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> No more V2 in Boston, Good Times closing / moving
    Posted: Jun 7 2008, 02:09 PM

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Good Times Emporium in Somerville MA is closing at the end of June. There are rumors that it will be replace with an IKEA. The owner seemed to have spoken to the city board of Natick, but no answer yet...

Looks like I'll have to go all the way to Salem or Nashua to get my pre-V4 fix. dry.gif
Posted: Jun 7 2008, 02:53 PM

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so you're saying that there are no arcades at all in boston? or just none with v2?
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  Posted: Jun 8 2008, 02:00 PM

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Good Times has the only V2 machine that I know of near this area.

There are V3 machines at ~45min distance at Salem, MA and Nashua, NH but with today's $4+ gas prices, it's hard to justify driving the distance.

Over the years, arcades near Boston have been shutting down. crying2.gif Notables include:
* downtown crossing arcade - closed
* Watertown mall arcade - closed
* Natick mall arcade - closed
* Good Times in Somerville - closing (maybe reopening in Natick?)

My theory is that consoles are slowly eating into the arcade market to the point where arcades aren't as cost-effective as - let's say - a shoe store. dry.gif

We're not too deprived though. There is a V4 machine in a family-owned game store "Game Universe" in Framingham, and for a real fix, I could always drive 1.5hrs to TGA in Winchendon.

Can't play in western Mass either since the Cyberstation in the Holyoke mall closed too.

*sigh* ermm2.gif
  Posted: Feb 17 2012, 09:57 AM

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The Kingston Mall (Kingston,MA) used to have a V3 machine and Maxi1, until the cyberstation got shutdown. Big Top moved in and just this past week got a V2 machine in, it's a POS but they are ordering parts for it because they know we used to spend absurd amounts of money on it.

Also for those of you that remember TGA (Tokyo Game Action) I'm not sure where the Maxi3 machine wound up but the ID4 machine wound up in Hyannis, We confirmed this by accident when we saw it and noticed me and a few others records and old names were on the board.

Plus My buddy is looking at relocating his card/hobby shop and may buy both of them (fingers crossed) because I know where to get premo replacement parts, not the cheap discount remans you see in a lot of malls nowadays sad.gif

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Posted: Apr 8 2014, 06:20 PM


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i now own the Version 2 arcade machines from Kingston,MA there now in my basement in Warwick, RI wink2.gif i even located the card readers as the ones for those machines were never hooked up, They came with a half stack of Version 1 blank cards in it that i would like to either trade for a Version 2 stack or Version 3 stack if anyone has them.