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> Team Project D-Philippines, Newcomer team of IDAS4 from the Philippines...
    Posted: Jan 2 2017, 04:24 AM


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Joined: Jan 2nd 2017
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi I'm Nitsua, and I need some members for my first ever IDAS4 team in the Philippines.

Team Project D started out with one member (which is me, myself and only I). I was interested in recruiting old and newfound members from several other teams, like Team Garou. Unfortunately I have no way to contact them, as I haven't received any replies sadly. Now its the year 2017, and I'm looking for someone who's interested to join, since I only started April last year. I need four members now and here are the requirements:

*A member must have an Initial D AS4 license card (with 1 or more 3 cars in the garage but keep two cars just in case for back-up). If you don't have a license card, you can buy one at Tom's World Arcade for only P150 in Robinsons Pioneer, Mandaluyong City. If you can't afford to buy one, make sure to keep track of your records in a journal or notepad.

*Must be also active on events and other activities (Meet ups should be on weekends)

Those are just the requirements. Now let me cover my arcade profile:

Name: Nitsua
Age: 18

Current arcade racing game playing: IDAS4
Times game cleared: 4

Cars in the garage: 2 (AE86 Trueno GT-Apex and RX-7)
Most used car: AE86 Trueno

AE86 Trueno Specifications:

Upgrades: All Step 5
Parts: All of Takumi's Project D version parts except I installed a carbon fiber spoiler from TRD
Wins: 100% (6 battles)

Battle Description: Okay I've battled a friend of mine and he was using an Intial D AS4 license card (he has an S2000 and an R34, kinda like the ones that God Hand and God Foot use). I've beaten him 5 times (using only my AE86 Trueno) on different courses. He was a veteran player of this game, and I hope I can still find more members.. The other battle was from a player who doesn't have an IDAS4 license card. He used a stock Lancer Evo-III and battled me on Mt. Myogi (downhill) and I won.

I'm looking forward to new and upcoming members. If you want to join, PM me and we'll have a nice talk happy.gif Once again, have a Happy New Year everyone smile.gif

P.S. I'll post the link soon of my Youtube channel and I'll upload a video of how I defeated Takumi Fujiwara (Akina version) using also my AE86 Trueno :3


Posted: Jan 12 2017, 10:36 AM


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Joined: Jul 5th 2006
Location: Philippines

There's still IDAS4 in Robinson's Pioneer? That's kind of unexpected. What version do they have? 1.2 or 1.5?

Most of the Garou folks are retired from Arcade racing by now I think. It's been almost a decade.
Posted: Jun 6 2017, 08:05 AM

Not Without Incident

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Location: Someplace very violent...

Yes... after months of not looking at the board, I see this. Heya Icedagger, been a long time. Also Nitsua2210, thanks for your interest but Team Garou has retired from Arcade Gaming and are now active in real life race events as well as Sim Racing. But dont let that stop you! Enjoy the experience of playing an Initial D game and hopefully, like us, it would be a stepping stone for you to be able to race in real life one day. happy.gif
Posted: Jul 7 2017, 08:56 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: Jul 7th 2017
Location: Caloocan, Philippines

If you have time to guide me on how to get there maybe we could play...Email me for my Contact number..Its been a while though, maybe this time i'll beat my records..