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> Bonjour de la France, Never done my presentation
  Posted: Oct 28 2016, 03:25 PM


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Hello everyone !

This is my 200th post and I remember I have never done my presentation...

I'm a french student who is 19years old.
I discover Initia! D with the the french broadcasting on TV, i don't remember which stage.
I discover Eurobeat with Initial D.
While searching the source of eurobeat, I discover the kind of music genre I liked since kid was Italo-Disco/Eurodance. Not a surprise if I like eurobeat.
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Posted: Oct 28 2016, 10:36 PM

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Oh wow great thank you for sharing your story! That is great it was broadcast on TV in France.
  Posted: Oct 30 2016, 01:20 PM

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QUOTE (Rain197 @ Oct 28 2016, 05:25 PM)
No, I don't drink wine while wearing a beret and a marinière with bread under my arm.

BuonGiorgioArmani Rain-senpai~!!! ♪ ♫

Thanks for finally introducing yourself tho' matey ~ a sexy lil euroneko such as yourself needs no cojaculation tho' shifty2.gif

What this BBS does require is a more naked shower selfies pictures with your kitties of course... ふふふ~

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