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> [FANFIC] Pressured Wings, Let those wings soar...
Posted: Aug 5 2014, 12:15 PM

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QUOTE (Tuners123 @ 3 hours, 25 minutes ago)
Why Neon didn't want Supercharger?

wrong charger there buddy tongue.gif

Can't wait to see what happens with the RedSuns Okami
  Posted: Aug 7 2014, 01:44 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Damn you Rin, you and your fic inspired this chapter!

Chapter 39: Voices of the Past

A week has passed since the Azure Wings agreed to the Red Suns challenge. During that week the prime time to go to the pass was at midnight, where the Angel and the Phoenix practiced for fifteen minutes each. In that thirty minute timeslot many people were simply watching the runs each member did. There were so many people in fact that there were only a few good viewing places left even if you came thirty minutes before the runs. Needless to say Neon and Shizuko were trying their best to ignore the spectators.

“Ugh…” Neon sighed as he finished his run.

“Crowd getting to you?” Haruka asked as she looked around.

“More or less, but I probably need to get used to this anyway.”

“Yup, expect the pass to be PACKED with both locals and people from Akagi.” Haruka sighed as Shizuko entered her car.

“Ready Shizuko? You’re up.” Kayo asked as she went into the car.

“Yeah…up we go.” So the STi’s engine started up and proceeded to get ready for her runs.

“Still…it bothers me what Shizuko said a week ago…” Neon exhaled as he leaned on his car.

“You mean about the ‘person’ she knew?” Haruko asked as she joined Neon.

“Yeah…is it someone who I should be worried about?”

“No.” Haruko replied with in a define tone.


“The ‘person’ she saw? It was her father, let me just say that those two aren’t on good terms.”

“Hm…I see.” Neon replied as he heard the tires of the STi squeal on the pass. “So…why is he back?”

“My sources tell me that a lot of older people are back at the pass to, ex-street racers and whatnot. For what reason though…I don’t know. Oh and before you ask, your mother is appearing more often than not. Of the old racers she’s the one who is appearing the least. Although…”

“Although what?!” Airis, off all people, interjected.

“There’s seems to be some…loose ends that need closing. Based on my sources at least.”

“Who are your sources anyway?” Neon asked.

“Yeah…” Airis entered in.

“Airis, you know about my potential future job? Well let’s say that as an initiate I have sources.”

“W-What are you…” Neon tried to get out, shocked about what Haruko said. “Y-You mean…”

“Sorry Neon. I’ll be going.” Haruko replied as she entered her 458.

“Never thought she’d go through with that…”

“You knew?!” Haruka asked.

“Yeah…in fact she talked about being part in a security group, she talked with me about this when we were dating.”

“I see…well anyway, looks like the first run is done.” And just as she finished, Kayo stormed out of the car with her head down.

“Is someth-” Toshiyuki started only to see Kayo’s face….beaming?

“From that one run I found a way to cut down at least five seconds from her run!” Kayo exclaimed as she wrote down some stuff.

“Um…what?” Haruka asked in complete confusion. “Five seconds? Are a tuning goddess or something?”

“OF COURSE! AND THIS WILL PROVE IT!” Kayo screamed in happiness as she finished her report. “Now for the uphill…oh and Neon? Are you sure you don’t want a turbo, hell even a supercharger?”

“Nope.” Neon replied.

“FINE.” Kayo sighed dramatically as she went back into the STi.

“Now for the uphill.”

So Shizuko finished her run uphill and the fifteen minutes passed by quickly. At the end of the run many people left and the pass was pretty vacant, with the exception of a few racers.

“So…that’ll do it right?” Kayo asked as she exited the STi.

“Yes, that’ll do it.” Shizuko responded. “Gonna swing by your place tomorrow.”

“Alright, catch you around.”

Shizuko just sat there as Kayo and eventually the rest of the Azure Wings left the pass. That included Neon, who simply gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“What is father doing here…” Shizuko mumbled as she took up a spot not too far away from a black Lexus LFA, but was still inside her car with the light off. Out came a man who had jet black hair that swept over his left eye. “Dad…what are y-”

Her answer came in a collection of cars. There was a yellow RX-7 Spirit Type A, an silver Amuse S2000, a white Celica ST203 hardtop, a blue Fairlady 240Z, and finally a black Lotus Elise 111S.

“That…is an interesting collection of cars…” Shizuko mumbled to herself as she saw the cars. Out came some people Shizuko didn’t know. A pink haried woman who had her eyes closed, a yellow haired woman, and a dark violet haired woman. Then came out people she knew, Kaede and Hideki. “Wh-what the…”

“Dammit you…” Kaede scorned as she looked at the jet blacked haired guy. “The fuck you call us here for?” No response…only a smirk.

“Now hold it dear…Mr. Furusawa here is jackass so he doesn’t need any questions.” Hideki said as he placed a hand on Kaede.

“It’s like he’s trying to get me mad…I still can’t forgive you for taking my children hostage you fucking ass-”

“Hold it Kaede.” Tsukiko interrupted. “There’s no point in escalating this further.”

“Well…why did you get your team here honey?” The jet black haired man smirked. Kaede’s face only had anger as she heard this.

“Who gave you the permission to call me THAT?!” Kaede screamed as she was being restrained by Tamiko and Megumi. “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! YOU GOD DAMN RAPIST!”

“Woah there!” Megumi said as she struggled to hold Kaede back. “No need to bring up past memories…! Jeez is my body failing already?!”

“Oh no need to deny that Megumi-san. Besides, we…” The man said as he grinned and copped a feel on Megumi.

“Tch! Get off me you rapist!” Megumi then threw the man off her and almost restrained him, until Hideki held her hand.

“Enough. I am here to settle a score…” Hideki firmly said as he looked at the man. “I won’t forgive you for raping my wife and her friends back in high school.”

“Hmph, is losing Hiromi too much for you?” The man responded.

“Tch…I still can’t forgive you for making her follow you like a brainwashed slave! But that’s in the past…we need to settle this. NOW!”


“When I win, you will leave this city for good. If you win, I’ll let you take the position I’m in…you greedy fuck.”


Shizuko then took this time to start her car and leave the area. As she entered her house she could only lie in her bed and think about what she heard.

“My father…a rapist? So…is that why my family is like that?”

Of course. Why do you think I am here?

Shizuko felt her body tense as that…voice came back.


Shizuko: N-No...
Neon: Did you hear something?


Shizuko: I-I think...
Harko: to Shizuko....

Stupid voice.
Posted: Aug 7 2014, 11:57 PM

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Lol, I am not sure which part of me or my story inspired you this chapter, but I am flattered.

Anyway...very dark story-telling about your dysfunctional marriage relationships... :/

All in all, a very good read again, hope you also have read my latest chapter. Can't wait to hear your feedback on that one, Okami (In PM of course. xD)
  Posted: Aug 8 2014, 12:03 AM

Ravioli Ravioli
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QUOTE (Rin @ 5 minutes, 51 seconds ago)
Lol, I am not sure which part of me or my story inspired you this chapter, but I am flattered.

Anyway...very dark story-telling about your dysfunctional marriage relationships... :/

All in all, a very good read again, hope you also have read my latest chapter. Can't wait to hear your feedback on that one, Okami (In PM of course. xD)

By a part I meant if I didn't read your latest chapter I wouldn't have wrote this. Sorry, should be more specific.
Posted: Aug 8 2014, 12:07 AM

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haha. xD

Alright then. Thanks a bunch as always for the support. I too will continue reading this till the end. (If there's an END for this story. tongue.gif)
  Posted: Aug 8 2014, 11:57 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Screw you shadow, you made me write this one. pinch2.gif

Chapter 40: Shadows of the Past

“N-No…” Shizuko mumbled as she heard that…voice.

What did you forget about me? I’m hurt…

“Sh-SHUT UP!” Shizuko screamed as she grabbed her head. She went to the bathroom in order to wash up, in order to rid the voice.

That ain’t gonna work you know…besides your mother did this after all the times dad beat you…

“SHUT UP!” Shizuko shrieked as she ran out of the bathroom and sat down on the floor. Her eyes quickly averted to a box. “I…I didn’t unpack that box? Why? Oh well…maybe some work would do me good.”

So Shizuko started to slowly unpack the box, nothing more than some clothes, some miscellaneous things…and a letter?

Dear Shizuko…

I…I am so sorry. I wish I was a mother that supported you, not trouble you. What I packed…I hope it doesn’t give you any bad memories…my daughter.

“Mom?” Shizuko said as she looked at the decently sized box the letter was attached to. For some reason she was reluctant to open it, but her curiosity got the better of her and opened it. The content inside revealed her favorite plush as a child. A small light purple fluffy seal. Shizuko’s eyes could only stare at the toy in question. For some reason…she started to cry.

Ah…I knew this would happen. You always clutched onto that thing like it was your saving grace. Shame it was nearly burned eh?

Shizuko slowly crawled to her bed and cried herself to sleep…only to quickly reawaken on an island in a middle of a lake. The sky was a bright blue too. For some reason she was wearing a white dress rather than her pajamas.

“Am…I dreaming?” Shizuko questioned as she looked around. “This is too realistic…”

Oh but of course it is. A voice bellowed through the area, with the clear blue sky being invaded by a red mist.

“W-What…how…” Shizuko started as she stared at the direction of the mist. There stood Shizuko…but she was different. Her eyes were yellow and were holding the same light purple seal she found not too long ago. Plus her hair looked menacing, thanks to the mess of tangles and knots to it. And her clothes…

Familiar? Of course…the first shirt you got from your friend. Oh and I’m wearing the same skirt you wore with this shirt. Dark Shizuko said while slowly approaching her.

The shirt was nothing more than a blue polo with a few purple stripes across it and the skirt was a simple blue knee length skirt. But they were torn. Ripped from her father…

“W-What do you want? And don’t you dare bring her up…” Shizuko could only muster as her dark self came closer to her.

Oh, all I want is to be REMEMBERED! Dark Shizuko said as she pushed Shizuko down, the sky now turning all red. Yeah I slept for a little while, but now I’m back…and you thought you got rid of me. I remember when you first raced…right?

Shizuko nodded. She first started racing on the highway, just to get away from her parent’s. Little did she know at the time something brewed in her…a need for destruction.

“NO!” Shizuko screamed as her dark self sat down next to her. Dark Shizuko then forced Shizuko’s head to look at her. The yellow eyes were menacing…but also held a touch of sadness.

Your first opponent…it was an AE86 right? Hachi-roku was it? Had a turbo I think…remember getting a bit…ROUGH with it?

“YOU MADE ME DO IT!” Shizuko screamed as she slapped away the hand. “I WAS ONLY LOOKING TO ESCAPE FROM…THEM!”

Ah I know I know. But that didn’t help when you were younger right? And suppressed all that emotion…like when your father beat you in a drunken stupor and your mother simply WATCHED. Dark Shizuko then kicked Shizuko. WORTHESS BITCH. As I would call her. Didn’t you think so as well?

Shizuko could only try and say something…but nothing came out. She tried to like her mother, she tried to make her mother love her…but nothing happened. If anything she grew distant.

Moving…I remember how your mother actually had a REAL conversation about that topic. How Aunt Nao wanted it to happen, how ‘mother’ cried for you to not go. Ah…such music to my ears.

“Stop…” Shizuko whimpered as she curled into a fetal position. “No more…what do you want?”

Just one final REALESE is all. You’re facing that R33 bitch again right? A small nudge is all…

“But you’ll come back later won’t you? You’ll hurt more than her…I have to stop you…”

How? You can’t just claim to have a multiple personality disorder, Kayo knows this. You simply can’t ‘stop’ me. I’m the other you…a side you hid for a very long time. OH! I know…


What if NEON saw this side?

“DON’T DRAG HIM INTO THIS!” Shizuko shouted as she surprisingly stood up and slapped Dark Shizuko across the face. “HE’S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.”

Ouch, that hurt. But he is going to see this side right? Ain’t no one going to understand this side.

“Maybe…maybe not. But he’s a good man, and I know he’ll do something about you.”

Perhaps…but tell me…the past can’t be forgotten and you know that right? Can you tell Neon about your past? Hm?

“I will…”

Oh? So… Dark Shizuko started…until she grabbed Shizuko’s head and slammed it into the lake. Can your ‘good man’ save you now? Huh? Can he accept the fact that you killed people before? HUH? Can HE accept me? HUH? HUH?! ANSWER ME!

“AH!” Shizuko woke up, covered in sweat. “A dream…I almost drowned. Still, that…side had some points…will he accept me?”

Dammit, that went well.

“He loves me you know…maybe he knows pain too…”

Like hell. Whatever, I’m tired.

