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Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jun 23 2009, 08:20 PM
Chp 1: The plan.

11:50pm at a ramen shop in Small Bird Village, Takasaki city, Gunma Prefecture Japan. 45 minutes South East of Haruna mountain.
A young man, Japanese, medium height, slim, dyed brown hair walks out. To his left is a Kentuc. Behind him an angry voice follows out of the ramen shop
`You think you`re so hot Yosuke, but you know the truth! Don`t walk away!` exclaims the voice
Yosuke stops in the parking lot outside of the ramen shop and turns around. He lights a cigarette and waits.
`Give me one more shot, Yosuke. I know I can beat you` the owner of the voice says as he walks out of the ramen shop. He is a shorter man, and appears overweight. His double chin is a testament to it.
`You sure about that, Daichi? If I race you again, it will be the fifth time in two weekends.` replies Yosuke.
`I`m sure I can beat you, Yosuke. I just know the next battle will be in my favour!` responds Daichi.
`Daichi, give it up. Take your Honda Today and go back to Kiryu city!` snaps Yosuke.
Daichi`s cheeks puff up and he grows angry.
`Figures. I knew you would refuse me.` Daichi bluffs.
Yosuke takes a puff on his cigarette and exhales the smoke into the air between himself and Daichi. He then turns full circle and faces his car. The steel grey body sparkles through the rain droplets on it from the light shower earlier. Yosuke begins to make his way to the right hand side, to the driver`s door.
`what the heck are you talking about?` he says as he presses the unlock button on the remote attached to his car`s key ring. The turn signals flash twice as the vehicle unlocks itself.
Daichi walks up to Yosuke as he opens the door of his vehicle and slips in a comment, `I`m saying yo know you`re going to lose. Something is bothering you and that’s why you are chickening out.`
Yosuke throws his cigarette onto the ground and steps on it. His face grows serious. He sits down in his car and closes the door then stares coldly at Daichi through the window. He rolls the window down after a brief moment of silence.

`Admit it, Yosuke!` Daichi yells. His double chin and overweight body jiggle as he yells. Daichi yells again, `Admit it!`

Yosuke rolls the window of his vehicle down after a brief moment of silence. `Daichi, look at your watch.` Yosuke asks calmly.
Daichi lifts his hand and views the time. `It`s midnight`
Yosuke smiles, amused. `And what day is it?` he asks.
`It`s Sunday night… errr Monday morning.` Daichi says.
`Do you work on Mondays, Daichi?` Yosuke asks.
`No… I don`t… Umm… I don’t have anything to do today.` he responds.

`That’s right, isn’t it? You have no obligations. But you know what?` Yosuke questions.
`What?` Daichi asks.
`I have to get my butt to Takasaki Keizai (business) University tomorrow morning and then help out at my grandfather`s pharmacy tomorrow evening. I don’t have time to waste on you.`
Yosuke finishes as he fires up the engine of his car. The supercharger howls as Yosuke revs it. The Subaru R1 S comes to life.
`See you next week, Daichi.`
The R1 rolls out of the parking lot in front of the ramen shop.

`How cowardly!` Daichi yells, uselessly. Then, a figure wearing a dark apron and a cooking cap walks out of the ramen shop.
`I was watching the whole thing, Daichi. Is that they guy you want me to beat?` He asks.

`Yep, that:s the guy. Yosuke Yamada. He thinks he`s pretty fast. You will show him, wont you, Yuta.` Daichi asks.

`I sure will. I`ve been running most of these roads here in Gunma since I got my license at 18. Whoever that guy is, he probably is nowhere near my level.` He says while gazing into the parking lot, his eyes focusing on the white Daihatsu Copen with white rims. `The white wolf is not a name I gave myself. It`s what my opponents say after I crush them on the touge. Hehehe…` He chuckles.

`Aw cra…Yes dad!` Yuta whimpers.
`Damn lazy good for nothing kid…` his father rambles with the other customers.

`Next weekend is the festival atop Akagi mountain. I`ll be there to sell samples of ramen to festival goers. Try and convince your buddy there to go. Try and get him to stay late. I`ll catch him by surprise on the way back down the mountain.` Yuta says.

Daichi gasps `You`re going to do THAT???`
Yuta crosses his arms, focuses on the Daihatsu Copen and nods.
Daichi`s eyes become wide with excitement.
`I haven’t heard of someone doing that since I was a kid and heard about that one legendary racer from Shibukawa.` he says.
`I`ll show that show-off` Yuta says. `He wont know what hi…` CLANG!`

A cooking pan barely misses Yuta`s head and slams on the ground.
`Next time, I wont miss.` says grumbles Yuta`s father.
`Yuta, you better help out your old man. I`ll find a way to drag Yosuke to the festival next weekend` Daichi says as he pulls the keys to his Honda Today out from his pocket.
`If you want him beat so bad, you better not forget.` Yuta says as he walks back into the ramen shop.
Daichi climbs into his vehicle and drives off.

End Chp 1.

Posted by: Meteor Jul 5 2009, 10:50 PM
Needs a little proofreading, but anyway, this fic looks like it's going to be quite an entertaining read.

I would like to see an update. Would you please give me one? smile.gif

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jul 6 2009, 08:49 AM
LOL. Of course that one needs a ton of proof reading - i wrote it up on a Japanese computer, and the keyboard is all messed.

I'm a tad busy at the moment, but no worries, I'm in the middle of writing the next chapter.

This is a fanfic which I will definitely try and stay on top of and go through with till the end of the first season. wink2.gif

Whooooo and hear's Chapter 2!!!

Oomoji K

Chapter 2: Fate or Destiny?

(Ding ding dong)

The chime of school bells ring on a sunny and humid summer Friday afternoon. Students all over Takasaki city are either going home, taking part in after school clubs or going to cram school. The streets become overrun with young people walking, or on bicycles.

A dark metallic grey Subaru R1 S rides through town, leaving keizai daigaku (Takasaki business university) and proceeding towards Kita (North) Takasaki station..

Yosuke turns up his music. Hard and quick music floods his vehicles interior as he proceeds past the railway crossing and into the parking lot. He brings the vehicle into the lot and easily parks his car, his rear facing a wall. As he sits there, his parking brake lever is lifted, his shifter is in neutral, he presses a button on his dashboard and then another. The car’s soft idle humming becomes deeper and heavier, after which cold air flows in through the car’s ventilation system. Yosuke pushes another button, which brings up his power window, effectively closing off outside access into his vehicle. He reclines his seat, puts his hands behind his head and rests.

The sun gleams on the little Subaru. The 5 spoke bronze volk rims go along well the metal grey car. The car appears to be slightly lowered to the ground than a stock Subaru R2 parked nearby. The muffler is one made to allow better flow for the exhaust coming out of the small, supercharged engine. Under the hood, the engine calmly sips fresh air through the aftermarket foam mushroom air cleaner.

Yosuke closes his eyes for a brief moment.

“God dammit, why does it take that girl so long to get here?” he thinks, remarking on the person he is waiting for.

After several moments of watching the clouds float by in the sky through his windshield, Yosuke hears a tapping from his window. He looks over to his driverside window and sees a familiar young woman.

“Hey Yosuke!” She smiles and waves her right hand. Her hair is shoulder length, but trimmed and groomed neatly. In her left hand is the strap of a school bag, which is slung over her shoulder, the tips of a pair of running shoes with spikes, used for running in track and field events barely shows out of the bag. The young lady is wearing a high school uniform, black with white trim and a neat red bow tie.

“Miyuki!”, Yosuke exclaims as he brings his seat back to the upright position. Miyuki Sato, a senior student at Maebashi High School, has been close friends with Yosuke since Elementary school. Both grew up in their upper class families living in downtown Takasaki and attended the same Junior High School before Yosuke, a year older than Miyuki, went on to Takasaki Kita (North) High school and Miyuki, unable to attain the scores high enough to attend a high school in Takasaki a year later, went on to go to a high school in Gunma’s capital city, Maebashi.

Despite being apart in school, the two saw each other frequently and the distance apart only strengthened their friendship, turning it into something stronger, something more.

