

“Neon’s home…it sure is peaceful.” Shizuko said to herself as she slowly got out of the bed. It was then she realized that the clothes she wore to their house…were gone. Where the hell did my clothes go…?

Shizuko then opened the door and noticed a faint hum around the house. She then followed the noise to a room where Airis was humming a random tune while waiting in front of the laundry dryer.

“Oh? Morning Shizuko, didn’t expect you to find me here.” Airis said as she noticed Shizuko’s presence.

“Ah…morning,” Shizuko started as she remembered why she was here, “I noticed my clothes were missing…so…”

“Yeah, I thought of cleaning your clothes” Airis started, “you know…apologizing for my outburst. It still bugs me how cold I can be…” She then sighed and sat down on the ground.

Shizuko felt bad and sat next to the girl, “It’s ok…you can’t change how you, um, act. Now that I got to know you better,” Shizuko held Airis shoulders, “I want to thank you for accepting me. And then Shizuko hugged her.

“You sure do forgive people easily,” Airis sighed as she slowly smiled. But why do I think I’m entering in…odd territory? I think the territory started with Yu…I don’t remember.

“Maybe I do but I think Neon’s rubbing off on me.” Shizuko said as she let go of Airis.

“Whatever, anyway your clothes will be done drying in about fifteen minutes.” Airis said as she got back up. Shizuko nodded and decided to head to the restroom.

“Sheesh did my bladder decided to hold itself in?” Shizuko muttered to herself as she looked herself at the bathroom mirror. “And…are my breasts that big…?” She sighed as she started to take off her borrowed tank top, until the door opened. It was Neon.

They just stared at each other and Shizuko’s breasts were exposed at this moment. Oddly enough they just stared at each other with neutral faces…and the clock just moved on.






“WOAH MY GOD! I’M SORRY SHIZUKO!” Neon screamed as his face instantly turned red.

“N-N-Neon?! D-D-Did I forget to l-l-lock the door?!” Shizuko screamed as she furiously pulled down her tank top. Their faces were both flushed and they were looking down as well.

“S-Sorry I’ll close the door!” Neon said as he slammed the door. I just saw Shizuko’s bare…AH! I need to deluge myself in something that is not perverted NOW…

Shizuko just sat there dumbfounded as she finished up her business. “Wah…can’t believe I didn’t lock the door…how stupid of me.” She said in complete embarrassment.

“Oh goodness I’m really embarrassed now…how will Neon act now…” Shizuko mumbled as she down the stairs. She then sat down at the couch and reached for the remote. “Maybe I should let Airis know I’m watching something fir-”

“Go for it,” Shizuko turned around and looked at Airis, “just don’t touch my brother’s games. He gets a bit antsy when other people play on it. Better ask for his permission first.”

“Ah I-I see thanks.” Shizuko then bowed her head a bit before Airis’s face slightly blushed and returned to the laundry room. Why are you stuck in the room? She then looked at the PS3 and looked towards Neon’s room. Doesn’t hurt to ask…

Shizuko took a few seconds to ease her breathing before she knocked Neon’s door. “A-Ano…if it’s ok with you, could I pass the time on your PS3…?” Neon then opened the door, his face still a faint red. Shizuko’s face turned red as well…for no reason.

“S-Sure,” Neon started…“but um…never speak of what happened earlier ok? As well as last night!” Shizuko slowly nodded.

“Oh? You both did it twice? Sheesh you both are young lovers indeed and I’m surprised I didn’t wake up.” A deeper female voice said.

“N-N-Not like that mother!” “No! We never did that!” Neon and Shizuko said simultaneously. Kaede only smirked.

“Sure, that’s what they ALL say nowadays. In fact Neon, you play with Shizuko’s chest a lot?” Kaede asked in a devilish matter. Neon could only flush his face more. “WOAH! Didn’t think you actually did that! Man you two are a couple huh? Can’t believe you managed second.”

Shizuko now decided to speak up, “NO! We didn’t go that far at all! We didn’t do anything bad at all! Please understand us!” Little did she know Kaede sidestepped her argument.