Shizuko sat there for a while…no voice.

“Holy hell Shizuko, you look like utter SHIT.” Haruka said as she looked at Shizuko later at night. “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?”

“M-Maybe.” Shizuko responded while rubbing her eyes. “I also had a nightmare…”

“Was it something bad?” Neon asked. As he tried to touch her, Shizuko swatted away Neon’s hand. “Um…”

“I’m sorry…it pertains to you actually…” Shizuko replied, a bit troubled on what her hand did.

He doesn’t trust you.

“I see…maybe we should push the race back a day? You do need some rest by the looks of things…” Neon said as he looked at Shizuko with worry.

Can he accept you now?

“N-No! I’ll…I’ll be fine. But I do want to go first, and get home as soon as possible.” Shizuko replied with a hint of fatigue.

Look at him…he’s giving you a worried look. Or is it resentment hidden well?

“If you insist. Up in ten Shizuko.” Kayo said.

Can you trust him? Can HE trust you? Can he understand me?

Bit short me thinks, but remember her?


Shizuko: Shut up...
Hauka: I think she's hearing stuff...


Shizuko: Wh-What?

Posted: Aug 9 2014, 12:28 AM

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Lol, what a dark chapter...while on the other hand...

Your ending...

user posted image
Posted: Aug 11 2014, 10:45 PM

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I should probably pick up on reading this again. But its so hard when I have so many other things I'm supposed to do right now! I'm sorry! I'll let you know as soon as I catch up on reading! Promise!
  Posted: Aug 12 2014, 02:23 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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Why am I updating so much now? Geez...

Chapter 41: The Voice of a Racer

“Today’s the day…why do I feel nervous?” Haruka mumbled as the Azure Wings were at the bottom of the Ushiroyama pass. Today was the day, the Azure Wings versus the Red Suns. Needless to say there were many, many people there.

“The crowd is enormous.” Airis said as she looked around.

Usually the Azure Wings had their own little area that no one dared to cross, unless they wanted to challenge them. But today the Azure Wings were quite close to other groups, leaving enough space for the Red Suns to come up.

“Of course, it’s the big day isn’t it?” Akemi replied but for some reason it had a hint of fatigue, something Airis caught on.

“Something wrong? You sound out of it.”

“Hahaha…well I guess I’m a bit out of it.”

“Nevertheless…” Airis started before the entire area got quiet. At that moment everyone knew the Red Suns have arrived.

“Here we go…” Kayo said as a white Nissan Skyline R33 and a black Nissan 370Z came up to the Azure Wings. “Well you two…”

“Right.” Neon said as he lightly pulled Shizuko, who looked a bit off today.

“Hello there.” The R33 driver greeted the Phoenix and the Angel. “It sure has been a while hasn’t it?”

“Indeed it has, Miss Katsuko.” Neon greeted back.

“Hmph.” The 370Z grunted as he crossed his arms. Shizuko was nevertheless intimidated by the driver.

“Geez Tokoji, lighten up!” Katsuko exclaimed as she pulled Tokoji’s shirt. “You’re scaring her.”

“That’s the point…OW!” Tokoji started until the pull became a pinch. “OK OK!”

“Um…” Shizuko started as she turned her head. “S-So are we starting this or…?”

“Right…” Katsuko said as she stopped pinching Tokoji. “So what is this ‘True Competition’ race you talked about?”

“Allow me.” Kayo voiced in. “In the pass the ‘True Competition’ was something that the specific to Ushiroyama pass. Basically it determined who would ‘own’ the pass, so to speak. Perhaps this is why I saw a couple of old people…never mind what I said. This has never happened for a long time and’s kinda exciting. Dangit Kayo you’re explaining something…”

“Wow Kayo, rrreeeaaaallll professional.” Haruka said as she rolled her eyes.

“Nevertheless!” Kayo interrupted as she cleared her throat. “The races are simple, it’s a two stage race. A master of one way is no good at all. The leaders decide who runs the uphill downhill race and the other way. Once that’s settled the race starts, whoever crossed the line wins. The winners are the one who wins both races, no one wins if it ends up with a win and a loss. Whew…that was a lot.”

“That was the longest explanation I ever heard you give that is not about cars.” Kiyoshi said as she gasped for air. Only to have Kayo hit him on the head. “OW! What the heck?”

“Well that aside…you two have been practicing here yes?” Neon asked the Red Suns.

“Of course, we wouldn’t have issued a challenge if we’ve haven’t been.” Katsuko replied with a smile.

“Now…who will go which way?”

“I’m going uphill.” Tokoji replied bluntly, leaving Katsuko sighing heavily.

“And I’ll go downhill.” Katsuko said next, suppressing the urge to hit Tokoji.

“Very well then, Tokoji is facing me and Katsuko…you’re facing Shizuko.” Neon said as Shizuko looked at Katsuko.

“I think we’ll go first, ladies first as they say.” Katsuko said as she went to her white R33.

“Shizuko…” Neon mumbled as he couldn’t help but wondered why she swatted his hand away. “Please tell me…that side I briefly saw when the accident happened...tell me it isn’t…”

“You sure changed when I last saw you.” Katsuko said as the two ladies reached the start line at the top. “You seem a bit happier.”

“R-Really?” Shizuko asked.

“Of course. You do seem a bit happier. I just like to believe that you were having a bad day.”

“I…I see.”

“Oh, are you two dating? You know that blue haired boy.”

“Yeah we are.” Shizuko replied with a brief smile.

“I see…well let’s not keep the people waiting.” Katsuko replied as she entered in her R33.

“Please…don’t come out…” Shizuko whispered as she started her STi.

Who knows? I may or may not…perhaps I’ll give you a nice BUMP in your performance.

“Let’s not keep the people waiting any longer!” Kiyoshi, who volunteered to start the race. “Here we go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!”

At the sound of go the two four wheel drive cars accelerated off the line. The R33 was slightly ahead of the STi as the two cars passed the first corner. Approaching the first hairpin the STi was quick to take the outside line in order to cut the line of the R33. Shizuko succeeded in doing this, as the STi managed to get very close to the R33 as it approached the corner. The STi gave Katsuko a few choices, either brake a bit in order to avoid an accident or try to turn the car away from the line or try to accelerate and hope the R33 could pass the line before the STi gave the tap. Katsuko clicked her tongue as she braked, giving the STi the gap it needed to overtake the R33.

“What the?!” A voice came over the radio that was at the bottom of the pass. “The R33 slowed down a bit and now the Angel is ahead! Why did she do that?”

“Shizuko’s taking a much more aggressive approach…” Kayo mumbled as she looked at the pass.

“That was aggressive…” Katsuko said as she turned into the next hairpin.
The R33 was now about where the STi was at the start of the race. At the third hairpin the STi took the outside line, which Katsuko decided to attack and overtake the STi. Little did she know Katsuko fell right into Shizuko’s trap. Shizuko could only smile as she braked and managed to touch the gutter just as the R33 was about to enter the hairpin. This made Katsuko gasp as she braked hard, widening the gap between the two cars.

“Looks like the Red Suns aren’t as tough as we thought.” The voice over the radio said. “The R33 fell for the Angel’s trick. Looks like this is one is in the bag.”

“But how much space will Shizuko have when the uphill starts?” Haruka said as she looked to the sky.

As the two cars passed the high speed portion of the course, the STi’s speed was pulling away from the R33, who was entering the high speed at a much lower speed. Entering into the next set of hairpins the STi took the racing line, having left the R33 well behind. The STi at this point was about three and a half seconds ahead of the R33. However the R33 was a bit more powerful then Shizuko had anticipated, because after finishing the second hairpin she heard the tires of the R33.

“H-How powerful is that R33? Is that even safe for these roads?” Shizuko asked as she wondered how the heck the R33 managed to catch up.

Shaking her head she focused on the race at hand. After finishing the hairpins the STi was about two seconds ahead. Shizuko was still surprised how the R33 managed to catch up so quickly. Maneuvering quickly in between the turns before the final hairpin the STi managed to get by in a quicker time than she usually would. The STi then took the final hairpin before pushing the STi through the final straight. At the sight of the STi the Ushiroyama people were cheering that the Angel was ahead.

“Well now, didn’t think that Shizuko would do THIS good.” Haruko admitted. “I’m kinda surprised really.”

“Same, but how will she fare uphill?” Akemi asked.

“Alright.” Kayo said as the STi managed to turn around for the uphill run. “It’s alright, she can do ok…but she is miles away from you Neon. It’s maybe in line with Haruko’s level.”

“Is that so eh?” Neon said as he noticed that the R33 managed to get to the straight. “So how is she going to handle uphill?”

Shizuko wasn’t doing well. After the hairpin she had some trouble putting power uphill. The turns weren’t as fast as Shizuko expected. And the R33 was slowly catching up to the STi.

Boo, let me do this part.

“What?” Shizuko stated as she approached the turn before the hairpins. “But she’s isn’t in fr-”

Who cares? The uphill runs weren’t that good I’d say, I’d know how to improve them.

“Why are you helping me?”

I’m still a part of you. And this part is a fighter.

“Are you su-” At this Shizuko felt that she was violently thrust out of her body, leaving the STi to swerve around for a bit before regaining composure. “Trust me.”

“What the?” The voice said from the radio. “The Angel must have had a moment or something, the STi swerved for a bit…”

“Shizuko…” Neon could only say as he heard this.

At this point the R33 was only a second behind the STi. Approaching the first hairpin the STi did something weird, taking the gutter. Katsuko noticed that technique and simply sighed, she’d seen this technique before, nothing new. The R33’s engine seemed to have more power than the STi, as the R33 slowly caught up with the STi.

“God dammit, the hell is with this STi?” ‘Shizuko’ yelled. “Thought Kayo pulled more power out of it! Swore she said around 50 more…feels like 20 more!”

At the final hairpin the STi was taking a straight line, which Katsuko didn’t follow as the R33 swerved a bit before entering the high speed section. With the STi having less power, Shizuko had to try and block the R33; which she was doing magnificently. It was as if the STi’s movements were an exact copy of the R33’s, keeping Katsuko from unleashing the engine fully. And when they reached the second set of hairpins, Shizuko feinted the attack from earlier.

“I’m not falling for that again.” Katsuko said as she didn’t go for the attack but kept right behind her. Then the STi took the middle line little did she know…

“Good.” Shizuko grinned as at the next hairpin she pressed the brake pedal hard and turned the STi into a hard drift, the body of the STi facing the R33. And the R33 was coming in fast.

“WHAT THE!” Katsuko screamed as she didn’t know what to do next. Out of human instinct she braked hard and swerved the same way the STi did.

“Heh.” Shizuko chuckled as the STi regained control and finished the run.

“Holy hell the Angel did it!” A person nearby exclaimed. “How the heck did she make the STi move like that?”

“Heheh, see what I can do?”

Yes…I guess I should thank you for this.

“I’m tired now, night.”

Can you see the end? I can, this fic will finish soon enough...

Shizuko: Then the next to speak will take over?
Seeing how more people want it...yes.
Neon: I see...

Still time to input which one you guys want.
  Posted: Aug 18 2014, 09:15 PM

Ravioli Ravioli
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The result of waiting 6 FREAKING HOURS for my next class, enjoy.

Chapter 42: The Phoenix Over the Sun

“So it looks like Shizuko won.” Haruko said as the crowd started cheering upon hearing the results.

“Hmph.” Tokoji exhaled as he approached Neon, silencing the crowd around him.

“Looks like it’s time then.” Neon replied. “But I think we should have the ladies return first…courtesy I think the word is.”


So the crowd started to speculate on who would win this run. Obviously those native to Akagi said the new Red Suns would win and such was the same to those native to Ushiroyama. After some time the STi and the R33 were at the bottom of the pass, meeting back with everyone else.

“Gotta hand it to you Shizuko, you did great.” Kiyoshi said as Shizuko exited her car.

“Hahaha…” Shizuko lightly laughed as she approached the Azure Wings.

“Still…never would I think that anyone would do anything like what you did.” Katsuko said as she exited the R33, complementing the high end stunt the Shizuko did.

“W-Well…it kinda scared me too, but I needed to do something.” Shizuko replied with a faint chuckle.

“Well nevertheless…alright boys, you’re up.” Kayo said as she went over to the start line.

“May the best racer win.” Neon said, in order to lighten up Tokoji’s mood…only to have him respond in a rough grunt. “Geez…you’re worse than some people I used to know.”

“ALRIGHT PEOPLE LET’S DO THIS.” Kayo shouted over the sounds of the hyped up crowd. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!”

