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> Akagi, Akina, Irohazaka, Tsukuba, Teach me how to do these courses pretty please????
    Posted: Sep 17 2011, 07:12 PM

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Can someone pretty please teach me how to attack these courses like how to do the footwork, shifting, steering, pc, stuff like that, etc? Pretty please and thank you. If you help me, I promise I would give back back helping this site in some way. BTW, I said I promise so I would.

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  Posted: Aug 30 2012, 05:35 AM


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Hey There. All 4 courses you noted are pretty easy to master with the exception of akina.
Akagi: an altogether easy course with easy opponents. just try your best not to bump into walls so you don't lose too much speed. not many hairpins or hard turns at all. That comes later. Play more and this course pretty much is a piece of cake.
Akina: up until your final opponent Takumi, everyone is not that hard. I beat everyone else on my first try with a stock 86 trueno. There are gutters on this course that can help a lot with the 5 consecutive hairpins and other hard turns. BE CAREFUL about the right angle turns. It is easy to crash on those and if you do, you will lose a lot of speed. Usually you can take the entire course in 4 or 5th gear BUT switch down to 3 on the 5 consecutive hairpins. Also when against Takumi use the gutters or you will find it extremely hard to keep up with him.
Irohazaka: this course is easier than it looks to master. just make sure on the first turn to brake down a lot... your exit speeds should be in the 80's for all the hairpins. so for the majority of the race stay in 3rd gear... and switch to 4th/5th for the straights. NOTE: be sure to be ahead of your opponent BEFORE the final hairpin... where the course is just straight after that. You have no chance to win if he is even slightly ahead of you after that.
Tsukuba: not many tricks on this one. Main problem is that your opponents are fast as hell. Just block them as much as possible and use your fastest car... lol. The Rhythm is basically just right, left, right, left... etc.
Good Luck Racing! (sorry for such a long reply, i tried to add a lot of details)
Posted: Aug 30 2012, 02:39 PM

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For tsukuba I usually keep it pinned in 4th gear (in a 5 gear car) through most of it cept for the long straight. then keep it in 5th till the 2nd turn after the straight section then keep it pinned in 4th through the rest of the course.
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