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> Real Life Initial D Experience
Sairasu Uchiha
  Posted: Jun 28 2019, 03:51 AM


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So before I start I like to have a little introduction. I've got
a bike, use it to go to school, and I love biking with Eurobeat.
And just like Takumi, I drive pretty fast, to the point that ppl
are kinda scared lol.

So basically I had some Initial D moments IRL. Back then I
screwed up my bike chains (Takumi engine blow basically) to the
point that my grandpa told me it had to be replaced, I did a kinda
gutter run (more like sidewalk run tho lol), etc. But this, this just
happened a few hours ago, and I though I'd like to share it to you guys.

So before the main thing, last week on my way home from school, my bike
chaindropped. It wasn't a regular chaindrop; the lower part went loose and couldn't get it back on. Then this Monday my mom fixed up my bike. It had a new chain.
At first I though it was slower because the chains are heavier (like how Takumi isn't getting used to the new engine yet), but I got used to it eventually. Anyway, this Friday (at the moment), after school, me and my friends went to the convention center to bike. So my friend tried out my bike, and then he told me the new chain is capable of 8 speed (it used to be 7 speed, my friend's bike was also 8 speed). That was like how Wataru told Takumi the new 4A-GE is capable of 11,00 rpm! I though maybe I really am like Takumi.

You guys got any Initial D-like experiences? Feels free to share.

This post has been edited by Sairasu Uchiha on Jun 28 2019, 04:18 AM
Posted: Jun 28 2019, 03:51 PM

lit candy heart

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QUOTE (Sairasu Uchiha @ Today, 5:51 AM)
So before I start I like to have a little introduction. I've got a bike, use it to go to school, and I love biking with Eurobeat. And just like Takumi, I drive pretty fast, to the point that ppl are kinda scared lol.

Sairasu, when you get your first car and move to Japan, you're gonna be like Takumi. But I will give you two pieces of advice, like Fujiwara-kun when he was with Project D, before Shigeno implied on the afterword of his new manga.

One: if you encounter a red GT86 in the mountain, you won't be able to outspeed him, even with a racing engine (think of it as bike chains made of polycarbonate - instead of wolfram, ęrogel, or just regular copper polysodium steel). So remember what Ryousuke mentioned in the Initial D stage play performed at Comiket 86. Take the outside of Mо̄miji-line, and let him momentarily pass; also don't look at the driver, it will only distract you, as he is probably related to Kanata Rivington. When you take the outside line at Mо̄miji, use only three tires, while the Fourth one drifts in mid Stage.

Make sure you maintain a relatively low speed through the corners (about 86 kHz/s) and stay focused on the GT86 triangular rear light. It will help like the blue BRZ-light guarding Mount Akīna's wangan pass.

Two: Play the new Eurobeat song by David Dima. It's just that simple, but it will help on the penultimate hairpin of the battle (think of Tohru's girlfriend). You can do it with AirPods even on a bike up to 9-speeds⁸⁶.

user posted image

That's all the only information if you don't have supercritical fluid to outspeed the GT86 inside of Japan. But that's why I think I can relate more to Yо̄ko Taro's mechanics since he doesn't work for Sega directly. Even though one of my co-workers at the office shop said, you're like a combination of Galąpagos Racing RPGs, more than Initial D. At least now I can design a stage like Civil Engineers, for when I focus on the fundamentals like Takumi. I think everybody has an Initial D moment at least once in their career, but is it more than that? Never enough time in clockspeed. online2long.gif

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