“Well? Are you going to let me in?” Miyuki asks, wiping a bead of sweat off her brow. “It’s getting pretty hot out here.”

She takes the train every week to go to Maebashi, which is often air conditioned in the summer. Having left the train, the heat was taking its toll on Miyuki.

“Haha, you’re part of the school’s track team, so you shouldn’t complain about it, besides, you could use more of a tan.” Jokes Yosuke, remarking on Miyuki’s already darkened complexion due to being outdoors all the time.

“COME ON, Yosuke! Quite being such a jerk!! I’m tired!” Whines Miyuki.
“Fine, fine… “ Yosuke says, as he presses the unlock button.

Miyuki climbs in and tosses her bags into the back seat. “Lets go!” she exclaims happily.
“To Aeon Mall?” Yosuke asks, referring to the large megamall at the border of Takasaki and Maebashi; a popular spot for young women to pick up the latest clothes in fashion or just for young people to hang out.

“Yep!” Miyuki exclaims, putting on her seat belt and moving two of the vents on the dashboard to blow at her instead of Yosuke.

(background music)

The R1 S begins to move and slowly exits the train station parking lot.
The supercharger whirs lightly as it is not pushed hard by Yosuke, who makes his way up route 17 to come to the mall.

During the drive, he looks at Miyuki. “God, she is so pretty…” He thinks to himself. Miyuki meanwhile undoes her red bow tie and keeps it in her right hand.
She turns around and smiles at Yosuke. “Can I turn up the air conditioner, Yosuke?” She asks.

“I don’t know… Air conditioning uses up gasoline, you know…” He says cheekily. “Maybe if you give me a 500 yen (abt 5 dollars cad)”, Yosuke winks.

“Aww… Yosuke… I don’t have any 500 yen coins on me… But I might be able to give you something better!” She also says, cheekily.

“Something… Better than money?” he asks.
“Yep!” she replies.

“This better not be another trick, Miyuki”. Yosuke laughs.
“No trick!” Miyuki assures Yosuke. “Let me show you!”

“Let”s see, shall we?” Yosuke says. His mind is thinking dirty thoughts.

Miyuki leans over in her seat towards Yosuke, surprising him and quickly pecks him on the left cheek before he can react.

“Hai! There!” Miyuki explains.

“Grrr….” Yosuke grumbles, blushing at the same time.

“Hehehe! Miyuki giggles. “Yosuke, even though you are a tough guy, I can make you feel like a little boy!!! Hehe!” She giggles.
“You got that right”, Yosuke says as he brings the car to a stop light and turns up the air conditioning to maximum.

Yosuke is still blushing and staring at the road ahead and sees that Miyuki is still smiling at his discomfort and eyeing him, through the corner of his eyes.

He takes his eyes off the road for a brief moment and slowly turns to look at Miyuki. Her hair is flowing in the blast of the air conditioning. Their eyes meet properly. Yosuke understands what she wants, and he knows what to do. He leans in… So does she…


A horn from the car behind startles Yosuke, who looks at the light, which has now become green. Panicking, he floors the gas, Miyuki falls back into her seat, the Subaru R1 S hops forward, everything happens so fast.

A young man on a bicycle suddenly comes into the path of the car… CRASH!

Miyuki brings her right hand to cover her mouth, “Oh no!!!”
Yosuke’s eyes widen, “Dear god… NO!”

End Chapter 2.

Posted by: djmisio85 Jul 7 2009, 04:54 AM
Nice fanfic demon smile.gif good to have familiar places in it too grin2.gif

Posted by: Solid_FC Jul 9 2009, 08:52 AM
Good read. The storyline, character details, and humor are on point. Waiting for chapter 3...

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jul 9 2009, 09:07 AM
Hehehe, I just finished writing Chapter 3 during my free time at work yesterday. Didnt have time to type it up and edit.

Will do so later today. smile.gif

Posted by: siily2134 Jul 11 2009, 08:32 PM
not bad happy.gif happy.gif keep it up

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jul 12 2009, 06:18 AM
You waited for it!

Here it is!

Chp3 - Baka Gaikokujin.

Yosuke puts the R1 into neutral, activates the emergency blinkers and runs out of his car and to the front of it.

There, a young man, wearing a high school uniform lies on the ground, face down, arms sprawled out. Yosuke notices that the young man is wearing a helmet, but is still worried.
“Hey you! Are you okay?!” he yells.

Pedestrians watch from the sidelines, while other motorists behind Yosuke’s vehicle furiously honk their horns.

“Is he okay?!” Miyuki asks, stepping out of the R1.
“I don’t know”, Yosuke replies. “He isn’t moving.”

“Look at his bike!” Miyuki points out the mangled wreck. The bicycle is a typical 3 speed ‘mama charry’ aka granny bike, with 27 inch rims. This one is colored baby blue. “The frame is bent out of shape.” Miyuki points out

“Aaah….” the young man moans as he begins to wake up.

Yosuke points at the bike, “Miyuki, can you wheel the bike to the side of the road?”

“Yeah, sure”, Miyuki says as she walks over to the bike and moves it, “It’s a little heavy…Hey, I’ll move the car too, we should probably get this out of traffic.”

“Good idea.” Yosuke says, “Hey, kid, can you say something?”

The young man, still moaning from the pain, turns around and begins to sit up.

Yosuke sees the young man’s face for the first time. It slightly surprises him.

The young man, who has had his eyes closed this whole time, slowly opens them and looks at Yosuke. He then unclips his helmet strap and brings his helmet down and into both his hands. He appears dazed and dizzy. His eyes wander from Yosuke to Miyuki as she walks to the driver’s door of the R1 and climbs in. She looks at the young man for the first time too and also looks slightly surprised.

“Your car… I’m sorry”, the young man says, pointing at the medium sized dent in the R1’s aluminum hood.

“Hah?!” Yosuke says, startled. “I hit you… And you are sorry?”

“I must have hit him very hard…” Yosuke thinks to himself, watching her as Miyuki moves the R1 to the side of the road.
“My bicycle… Where is it?” the young man asks, standing up. He is slightly smaller than Yosuke.

“It’s over there.” Yosuke points out in front of the R1. “Umm… The frame… It’s bent…” he grumbles, and changes the topic, “but the important thing is that you are okay, right? Don’t worry about my car! It’s fine.”

“Hmmm...” the young man says as he rubs his rear. “I must have landed on my butt when you hit me, so other than that, I feel fine.”

“Are you sure? I can call the police and we can do a full check with an ambulance if you’d like.” Yosuke insists.

“No, no, it’s okay. I think I am okay.” Insists the young man.

IT slowly starts to rain. People standing at watching the scene at the intersection of Kanjo line and Route 17 begin to move on their way.

“Sooo… Okay…” Yosuke says, a little confused about what to do next. Miyuki has made her way beside Yosuke and holds his hand, keeping a distance between her and the young man.

Yosuke looks over at Miyuki and then at the young man. “Anyway, what’s your name?” Miyuki asks.

“My name is Alejandro Masaki Shimizu… But everyone calls me Masaki. I’m a senior at Takasaki Kita High school.” He replies.

“Kita?” Miyuki looks at Yosuke, who is a Kita graduate. “I graduated from Kita last year, how come I’ve never seen you?” Yosuke asks.

The rain is a light drizzle, refreshing. In the background, small droplets of rain bead and slide down the hood of the R1, gathering in the freshly made dent by Masaki.

“Until this year, I went to high school in Isesaki city.” Masaki says.

“Why did you come to Takasaki?” Miyuki asks.

“Ummm… I’d rather not… Talk about it…” Masaki replies, head held down, facing the ground.

Masaki looks over his helmet. IT has a large rash along the front portion of it, from when he fell and rolled over, facing down.

Miyuki and Yosuke notice Masaki’s very light brown hair, and strange facial features that bares small resemblance to Japanese and then something else.

Yosuke summons up the courage, “Where are you from, Masaki?” he asks.

“Well, I’m from Brazil.” Masaki answers.
“What? Brazilian? But you look sort of Japanese…” Yosuke says, slightly confused.

