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> [Fanfic] Team Impact, Impact Blue goes up against a Lan Evo again
  Posted: Feb 4 2009, 06:24 PM

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This was just a bit of exercise writing to get my mind flowing and thinking about racing before i sat down and worked on another story. Just to be absolutely clear, just because the character drives the same car as me doesn't mean it is me (I wouldn't be able to beat Impact Blue tongue.gif). Its a bloody good thing that I'm not a writer though, I'm not overly happy with how it turned out and there are a few sections that should be revisited but i have to get on with everything else, so this gets a better than half a**ed approach.

But opinions would be nice. Just remember I'm not a writer and don't intend to be tongue.gif


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It’s a cloudless night in Usui as Hiro walks the streets wishing he hadn’t missed the Emperor/Impact race a week ago. You won’t see a race like that one again in a while and I missed it ... A faint roar of a cannon muffler can be heard off in the distance, ... Argh I have to get it out of my head, its making me hear things. But it’s not his imagination playing a trick on him, there really is a racer coming. A Black Mitsubishi drives past him, immediately he knows the drivers intentions.

“Beep .... Beep .... Beep ... Sayuki here, WHAT!?! A Lan Evo!?! Heading to Usui Pass!?!” That was quick, I figured it would be at least a fortnight before Team Emperor would be up here again to take back their title.

The Black Mitsubishi pulls up to the top of Usui Pass, the driver climbs out of the car and sits on the railing overlooking Usui. On this clear night you can see the extent of the city, even with all the people asleep in there nice warm beds. The driver of the Black Mitsubishi gets lost in the clear sky and doesn’t notice the crowd beginning to gather in the car park behind him. It isn’t until something pulls him from his dream world, something he can’t explain but he knows they have found him.

“I’m looking for Impact Blue, the fastest racers on Usui Pass” It was more of a statement than a demand. Standing at 1850mm with an athletic build the driver or the Black Mitsubishi could have been very intimidating, however nothing about him was forceful. “Well you found them” was the reply from Sayuki “I thought it would have taken you longer to come back for revenge.” At 1610mm Sayuki wasn’t tall but what she lacked in height she made up for in ferocity. Mako Sato on the other hand was very reserved, the same size as Sayuki, Mako Sato stood back and let Sayuki do all the talking, but there was a fierce look in her eyes that let you know she meant business.

“Revenge?” It was clear the confusion that came over the Mitsubishi driver.
“What didn’t your team mates tell you? They were up here a week ago and challenged us to a race. They weren’t even good enough to stick with us until the finish line.” Sayuki was very proud of their defeat, she saw them as arrogant bastards, not worth the car they drove up in. The win was made all the sweeter by the fact they were so ashamed of it they ran back with their exhaust between their legs and kept it a secret.
“That’s not ...”
“What, possible? You better believe it.” She was furious that this guy couldn’t believe his team mates were beaten by a couple of girls. “Well did you come here to debate the loss or did you come to race.”
A nod was the only reply Sayuki got or needed.

Impact blue went over the rules “It’s a race of Cat and mouse. One car runs the other chases, if there is no clear winner after the first pass we swap positions and run it again. We keep doing this until there is a clear winner. Seeing as you’re the guest you get first pick.”
“I’ll chase”
All three racers enter their vehicle and Sayuki turns to Mako Sato, “Are you ready for this?”
“We’ve beat them running before, we will do it again.”
The Sileighty pulls out with the Black Mitsubishi soon to follow, they take it slow up to the first corner. As soon as they clear the exit of the first corner the petal is mashed to the floor in both the Nissan and Mitsubishi and the engines roar to life. Both cars are racing strong, but neither is giving an inch.
Sayuki checks the progress of the Black Mitsubishi in her rear view mirror. It’s not letting up its sticking close and Mako Saton is driving better than ever. Team Emperor sent a better racer this time, I don’t know if it’s going to be as easy this time.
The race continued and both racers were at the top of their game. “C121 is coming up and we are running in fast Mako Sato.”
“Don’t worry I have it covered.”
Impact Blue entered C121 quickly, quicker than usual, however the Sileighty performed superbly hugging the clipping point only missing the perfect line my 100mm. Sayuki keeps a close eye on the Black Mitsubishi through the corner as this is the spot the last Team Emperor driver lost it. It’s holding its line, only about 200mm off the perfect line. It doesn’t drift like an AWD, yet it’s not as graceful as a RWD. I’ve never seen a Lan Evo drive like that, but then again ... I’ve never seen a Lan Evo that looks like that.

The howling of the tyres and the sneeze of the blow off valves are soaked up but the spectators lining the course. Two races in a month they were blessed. Going into the corners the breaks glowed and unnatural red orange as the brake pads were push to their last fibre.

Both cars keep pressing the other to go faster and faster, almost feeding off each other’s skill and experience. All racers and so in tune with The road that the finish line comes sooner than expected and Impact Blue have beaten the Personal Best by 5 Seconds.