“So you DID allow him to go to second huh? Tell me, is he a good lover?” Kaede taunted with a smirk. Now Shizuko’s face was flustered the same color as Neon. Oh goodness it’s fun to mess around these two. “You both know I trust every word you said. It’s just that I decided to poke fun at you two.”

Now for some reason the couple’s faces were steaming with a bit of anger. Kaede then took this time to slip out of the way before they could retort back. The both of them exhaled as they looked at one another. “Like I said its ok…just,” Neon shook his head, “you know.” Shizuko nodded as she went back down the stairs.

Shizuko now needed to get her mind off the incident. She looked around the games Neon had and popped in a random game. Sheesh, Kaede sure does tease people on a daily basis huh? The game that came up was something unexpected…“Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F? Huh…not gonna say anything.” Neon, back in his room, felt an odd chill come down his spine.

“Shoot almost had that one, stupid safe.” Shizuko muttered as she finished up ‘Weekender Girl’, she almost had a perfect. Nevertheless she resumed onward to another song as she heard someone hum a well to known anime theme song. “You actually watch that anime? Didn’t take you for a SOS member.”

“Oh shut up Shizuko.” Airis pouted as she tossed Shizuko’s clothes at her, well, face. “I would have given them to you nicely but after that comment…no.” Shizuko then took the clothes off her face and almost gave Airis the finger. But decided it wasn’t worth it.

“Geez, you could have been nicer you meanie…” Shizuko then returned to choosing whatever song she wanted now.

Now I’m bored…Shizuko thought after laying down on the couch. It was around noon when she figured out she was bored. It was probably due to the fact she didn’t know what to do around here. Sighing she got up and decided to change to her own clothes.

“Yep, feels much better. Not so constrained around the…” Shizuko looked down at her herself, omitting the last part for good measure. After sitting on the bed she thought if she could stay here a bit longer now. But she didn’t want to intrude or anything so…*knock knock knock* “Yes?”

“Shizuko, you gonna stay here a bit longer?” Kaede asked after the knocks. However she heard nothing from the other side. Perhaps she got bored and fell asleep? There ain’t much to do for guests…then again we never had one for a LONG time now…

“I-Is it ok if I can?” Shizuko responded after some thought.

“Sure you can,” Kaede responded with a smile on her face, “just don’t run off at night ok? You might get us all worried, by the way aren’t you gonna connact your pare-”

“NO.” Shizuko nearly screamed back, “Sorry, but I want them to kinda be on edge now. I want to prove I can take care of myself so another day will really make them sure.” Then Kaede went in the room.

“I see, your parents…not a nice bunch are they?” Kaede sighed as she took a seat next to Shizuko. “Well, my husband is a business person to. So I kinda understand what you are experiencing, hasn’t came back since winter.”

“Oh,” Shizuko spoke, “I…I want them to know I CAN take care of myself. And I’m not just some figure for them to boast about.”

“Figure?” Kaede then looked at Shizuko, she was nearly on the verge to tears. Kaede hugged Shizuko and felt some warmth coming from her torso.

“T-They couldn’t care less on how I act,” Shizuko managed through the muffled sobs, “all they care about is how ‘perfect’ I am. It’s what on the paper that counts for them, not the stuff inside.”

…Damn her parents, what the hell do they think this poor girl is?! Kaede thought to herself as Shizuko’s wails started to slightly increase in volume. She would NEVER do this to her children, she knew that regardless of their age Neon and Airis were fragile inside. A past experience thanks to their mother made them weak, made them so secluded, made them…almost suicidal.

“I’m sorry Shizuko…” that was all Kaede could mutter out. Shizuko then moved her head in a ‘no’ fashion. “Tell the truth…I had to make myself stronger for my children as well, after something I did…”

Shizuko, still in her fit of sadness, looked up at Kaede as she closed her eyes. What did she do?

“It was in elementary school for them, back then I was kinda a wild mother. Just doing what I wanted to do with no leash on me, God what a fool I was. My children were in class one day when Neon got into a fight because Airis was getting bullied around a bit.”