At the end of the countdown the two rear wheel drive cars accelerated off the line, with a small hint of wheel spin. After the first hairpin the 86 GT was ahead of the 370Z, but only by a small margin. Even through the numerous turns the 370Z was right on the 86 GT. Much to Neon’s amusement, the 370Z was following his line very well. Approaching the first set of hairpins Neon decided not use the gutter, even though he could probably make some distance from Tokoji if he did. As such the 370Z was following the line of the 86 GT very smoothly, which was making Neon very nervous.

At the high speed section Neon slammed his foot down hard on the accelerator and pushed the 86 GT to its limit, having been pressured for a bit too much. Tokoji did the same, but probably not as much since he wasn’t planning on overtaking Neon at the high speed. It was at the hairpin in which he would overtake. At the second set of hairpins Neon decided to use the gutter in order to relieve a bit of the pressure.

“What? He’s taking the gutter?” Tokoji said as he looked at the slightly lowered 86 GT as it took the gutter.

Thanks to the gutter the 86 GT was slowly pulling away from the 370Z, albeit a bit slowly. Seeing the slight improvement Neon decided to use the gutters, in which Tokoji wasn’t keen of using at the moment. The 86 GT was about half a second ahead of the 370Z, which gave Neon some time to relax through the final few turns as he positioned himself at the left of the cone. At the turnaround point there was a small cone there and Neon decided to take the turn quickly, by quickly drifting near the cone. But Tokoji was thinking the same thing, having passed the turns and positioned himself to the right of the cone and he was pressing the accelerator hard.

“What the?” A voice from the radio said. “They’re going to take the turnaround opposite of each other? They’re gonna crash!”

However Neon anticipated this possibility and braked hard, turning the 86 GT into a drift and managing to get his line. But Tokoji was not so fortunate, just as he started to drift the 86 GT was already at his line. He had no choice but go for the outside line, a car length away from the car. As he did his drift the 370Z was barely missing the 86 GT, who was at the apex of the drift.

“Holy…” A female voice said from the radio. “They took that turn at the same time and the 370Z just barely missed the 86 GT…how the hell…”

“Looks like Neon has his hands full.” Shizuko sighed as she looked up.

“Indeed, say…how’s his downhill?” Toshiyuki said as he looked to Kayo.

“Better then Shizuko’s uphill skills at least.” Kayo said, in a slightly mocking tone.

“Sh-Shut up!” Shizuko’s face turned a bit red from embarrassment.

“While it is not YOUR level Shizuko, Neon is about in between me and Akemi’s level, it’s great…but against him? Plus hearing how much the engine’s working, I can only imagine how the tires are holding up.”

Managing that drift both drivers knew that the downhill is where the winner will be decided. However during his practice Neon was relying on the gutters in order to pull away. After the few turns the 86 GT took the first gutter…but little did he know…

“What? He’s doing the same now!?” Neon said as he looked at where the 370Z was it was right on the 86 GT’s back bumper, instead of following behind. This troubled Neon a lot, even though he took the gutter again the 370Z was still behind him.

“SHIT!” Neon screamed out of hesitation upon entering the high speed portion.

“Woah!” Another voice said from the radio. “The 86 GT barely missed the line! Is he in trouble or something?” This caused the Akagi natives to laugh a bit.

“That’s probably why…” Airis said as she heard the news.

“Hm? Whatcha mean?” Haruka asked as she looked to her blue haired friend.

“Kayo, what was the largest gap between Neon and any other racer during a race?”

“Um…I’d say about two sec-” Kayo started before realizing what Airis was going to say.

“Neon ain’t good with pressure?!” Akemi exclaimed as she realized too what Airis was saying.

“Yeah…this is his first time ever having someone this close for this long. He might pull all his tricks but I think the car might not handle that too well.”

Indeed the 86 GT didn’t enter into the high speed section at optimal speeds, thus the 370Z was barely touching the rear bumper of the 86 GT. That was close enough to make Neon crack, but he steeled himself for the upcoming s-turns…but he also messed up here. Turning the wheel a bit too much the 86 GT was swerving left and right, missing the fairly easy line the s-turns had.

“Tch!” Neon said as he tried to get the 86 GT back on track. This lead to Tokoji taking the gutter and level with Neon, the 86 GT and the 370Z were neck and neck just past the first hairpin.

“Is…is the Phoenix losing?” A voice came from the radio, sounding a bit defeated. “The 370Z is neck and neck with the 86 GT…” This was great news for the Akagi natives as they broke out into a loud laugh and started mocking some of the Ushiroyama natives.

“This…is bad.” Shizuko mumbled as she looked to the pass. “C’mon Neon…you can turn this around…right?”

At the second hairpin Neon was able to take the gutter due to his position and managed to slightly pull ahead…only to have Tokoji take the third gutter and equalize the race again. Approaching the next set of turns the 86 GT was pushing hard along the inside line and Neon had to make sure that the 370Z would not pull up in front. He managed to keep the 370Z behind him, and then he decided to give it his all.

“Gotta go all out here! C’mon 86 GT…DON’T FAIL ME HERE!” Neon screamed as he pushed the accelerator down hard, giving the 86 GT the push it need to pull ahead a bit. However this was too much for the tires, as at the final hairpin…


A loud explosion came from the 86 GT and Tokoji then started to see sparks coming out of the rear of the 86 GT.

“SHIT!” Tokoji shouted as he braked hard, not wanting to crash with the 86 GT whose rear tires just popped.

“OH SHIT!” Neon screamed as he tried to regain control of the car, but it wasn’t going too well. The 86 GT then kept spinning around and around, earning gasps and screams from the crowd watching. Thanks to the speed Neon was going at the 86 GT kept spinning past the finish line…and it looked like the 86 GT was going to crash into the wall.

“C’MON!!!” Neon screamed with all his heart as he continued to slam the brakes and fought to keep the driver’s side away from the wall. Sure the 86 GT slowed down…and it continued to slow down…and it finally stopped, mere centimeters away from the wall people thought it was going to crash into. Neon then quickly undid his seatbelt and sighed heavily, the adrenaline from the experience crushing him internally.

“NEON!” Shizuko shouted from amidst the silence and ran to the 86 GT. Opening the door Neon was breathing heavily, his eyes still wide from the near death experience.

“Well…I never want to experience that again.” Was all that Neon said as he continued to breathe heavily. Shizuko could only smile and gave Neon a hug, well as much as she could.

“Heh, that was different.” Kayo said as all of a sudden the Ushiroyama natives cheered for the Phoenix’s win. The Akagi natives were now being mocked and laughed at.

“Are these all from the Red Suns?” Hitoshi asked as he looked to the Akagi natives as they slowly retreated to their vehicles.

“Nope, Neon said that these people just people who claim to be in the Red Suns…the real Red Suns are the drivers.” Kayo said as she looked at the scene. “But now the 86 GT is going to need some serious work after this…oh well. I always wanted to redo the bottom of that car.”

“That…was quite the show.” Tokoji said as he came up to the 86 GT. “Didn’t expect that to happen.”

“Yeah, neither did I…” Neon replied faintly, still shocked from the experience.

“Well…” Katsuko said. “Looks like you guys are the winners of this ‘True Competition’ then. Congratulations.”

“Yeah…” Neon replied.

“But still…that was close.” Katsuko then approached Neon and gave him a hug. “Thank your lucky stars.”

“I will…”

Katsuko then let go of Neon and waved the two goodbye to the pair. Thus ended the eventful day between the Red Suns and the Azure Wings. Many of the Ushiroyama natives were excited and many of them decided to continue the excitement by having more races. The Akagi natives retreated back to their pass, defeated.

“That was a good race there.” A mature male voice said as he approached Neon and Shizuko.

“Thanks.” Shizuko responded on behalf of Neon.

“With that skill though I am wondering…would you like to join a GT300 team?” The raven black haired man asked.

“What?” Neon replied, breaking out of his experience.

“I have never seen such skill under such extreme circumstances. I think you would make a great GT300 driver. If you would like I’ll set up a day where you can meet up with everyone else.”

“S-Sure.” Neon said, never expecting to come across such a opportunity in a situation like this.

“That’s great dear!” Shizuko said excitedly, having Neon in a GT300 team would surely help with their future.

“Curious…Shizuko. Are you done with racing?” Neon asked as the raven haired man left to get some things.

“Yes.” Shizuko replied. “I…I think I’ll finish up school for a bit. Get a liberal arts degree or something.”

“I see…” Neon replied, but Shizuko noticed a bit of disappoint in his tone.

“Don’t worry, I will continue to support you and love you even in GT300. And until we both pass away.”

“Just don’t become an obsessive yandere ok?” Neon then chuckled for a bit.

“W-What? No way! I’m NOT a yandere! Nor will I ever be one! Geez…”

Welp...this is the last race of this fic. No more races from here on out. The rest is now going to be the future of the Azure Wings. See ya at the other side...
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Nice work. Damn...that hopefully that GT86 can still be saved somehow.

All in all a pretty decent chapter. =)

Also, hope you enjoy what I wrote for you recently. grin2.gif
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It's gone quiet again,wonder if it's a monthly update?
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Chapter 43: Meeting the Team

Neon sighed as he exited his ER34. It was a few days after the race with the Red Suns and he drove to the area where the contact said to meet him. He felt nervous, that much was for sure; but for some reason he felt a bit…off? Like something unexpected was going to happen and all this would crumble beneath him. Or maybe he was way too pessimistic; his gut said it was that.

“Ah, so you’re here.” A male voice said, Neon recognized the man as the one who scouted Neon out. “Come on in…might I ask what happened with the 86 GT? It seemed to be in pretty rough shape after that mess.”

“It’s being repaired…is what my mechanic would like to say.” Neon responded, entering the facility. “In all honesty my mechanic states that the 86 GT might have to be scrapped. The belly of the car, in the back half anyway, was bent and scratched in many ways my mechanic hasn’t seen before. So in all honesty I might have to get something new.”

“Ah, that does seem like a terrible turn of events for your car.” The man replied, as the two of them entered into the man’s office. “Anyway, take a seat. I will go over the contract I wish to sign with you.”

“Very well.” Neon said, sighing to relieve any nervousness he had. “What does the contract state?”

The man then went on talking about various things about the FIA and other stuff that Neon had to give up for a while. Mainly he would have to stop his street racing. However Neon was willing enough to do that.

“I can go with all that, but I’m worried what my…fiancée would say.” Neon sighed, of the course the next question would be…

“You have a fiancée? But I didn’t see a ring on her finger?” The man asked, remembering the purple haired girl from the other day. Neon chuckled a bit before saying what he was going to do.

“I called my team and decided to have one final meeting; there I plan to propose to my girlfriend. I think she’ll say yes.” Neon replied as the man smiled.

“Didn’t think I my sister would be a mother-in-law already…” The raven haired man chuckled as Neon sat there confused.

“Wait, ‘my sister’? You know my mom?” The confused blue haired boy spoke as the man adjusted his glasses.

“I’m your uncle, Yoshiro.” That made Neon really, REALLY confused. If anything his brain was starting to short circuit a bit.

“Eh? Wh-huh? The heck?” Were some of the many words that stuttered out of the poor boy’s mouth, Yoshiro could only laugh at his confusion.

“Your mother said it was fine that I asked you to join my team. In fact, did you know that your mother has a lot of connections to various teams? She ain’t that type of person…but she sure made an impact on them.”

“Really? Well…what’s next?” Neon stated as he signed the contract. “About the thing with my…fiancée, I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Next we meet the team.”

“Neon?” A familiar tomboy’s voice asked as the two went to the track.

“Mai? You got accepted into this team?” Neon responded with a surprised tone.

“Yeah…from a track day, I was waiting for this day honestly. But I guess you’re doing GT300 right?”

“Well it looks like I don’t need to introduce you two since you two know each other. You two are the GT300 drivers,” Yoshiro said as he looked around. “Now where the hell are those two at?”

“Sorry for being late.” A woman said as she caught her breath and bowed. “Traffic was very bad today, must’ve been an accident.”

“Aegis, about time.” Yoshiro said as he crossed his arms. “You sure do like to be late huh?”

“I-It wasn’t my fault! I left an hour before you said!” The short haired woman stated. Aegis had short black hair that was raven black and had blue eyes. That statement however made Neon raise an eyebrow.

“Enough, where’s your cousin?” Yoshiro stated as he held his hand up.

“He’s coming around soon enough, I guess the traff-”

“Stupid traffic!” A man’s voice yelled as he came to the track. “Gah! Sorry for being late!”

“Doesn’t your mother tell you to leave early? Besides wouldn’t the local roads be faster?” Yoshiro asked, with a definite orderly tone in his voice.