The Black Mitsubishi drives mind reflected over the last run. I was off the perfect line by at least 200mm in corner 121. A little bit less forward torque and I should be able to bring that down.

It’s been a while since Impact Blue has needed a second race, after the loss to Takumi and his legendary AE86 and the defeat of Team Emperor and the Lan Evo. The Sileighty and Black Mitsubishi wind their way back up the pass, taking it slowly to give their engines and brakes a chance to cool down after the race. Both cars sit at the top of the pass, the drivers calming their nerves after the tense race, both know that this could make or break a driver.

“Are you ready?” comes the call from the Black Mitsubishi
Not wanting to break her concentration, only a nod is received as acknowledgment from the Impact Blue Team

The Black Mitsubishi rolls out first taking it slow, with the Sileighty following closely behind. It’s too dangerous to try to pass him on Usui, we have to push this into a third run, was the only through running through Sayuki’s mind.

Four white lights of the Mitsubishi and the two of the Sileighty appear over the crowd from beyond the first corner and an almighty roar is heard as the Mitsubishi releases every one of its cylinders and the race begins.

The speed of the clutch kick is incredible compared to its complexity. The rate at which these drivers can engage the clutch, brake to the desired speed, bring the revs up and disengage the clutch all in the matter of half a second. The tyres squeal as the torque from the engine forces them to lose traction with the bitumen and a trail of smoke is all that is visible of the shredded tyre. Both cars race hard, picking the perfect line and trying to shave millimetres off the corner.

Mako Sato is really pushing it tonight, the determination in her is frightening. I’ve never seen her race like this. Her entry speeds are at least 10km/h above her normal runs and she is picking up another 5km/h in the exits. But I can see it in her face, this race is taking a lot out of her.

C121 is quickly upon to two cars and they are racing faster than before. The Mitsubishi works to unstable the car for the corner by backing of the accelerator briefly and reapplying it with force, the back end quickly frees itself from traction and hits the corner sideways. The Mitsubishi driver has clipped 100mm from his previous run and we are entering at a much higher speed, that car handles much better than the previous one we encountered. Sayuki’s mind was focused, like a laser beam, trying to a fault in the other drivers’ skills, but mistakes were few and far between, nothing that could be capitalised upon.

Both drivers worked hard to increase and reduce the gap between them, but with no driver yielding and the course quickly running out, it looked like the race would be another tie. The time keepers eyes are wide open in surprise as both cars flew over the finish line, the racers shaved an additional 6 seconds off their previous time.

The exhaustion on the faces of the drivers was evidence of the tension that had been exerted on their bodies and mind.
“We could do this all night and all that it would prove is who’s nerves would break first and that always ends up in disaster.” It was a surprise for the driver of the Black Mitsubishi to speak first, he had been pretty quite the whole night only speaking when spoken too.
Mako Sato turns to Sayuki “He’s right, I can’t make another pass like that and my nerves won’t handle it”
“But we can’t just give in?”
“It was a fair race and he was a much more skilled driver than the last Team Emperor racer”
Sayuki’s expression says it all, Mako Sato is right, they couldn’t make another run like that and their bodies just couldn’t take it. “We concede defeat, you win” the disappointment in Sayuki’s voice was evident, no matter how much she tried to hide it.
“What are you talking about?” The confusion was either genuine or the Black Mitsubishi Driver was a really good actor.
“You destroyed our previous time by 6 seconds, you are clearly the winner.”
“No, I equalled your current personal best. You were right with me all the way”
Mako Sato and Sayuki were too fatigued to hide their confusion and a unison “WHAT!?!” was the result.
Sayuki spoke first “But what about the revenge for the previous Team Emperor’s defeat?”
There was a brief second of confusion that swept over the Mitsubishi driver but was quickly replaced by a smirk “You think I drive for Team Emperor? Those Lan Evo Goons?” The Black Mitsubishi driver let out a laugh.
Now it was Impact Blue’s turn to be confused.
“This isn’t a Lan Evo, this is a VR4, the big sister of the Lan Evo. V6, Twin Turbo, All Wheel Drive.”
“But it doesn’t handle like an AWD?” Sayuki observed.
“Oh that, that’s something I pick up. I swapped out the mechanical centre diff for an electronic and hooked up a diff controller, allowing me to pre-set the percentage of torque between the front and rear diff.”
“That explains why it’s drift isn’t as elegant as a RWD but not as awkward as the AWD.”
“But currently don’t have a team to drive for. I came to Usui to ask if I could drive for Impact Blue. The course is challenging and your skills as drivers will challenge me to improve as a racer”

It wasn’t long before Impact Blue and Impact Black were receiving challenges from all over the Gunma precinct and defending their title as fastest on Usui. Frequently Impact Blue would take the Down Hill challenges, taking full advantage of its lighter body and smaller engine, while using the downhill slope to make up for any power differences. Impact Black would commonly drive against the uphill racers with its larger engine more suited to an uphill slope and its weight helping with braking before the corners. Team Impact became a formidable force to be reckoned with and sex was never an issue for the original Impact Blue racers again.

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