“I was born there, but my mother is half Brazilian and half Peruvian. MY father is Japanese, from right here in Gunma.” Answers Masaki. “We came to Japan when I was 10 years old.”

“Oh, so you are HALF Japanese…” Yosuke’s facial expression changes slightly to one of disgust. “Do you live in Takasaki? I can give you a ride to your home, you know.” Yosuke offers.

“Actually… I live in Isesaki. I was just now bicycling to Taksaki Tonyamachi station.” Masaki answers.
“Oh, I think I understand now…” Yosuke admits. “You take the train from your home to get back to the station here, and then you ride your bike to school and back.”

Masaki rubs his bottom some more, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Well… I’m sorry about your bicycle. Don’t you worry about my car. It was my fault and I can afford to repair it. I’m just glad that you are okay. Tell you what, take this.” Yosuke says. Yosuke reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. “I’m not sure if you know your way around Takasaki, but if you continue down route 17, you will get to the Sekichu home hardware store. They also sell bicycles there too.” Continues Yosuke as he pulls out 2 man (about 200 Canadian dollars) from his wallet and hands it to Masaki.

Masaki looks at the money and steps back. “Sorry, I can’t accept this…”

Yosuke’s facial expression changes. Why not? Here, take it.” He forces it onto Masaki. Masaki ignores Yosuke’s advances and walks towards his damaged bike, “sorry, I’ve never accepted money from anyone. Especially not that such sum.”

Yosuke becomes more frustrated, “Listen, If you don’t take it, I’m going to have a hard time living with myself”.

Miyuki tugs on Yosuke’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go. He doesn’t want the money.”

Yosuke pulls his arm away from Miyuki. “Not until this guy tells me why he wont take my money.”

“YOSUKE! HE’S JUST A STUPID FOREIGNER!” Miyuki yells angrily.

“… That’s why!” Masaki points out. “I wont accept any charity from any Japanese except my father. I must work for it. It is how I have been taught.”

“Gaahhh… Listen, Alehandro……. Masaki…. Whatever!” Yosuke says, in a harsh tone. “I don’t have time to waste on you.”

Yosuke tosses the two paper bills at Masaki, grabs Miyuki’s hand and climbs into the R1 S.
They drive off, leaving Masaki in the rain. Masaki watches as the car drives North on Route 17, past the Subaru dealership.

Rain flows down his medium length, wet hair and drips off his chin. He kneels down and picks up the 2 man, looks down the street towards the hardware store, and proceeds.

“How will I explain this to dad?” he thinks to himself.

Meanwhile, in the R1 S. Yosuke remains quite, focusing on the road ahead.
Miyuki places her hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay. Forget what just happened.”
Yosuke grumbles, “grr….”
Miyuki looks out the window towards Akagi mountain. “you know, a girl from school told me that there’s going to be a festival at Akagi mountain this weekend. For some reason she really wanted me to go, and asked me to bring my boyfriend…”
Yosuke finally speaks, “yeah?”
“Shall we go?” Miyuki asks.
“Sounds good to me…” He replies.

The R1 S drives up Route 17 and disappears.

End Chp 3.

Posted by: Meteor Jul 14 2009, 03:17 AM
I'm sorry for taking so long to put a reply here.

Chapter 2 wasn't boring, and Chapter 3's not a bad read either. Writing's still good; character interactions feel natural, story's still interesting, none of the characters annoy or bore me, etc.

(By the way, this is an English-language forum, and most people here don't understand things like "Jyu", "Hyaku" "Sen", "Man", etc. So I suggest you just type up the amounts in numerical form.)

I'm not good at writing reviews these days, so you'll just have to settle with this short thing. But anyway, I'd like to read the next chapter, and I'll be waiting patiently for it.

Posted by: lorechan26 Jul 14 2009, 03:53 AM
Love it so far! Character interactions are great, nice to have a place to find some good Initial D fanfics ^^

Posted by: mystery_penguin Jul 14 2009, 01:11 PM
I stopped reading at "ramen shop"

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jul 14 2009, 10:12 PM
Thanks for that insightful comment. smile.gif

Not everyone is literate, after all. So it's understandable.

Good job on reading up till "ramen shop".

Posted by: mystery_penguin Jul 15 2009, 11:50 AM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ Yesterday, 10:12 PM)
Thanks for that insightful comment. smile.gif

Not everyone is literate, after all. So it's understandable.

Good job on reading up till "ramen shop".

I was just joking jeez :3, text makes it hard for people to see if one's serious or not, I hate it

I liked the story, but I thought the ramen shop part was a tad corny (no offense)

you could make books if you wanted to

I'm not illiterate, I can read if I want to... (key word right there!) A's in all of my classes past school year (including language arts), also had an A in algebra, in 8th grade (my arrogance level, it eez growing!)

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Jul 15 2009, 01:22 PM
Alright, my bad then.

I thought you were dissing me.

LOL, I put the ramen shop in there as it IS corny. wink2.gif

That particular ramen shop btw, is ACTUALLY 2 minutes down the street from my apartment over here.

Posted by: mystery_penguin Jul 15 2009, 02:25 PM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ 1 hour, 2 minutes ago)
Alright, my bad then.

I thought you were dissing me.

LOL, I put the ramen shop in there as it IS corny. wink2.gif

That particular ramen shop btw, is ACTUALLY 2 minutes down the street from my apartment over here.

Ill always be jealous of you living in Japan sad.gif But a 14 year old can dream

Not JUST because of initial D too.

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Aug 13 2009, 08:38 PM
Been a while hasn't it? But guess what? You'll be getting TWO chapters this time... Just gotta type up the second one later. tongue.gif

Chapter 4 "The Calm"

Akagi Festival, Saturday.

Around noon, all vendors and events are fully underway. Many SUVs, cars and vans are parked on the road which circles lake Onuma, the large lake atop the dormant volcano, known to all as "Akagi Mountain". Many people walk towards the lake and towards the shore where all the festivities are being held. Children are running about, taiko drums are beating, and other classical Japanese instruments are playing together with western instruments to make a union of the sounds of Japan from yesteryear and modern Japan. In one parking lot adjacent to the shoreline of Lake Onuma, several bosozoku (Japanese ricers/bike gangsters) and hashiriya (street racers) have parked their vehicles alongside normal commuter vehicles. Among the parked vehicles sits a small, steel grey Subaru R1S. It is dwarfed by the larger cars around it. The sun gleams off the paint.

Walking away from the parking lot and towards the lake with all its small shops and festivities are Yosuke and Miyuki. Both young people are smiling. Yosuke is wearing a pair of blue shorts made of a light material, and a light blue Hawaiian shirt with a flower pattern. He holds a small digital camera in his right hand. He is wearing a pair of black sandals. His hair is jelled and spiked upwards. He wears a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, with blue tinted lenses and a silver sterling silver frame. In his left hand, being held gently is Miyuki's right hand.

Miyuki is wearing a yellow shirt, also with a flower patter and white shorts. Her shoulder length hair is tied back in a ponytail and she wears brown sandals.

Miyuki turns to Yosuke and smiles, "Isn’t this nice, Yosuke?" she asks.
Yosuke nods his head, "the music, scenery and the smell of delicious food...hmmm... I'd have a hard time disagreeing with you there, Miyuki." Yosuke then glances back once to see his R1 S.

Some young children run by Yosuke and bump into his leg.

"Sorry mister!!" the young child says as he runs away. Yosuke only smiles. "Hehehe, children... Cute, aren't they?" He asks Miyuki.

Miyuki remains silent.

Yosuke goes silent for a brief, odd moment. Thinking he went too far with that.

"Hahahah! Gotcha!" Miyuki laughs, "Yep! Of course I think children are cute, silly!"

The two young people walk off into the festivities, unaware that they are being watched by 2 pairs of eyes.

A white Daihatsu Copen, and a Honda Today, dark blue, are parked behind the two young men. "I told you, I'd bring him." Daichi says. His double chin flaps as he speaks.

"Good job. I hope it wasn't too hard", Yuta (the other man) says.

Daichi turns towards his Honda Today and motions his hand. The door opens and a pudgy young woman steps out from the passenger side.

"This is Tsuneko, my girlfriend." Daichi says.

