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> OPEN FOR COMISSIONS - Tengoku Channel, Now accepting!! New sample works!!
Posted: Dec 4 2010, 06:19 PM

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QUOTE (Shale @ 11 minutes, 40 seconds ago)
I can see why you were questioning the value of the 4 vs the 3. The smaller ones it's a 'meh', but if you're looking at a football field of a crikey, yeah, the price difference is going to be astronomical. You'll derive no major benefit from getting the newer one there I suspect.

That was the main reason I even posed the question, since an older 3 will be the next size up compared to the 4 of the same price ( or maybe even cheaper ). Once again, thanks for your advice. smile.gif

And sorry to Paula for derailing the thread, I will stop now ( or maybe the mods could split into Tech section ? smile.gif ).
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  Posted: Dec 8 2010, 11:31 AM

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No worries, no worries. Just spread my name around on Facebook or MySpace or whatever social thing you use. There's a link to my DevArt at the top, so get crack-a-lackin! XD
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