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> Inital D poem, Most likely needs work
The Invoker
  Posted: Aug 25 2013, 05:53 AM

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When you wake up in the morning and you don't feel like doing anything, this is what comes out of it.

The Battle of Akina

The Galleries are filled to the brim
The asphalt battlefield is clear
The starting line is in place
But only one racer has appeared
The Invader,
The Villain

A group of anxious locals are waiting
For the only that can save them from domination
An unlikely savior in the form of a tofu deliverer
Most call the Ghost of Akina
But to some, the Hero of Akina

Although all their hope and persistence
Their hero as not yet arrived
Its now up to them to defend the mountain they call home

The race is lined up
A Turbo charged yellow menace
And a White flag
If these two were to race it was sure to mean defeat

A set blinding lights have been spotted at the base
They know their hero has finally come
But not the hero they expected.
Hearts filled with joy and relief
The team welcomes there savior
To find a court jester instead of a crusader

Only one of the group, the Eldest
Has faith in this young racer.
Now the real battle is set
The Hero of Akina
And The Villian Of Akagi

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