Tsuneko bows slightly. She is much wider and appears to be heavier than Yuta.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Yuta", she says.
A gentle wind blows by, carrying her long, untied hair.

"How did you convince Yosuke to come, Tsuneko?", Asks Daichi.

"Simple, I know Miyuki. We've been friends for a while, since we went to the same cram school from the start of High School." Tsuenko answers.

Yuta wears a dark blue T-shirt, a white baseball cap with the logo for Gunma Prefecture's local baseball team, "Gunma Diamond Pegasus". He wears blue jeans and black and white sandals.
Daichi wears blue jeans and a grey sweater. His belly hangs over his belt. Tsuneko stands at his side, holding his arm. She wears a brown knee high skirt and white sweater.

Yuta looks at Tsuneko and Daichi, both are overweight.

"That poor Honda...", Yuta thinks to himself. “I hope he takes good care of it for being forced to carry such weight. No wonder he keeps losing to this Yosuke guy. The power to weight ratio must be horrible.”

“Well Yuta?” Daichi interrupts Yuta, who was in mid-thought.
“Hah?!” Yuta yelps surprised. “What?”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me while you were daydreaming, but yeah, we’re going to leave now. If Yosuke sees me now, he’ll know something is up. Tsuneko, let’s go.” Daichi says.

“No worries, I’ll take care of Yosuke for you. You can go.” Yuta replies as he watches the suspension of the Honda Today going down several inches as Tsuneko sits down in the passenger seat. “Oh man…” Yuta thinks to himself.

“Hey!” Daichi pokes Yuta. She’s MY girl. Go get your own!” he says.

“Oh, no… NO! Umm… Sorry Daichi”, Yuta says.
“Hehehe, it’s okay. She sure is something, don’t you think?” Daichi winks and nudges Yuta with his elbow.

Yuta gulps, “Yeah… Yeah… You two… Umm… You make a nice couple”, he says inexplicitly sarcastically.

“Thanks pal. Hopefully the right one will come for you some day too.” Daichi says, “Just like mine did. Anyways, see ya!”

“Catch you later”, Yuta says as he watches Daichi climb into the driver’s side of the Honda Today and drive off.

Suddenly, Yuta’s cell phone rings.
*BGM-Rage Your Dream*

“Yeah?” Yuta says as he answers the phone without seeing who the call is from. He holds the phone with his right hand and removes his ball cap with his left and uses it to fan his face.

“YUTAAAAAA!” an older man’s voice yells from the other side.

“Oh crap… Dad!” Yuta sweats some more.

“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, BOY!? I”ve brought the truck with the portable ramen stand’s equipment. You didn’t forget to bring the ingredients, right?” his father asks.

Yuta looks over at his Daihatsu Copen sitting in the parking lot. Inside the 2 seaters trunk and passenger side, tightly packed, are packages upon packages of vegetables, dry ramen noodle and other ingredients to make fine ramen.

“It’s all there, Dad”, Yuta responds, putting his cap back on.

“Well? What are you waiting for??? Bring it all over to the central festival area! Stop wasting time! I’ll be waiting.” his father yells angrily. “Good for nothing airhead. Just like his mother…” he mumbles and the call ends.

“Stupid old man.”, Yuta says out loud as he walks over to his car.

At 7:30 pm that night, the sky above Lake Onuma atop Akagi mountain is lit bright with a dazzling array of fireworks.

Yosuke snaps many pictures and Miyuki gorges down on all the delicious festival foods and drinks alcohol strong enough to knock out a full sized man.
“Easy there, Miyuki. I’ve got to get you home, which means I gotta take you in my car…” Yosuke says.
“Wha…What?” Miyuki responds, in her drunken stupor.
“Just… Just don’t vomit in my car…” Yosuke says.
Miyuki giggles. She’s too far gone.

The young couple enjoyed a day full of walking around the area, trying all the attractions, going pedal boating out on the lake in a ladybug shaped pedal boat and trying food from vendors from all over Gunma. Now they were sitting together on a picnic tarp on a grassy patch near the lake, enjoying the fireworks. Miyuki is intoxicated, but knows she can rely on Yosuke. She sits at his right side, and slowly leans in on his shoulder, holding his arm too, gently with her hands. The mood is almost perfect, until a nearby restaurant plays Frank Sinatra’s version of “Fly me to the moon”. Then, the mood is perfect.

Yosuke wraps his right arm around Miyuki’s waist (still very slim, despite her food binge earlier). Miyuki looks up at him and smiles. “Thank you, Yosuke” she says, as she approaches his face. Yosuke also leans in. The young couple kiss as the clock strikes 9:30 and the last of the fireworks explode into the sky, a dazzling and vibrant promenade of lights.

The two lay there, admiring one another for several hours, and whispering softly to one another for even longer.


At 1:00 am, the Subaru R1”s headlights turn on and the engine revs to life.
“Lets go home, Miyuki” he says as he shifts the car to 1st, and begins to accelerate, leaving the lake behind.

Meanwhile, back in another parking lot near the lake, another car’s engine also comes to life…

End Chapter 4

Next time on CAPITAL K!

Yosuke and Miyuki head downhill on Akagi... But they are tailed by another car...

We're just getting started. Tune in next time!

Chapter 5: AMBUSH! The White Wolf Attacks!

Posted by: akira86 Aug 14 2009, 10:53 PM
Love it, waiting for more

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Aug 17 2009, 11:55 PM
I wonder if anyone but a few loyal fans are reading. laugh.gif

Well, anyhoo!

For those who've been waiting, BAM!

Capital K
Chapter 5 - The Ambush

The headlamps of the Subaru R1 light up the road as it approaches the first hairpin turn on Akagi downhill after the first long straight. Yosuke doesn’t push the car at all. No one else appears to be on the road. Miyuki is half awake, her eyes slowly feeling the burden of sleep. Yosuke keeps his eyes in his lane and avoids the anti-racing “cat eyes” that line the middle of the hairpins. “Those things make it really hard to go fast on this mountain. They’ll even do damage to people who are not racing if not too careful…” He thinks to himself. Just as he clears the first hairpin and makes his way to the next, a light, moving in quickly from the rear, illuminates the darkness behind the R1.

“There’s another car coming in really quickly from behind us, Miyuki”, Yosuke says, wanting to know what will be the next appropriate move.

“Put your signals on and move closer to the left, Yosuke… Let it pass.” Miyuki instructs, and Yosuke follows, moving his car further to the left of the road, putting his emergency flashers on and slowing down.

The car behind them also slows down, and stays behind the R1, “What the?!” Yosuke exclaims. The headlights of the car behind suddenly shut off. Both cars slowly approach the 2nd hairpin, Yosuke looks into his rear view mirror and catches a glimpse of the car behind, lighted by the full moon.

“A white Daihatsu Copen…?” Yosuke exclaims. I think I get a feeling I know what it wants.

Just as Yosuke says this, the Copen’s headlights flash on, and in hi beam mode. The flash is enough to temporarily blind Yosuke, who scrambles to see again. “Oh, no!” We’re going to hit the outside wall!” Yosuke yells, his left hand on the steering wheel and his right frantically rubbing his eyes. The R1 comes within inches of scrapping up against the outside wall of the second hairpin.

Yuta watches from within his Copen. “YES! This ought to wake up this tough guy and get him to race… That, or crash!” he thinks to himself.

Myuki screams, the R1 S comes less than 1 inch from the outside wall, Yosuke opens his eyes, he sees the wall right next to Miyuki and braces for the impact.

“Screech!” The R1’s tires squeal as it suddenly pulls away from the impending disaster. Yosuke looks at the steering wheel. Miyuki’s right hand is pushing the wheel to the right.

“Yosuke!” She yells, “Take the wheel!” Yosuke grabs the wheel with both hands.
“Kick his butt, Yosuke!!!” Miyuki orders, angrily.

“Do you accept my challenge?!” Yuta says, within his Copen, while revving his engine on and off, the blow off valve violently shoots on and off.