“Well yeah! But this was unexpected, I don’t think aunt Kaede would care.” The dark violet haired man responded.

“It seems that my sister taught better than me or my other sister.” Yoshiro smirked as he noticed three faces look at him weirdly. Mai felt way too out of place for this weirdness.

“Wait…is that Neon then?” The man said as he pointed to the blue haired boy.

“Yup, I know Kaede doesn’t meet us often but Neon; these are your cousins Aegis and Leo.” Yoshiro stated as the three looked at each other.

“Holy shit Neon, you sure have grown since the last time I saw you.” Leo stated as he approached his cousin. “It was like what? Since you were three?”

“I-I don’t remember…cousin Leo.” Neon replied in a meek tone. He doesn’t remember him too well…

“Enough Leo, but I’m surprised that my dad managed to find you Blue Phoenix.” Aegis said as he pulled Leo away. “You sure were making a name for yourself at Ushiroyama, but if it weren’t for my schooling I would have probably raced you there.”

“I see?” Neon replied, still confused on remembering his cousins.

“I feel wwaaayyy to out of place for this madness.” Mai said as she raised her hands up. “This feels like a family reunion if anything.”

“Alright, enough enough.” Yoshiro stated as he clapped his hands. Everyone then looked to the leader of the group. “I’ve called you all here to meet our sponsors and get a few laps in your respective GT cars. So let’s meet our sponsors shall we?”

The first sponsor that came out was actually…

“Mom!?” Neon screamed as he looked at the familiar raven haired lady.

“I’m the closest representative for Nismo here, so I’m here on behalf of the main person.” Kaede started, ignoring her son’s scream. “I know that you guys are going to have a rough start for sure, but with time I can see you all grow into fine racers, hell maybe even become a tuner like me. That is all I would say and as for you…” Kaede then went up to Neon and grabbed his shirt. “Know the time place for everything alright?”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” Neon replied nervously before Kaede released her son.

“Seriously, there’s a time and place for everything dear. You would be dead if this were some other team.” Kaede replied, a bit worried. “But I’ll give you this one, didn’t expect my brother over there to ask Nismo for a sponsorship.”

“Doesn’t hurt until you try right?” Yoshiro grinned as Kaede rolled her eyes. “Alright, now for the next sponsor, this one is from Tom’s.”

“Hello everyone.” The woman stated, her short raven black hair and circular glasses marking her presence. “I am the representative for Tom’s. I know that you guys are all new racer in the Super GT, but I have a high expectations out of you for the following years. I know that it may be a rough and possibly uneventful start but you’ll do fine. I know it.”

“Thanks for cross etching my speech sis.” Kaede smirked as the lady scoffed.

“Well excuse me nee-san! You know I took a lot from you but so what? Ayame here ain’t the same sister that you once knew!” Ayame stated as Mai looked away.

“This is one hell of a family reunion…” Mai stated as she face palmed. “Well at least I get to have my dream…but god does this feel weird.”

Short, late update, school freaking sucks.

Neon: Yeah, you say that but it doesn't help that you are writing that SAO inspired fic that you will never upload.
Okamiwind: Hey, it helps clean up my mind.
Shizuko: Sure, you say that but-


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Chapter 44: Tying the Knot

“Who knew that driving GT cars would be so tiring…” Neon sighed as he was driving home after his first week of practice; needless to say he was utterly exhausted. Not only was he mentally worn out, his body was pretty fatigued as well. He knew this would be hard but...well not this hard. But underneath that pain he was nervous as all hell. The team was taking a day off for some reason and tomorrow would be the day where he would finally propose to Shizuko.

“The thought of marriage scares me a bit.” Neon said to himself as he took the exit from the highway.

“Here we are…” The nervous boy stated as he parked at the front of a jewelry store. “Last time I was here was when nee-san dragged me here with her friends. That was weird. But now…well…” Bracing himself he entered the store.

“Hello there sir.” The lady at the front counter greeted. “How may we help you today?”

“Ah…well, I want to buy a…engagement ring.” Neon replied with a hint of nervousness.

“Really? Well congratulations on the occasion, we have a number of rings here and…” So Neon, with the help of the lady, picked out a small ring. It was a basic ring with a nicely cut diamond on the top. The price didn’t set back Neon as much as he was expecting, he was saving up a lot, so much that he made lunch at home in order to save money.

“I assume we shall see you soon with orders for the wedding rings?” The lady asked as Neon chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, we will. See you then.” The blue haired man replied as he said left the store. The blue haired young man climbed into his ER34 and started the engine, for some reason he felt the need to head up to Ushiroyama one last time. So he did, at the speed limit of course; because of his registration with FIA and all that.

“Man, I’m nervous.” He said as he exited the ER34, inhaling the crisp, cold air. “Sheesh…I’m more nervous then when I was on that first date.”

“That nervous huh?” A voice said from behind him. Needless to say, Neon jumped in surprise.

“GAH! Haruko! Don’t do that again!” Neon screamed as Haruko laughed a bit, loving the sight she just created.

“May I ask exactly what you are nervous about?”

“Well…I don’t want to say.” The blue haired boy replied. “But you’ll see tomorrow.”

“Gonna pop the question?” Haruko sighed, noting what he meant by his secrecy.

“W-Wha…Right.” The boy said, not wanting to fight with his ex-girlfriend.

“I see, well it is a huge step for you and Shizuko. If I was a man I would be in your same exact position.” The black haired woman smiled, but inside though…“I wish I was in Shizuko’s shoes now…”

“Still can’t forget the past?” The blue haired man asked, he held Haruko’s hand. “I know that if you haven’t done that, I would be on my knee right now. But…well, you know…”

“I know…but can you humor me once more?” Haruko asked, she turned her head to Neon. His blue eyes were always so calming to her. “Make out with me…please.”

“What? But I…” He started. He stopped, because he knew that a kiss wasn’t enough for the 458 driver. “Alright…but let’s do that in your car.”

“Fine.” Haruko pulled Neon into her car where they made out. Neon felt a bit sick inside, kissing his ex and not his girlfri-fiancée. But deep inside he knew that this would be the last knot she needed to let Neon go fully. They only went for ten seconds before Haruko broke the small session. “Thank you.”

“May I go home now?” Neon questioned the woman.

“Yeah, if I hear from Shizuko in the future that you are treating her bad…then I won’t forgive you!” She stated as Neon exited the car. After seeing the ER34 go, tears started to form on her eyes. Haruko could only cry on the way down.

“Yosh!” Haruka stated as she exited her DB9. “Sorry for being late, the cherry blossoms are pretty!” The cherry blossoms were falling at this point of time, decorating the top of Ushiroyama in a wonderful color.

“Yeah yeah.” Hitoshi mumbled as he sneezed. “I have allergies right now, bleh. This sucks.”

“Well at least ya get to see the blossoms before you head back.” Akemi replied as she looked at Airis, who was on the phone.

“Wait, you’re gonna head back man?” Kiyoshi asked as Hitoshi sneezed yet again. He nodded his head yes.

“I’m American remember? Plus a few friends back home have recently asked me to come back, think they found a few teams for me.”

“Gonna miss you and the Z06…I think that was the chassis designation you always called it that.” Kiyoshi replied as Hitoshi smiled…and sneezed. “Wow that is some pretty bad allergies.”

“Well if you don’t mind Neon.” Haruka stated as she grabbed Airis’s arm. “Airis and I have to move to Tokyo for a few months to get our feet wet in our respective industries. Ya know, me in idol work and your sis in the fashion stuff.”

“Wow sis, you found a way in?” Neon asked in surprise, never would he expect to have her sister find a way so quickly.

“Apparently my contact said that a subordinate of hers wanted to have someone under her wing. Guess the bird’s gotta fly, I told Airis and within half a second a definite yes was there.” Haruka replied as Airis finished up the call.

“What Haruka said.” Airis said with a hint of amazement in her eyes. “Guess I am lucky.”

“Akemi, you gonna continue your education here?” Airis asked her rival.

“Yeah, I think I’ll stick to Japan for a bit. Hell maybe even live here until I die, I like it here.” Akemi stated as she stretched. “Plus it would be good for children here to have some time with foreigners.”

“Just don’t teach the children something bad.” Airis grinned as Akemi’s eye twitched.

“Well if you ever reproduce then I’ll make sure your child’s education a living hell.” Akemi retorted with a grin. Now Airis’s eye twitched.

“Like I’ll let my children ever go to your class, hell I’ll make sure that my children go to a completely different school!” Airis screamed back.

“Looks like they get to argue on other issues now.” Haruko smirked as she looked at Kayo, who was messing on her laptop. “Gonna jump into the conversation or just play around?”

“Shut it, I recently got a deal with Tom’s and HKS.” Kayo harshly said as the two rivals continued their banter. “Apparently some of their representatives came down as customers and were very impressed with my work. So I might go under their wings for a bit and learn how they do shit before I make my triumphant entrance to the tuning world.”

“That seems like you Miyako.” Haruko sighed as she looked at Shizuko. Take care of him ok?

“Shame Toshiyuki went back to Akina, guess his parent’s moved again.” Neon said as he rubbed his neck. “He said that he might become part of some big brand car company, instead of going into the scientist route.”

“Oh? Well that might be good…” Kayo stated as she continued typing something.

“A pragmatic girl eh?” Haruka sighed as she looked at Shizuko. “So whatcha gonna go Shizuko?”

“Get a liberal arts degree and work somewhere I guess.” Shizuko replied, placing a finger on her chin. “Should help pay the bills in the future.”

“Well I don’t think I need to say this, but Neon and I are part of a GT team.” Mai said as she sat on her MR2.

“Well congrats my wonderful girlfriend.” Kiyoshi kissed Mai on the cheek. “I think the electrician job should do nicely, it pays better then picking up phones.”

“The security company I’m part of says I have to go in tomorrow for some stuff.” Haruko decided to wrap up this little discussion. “Don’t know what but yeah, I’ll be off the radar for a bit. Well, that radar being the friends and all.”

“Right…” Neon sighed. Oh boy, it was time for him to ask the question. He was nervous...“Hey Shizuko…may I tell you something?”

“Hm? Sure.” Shizuko replied, not knowing what would happen. The nervous man approached his soon to be fiancée.

C’mon you practiced the living hell out of this yesterday! “Well I know that we have a great relationship and all. You are very beautiful and very kind, regardless of what I may have done. And well…I can’t see myself living without you.” Neon said, he then went on one knee and held out a small box. Shizuko only placed her hands on her mouth.

“Shizuko, will you become my wife?” The hopeful man finally asked, feeling relieved of getting that out of the way. Whatever everyone else was doing, they instantly looked at Neon and Shizuko, flabbergasted by what he just asked except Haruko…because she knew about this. Shizuko had a few tears in her eyes before slowly moving her head yes.

“O-Of course!” Shizuko replied as Neon slid the ring on her finger. “I was wondering when you would ask that…thank goodness…”

“WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!” Haruka screamed as Neon and Shizuko kissed, breaking the surprised group’s silence. “What? Wait? Huh? When the heck did this? WHAT?! Pumpkin?!”

“You said pumpkin sis.” Haruko sighed as everyone was still shocked. “You must be rreeaalllllyy surprised huh?”


“Well technically they aren’t married but…can ya give us a heads up before you do something like this leader?!” Akemi stated, shaking her head.

“Guess I’m your sister-in-law then…” Airis mumbled as she slowly giggled a bit. “Then I’ll become an aunt later on…hehehe…”

“Woah Airis! Don’t black out on me!” Haruka said as she held Airis upright. After that announcement Shizuko wanted to sleep in Neon’s room, since they were going to be married.

“Oh Shizuko?” Kaede stated as the couple entered the house. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom.” Airis quickly said before Shizuko could respond. “Look at her ring finger.”

“What do you…” Kaede then looked at Shizuko’s ring finger, it was a ring. Mentally she added what that would mean…

“Hey there you…” Hitoshi greeted only to notice Kaede stiffen up. “What happened?”

“Ring finger dad.” Airis responded. One glance and Hitoshi instantly understood.

“Congrats son, things are looking good for you. Um…dear?” Hitoshi only looked at Kaede’s pale skin and her narrowed eyes.

“My son…getting married…I’m gonna be a grandmother in a few years…” Kaede mumbled before rolling her eyes to the back of her head. She then slumped onto the ground.

“Oh dear…Kaede doesn’t take this stuff to well. When I proposed to her, her friends had to keep her up just to make sure she didn’t black out.” Hitoshi sighed as he carried the poor mother into the bedroom.

“Regardless of that, I’m glad Neon…” Shizuko replied slowly before placing her head on her fiancée’s arm.

