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> Random Thoughts
Posted: Sep 6 2018, 09:47 PM

Hiretsuna rōjin

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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ Yesterday, 7:24 AM)
If your goal is tourism and watching weeb shit then you don't necessarily need formal classes (though I absolutely positively still recommend them). You can get by by learning the structure of the language thoroughly (verb conjugation, particle words) and then filling in the vocab blanks through...well, watching your weeb shit, and poring over a dictionary.

Reading will require more learning, and should be focused on once you have listening and understanding down so you have a point of comparison. Ignore writing unless you intend to use it (or need to use it, in the case of a graded formal course). For one, computers will do writing for you, and for another, tourism won't really require it and neither will watching weeb shit.

As for specific information about classes, I can't help you there. You need to do that research on your own.

いやぁ、二年前の事ですがありがとうございます。 happy.gif

thank you for the reply. i do want to learn the language properly to my best extent (weeb aside). being able to deal with the raw vids isnt the true goal of this. i havent really traveled outside of the country to a place where the language was foreign to me. i know english and since i live in Quebec french is also a 2nd language. travelling to Japan not knowing the language and getting anxious about not being able to communicate properly is my main reason to take it seriously. yes there'll be tour translators but i want to have more than that to rely on.

i think i'll break into the audio Cds the start the process so i can get the language structure started.

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Posted: Yesterday, 8:45 AM

Living in the woods when it's raining in the dark.

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Posted: Today, 8:28 AM


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10 bucks says it was cause they were updating something & forgot a digit in a random string of code 🤔 ..

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Posted: Today, 8:43 AM

Ballistic heartbreak

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I'm a little disappointed they didn't just straight-up make an upscaled console that can still play the original game disks, but with the right games, I'd still find this to be a worthwhile and enjoyable purchase, depending on what they put on it, of course.

I'm buying for shits and giggles.

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