BGM: King of the World

“If it’s a battle you want…. It’s a battle you’ll get!!!” Yosuke says angrily as he sticks the R1 into gear 2 and plants his foot on the pedal. The R1’s supercharger spins fiercely, blowing air into the R1’s engine, which mixes with fuel in the R1’s 4 cylinders, becomes compressed and then explodes, some residue then travels out through the exhaust system, ignites and backfires!”

“VRRRROOOM!” both cars accelerate.

The R1 S shoots forward, Miyuki holds onto her seat tightly. “I trust you, Yosuke.” She thinks to herself.

Yosuke’s facial expression is one of extreme concentration. He’s angry, angry that anyone would try such a dirty trick and that anyone might try to hurt Miyuki. He hammers the gas.

The Copen follows suit and accelerates. The engine roars and the turbo charger forces the car into a frenzy of speed. “The White Wolf has finally come for you Yosuke! I’ll allow you to humour me for a while, then, when I have been entertained enough, I shall strike!”

Both cars go into the technical section of Akagi after the 3rd hairpin, the R1 S is ahead, and the Copen is close behind. Both drivers share the same lane.

“I can’t risk going into the oncoming lane to pass this guy… Not just yet… Those ‘cats eyes’ might devour my tires” Yuta thinks. Both cars enter the swaying section of quick left and right turns before the hard right hander triangle curve.

“You think you can beat my Subaru R1?!?” Yosuke thinks to himself, angrily. “The monstrous Prodrive P2 is based on this chassis! This is not just ANY kei-car!!!”

His anger clouds Yosuke’s mind and he begins to sweat. His anger begins to cause him to make small mistakes.

Both cars approach the triangle curve in 4th gear.

“The Daihatsu Copen may just be another FF car, but! With it’s small wheel base, and light weight, it will handle well enough to tackle an FR…” Yuta thinks to himself, although his thought is unfinished.

Yosuke slams the brake pedal. Yuta sees the R1’s taillights light up and follows suit, staying behind the R1 for the right moment to arrive”.
Yosuke depresses the clutch, shifts down to third, taps the gas pedal with his right heel, his right toe presses the brakes, his left foot releases the clutch, he flicks the steering wheel left, then right as he reaches the apex of the corner… Miyuki’s hair flies about in front of her face… Yosuke hammers the gas… The R1 rips out of the corner… But it under-steers!

“Shit!” Yosuke says as he corrects the under-steer by releasing the throttle a bit.

“… AND IT WILL DEFINITELY MAKE SHORT WORK OF AN AWD!!!” Yuta yells out loud as he slams the gas pedal and pulls out of the turn faster than Yosuke, capitalizing on Yosuke’s mistake.

BGM: Speed King

The Daihatsu Copen crosses into the oncoming lane. “That particular section is great for passing… Because it’s too narrow to put cats eyes onto! Hahahaha!” he laughs, as the white Copen accelerates and inches more and more ahead of the R1 S.

“Not so fast!!!” Yosuke slams the throttle, trying to keep the distance between himself and the Copen as close as possible.
“Give it up, Yosuke! All I need to do now is get in front and block all the way till the end!” Yuta thinks to himself.

Both drivers shift up to 4th gear.

The next hairpin arrives. Both cars shift down and brake to dive into this sloping left hander. Yuta begins his attack from the right side lane, doing his best to inch in slowly, into Yosuke’s lane.

“I won’t let you take the inside!” Yosuke yells. He accelerates harder, the R1’s AWD helps push it through the gentle turn, both cars come out now, neck and neck.

“This next corner is in my favour, Yosuke!!!” Yuta says as they barrel down the bumpy road to the next hairpin.

“Shit!” Yosuke curses once again. “He’s got the inside with this next corner!”

Both cars split apart from each other further to avoid cutting into the oncoming right hander’s “cats eyes”.

“And THAT, is the end… OF THAT!” Yuta thinks to himself.

*in the darkness somewhere, someone, something... breathes heavily…*


“Hah?! That noise… is it the R1’s supercharger?” Yuta thinks to himself. “It sounds different… Is something wrong with Yosuke’s car???” Yuta wonders.

“Yosuke… Is something wrong with the car?! What’s that noise?!” Miyuki panics.

Yosuke is silent. He only gulps once. He knows his R1 inside and out. He especially knows the sounds that it makes when something is wrong. “… Miyuki…” he starts.

*Yuta looks to his left, and at his blind spot… then gasps at what he sees next…*

“… It’s… another supercharger…” Yosuke finishes as he and Miyuki look to their right, to THEIR blind spot and see a dark shape, riding the center line between the Copen and the R1S, the dark shape’s headlamps are off.

Yuta, Miyuki and Yosuke all gasp, “A THIRD CAR?!”

BGM: Speed Demon

To slow down for the impending corner, the Cohen and the R1 both brake. Their front brake discs become super heated and glow red.

The dark red shapes headlights instantly flash on, it presses forward despite the cars beside it slowing down, it dives into the corner, and takes over the inside lane.

“A… Daihatsu Mira? No…” Yuta thinks.
“A Suzuki Alto?” No…” Yosuke thinks.

The mystery car comes into the view of both Yosuke and Yuta’s headlights…

*Red, 3 doors, hood scoop, supercharger*

Yuta and Yosuke think for a brief moment.
Both young men yell at the same time.


Miyuki sees the large sticker on the car’s lower rear quarter panel and reads it.


Everything happens so slowly.

The RX-R hops into the inside lane and overtakes the Copen. “What the?! How?!” Yuta yells.

He hammers the throttle in order to follow the RX-R through the corner.

“There’s… No way…” Yosuke mutters.

The RX-R begins a rampage down the remaining hairpins, almost magically changing lanes during mid curve, somehow avoiding the dangerous cat’s eyes.

Yosuke’s faces grows pale as he sees what happens next… On their approach to the last set of hairpins, the RX-R starts clipping corners by dipping it’s inside wheels into the grassy sections and “gutters” on the last stretch of Akagi.

The RX-R quickly puts distance between itself, the R1 and the Copen… and disappears.

Yuta presses on harder and harder, the change in inertia begins to affect his stomach. “WHAT?!” Yuta thinks. “HOW COULD A 16 YEAR OLD CAR… DO SUCH THINGS?!”

His concentration breaks.

“This is MY CHANCE!” Yosuke thinks as he overtakes Yuta just before the last left hander, driving onto the oncoming lane after passing the cat’s eye section and setting up for the final curve, the right hander, before the end.

“WHAT?! NO!” Yuta yells as he is caught off guard.

The R1 reaches the bottom of the mountain. Yosuke takes a deep breath of relief, then exhales.

Miyuki looks at Yosuke, “What… Just happened?!”

“I don’t know… But I won’t stop ‘till I find out.” Yosuke says as he drives back to Takasaki with Miyuki.

Seconds later, the white Copen pulls in front of the restaurant at the bottom of Akagi mountain, turns off the car, and steps out and collapses to his hands and knees, then procees to vomit. The moon still shines. The time is now 1:30 am.

“Are you alright there, young man?” An old man asks.
“No… No…” Yuta says, then proceeds to vomit some more.

“Ah” The old man sees the modified Daihatsu copen and hears the engine pinging as it cools down.

“You saw it, eh?” he asks.
“It?” Yuta asks.
“Yeah… It… ‘Aka-Oni’, as many of the young men around here have started calling it.” The old man continues.

“Aka… Oni (Red Demon)?” Yuta asks.

“Yeah, Akagi (Red Castle) mountain’s Aka-Oni” the old man says.

“Why do they call it a demon? It’s just an RX-R…” Yuta questions.

“It’s not the car… But the driver… IT started appearing here and there about 3 years ago. You saw how it made those lane changes despite the safety stuff they put to mess you kids up, and then how it disappeared just as soon as it appeared.”

“Here and there…?” Yuta asks.

“Yep. It’s been sighted on Myogi and Haruna, before too. The old man finishes.

“Ohh…” Yuta moans as he gets up. “I’ve got to find him, it, whatever… I have to actually race it… I’ve been driving these mountains in Gunma since I got my license… I’m the best around here. The White Wolf wont rest until it conquers the Red Demon!” Yuta finishes.

“You, umm… done with your monologue?”, the old man asks.