No special thing this time, hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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Not sure how but i missed this.

knew that s kiss wasn’t
'a kiss'

sorry tongue.gif

anyway, nice reaction from Haruka there lol!
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Thank you shadow for your extensive knowledge of wedding dresses...which is still odd in my opinion.

Chapter 45: A Step in the Plan

“Well this is weird.” Airis said as she opened her brother’s room. “Didn’t expect the two of you to sleep in different futons.”
Indeed the couple in question were sleeping in separate futons…three feet away from each other. Airis could only sigh, ever since he got engaged to her one would think they would sleep together…well in her mind at least.

“Wake up you two.” Airis sang a bit while moving her head.

“Ngh…” The couple woke up simultaneously. Airis took this time to leave the doorway, sighing in exhaustion.

“I swear those two are acting like a couple rather than fiancées…or whatever that next step is but not really newlyweds.” Airis muttered as she went to her room one last time. “Plus if those two won’t wake up they’ll have to do it themselves.”

During the first week that the two were engaged Neon and Shizuko were sleeping together within Neon’s house. But there were plans made in which Neon stated that he would permanently move out and live in Shizuko’s apartment, wanting to move away from the family. It was also mentioned that Airis was going to temporarily move out for a bit, rooming with Haruka in Tokyo for her new job opportunity.

“They sure do grow up huh?” Hideki stated. He looked at Kaede, who was drinking a whole bottle of sake as he spoke. “Kaede…I know your sad but you can’t just drink your problems away.”

“Perhaps.” Kaede simply replied, not feeling the alcohol getting to her today. “But…I mean our children are all grown up now. Airis is moving to the big city for a job and Neon’s going to get married and become a GT300 racer.”

“Still, does it warrant drinking?” Hideki asked sternly. Kaede sighed as she got up. “Does it?”

“I guess not, all I hope is that Neon tries to provide champagne for his wedding.” Kaede chuckled a bit before Hideki gave out a long sigh.

“Still your favorite alcoholic drink?”

“Nah, it somehow is the only drink that can make me feel drunk.”

However no one would expect the wedding to be in two months time…

“INVITATION TO THE WEDDING CEREMONY?!” Kaede shouted as she looked at the last piece of mail in the mailbox. “Dear goodness…I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

“Whut?” Haruka stated in her bedroom, dumbfounded by the invitation. She was almost finished with the training crap that she’d been doing in order to become an idol. “The fuck? Already?”

“Huh.” Kiyoshi stated as he looked at the mail. “Mai? Did Neon say anything about his wedding during practice?”

“WHAT?! ALREADY?” Mai shouted as she came out of the bathroom with only a towel covering her. “ALREADY?!”

“Heh, looks like my return to the states will be delayed.” Hitoshi stated as he looked at the invitation. “Yo, sis. Neon’s wedding is going to be next month.”

“WHAT?” Akemi screamed as she came down the stairs. “What the? Didn’t they get engaged like three months ago?”

“That’s the odd part, could it be that they have been planning this before he proposed?”

“No way, somethin’ is up.” Akemi replied as she crossed her arms. “But I can't say why they would plan this so quickly.”

“Hmph, looks like I need to drive out huh?” Toshiyuki said as he looked at the piece of mail in question. “Good job senpai, good job.”

“I wonder if I’m going to be the Maid of Honor?” Haruko questioned as she looked at the infamous mail piece. “Shizuko’s gonna answer for this.”

“Huh.” Kayo simply uttered as she looked at the invitation. “Guess that internship…thing will have to wait.”

“Eh?” Airis stated as the invitation came to her eyes. “Welp, gonna head back home for a bit and help Shizuko with the dress at least.”

“Think everyone’s taking the news well?” Neon asked as he looked at Shizuko, she was finishing up cleaning the dishes.

“I don’t think so, but with that said some people have to be relieved.” Shizuko replied as she turned off the sink. “But we need to do this before your first race right?”

“Yeah, the boss told me that I need to have the ceremony within the next month…lest we hold off the marriage until January.” Shizuko took a seat next to her soon to be husband, who was sitting at the couch.

“Well I guess we should do this soon eh? But seriously, the planning was rough.” Shizuko giggled as Neon smiled and lightly punched her arm. “I mean, I was mostly looking for the locations. Oh and I had to or-”

“Alright, alright! Sorry I was practicing for GT300 dear.” Neon laughed as he got up. “C’mon, I’m tired.”

“Right behind you dear.” Shizuko replied as she turned off the living room lights. They both got comfortable in the bed after some light struggling that they did. It was mainly for laughs. “I love you Neon.”

“I do to dear…” Neon whispered, his fatigue got the better of him as he fell asleep. Shizuko kissed his forehead and she soon fell asleep.

“Glad you can make it soon to be sister-in-law.” Shizuko smiled at Airis, who was wearing some baggy clothes and sunglasses. Shizuko did call Airis about a wedding dress, of course she had to oblige. They met at a café, Shizuko was told to be ready to go.

“Right…gonna be one soon.” Airis muttered as she shook her head. “Anyway I’ll drive, you ready?” Shizuko nodded yes as they briskly walked to the familiar M3.

“Is the paparazzi that persistent?” Shizuko exhaled as Airis started her M3.

“Fun fact: Many people consider me as a ‘sleeper’ model, whatever the hell that means. A few pictures for some companies and all of a sudden I’m a damn celebrity.” Airis ranted as they got to the dress shop. “I know a person here from high school, I’m sure if I manage to pull a few strings I can be in charge of picking out your dress.”

“I’ll follow your lead.” Shizuko said as she followed Airis into the store. The shop was a traditional wedding dress shop, a few dresses on display and one or two other brides trying to find their wedding gowns. Airis went up to a person, Shizuko assumed it was the friend in question, and chatted for a bit. After five minutes, Shizuko wasn’t thinking about a dress design yet and she was a bit bored, Airis came back with the friend.

“Well Airis, I can’t deny what you said…but I’m sure my boss won’t be happy about this.” The friend stated as Shizuko got up. “So you’re the one marrying Neon huh? Pleasure to meet you, name’s Yukari.”

“Shizuko, pleasure to meet you.” Shizuko replied. “Well…are you sure about this Airis? I mean she seems totally fine to pick out the dress.”

“Do you want to wow Neon or not?” Airis sternly asked, Shizuko looked down in response. “Yeah, so I need to be here if you want to make Neon feel truly blessed.”

“Ain’t that a bit harsh Airis?” Yukari asked as they went to the back.

“Nah, I learned that my future sister-in-law needs a good talk down if she wants to do something that’s large in scale. Cruel, but can’t argue with results.” Airis then looked at the numerous dresses there. “Shizuko, first off…what sleeve length would you like?”

“Long ones.” Shizuko replied, sighing after Airis revealed that embarrassing bit of info.

“Alright then…how about this one?” Airis stated after grabbing a dress. Shizuko looked at the dress a bit, it didn’t sit right with her. “Is this a style you like?”

“Hell no.” Shizuko bluntly replied. “Did you hear what the hell I said?!” The satin white dress was a sleeveless dress that had no design on it. It had a sweetheart neckline that would show a bit of her bust and flared out near the feet, but Shizuko felt that it would be way too tight.

“Er…what did you say again?” Airis chuckled nervously as Shizuko gave her a very hard glare before she groaned in anger.

“I said the dress should have sleeves, not a sleeveless dress!” Shizuko replied in her anger.

“Great job Airis. You sure know your sister in law.” Yukari giggled as Airis’s face turned red.

“Shut it! Alright let me look again.” Airis said as she went back into the room. A few minutes later…

“Not my style honestly…” Shizuko commented as she exited the changing room, it was a princess ball gown styled dress. It had long sleeves, like she wanted, but it was big and poofy and it was rather tight in some places. “And might I say I feel like I’m suffocating here.”

“Is that so? Well don’t want to have you feeling too uncomfortable.” Airis replied. Yukari was absent mindedly looking at the two, she didn’t feel needed and unless her boss came out; she was only there to make sure things moved along. After some time Airis chose another dress and asked, “How about this one? Should be a bit better.”

“Let’s hope so…” Shizuko replied as she and Yukari went back into the changing room. “This one…hm.”

“Is it ok?” Airis asked, knowing that her choice would be good.

“Er…” Shizuko came out with the dress. “This is alright but…there’s something missing…” The dress was half sleeve length that had a beaded bodice with some tribal pattern that split the bodice in half. Although it had less fluff than the first one it was still a princess style dress.

“So what you like about the dress?” Airis asked as she looked at Shizuko.

"The bodice is good and all...but I would like something with less fluff and I don’t think Neon would like the pattern." Shizuko replied while looking in the mirror.

“Alright, while you change I’ll nab the next dress.” Airis nodded as she went back into the room.

“Better make this right!” Shizuko said as Yukari unzipped the dress.

“Fine! Take this!” Airis screamed as she tossed the dress over the door.

“ACK! I was changing!” Shizuko replied as she struggled around a bit. “Now this…hm…”

“Looks great!” Airis commented as her sister-in-law came out of the room. The dress was full sleeved with a beaded midriff and had diamond shapes surrounding the lower part of the bodice where a belt would normally be worn. The neck was in a v-neck fashion that showed a small amount of her breasts.

“It’s good, but it’s missing something…I think the waist design is a bit off…” Shizuko commented as she turned around.

“Alright then, give me one last try.” Airis said, just before she noticed Yukari with another dress.

“May I recommend this one?” Yukari asked as she held a dress. Shizuko looked at it weirdly as she went to change into the dress. She exited with a visible twitch in her eye.

“Are you an idiot?! Did you even pay attention?!” Airis screamed at her friend as she looked at the dress. It was a sleeveless dress that had a lot of puffiness and the bodice had a very asymmetrical pattern. The pattern was so wrong that even Yukari cringed a bit. There was way too much of her breasts showing from the dress, had a pair of gloves…which Shizuko didn't even realize she never wanted until now, and a veil that was way too thick. Somehow the visible scars on her paled in comparison to the horrible dress.

“You know, at least Airis got some things right!” Shizuko said as she tried to maneuver around in the dress. “Almost glad that Airis tagged along.”

“Why the hell did you choose that one? Ugh, do I need to remind you how much your sense of fashion is off?” Airis continued to rant as Yukari started to laugh lightly.

“Alright alright!” Yukari shouted as she was fed up with her friend’s rant. “Go pick the damn dress!”

“Geez…” Airis sighed as she went to the back. Shizuko stumbled a bit as she and went back into the changing room with the help of Yukari. “Alright, I put all my chips on this dress! This outta do good!” And few minutes later, Shizuko came out with the dress that Airis picked out.

“Airis…yes this is it.” Shizuko replied as she looked at her reflection. “This is perfect…”

“I’m sure my brother will cry a bit, goodness this dress looks great!” Airis smiled as she placed her arm around her sister-in-law. Yeah…Neon would cry a bit…that would be interesting to see.

THE END IS NEIGH. Er....NEAR! In three more chapters the end of this fic! Woohoo!

Neon: You sound very glad to get rid of us.
Neku: Well it is our turn father, another book needs to be read you know.

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Ah man,just when I love this fanfic......
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Sorry for the wait on this one. The difficulty of writing a wedding and the episodic breakdown I had delayed this chapter. Thank you shadow55419 for the assistance...seriously man how the hell do you know about this stuff so well? I know it's the TV and all but...really?

Chapter 46: Wedding Day

“Dude I am nervous as all hell…” Neon muttered as he was sitting down. It was here, the day of the wedding. The day where he and Shizuko would finally announce that they were no longer a lovey dovey couple, but a married couple. Boy he was nervous with the tux on and stuff.

“Breathe man, you practiced the hell outta this right?” Kiyoshi said as he placed a hand on Neon’s shaky body. Kiyoshi wasn’t that surprised that he would be chosen as the Best Man, he was his friend that had kept constant contact with him since high school.

“Sure, but it’s…anxiety. What if I mess up? What if I screw it up? What if I d-” The nervous man continued until the Best Man laughed.

“Don’t fret it, people are just gonna laugh and shrug it off. People know that you two are nervous and are gonna give you a LOT of leeway, it’s your guy’s day anyway.” The green haired man stated as the groom sighed heavily.

“Yeah…your right. Thanks.” Neon replied as he got up. “It’s nearly time…”

“Indeed, and hey. I wouldn’t be called the Best Man for nothing.”

Shizuko was pacing around the room in her dress. Like Neon she was nervous, maybe a little less so but still nervous.

“Calm down will you?” Haruko stated as she looked at her pacing friend. Like she deduced, Shizuko wanted her to become the Maid of Honor. Perhaps their friendship since high school had a large impact on the decision.