Shizuko decided to hold off questions in her mind for a bit…even though she didn’t know why Kaede was telling this to her.

“So Neon fought as well as he could as a kid, unfortunately he lost and Neon and Airis were both getting beat up. Why Airis as well, I have no idea. The teacher never knew what was happening until the bullies were done. They were messed up you could say, Neon was covering Airis the best he could as, from what the teacher said, Airis was wailing from her pain. I eventually got word of this back home and yet…I didn’t pick them up until 30 minutes later when I got a call that my children were kidnapped because they wanted to walk home.” Kaede continued with obvious tears in her face.

Shizuko now was out of her tears and was attentive with the story.

“For the first time in forever I panicked, I was at a loss. What kind of mother let’s her children get kidnapped after they were beaten up? So I called all my friends up, those who I contact with at the time. I told them my predicament and they immediately finished what they were doing and told me just to stay put until they found something. Then I got my husband, he was just pulling into the garage at the time. I told him what happened, god I never felt so stupid and hopeless in my life.” Kaede went on with now gasps of air in-between a few words.

Shizuko still just kept her silence, not knowing what to do at the moment.

“Eventually a dear friend of mine told us that someone saw an odd car going up the pass. For the first time of my life I booked it to my car and broke just every single street law imaginable. Going well above the limit, passing every red light, going in the opposite lane, everything I could to catch this person. So I finally got to the pass and proceeded to go up it as fast as my HS30 could, finally I saw the car. A white LanEvo III; god was I angry…I rammed him hard until I was sure HE couldn’t drive and I didn’t even think about my children. After I managed to stop him I immediately rushed to the car and found my children…and guess what they said to me?” Kaede sighed as she tried her best to keep it there.

Shizuko didn’t speak at all, she was lost in her story.

“‘I hate you.’ Those simple three words…and my life just crashed. My friends and my husband found us and proceeded to take them back home. Yet I couldn’t move. I was numb with fear, anger, stupidity and just a whole range of emotions. I just proceeded to the top and just sat in my car. ‘I hate you.’ Those three words from my two children…it rang in my head for a long time. I think I was actually thinking of running away at that point. And even to this day what I screamed was still in my head to this day…‘WHAT TYPE OF MOTHER AM I?!’” Kaede now was sobbing, Shizuko could only put her hand on her.

“So I changed how I acted, but they were still afraid of me…or did they hate me? I don’t know, but I tried to get them back. I bought them what they wanted, went out of my way to help them, did everything to get my children to love me again. But it was for naught, they still disliked me, they still didn’t want to talk to me, they hated me. Yet I couldn’t do anything, the only time they talked with me was when they needed to have something signed or something like that. And one day I overheard the two of them talking about killing themselves…with the knives in the kitchen. I swore I just moved all the knives to the highest place to where I had a hard time making dinner one day because of my fear.” Then Kaede cried for a little bit.

Shizuko was still at a loss…she didn’t know what to do and feared of taking action.

“And one day, at nighttime I heard my nightmare come true. Neon and Airis were screaming in the house and I immediately rushed to see why…they were stabbing themselves with whatever they found in their room, they were sleeping in the same room at the time. I immediately just pulled them together and screamed for them to at least stop doing it to themselves. I screamed for their apology, I screamed for their forgiveness, I screamed to just let them smile for one time. I screamed anything I could to make my children forgive me, yet they only just stopped. I didn’t hear any ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Ok’, just pure silence…and it wasn’t until middle school in which they said ‘We forgive you’.” Kaede now shook her head and tried to forget the pain she caused.

“Ms. Kurubasa…” Shizuko said as she took the hand of the troubled mother.

“I know you…probably didn’t go such drastic things like they did…” Kaede eventually spoke up. “But I just can’t see parents neglecting their kids like that! Everytime I hear a news report of some parent neglecting their children, intentional or not I just remember this moment. And you telling me what you went through last night…I just tried to keep it in. I cried myself to sleep last night, the memories of it still fresh.”

Shizuko could only imagine what Neon’s mother was going through. Maybe I did have it better, what a spoiled child I am!


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Shizuko disappeared.

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