“Yes, I think so.”, Yuta says embarrassed.

“Listen, it’s late, I gotta go to bed, will you shut up and lemme finish?” The old man asks.

Yuta nods his head.

“Okay, first of all, good luck locating it. The thing never stops. No one’s ever met the driver.”

“But…” Yuta interrupts.

“Shut up! I’m talking!” The old man says.

“Yes sir!” Yuta says and quiets down once more.

“I hear them kids talking… rumours…” the old man says with one eyebrow raised.

“The car has been seen all over in Gunma’s major cities. Takasaki, Shibukawa, Maebashi, Kiryu, and Tatebayashi, but none more so than Isesaki. Start there. Maybe you’ll get some answers.”

“Thanks, I guess…” Yuta says, getting up and into his car.
The old man eyes the Copen again… “That’s a fine vehicle you got there, boy… It’s a shame it’s not as fine as the one they got in Europe.”

“Hah?” Yuta says ignorantly.

The old man walks back to his restaurant.

“Dumbass youngsters these days…” He mumbles as he goes back.
“What is it with old men and being grouchy all the time?” Yosuke wonders.

“I heard that!” says the old man, as he opens the door to his restaurant. “Oh, btw, listen kid. This here restaurant has some of the best tofu in Gunma… Well, ever since my good for nothing cousin closed down that shop he ran with his son in Shibukawa. People come here all the time, and well, I’m in need of a delivery boy since we also do delivery. You wanna sign up? I know a bit ‘bout street racing from my younger days, and I’m sure I can give you some pointers too.”

Without thinking, Yuta answers, “Sorry sir, I work for my father. We’re in the ramen business.”

“So be it, dumbass.” The old man slams the door on his way in.

“What a weird old man. Whatever… I’m going to go find that demon.” Yuta says as he drives past the restaurant and on towards Takasaki.

He passes the open garage, where an old AE92 Toyota Trueno GT-S sits. The sign on the restaurant reads “Fujiwara Izakaya” (Traditional Japanese sit down restaurant). The lights flicker and turn off.


It begins to rain on a dark, lone stretch of road...

the RX-R drives off, towards Isesaki.

user posted image

Posted by: BOZZ Aug 20 2009, 09:33 AM
I finally got around to reading this, it's okay, could use some proof reading and editing. Btw, why do you call it a fanfic? If it's supposed to be an Initial D fan fiction where are the references to that work? If anything this is an original story which has some things in common with Initial D (theme, setting, etc). Do you intend to include any characters from Initial D?

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Aug 20 2009, 04:55 PM
Never thought of it, but yeah, you're right - I guess it is an original work. Albeit, it will definitely have some references to Initial D, although a tad inexplicit.

For instance, in chapter 1, Daichi and Yuta make reference to Takumi and his first battle against Keisuke.

`Next weekend is the festival atop Akagi mountain. I`ll be there to sell samples of ramen to festival goers. Try and convince your buddy there to go. Try and get him to stay late. I`ll catch him by surprise on the way back down the mountain.` Yuta says.

Daichi gasps `You`re going to do THAT???`
Yuta crosses his arms, focuses on the Daihatsu Copen and nods.
Daichi`s eyes become wide with excitement.
`I haven’t heard of someone doing that since I was a kid and heard about that one legendary racer from Shibukawa.` he says.

and in the latest chapter reference is made to Bunta.

“I heard that!” says the old man, as he opens the door to his restaurant. “Oh, btw, listen kid. This here restaurant has some of the best tofu in Gunma… Well, ever since my good for nothing cousin closed down that shop he ran with his son in Shibukawa.

I guess it's a bit of an Initial D fanfic, yet at the same time it's my own story. I'll also be using actual terms and names of real locations similar to what Shigeno does in Initial D, but this story is composed of my experiences living here in Gunma, as well as not mentioned so often in Japanese culture issues, like the increase in foreigner population, as is represented in the character of Alejandro (That's all I'll say about him for now wink2.gif ).

Yeah, i realize it needs some proof reading. I write this story in my spare time at work in my notebook (yes, I actually write it down by hand first). Sometimes i find myself typing it up with the office computers which use a Japanese keyboard so it's difficult to get all the punctuation marks. Other times I can type it up on my Canadian laptop, but even then I'll rush through it and not proof read it myself. LOL. I'll stay on top of the proof reading.

Important thing is, I hope it's an entertaining read.

Just a heads up about the next chapter. It's going to go back to the events from chapter 3 and follow from another person's perspective. wink2.gif

Anyone who is dilegently following, I hope you are enjoying it. Please be assured there will be many races including many cars never before mentioned in Initial D and even one or two that have been. wink2.gif

I'll leave it at that!

Posted by: BOZZ Aug 20 2009, 05:39 PM
Hmmm... interesting... You're a pretty dedicated fan of Initial D if you're not only writing fiction based on the series but writing it by hand first. Btw, is it just me or is the main character sort of, well, you?

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Aug 20 2009, 05:53 PM
Ah, but the question there is...

Who is the main character?

There are actually 3 leading men you should keep an eye on.

Posted by: djmisio85 Oct 18 2009, 06:37 PM
Dude, hurry up and write the next episode.... grin2.gif

You cant keep us all waiting like this w00t2.gif

Posted by: shanasha Oct 19 2009, 10:25 PM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ Jul 6 2009, 08:49 AM)


A horn from the car behind startles Yosuke, who looks at the light, which has now become green. Panicking, he floors the gas, Miyuki falls back into her seat, the Subaru R1 S hops forward, everything happens so fast.

A young man on a bicycle suddenly comes into the path of the car… CRASH!

Miyuki brings her right hand to cover her mouth, “Oh no!!!”
Yosuke’s eyes widen, “Dear god… NO!”

End Chapter 2.

it reminds me of yesterdays incident when i crash my car to a motorcycle crying2.gif

well whatever keep going its a good story! grin2.gif
keep it up.

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Oct 30 2009, 07:54 AM
Capital K Chapter 6 is being written guys, don't fret!

Aaaaaaaaaand I'll leave you with an image... Perhaps the first one...

... From the Capital K Manga! smile.gif

user posted image
And a link to a song which I feel suits the Vivio.

Lolita - I just want to call you now.

Posted by: djmisio85 Nov 4 2009, 02:32 PM
Here's a little edit on a line from the first episode evilbrows.gif



Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 4 2009, 04:25 PM

And here's what you've all been waiting for!

Chp 6: Clear Water

*** A few days earlier…*

Masaki leaves his bicycle on the side of the road, near some trash and walks down south on route 17 in Takasaki City. The rain, which was slightly weaker earlier, is now much stronger.

“I knew I should have packed an umbrella this morning…” he thinks to himself.

HE proceeds further down route 17 until he arrives at Sekichu Bicycle World.

Masaki walks in, his clothing and school bag are nearly entirely soaked by the rain water.

The shop workers welcome Masaki with the usual “Irasshaimase!”

The poor boy walks further into the bike shop, examining all the bicycles. The day comes to an end soon after he makes his decision…


“I see…”, an older man’s voice says, sounding slightly annoyed.

“I know what you told me about accepting charities, I’m sorry, Dad.”, Masaki explains.

“No, no, it’s okay in this case. That guy paid you back for wrecking your bike” Takuya Shimizu answers.

Masaki had just arrived back to his home in Isesaki, Gunma prefecture, when his father, Takuya Shimizu, noticed something was wrong.

Takuya, a man in his 50’s has a time worn face, stands slightly taller than his son, and has short cut hair. He wears dark jeans and a blue sweater, socks and sandals on his feet. As he speaks to his son, he intermittently chews on a piece of nicotine chewing gum. Unlike most Japanese men around his age, Takuya has learned to take better care of his health, especially now after suffering a mild heart attack several months prior. The man was also an alcoholic and a heavy smoker up until one night, those few months ago, when he fell to the floor of his home, tightly clutching at his chest, in pain. A stubborn man from a young age, Takuya had also refused to wear glasses, except for when carrying out bureaucratic duties, such as obtaining his driving license. The near sighted man resorted to squinting his eyes all the time to see better.