There was no audible response, Shizuko was nervous. She had so many things in mind, what if she messed up? What if she said something weird? What if she tripped? So many ‘what if’s’ were swarming her rather clear mind.

“If anything, people are going to be ok with it. You’re not running down the aisle and you did break in that dress right? So you should be comfortable, if you mess up your words…well as long it’s nothing that would break his heart, people are gonna laugh it off.” Haruko comforted Fthe bride as her strides became less hectic. At least she was a bit calmer…

“Here we go.” Neon muttered as soon as he mustered himself up for the ceremony to start. Soon the door opened and the blue haired man walked down the aisle. There were a good number of people ranging from his mother’s friends and family to Shizuko’s side. From there he approached the altar and turned around, waiting for everyone else to come in.

The first pair to appear was Hitoshi and Miyako. Hitoshi wore a tuxedo with a blue dress shirt and a green tie. Miyako had her hair a bit straightened and wore a wonderful looking dark green dress.

After they took their in their respective places, Toshiyuki and Airis came in and stood in their places. Toshiyuki had the same get up as Hitoshi while Airis had her hair fully straightened with a white hair band, along with the same dress.

Finally the Best Man and Maid of Honor, Kiyoshi and Haruko, stood the closest to where the groom and bride would be. Kiyoshi’s wore the same tux and tie, but his tux had a small flower in the front right pocket and Haruko curled her hair a bit and wore the same dress. Then a teenage boy followed them, he was the ring bearer and then was followed by a small red haired girl, who was the flower girl.

“Everyone, please stand for the Bride.” A voice said as everyone stood up. At that an organ started to play some accompanying music.

“Alright…here we go…take it slowly.” Shizuko whispered as the doors fully opened. She exhaled as she started to slowly walk down the aisle. The dress was perfect… Shizuko's wedding gown just barely swept the floor as she stepped down the aisle, the sweetheart neckline showed a modest amount of cleavage while the lace sleeves went all the way to her wrists with patterns that matched the beaded hearts and roses that surrounded the waist line. She was being escorted by her uncle, rather than her father…he wasn’t available for some reason.

“Hey man, she looks fantastic.” Kiyoshi whispered to Neon’s ear before he leaned back. The words couldn’t reach Neon’s head as he was in utter shock of the beautiful woman coming down the aisle. Hell, he felt a few tears swell up in his eyes. He shook his head a bit as he sniffled and inhaled a bit of air. After a small bow, Shizuko then came up to the altar. Soon that same wonderful woman was standing right next to him. After that everyone took their seats. Man…Neon felt really blessed…

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this couple in holy matrimony.” The priest said, looking at the groom and bride. “From this point on you two are going to experience happiness together, as well as some rough points. However since you two are here, you two must know the hardships of such a tradition. Now it’s time for exchanging of the vows. Mr. Kurubasa?”

“R-Right…” Neon stated. He turned to Shizuko before he inhaled and exhaled slowly before smiling. “Well…Shizuko…you are just a wonderful woman. Ever since I was young I had a hard time trusting other people, might I even say I had a hard time loving people. But through the experiences of high school and meeting you in class…I’ve learned to love…as clichéd as that sounds.” Neon gave a light, nervous chuckle before he continued. “By chance we met in that class and even though we both had some problems at first, we talked through it and sooner or later…we started dating. Hah, Shizuko…I love you and no matter what, I’ll protect you and guard you until we both pass away.”

Shizuko felt some tears swell up in her eyes as she heard this. After calming herself for a moment she began her vows. “Neon, I…I don’t know what to say other than I love you and thank you. My childhood…was not the best one, my parents were a bit rough. However going through life I thought no one would love me…but when I met you in that class by chance. Hah, I know that we didn’t have that good of a start, but from that I know that you loved me. You never gave up on me…so I didn’t give up on you. Neon Kurubasa…I ask that you would love me forever, ok?”

“Of course.” Neon replied as the two of them turned to the priest.

“Very well then…do you, Neon Kurubasa, take this woman before you as your wife in holy matrimony, to love and to honor her, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part?”

“I do.” Neon replied firmly.

“Do you, Shizuko Furusawa, take this man before you as your husband in holy matrimony, to love and to honor him, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part?”

“I do.” Shizuko nodded as she replied.

“Very well then, the rings please.” The ring bearer then gave the rings to the priest, who then gave them to the couple. Neon first slid the ring on Shizuko’s finger before she did the same to Neon’s.

“By the power possessed by me, I pronounce you both Mr. and Ms. Kurubasa! You may now kiss the bride.” And the couple did just that, they kissed and everyone stood and applauded. Then the music played and the now married couple walked down the aisle, followed by Hitoshi and Miyako, Toshiyuki and Airis, and finally Kiyoshi and Haruko.

“Whew, that was a handful.” Neon stated as the two of them visibly relaxed as they exited the hall.

“Well the worst has past, now for the rest.” Shizuko responded as she stood there. It was picture time and they were sure to get everyone from the Azure Wings into a picture.

“Alright family first I guess.” The married man said as everyone started to vacate the hall. Soon the family picture was taken…simple enough.

“Oi, our picture is next yeah?” Haruka stated.

“You still mad you weren’t a bridesmaid?” Haruko giggled at her twin’s ‘problem’.


“Anyway hurry up.” Airis said as she gathered the Azure Wings into the picture.

“Hey it’s a serious picture you numb nut!” Neon exclaimed as he saw the Best Man do some wacky pose.

“Live a little man!” Kiyoshi said as he kept that pose.

“That’s the next one! Not now!” Shizuko stated, trying to get a good photo with everyone in.

“Oh my gosh stop it!” Miyako said as she tried to hold Kiyoshi into a stable position. Hitoshi was trying to help Miyako…but it wasn’t going too well.

“Heheh! Alright alright…” Kiyoshi stated, seeing how even the camera person was getting irritated.

“Geez Kaede…your son’s friends…” Ayame stated as she took the picture.

“Alright, the reception. Let’s not keep everyone waiting.” The groom said as everyone went to the reception hall.

The tables were decorated with a white table cloth and were ornate with a centerpiece of a few blue and green flowers in a silver vase. In front of everyone were a few utensils for the food and a small little box that had some candy in it.

“I have to admit…they really went all out huh?” Nao asked as she continued to look around.

“Yeah.” Kaede bluntly stated as she tapped her foot.

“Dear, is the champagne really that necessary? This is our SON’S wedding, you should be more happy for him.” Hideki sighed as he held Kaede’s hand.

“I am, but…”

“Let it go Kaede.” Tsukiko said as she noticed Haruka grab a microphone and tapped on it.

“Is this thing on?” Haruka asked through the microphone. “Ah, it is. O-ACK!” The blissful sound of feedback came through the speakers. Everyone did some sort of reaction to it.

“Woah! Sorry about that! Alright then, thank you all for coming to the reception.” Haruka started as she looked at everyone. “Now it’s the time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to come in now. First up we have Hitoshi and Miyako!”

Some music started to play as the two came in, they did nothing special until they stopped and did some Thriller dance, everyone laughed a bit.

“Wow you two ok.” Haruka stated as the two moved on. “Anyway, next up is Toshiyuki and Airis!”

Then the music changed to something a bit more formal as the two danced in a ballroom manner for a while.

“My oh my.” The loli rolled her eyes as the two went to their seats. “Next are the Best Man and the Maid of Honor, Kiyoshi and Haruko!”

So the two came out, walking for a bit before they bowed and took their seats.

“What? Nothing from you two?” Haruka deadpanned as they sat down.

“Nope, just gonna sit and be done.” Haruko stated as she smiled.

“Wow…anyway the groom and bride are next! Hey you lovebirds, get out here! Here’s Neon and Shizuko!”

They started to walk for a bit before…

“You know what? Let me try something else.” Neon stated as he went behind Shizuko.

“What do you mean by someth-KYA!” Shizuko screamed as Neon swept Shizuko off her feet and carried her bridal style. “Oh you!”

“Heh.” Neon smiled as everyone clapped the two in, Shizuko still looking flustered. They soon got to their seats, Neon placing Shizuko down in her chair.

“Well now.” Haruka simply spoke. She didn’t see THAT coming. “Anyway…let’s see what’s next. Ah right the food, it’s a buffet style so eat up everyone! But…” Soon Haruka grabbed a glass and started to tap on it with a fork.

“You dang loli.” Neon muttered as soon everyone started to follow suit. “Well Shizuko might as we-!”

No one would expect Shizuko would be the one to go in and kiss Neon. Everyone was surprised and laughed for a bit.

“THAT I was not expecting.” The groom said as the bride simply laughed. Soon everyone started to eat from the buffet.

“Dear…are you drunk?” Hideki asked as he looked at Kaede, who as swaying a bit in her seat.

“I wish, I stayed up late last night so the alcohol isn’t working.” Kaede sighed.

“What…the fuck kind of logic is that?” Tamiko asked as Kaede’s friends looked at her.

“I dunno, ask my brain and body. Apparently they know how the alcohol spreads in my body.”

This was followed up by Megumi slowly placing her hand on her face and sighing.

“Alright, hope you guys still have room for cake.” Haruka’s voice interrupted the noise of the room. “Hey, lovebirds, hurry up. The cake cutting!”

“Hurry up for what? We’re already here!” Neon responded as the married couple rolled their eyes. The cake was separated into three parts and was a basic white color with some icing on it.

“Cut it then!” The emcee said as Neon and Shizuko lifted the knife. And one assisted movement down, the cake was cut. Then Shizuko face planted Neon into the cake.

“GAH!” Neon screamed as he got up. Everyone was in an uproar with laughter as they saw this.

“Isn’t it usually the other way around?” Haruka asked, trying her best to not roll on the floor.

“HAHAHA! I turned the tables!” Shizuko laughed as she soon found herself face first in the cake.

“You usually say that IF I had done that.” The groom smirked as Shizuko got her face off the cake. “There, even.”

“Great, this is going to be a pain to remove.” Shizuko moaned as she tried to wipe the cake off of her face.

“Hey, you started it.”

“Whatever, thank goodness I didn’t order red velvet. Could raise a few eyebrows.”

So the night continued and everyone has having a good time…all but one person. She was dressed up as she was usually dressed up, for work. Hideki was going to the restroom before he noticed her.

“Hiromi?!” Hideki stated as he saw her.

“Yes…I’m just seeing my daughter’s wedding.” She replied quietly. Hiromi’s hair was no longer dyed black, but it was her regular dark purple color.

“Alright people, time for the dance.” Haruka stated as the music started to slow down a bit. Neon and Shizuko looked at each other then nodded.

“Mom.” Neon said as he held a hand out to his mother.

“The dance eh?” Kaede smiled. “Of course, it’s going to be hard to let go you know.”

“I know.”

“Very well then.” Shizuko’s uncle stated as he got up. Nao smiled and got up, she needed to use the restroom and didn’t want to shed a few tears.

“Sis? What the hell?” Nao hissed as she saw Hideki and Hiromi.

“Just…seeing my daughter’s wedding.”

“Are you alo-” Nao started, only to see a ring in her hand.

“Divorce papers followed through last night. I’m a divorced mother who missed her own daughter’s wedding.” Hiromi said in a depressed tone.

“It’s alright sis, at least you came at the last bit of the ceremony. Look.” Nao replied, Hideki and Hiromi turning to the sight.

Neon was doing a small formal dance with his mother, their moves smooth and crisp. Shizuko was also dancing with her uncle, dancing in the same matter. It was only a few seconds later did Shizuko’s uncle let her go. Kaede however…

“Mom…” Neon stated, her mother grasping him with one hand.

“I know, see you around my son.” Kaede replied through a few gasps. She let go and the couple was standing face to face.

“Madam.” The groom said as he held out his hand.

“Sir.” The bride replied as she took his hand and they both started to dance. A spotlight was on them, but they didn’t care.

“Shizuko…dear…” Hiromi cried through a few gasps for air. She was happy, her daughter found love and she looked more alive than she remembered her before.

“It’s not too late. There’s going to be some down time after the bouquet toss so you can talk with her before she go-”

“It’s ok.” The crying mother said as she blinked a few times. “I’ll talk to her later.”

“If you say so.” Nao stated as she went to the restroom.

“Do you regret anything?” Hideki asked, the need to use the restroom dissipated with Hiromi.

“A lot, but do you hate me?” The woman asked.

“No, but…in some ways I’m thankful for you. Without you my son wouldn’t have his wife right now, so…” Hideki started, trying to not bring him up. He sighed as everyone started to clap. They ended with a small twirl and a kiss.

“Aw, that is so sweet. I mean it to.” Haruka stated over the speakers. “Anyway, Shizuko. Time to toss that bouquet!”

“Right, all the ladies?” Shizuko asked as she was handed a bouquet and turned around. Soon all the single women there were bunched up into a small group, waiting for the bouquet.

“Here we go!” Shizuko stated as she tossed it backwards. Mai ended up catching it. She looked at Kiyoshi with a noticeable look of worry and surprise.

“Looks like it’s you next.” Neon stated as he placed a hand on Kiyoshi.

“Y-Yeah.” Kiyoshi replied, very nervously. “Looks like the knot needs to be tied eh?”

“No duh.” The blue haired man stated as he returned to his seat. “Welp, let’s get this sucker over with.”

Thus the reception ended and the married couple was exiting the reception hall. Everyone started to throw flower petals in the air as they both walked to their ride. They entered into their car and left. It was over. It was official. The Angel and the Phoenix were finally together…

T minus 2 until the end. It's been a journey in writing to say the least.
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Chapter 47: During the GT300

“Congrats on the wedding Neon.” Leo said as Neon got onto the track.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it.” Aegis said with a small smile. “Planned an event with my friends, couldn’t cancel it.”

“Anyway enough chit chat.” Yoshiro stated as he entered the track. “Let’s get to work.”

The team continued to practice more on the track they’d set up. In there the drivers learned some more tactics from each other and eventually the first race came up. It wasn’t that good to say the least. It was a total failure as they only came up in last place. However in the next race they did marginally better, with Neon managing to secure sixth place. But at the pace they were going at they wouldn’t be able to make podium, much to his disappointment. It was the second to last race where things started to look up.

“Alright, so we haven’t had the greatest season so far. However if we can get at least third in these last two races we can actually get fourth overall.” Yoshiro stated as the team was readying themselves for the race. After a bit more talking Shizuko approached Neon with a worried look on her face.

“Please be careful out there today.” Shizuko said worriedly, she had a bad feeling about today.

“Hm? Of course I will be Shizuko, why this all of a sudden? Never said anything like that before.” Neon responded, obviously confused on what his wife said.

“Women’s intuition? I dunno but please stay safe.” Shizuko said before turning around. Neon shrugged it off, but inside he was taking the words to heart.

The race was going swell, they managed to hold onto third and even passed into second for a lap. It was the final lap where something happened…

“What the?!” Neon stated within his car that he felt the back end being pushed out by a blue 350Z, and then he braced himself as he saw the car spun out of control.

The GT300 car was spinning out of control until it went off the track, there it started to flip over….before it started to summersault. The sound of crushing metal and gasps soon followed. It continued until it hit the barrier, at that moment the car finally settled down on the roof and it was followed by the sound of cars passing by. No one knew if he was alive.

“No…” Shizuko whispered as she saw her husband’s car. Her intuition was right…she couldn’t say why that did not happen to Mai but she was stunned. She then glared at the car in question, a blue 350Z, with intensity as if she was trying to blow up the car with her mind. The ambulance was down there, the final racer managed to pass the finish line at that point. Everyone expected the worse…but no expected a foot to thrust out of the car’s driver window.

“Geez, that was new.” Neon sighed as he was being helped out by the medics. He moved around and did some basic stretches to make sure nothing was broken. Nothing seemed out of place. The medics did a quick look over and found out nothing was wrong with him.

“You sir are very lucky, I’ve seen crashes like that that ended up in a full body cast.” The medic stated as he finished up his check up. “Thank your angels.”

“I know.” Neon sighed, knowing the stupid amount of luck he had. He returned back to his team, only to have his wife storm straight to him.

“Sorry about th-” The racer started to apologize before the resounding sound was heard.


“You idiot!” The wife screamed at her husband. “We just got married not too long ago! I don’t want to become a widowed woman!”

“Sorry.” Neon finally said as he held the now crying wife in his arms. “I’m here, don’t worry. I’ll be here for you.”

“Well…we’re glad you’re safe. The position doesn’t matter if you would have died.” The manager sighed as he approached the racer, whose wife cried even harder. “Anyway, try to get a good standing on the final race alright?”

“I-I’m sorry!” A random person in a racing suit stated as he bowed to the group. Must have been the racer who spun him out. “I was told to overtake at that point but I didn’t expect…”

“It’s alr-”

“YOU ASSHOLE!” Shizuko screamed over Neon’s forgiveness. Whatever tears of sadness she had been now filled with rage. Neon somehow held back Shizuko who was screaming for him to release her, to kill the man who almost killed her husband.

“Shizuko ENOUGH!” Neon stated as Shizuko stopped for air. “It’s ok, I’m still alive. Stuff like this happens all the time ok? I knew this could happen!”

“Still…that doesn’t…” Shizuko gasped as she fell onto the ground.

“Sorry for my wife’s outburst. Anyway it’s alright, just be careful next time.” The driver finally stated as the other racer bowed again.

“I am the new guy for my team. I was given an earful from my boss when I got back. My team prides itself on being clean, guess I broke that.” The racer responded nervously.

“Just be careful next time alright?” Yoshiro asked, feeling a bit sorry for the new racer.

“I will…now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to find a new team for the next season.”

In the final race they managed to get second, with only two tenths of a second behind first place. They did alright, seeing on how they managed to get a very good place on the last race.
Sooner than Neon expected the second season started. They did much better than the last season, keeping around fourth place in every race. Sometimes the team got third or fifth, but many racers were eyeing this team for their unusual improvement from the last season. It was also the season where Shizuko meet up with her mother.

Shizuko was called out to a rather nice looking café by her aunt Nao, she had said something about someone wanting to talk to her. She didn’t expect to see her mother there as she sipped her coffee at a table. Shizuko remembered Hiromi having dark purple hair in her younger pictures and she entered in with dark purple hair and a red shirt and a long blue skirt. This was the first time she’d ever seen her mother wear anything casual.

“Mom…” Shizuko started, still wary on what her mother wanted.

“Hi dear…” Hiromi sat down after greeting her daughter. Ever since the wedding Hiromi stayed with her sister in the complex she ran. There she spent a week sulking on her failure as a mother. Nao eventually arranged a meeting with her daughter to snap her out of it.

Too bad neither of them had anything to say.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for your wedding.” Hiromi started as she opened the conversation.

“It’s ok.” Shizuko replied bluntly…and with a bit of venom in her tone. Hiromi swallowed a lump.

“I want to apologize for being a bad mother…but it’s too late huh?”

“Perhaps mother.” Shizuko was still mad at her. Sure she might have cleaned up after knowing what happened…but that would never give back her lost childhood.

“I see…well I’m going to go away for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill myself. I think…I think I need to think things over. I want to hear you say one thing before I leave though…can you promise that?” Hiromi asked, she was ready for either outcome.

“Fine, but nothing sappy.” The purple haired daughter sighed, she could humor her mother once more at least.

“Can you say ‘I love you mom’?” The mother asked, her eyes on the verge of spilling tears. Shizuko looked at her weirdly, perhaps her past did catch up with her…she felt a bit bad calling her mom out like that. She stood up and got her mother to stand up as well. Then she hugged her.

“I love you mom and I’m sorry for being so rough on you.” Shizuko admitted while she could hear the sounds of her mother gasping as she cried. Whatever relationship they had before was broken and replaced with a genuine mother daughter relationship at that point. She didn’t hear from Hiromi for a while, but she knew that her mother was true to her word.

The third season went much better for them, managing to stay within the podium at all times. There many teams saw this group as a major threat and many groups wanted to recruit them as potential drivers for the next season, they all declined for the next season at least. It was at this point in time that the new Kurubasa family found a home for themselves.

“Still can’t believe I’m buying my old house.” Neon stated as he and Shizuko looked at the house. Indeed it was Neon’s old house before they moved to the hot springs.

“Only house available here huh?” Shizuko asked as they both started to unpack the van with their stuff in it.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind. It feels good in some ways.” The husband stated as they started to unpack, it took them the whole day but some things were still unpacked, nothing that they couldn’t do tomorrow. It was nighttime and the two were about to sleep.

“You know Neon…are we going to have children?” Shizuko asked out of the blue.

“Yeah we will. Why are you asking?” Neon asked, turning over to his wife.

“It’s…well you said that you were going to race for only four years and your last season approaches. So I’m just curious that’s all.” The purple haired woman replied.

“I know…Shizuko, come here.” The blue haired man said as his wife complied. There he kissed her deeply before his hand started to search her body.

The final season came around and the team was doing well with flying colors. They managed to secure first place in all of the races, many teams eager and consistently wanting them to join their teams. Everyone but Neon signed onto some team to continue racing. When asked why he wasn’t going to sign up again, he had a simple response.

“At the last post race conference I’ll explain why.” Was all Neon stated when he was asked that question. Many people wondered what he meant, and there were a few speculations, but only a few managed to get it right.

The last race was here and Shizuko, Haruka, Airis, and Kiyoshi were watching the race at the track.

“So when are they gonna come out?” Haruka asked Shizuko, noting her large stomach.

“Apparently the doctors said they will come very soon. It would be weird of they came out just as Neon finished the race.” The pregnant mother said. She was carrying two babies in her stomach, twins as the doctors guessed. Shizuko was happy, but the pregnancy made her skip work for a while.

“Now you jinxed it.” Airis smirked, laughing at her own joke. “Watch as your water break just as Neon passes the finish line.”

“Haha.” Shizuko replied sarcastically as Kiyoshi sighed.

“Mai got in with that team outta town, so this will probably be the last time I see all of you unless we have a reunion.” Kiyoshi said as he looked at the race. There were only five laps left.

“I see, well I know that I was damn lucky to get this day off.” Haruka sighed. “I know I did a concert a week ago but seriously, so many performances.”

“Thankfully I was called for a few photo shoots with the cars here so my day was set to free, seeing how I was able to meet my brother again.” Airis said as she stretched a bit. “Neon’s doing mighty fine now.”

“Of course, many people are calling that group untouchable. All first with at least half a second lead?” The idol grinned as she looked at the track.

“I know.” Soon the race ended with Neon passing the finish line…but Airis would never expect that…

“Um…Shizuko, I think your water’s breaking.” The loli stated as Shizuko looked down, then she felt a bit of pain.

“Oh gosh how ironic.” Shizuko quickly said as she held her stomach.

“Ack! I didn’t mean…well Kiyoshi hurry up and get an ambulance or something!” Airis screamed at the man as he found a medic, who immediately took Shizuko into an ambulance. Shizuko only hoped that Neon would be there when the twins arrived.

“Since you stated that this is your last season Neon, what are you going to do now?” A reporter asked as Neon grinned.

“Um I hate I say this Neon but…your wife’s in labor.” A person whispered to Neon. His entire posture froze at the news.

“Sir?” Another reporter asked politely, noting the winner’s unusual stiffness.

“Go, your wife needs you.” Yoshiro stated as Neon quickly excused himself from the area. He clicked his tongue as he ran, no one was nearby that would give him a ride. That was quickly defused when he saw his sister in her M3.

“Get in! Her water broke after you passed the finish line.” Airis called out as Neon rushed to her car, hastily putting on their seatbelts. “Hold on brother…”

Soon the twins made it to the hospital where Shizuko was in labor, Airis somehow managed to find a spot nearby the front. Neon quickly went to the front desk.

“My wife is in labor now! Where is she?” Neon quickly asked the receptionist. She fumbled around for a bit, not expecting anyone to rush in and ask something so quickly.

“Er…are you Mr. Kurubasa?” The receptionist asked quickly.

“Yes I am.” He stated in some anger. The longer he waited the longer he would be away from his wife, and at a time like this? No way was he going to delay.

“The third door on the left…in that corridor.” The receptionist pointed to the hall and the two of them bolted to the room. It wasn’t hard to tell which room it was, the screams and grunts of Neon’s wife were pretty prominent. Airis stayed outside the room.

“About time!” Shizuko yelled through the pain as Neon entered the room. The nurses were surprised at first but seeing how Shizuko held Neon’s hand it wasn’t too hard to figure out who he was. “AH!”

“Keep pushing ma’am.” The doctor said as Shizuko grunted harder and harder…Neon felt that his hand would pop because of the strength his wife was squeezing his hand with. Soon Shizuko stopped screaming and grunting in pain…it was over.

“Well now, twins.” The doctor calmly replied as he held the two newborn babies. “Here you go.”

“So…their names?” Shizuko asked through slow breaths.

“Doctor, which one came out first?” Neon asked, knowing what to name them.

“The girl came out first.”

“Heh, so it’s Lillian and Neku then.” The husband stated as the couple chuckled.