Now, after learning about, and obtaining contact lenses his eyes are wide open and more relaxed.

Father and son are standing in the kitchen of their home, the kitchen of a Brazilian Pizza shop in Isesaki City.

“Okay, thanks Dad” Masaki answers, and heads towards a flight of stairs when he is stopped by Takuya.

“Before you go to bed, I have to give you something” he says.

“Oh yeah?! Really?!” Masaki asks, excitedly.

“Yeah, actually, two things.” Takuya responds.

Masaki walks up to his father quickly and outstretches his hand, open, “Give it to me!” he asks.

“You sure you want it?” Takuya asks.

“Yes! Give it to me already!” Masaki bursts.

“Fine.” Takuya brings a clenched fist, out in front of his son. Masaki eyes the fist closely as it moves towards his open hand… And then to the top of Masaki’s head.

“Hah?” he gasps.


Takuya knocks once on Masaki’s head.

“Ow!” Masaki shouts out.

“That was for not being careful on your bicycle.” Takuya answers.

“Grrr…” Masaki grumbles and braces himself for the “second” thing.

“The other thing…” Takuya brings his closed fist to Masaki’s open palm, and then opens it. A familiar sound of metal jingling as a set of keys falls into Masaki’s open hands echoes in the silent room.

“What?!” Masaki whines.
“You got a delivery to do.” Takuya grins. “An important one, for a friend of mine.”

“Gah…” Masaki says, lowering his head.


A garage door outside the Pizza shop opens. A red shape, hidden in shadows sits in the garage. “I hate these deliveries, but the only reason why I continue to do them is so I have time with you…” Masaki speaks to the red shape, as it if will respond to him.


The sound of a starter motor, turning over the flywheel is heard in the silence, followed by a roar as an engine comes to life. A pair of headlamps suddenly light up, followed by a pair of fog lamps, dimly lit. They illuminate the front of the Pizza shop’s driveway.

The dark shape moves forward, 5 spoked light silver wheels roll on glossy, clean rubber tires.

The shape stops near the entrance of the Pizza shop, Takuya steps out, wheeling a kart with many small boxes.

“Open the car’s trunk, Masaki!” He yells over the car’s loud idle exaust.

The two men load up the car in no time, Masaki climbs back into the car, puts his seatbelt on, checks his mirrors, puts his foot on the brake pedal, releases the parking brake, depresses the clutch and moves the car’s razo metal shifter knob, putting the car into first gear. He then presses down the power window switch, lowering the driver’s side window.

'Now listen, Masaki. The party they're having at that hotel near Haruna lake starts at 9:00 pm. Make sure not to be late. The pizza will stay hot for 45 minutes. When you get there, help them unload, and stay at the party until every guest leaves', Takuya orders as he walks up to the car.

'Aw? Why do I have to stay?' Masaki whines.

'Because I need you to hand out these', Takuya says, smiling, giving Masaki a pile of fliers and coupons for the Pizza shop.

'Don't take too long. After the shop is closed for the night, your mother and I will be heading to Kiryu city for a friend's daughter's wedding reception', Takuya says, heading back to the pizza shop.

'Honey, does Masaki-kun know how to get to Haruna?', a woman's voice calls out from the Pizza shop.

'Yeah, yeah! He does!', Takuya yells back at her, then walks back to his son, 'Take route 50 to Maebashi, from there, head to Shibukawa, through there go to Ikaho and you'll be at the...'

'Dad! I know how to get there!', Masaki interrupts.

Takuya chews on his nictone gum. 'Okay then... Take care.'

'I will, Dad. Nothing will happen to me.', Masaki replies.

'Not you! The pizza! Be sure to drive smoothly. The hotel owner is a friend. If i get a complaint. It will be your neck.' Takuya chews some more on his nicotine gum.

Masaki's face turns to an angry frown.

Takuya laughs. 'Yeah, you be careful too... Son'.

'Okay dad', he says.

'Now go!' Takuya yells.

(BGM Norma Scheffield - I just want to call you now)

The little red car roars to life as it drives up the road and disappears around a corner.


Several moments later, the car and Masaki climb uphill on Haruna road 33, from Ikaho town.

'C'mon Vivio! Lets get this delivery done!', Masaki says as he presses on the gas pedal. The car accelerates faster. A small green indicator light comes on in the guage cluster, accompanied by a whining noise from the engine.

'Oh, I'd better be careful, Dad says never to drive uphill with that light on... It wastes gas...' Masaki thinks to himself.

He eases up on the throttle, the whining noise that had accompanied the green light fades and only the high revving scream of the engine is heard. Masaki depresses the clutch, and brings the car to a lower gear as he approaches the first uphill corner, using his right heel to increase the engine rpm's, while braking with the toes of his right foot, he then releases the clutch gently and it engages, the transition from higher gear to lower gear goes smoothly. 'Dad will kill me if I mess up', he thinks.

The engine roars like a feral jungle cat as the Vivio climbs the mountain and disappears into the night.

End Chapter 6.

I've also completed writing chapter 7, but I want to hear folks reactions to chapter 6 before I type that up and post it.

Posted by: djmisio85 Nov 4 2009, 05:26 PM
Last chapter was a good read grin2.gif

Looking forward to the next one wink2.gif

Keep up the good work...... although Isesaki to Lake Haruna might take a lil more than 45 mins depending on traffic laugh.gif

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 4 2009, 07:05 PM
Alright, aaaaaand Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Dansei no Kokoro (A young man's heart)

'Alright, Masaki! Thanks for helping out your father and I tonight', says an older man, dressed in a dark suit with a blue tie. 'It's 2 am now, so im going to shut everything off and close down the hotel for the night. You can go home, just be careful. At this time of night, you might run into street racers.'

'I will be careful, Mr. Tanimura', Masaki says as he collects what is left of the fliers his father gave him and heads off.

'Oh, and Masaki?', Mr. Tanimura calls out as Masaki opens the exit lobby door of the hotel, 'Yes?', Masaki answers.

'Please try to be quiet on your way out. Your car is a little loud', Mr. Tanimura requests.

'Quiet, got it.' Masaki nods his head and steps outdoors. He takes a deep breath in and then out. 'Time to get home and catch up on some sleep', he thinks to himself, 'Maybe later today I'll go hang out with the guys.'
(BGM: Chage and Aska 'Walk') [link to song will be posted later]
Masaki walks over to where the Vivio is parked. 'Lets go home', he whispers, once again, as if the Vivio will respond. Masaki approaches the driverside and inserts his key, then twists. The door pops unlocked, Masaki lifts the door handle and the door opens with a clunk. Masaki then stops, and looks over the Vivio's roof, towards Haruna lake. The night is illuminated by the eerie light of the full moon. The light, bathing everything in sight in a blu-ish light appears surreal, as if from a dream.

'It's beautiful, isnt it?' he speaks out loud.

'Yes, indeed it is.' A voice from behind calls out loud.

'Hah?!' Masaki turns around, 'Oh, Mr. Tanimura... It's just you.'

'Beautiful night, isn't it?' He asks Masaki.

'Yes, it is.' Masaki replies, and then sighs. His thoughts float back to that girl he saw earlier in the day. That girl who he saw with that man... The man who hit him with the Subaru R1 S.

'Thinking of a lady friend, yes?', Mr. Tanimura asks.

Mr. Shinji Tanimura is the owner and manager of the hotel where Masaki had delivered the Pizza to. That particular night's dinner theme for the guests was all things Italian, and being a family friend of the Shimizu's, Mr. Tanimura saw fit to ask for their services. An older man, with grey and silver hair, older than Takuya Shimizu, Mr. Tanimura has had a lifetime of experience in various topics. He'd been watching Masaki and noticed something had been bothering him.

'Ah, it's nothing, Mr. Tanimura', Masaki answers.

'Oh, come now, I was a young man once. I know what goes through your heads at this age.' Mr. Tanimura says, and then smiles. His face is weathered by time, but his smile and expression are warm and gentle.

'You were thinking of a woman just now, right?', he asks.

'Hmmmm... Okay...', Masaki says, giving up on hiding the truth. 'So I was... I was wondering, if I'd ever be able to bring someone special up to the lake, you know, to enjoy a nice night like this.', Masaki sighs again.