“I’ll be ok dear, head back to the post race meeting.” Shizuko smiled as she pointed to the door.

“Alright honey.” Neon replied as he gave his wife a quick kiss.

“Congrats brother, guess that means I’m…an aunt…now…” Airis started, only to quickly remember what she became.

“Don’t fall on me sis.” The brother responded as he was ready to catch his sister, who looked like she was going to pass out.

“Gah! Anyway let’s head back.” The sister responded just as she recovered from the news. “Jeez…just go around and have a baby now huh…that reminds me….”

“Say something sis?”

“Nah. Let’s head back. You gotta break the news of being a new father to everyone.”


So that is what Neon did, he went back and broke the news of becoming a father. Obviously the question was ‘What will you do now?’, which Neon responded with a small smile and said:

“If any team needs a racing teacher, I’m available.”

Thus after the post race meeting occurred, as Neon expected, he was swarmed by many teams asking him to become the teacher for them. He could only chuckle as he accepted the paperwork and offers and whatnot. He was going to have a loonngg couple of years ahead of him.

“I have a new family now…and I don’t want them to be like I was. Yeah. I gotta get this sorted out with Shizuko first.” Neon chuckled as he sat down in his car.

“Geez dear, we JUST got these two children and now you want me to shuffle through all this?” Shizuko laughed a bit, the two were now resting at their house months after the final race. “Surprised you have enough money left over.”

“Saving honey. Anyway, I know you have some time off and the twins are off sleeping right now.” Neon replied as he moved some of his hair out of his eyes. “So might as well do something about that work eh?”

“Then help me with some of the organizing then!” Shizuko fumed as she got up. “I’ll do some of the work. First, why don’t you organize the locations first? Those you want to go to set them in one pile, and those you don’t want…TRASH THEM!”

“Jeez lady! Calm down.”



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Welp...finale is here.

Epilogue: Their Wings

During Neon’s GT300 days the Azure Wings got their respective jobs. First would be Haruka, who went through some intensive training to even be considered an idol. However with her first album she had managed to grab a great amount of fans to continue on her career. Around her third year the “Loli Idol” was the most successful idol of recent times. It was also around that year where she got married and bore a child named Hana. There were many speculations on why she became so popular. Perhaps her lyrics were actually meaningful and had a message. Others say that her loli size and stature captured the hearts of many people. Yet there are those who say it was by complete and total chance, there was a small interest of idols at her arrival and she revived it. Who knows?

Neon’s sister Airis was also successful. Within a few shoots she became a well known model and was known as the ‘sleeper’ model. Her rather sharp and good looks caused many people, both male and female, to take a second glance whenever they suspected to see her on the streets. It became a bit too much however, soon paparazzi started to swarm her. It didn’t help when she got married to another male model around her age and eventually bore a child named Ayumi. Airis only sighed at these people, no longer could she walk freely but she had to hide herself? Jeez, it sure was a pain in the ass for her.

Haruko landed the security job. She worked for a private security company which none of the Azure Wings managed to find out the name of. Even as a recruit she showed excellent control and strength, many of her co-workers calling her the Guardian. She didn’t care though, a job was a job and she couldn’t help but let these names and such fly over her. All she did was basic security work…along with the hardships that were paperwork. Oh well, she had a protective spirit anyway; she would still get flashes from her accident that made her lose the only guy she loved. It was in the past though…

Miyako, or Kayo as the Azure Wings called her, got that internship with HKS. So she looked and understood what they did and saw what they could do. It didn’t help that she was having a motive of her own. After a few years of going through tuner after tuner, she eventually got the funds and opened her own tuner, the Miyako Tuning Company, or MTC as many people called it. Strangely enough she found a husband and got married within Neon’s second year. Her child Tomoyo was born shortly after the end of that year. And it was a rampage success that swept not only Japan but the world. Whatever flaws she found with the tuners that she worked with, Miyako would help them improve their skill. Around Neon’s last year in the GT300, Miyako’s first GT car, the MTC86 which was based off the 86 GT, made its debut in the series. It further improved her reputation as a tuner when Neon won the championship with that car.

Hitoshi made plans to head back to the United States. Within a week of his arrival he became part of a touring car team. With his familiarity of the cars he actually did well his first season, unlike Neon. After a few years he eventually got signed into a F1 team, which blew his mind. He was mildly successful though, he had less overall success then Neon in his years. He was married soon after Akemi’s wedding, but none of the Azure Wings were there. America isn’t close to Japan after all.

Akemi became a school teacher, much to her word. She dropped racing for her education and found herself in an elementary school in Ushiroyama. Out of all the Azure Wings, her life was pretty calm and silent. After Mai and Kiyoshi’s wedding, she was married next and eventually had a child named Melody.

Speaking of the couple they got married six months after Neon and Shizuko’s wedding. It was a pretty eventful and nice one, nothing spectacular or anything. Mai kept going in the GT300 for a while before, like Neon, she became a racing teacher. This was about the time where their child Kai was born. For some reason though many people kept comparing her to Neon in terms of whose team won more. She couldn’t help but say over and over that they are not competing for anything or for some record. Why couldn’t the damn reporters know that?

Kiyoshi, much like Akemi, had a pretty quiet life after the team’s disbandment. As an electrical technician he was working for some company and such. He keeps feeling sorry for not bringing in as much money as Mai did during her racing years. Mai always had to tell him that is was alright, his life his choice.

Toshiyuki felt bad for not making it to the disbandment thing, but he actually had an internship that couldn’t be delayed any longer. He found himself as a MazdaSpeed worker, doing whatever the heck he was supposed to do. So he wasn’t all that surprised when a certain red-haired lady found a way into his workplace. He couldn’t help but talk to her whenever they were on breaks, she was kind enough to offer a position in her tuning company when she opened it. However he refused, he was about to be promoted to a better position and preferred his security over a new position. During his beginning years he found someone to settle down with, he was the last one married.

Shizuko also had a quiet life…well as quiet as it could be. She finished up her liberal arts degree and was unfortunately unemployed for a while. That made her feel REALLY bad, since she was putting all the financial stress on her husband. But thankfully she found a job as a waitress at some restaurant. Thankfully the entire staff were females, including the cooks and the boss, why all females though? She found a job though and couldn’t complain about it.

Neon obviously became a teacher for an up and coming racing school nearby Ushiroyama. Needless to say many people who were following him wanted to attend that school, just for the sake of meeting the racing legend. He had the hard job of seeing who was there for the experience or just there for him, it was a bit hard at first since everyone had great facades for some reason. Nevertheless within the second year his team managed to nab third in the GT300, it sucked that he was still asked to come to their schools and teach…why the hell did the Todo School try to recruit him? He wasn’t a FF person to being with…

It was 10 years later that the Azure Wings had a reunion since Neon’s exit of the GT300. They decided to meet at the Kurubasa household, which somehow managed to hold everyone and their kids.

“Hey! Neku, Lillian! The guests are here!” Shizuko called downstairs. Soon two nine year old children came down the stairs. The dark purple haired boy had some glasses on and wore a white shirt and blue pants. Shortly after an ice blue haired girl followed him, she wore a blue and green striped tee shirt and a black skirt.

“We’re here momma!” The girl stated with a bubbly smile. She then noticed the other people at the front door and instantly ran behind her dad.

“Jeez Lillian, you don’t need to be so shy.” Neon chuckled at Lillian hid further behind her father’s leg.

“‘Lo.” Lillian quietly mumbled as she poked her head out.

“Aw, she’s so cute.” Haruka said as she tried to approach her. The small girl grabbed Neon’s leg harder and looked scared.

“You’re scaring her loli.” Shizuko stated as she sighed.

“Aw, she hates me.”

“She’s just shy. I know a few times where she wouldn’t even approach me, her own freaking aunt!” Airis laughed as everyone entered in.

“So…how’s life going for everyone?” Mai asked as Shizuko went to grab some tea and snacks for everyone. The kids went outside to play.

“Well for me it’s going good. Got my family and all that, simple life and not much else. Might I say things are running very smoothly.” Neon said as he gave out a small sound of happiness.

“Nice, nice. Well I guess the sister should be next. Modeling’s…a bit hard but its good business and money. Still…I worry for my little Ayumi at times.” Airis said as she looked outside, her daughter was by herself for some reason.

“And here I come!” Ayumi said as she ran around, probably for tag.

“Why you say that?” Akemi asked.

“She’s…well I guess I spoiled her a bit and…well.” The blue haired girl started.

“As long as ya do something now she won’t be a spoiled brat.” Akemi continued, closing her eyes for the rebuttal in three…two…one…

“B-Brat?! My child is not a ‘brat’! She’s growing to be a well mannered lady!” Airis yelled at her rival.

“Well by the looks of it you might raise a princess girl. She’s already a bit of a model anyway with her mother’s connections and all that. Pretty sure my Melody is gonna be the better lady.” Akemi grinned.

“Tch, whatever you say yo-”

“C’mon now, no need to fight.” Shizuko chimed in as she walked in with some tea and snacks. “Don’t worry I left some for the kids, mostly fruits.”

“Ah, so that’s why you took so long.” Haruka said as she grabbed her cup of tea. “Anyway, thanks for that. I’m trying to let my daughter Hana be…nicer. She’s…a handful at times.”

“Really? Does she nag for everything?” Miyako stated as she finished her tea. “Cause my daughter Tomoyo keeps going on and on until she gets what she wants or wins the argument.”

“They’re children, what do you expect?” Hitoshi sighed as he ate a small cookie. “They’re immature and all that.”

“Brother, your saying that because your little squirt was a nuisance on the plane huh?” The pigtailed woman asked.

“Shut. It.”

“You could be nicer you know.” Shizuko sighed as she placed her tea down. “Well I’m a housewife who has a job as a waitress, nothing new.”

“I was lucky to find time off, Mazda is pushing hard for new stuff now.” Toshiyuki stated as he drank up all his tea. “Dunno why though…”

“Hey! I offered you a freaking position you know!” Miyako rebutted as she spilled her tea on herself. “AH! HOT HOT HOT!”


“Geez, still lively as ever.” Haruko sighed as she drank up her tea. “I haven’t found anyone in my life unfortunately, so it looks like I’ll be the only person here that won’t be married.”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone sis. Just look.” The younger twin responded as she turned her head. “There’s a lot of people out there.”

“Perhaps…but nevertheless, Hitoshi I’m surprised you made it out here. What’s the occasion?”

“Actually there’s some sort of thing here that my agent wanted me to do. Don’t remember.” Hitoshi shrugged as he responded.

“Wow, a F1 driver forgetful? Someone punch me.” Akemi sarcastically said as her brother glared at her.

“Sure.” Airis stood up. That made Akemi hold up her arms in defense.


“Still said it.”

“Geez.” Neon sighed as soon as the kids started to come inside, probably a bit tired. “Have fun kiddos?”

“Yeah…” Neku stated as he gasped for air.

“Alright then.”

“There are some fruits and drinks I placed on a table in the kitchen Lillian, you can grab them for everyone ok?” Shizuko asked her daughter.

“Hai!” Lillian’s voice responded.

“She’s a pretty obedient one.” Haruko commented.

“Lillian takes a lot from Neon here. Neku maybe more composed but he’s a very shy person, he keeps it all in though.” Shizuko stated as the kids started to eat.

“Anyway, so let me tell you something that…” Neon started. The Azure Wings shared their stories and experiences during their ten year separation. It was going smoothly for them, they all agreed to hit up the Ushiroyama pass at midnight.

“Feels odd.” Shizuko said as she shut the door on the WRX STi.

“Odd? Nostalgic for me.” Haruka stated as she sat on her DB9.

“If we weren’t so old, I would have loved to settle a score.” Airis indirectly challenged the Viper driver.

“Same, but I lost the will for racing. Time changes everyone.” Akemi sighed as she inhaled the cold air.

“So…the Azure Wings are back to where they started.” Miyako stated as she looked at where they parked. It was the exact same place where the ten of them would park when they were at the pass.

“Indeed. Say Neon, miss the pass?” Haruko asked.

“Kinda…but now I have something more important to take care of now.” Neon responded as he looked into the sky.

“Gotta take care of my family…and pass on these wings onto them. These wings created from the pressure of my past.”

Well...that is it. Over a year and a half (about that much) later, I finished my first fan fic. Was it hard? Yeah, but I kept through it and did it. YEAH!

Next fic? Generational Wings. Gonna hold of a bit on uploading it. Gonna finish this semester then upload it.

Until the next time...let your wings fly.
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Nice ending, congrats to the end of your first work smile.gif and may the next generation be easier tongue.gif
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Just finished the fic, nice work man cool.gif .

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