'Okay, is that all?' Mr. Tanimura says, cheerfully. 'I'm sure a fine young man like you would have no problem with that. The first step of course, is to FIND a young woman who fits you.' Mr. Tanimura advise Masaki.

'That's kind of hard, Mr. Tanimura. Most girls I've met don't like the fact that I'm not entirely Japanese.' Masaki whines.

'Then... THOSE were girls who did not fit you to begin with. When you meet the young woman who fits you, it won't matter what or who you are. Even your father was a hopless romantic until he went to Brazil and met your mother.', Mr. Tanimura adds.

'Haha, Dad? Really?' Masaki asks.

'Oh, you should have SEEN him! He wailed and whined at every failed attempt. He'd even go on about how he was going to give up on women all at once.', laughs Mr. Tanimura.

'Wow, I never knew that...', Masaki replies.

'Now, don't you go telling him all this, understand?' Mr. Tanimura requests.

'Haha, don't worry Mr. Tanimura.' Masaki answers.

'A little love is the answer, Masaki-kun. Just...' Mr. Tanimura stops mid-sentence and looks up at the moon, as if remembering something.

'Just, when you do find the right person... Be careful. Love has a way of hurting people too - and not just emotionally.' Mr. Tanimura continues.

'What do you mean?' Masaki asks.

'Sometimes... It drives you to the brink of madness... When things go awry...

Back when we were younger - when you were still an infant, your father and I had a friend, younger than your father, sort of hot-headed and quick to anger... This fellow met an American woman who was working as an English instructor in Takasaki city. They were together for quite some time, up until one day, apparently on a night like this, and not too far from this hotel, he went into an uncontrollable rage and murdered her. The story was that he caught her seeing another man - she broke up with him on the spot and he lost control of his temper. They struggled, and he raped and stabbed her several times.

(Reference to 'Christine Type R' - another fan fiction - yet to come wink2.gif )

'Oh, that story... Father has a different opinion on that', Masaki answers.
'What's that?', Mr. Tanimura asks.
'Father told me about that man. He told me that the guy probably didn't kill that woman. The guy was raised in an orphanage and never had anyone to call his own, he really loved that woman and would have killed himself rather than kill her.' Masaki answers.

'Well, the thing is, 'probably' wont stand well against eye-witness testimonies.' Mr. Tanimura says.

'Ah, but with enough money, eye witnesses can be paid off', Masaki adds.

'Good point, Masaki-kun. But, the case is over. Whether or not he did the crime, Tohru Sekine did the time, and now he lives on the outskirts of Takasaki, working at some factory.' Mr. Tanimura says and then sighs. 'Poor guy... Love can give so much, and yet take so much away. OH! Look at the time... I'd better let you go, Masaki!'

With that, Mr. Tanimura turns around and heads back to the hotel.

'Remember, a little love is the answer. A little love can do the impossible. Goodnight, young Shimizu.' Mr. Tanimura finishes, disappearing into the hotel.

'Goodnight, Mr. Tanimura', Masaki replies, getting into the Vivio. He closes the door, puts on the seatbelt, turns on the engine, and heads back to Isesaki, via Haruna Kaido 33, down to Ikaho.


Masaki approaches the start of Haruna Kaido 33. In the pit stop area, near the famous Haruna water tower, sit several young men with their cars. Street racers. Masaki drives by quickly, and admires the vehicles, which seem to only consist of several older Nissan Skylines.

'Hey! Hey guys! Watch me run down that slug', one brash young man says, climbing into his white Skyline GTS-T, HCR34. The large, rear wheel drive, 4 door Skyline comes to life, and does a mild drift coming out of the lot and onto Kaido 33, giving chase to Masaki. The other young men bring their palms to their faces.

'Kei cars are toys... I'll have fun playing with this one!', the young man says, as he presses the accelerator of his car, drifting the first left hander of Haruna's downhill and slowly closing the gap.

Meanwhile, Masaki approaches the second turn on Haruna, which is also the first hairpin and hard right turn. In his rear view mirror, he is greeted by a pair of powerful HID headlamps, in high beam.

(BGM: Back on the Rocks)

The vehicle behind him begins to rev on and off.

'What does this guy want?' Masaki thinks, irritated.

The headlamps suddenly start to flash. The vehicle behind, the Skyline, continues to rev. Its terrifying turbocharged 6 cylinder howl could wake the dead.

'I dont have TIME for this!' Masaki thinks, and presses down on his accelerator pedal. 'I just want to go home...'

The man in the skyline smiles, 'Haha, like a fly to a spider!'

The Vivio and Skyline clear the first hairpin and approach the next left hander.

'Time to PLAAAAAAAAYY!', the Skyline driver says, bringing his car to a lower gear and speeding up.

To be continued!

End chapter 7. smile.gif

Posted by: djmisio85 Nov 4 2009, 07:26 PM
Lol, good job bro.

Although the kill and rape thing was a lil random...

Also, all that talk about pizza just makes me hungry for the legendary costco pizza laugh.gif

And isnt it a bit early to introduce the big boys like skylines? blink.gif

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 4 2009, 07:29 PM
The rape and kill thing ties into a future fanfic I will write. wink2.gif Keep your eyes ready for that one. It'l be a thriller.

Yes, Costco Pizza, awe man. Pizza is my favourite Western world food. We gotta head down to Saitama some time.

And well, the Skyline is indeed a big boy, but the driver isn't wink2.gif You'll see in Chapter 8. smile.gif

Posted by: Gunma's 34 Nov 4 2009, 07:31 PM
Why do I have the feeling that the possibility that the Vivio and the Skyline actually are you and your friend? Just a thought. Anyway... looking forward to this orig fic. Oh, and the Vivio manga-style pic is So damn awesome! How'd you do that? Or did you search for a vivio reference?


Posted by: djmisio85 Nov 4 2009, 07:33 PM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ 3 minutes, 34 seconds ago)

Yes, Costco Pizza, awe man. Pizza is my favourite Western world food. We gotta head down to Saitama some time.

Motion seconded, motion carried!!!

I haven't had costco pizza for over a month..... and its killing me!!!!

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 4 2009, 07:37 PM
QUOTE (Gunma's 34 @ 6 minutes, 11 seconds ago)
Why do I have the feeling that the possibility that the Vivio and the Skyline actually are you and your friend? Just a thought. Anyway... looking forward to this orig fic. Oh, and the Vivio manga-style pic is So damn awesome! How'd you do that? Or did you search for a vivio reference?


Actually, nah, the Skyline is not based on my friend. It's actually based on an actual ER34 I saw one night that was racing a Suzuki Alto Works on Haruna's uphill.

The vivio pic... LOL, I actually got that out of my owner's manual.

And yes, actually. An Impreza will definitely show later in the series. But - it won't race - and actually, I plan to end the manga, with the appearance of the Impreza GC.

Posted by: Gunma's 34 Nov 5 2009, 06:45 PM
O_o... oh...

An Actual... ER34 SKYLINE!!? (reads back on chapter)

DANG IT!!! WHY MUST IT BE THE HCR34 ER34 4-door!? Are there any existing ER34 2-doors that you see around the passes?

And that's pretty low of that ER34 on your story... racing a vivio... pretty low much... hope that RX-R beats it... grin2.gif

Posted by: djmisio85 Nov 8 2009, 08:24 PM
Hurry up and get the next episode typed up laugh.gif

Posted by: BOZZ Nov 8 2009, 10:36 PM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ Nov 4 2009, 11:37 PM)
Actually, nah, the Skyline is not based on my friend. It's actually based on an actual ER34 I saw one night that was racing a Suzuki Alto Works on Haruna's uphill.

The vivio pic... LOL, I actually got that out of my owner's manual.

And yes, actually. An Impreza will definitely show later in the series. But - it won't race - and actually, I plan to end the manga, with the appearance of the Impreza GC.

End the manga...?

@Gunma's 34: It could just be he was influenced by it... It's nothing earth shattering that an author, even a fanfic writer, would have some of his real life influences appear in his or her work.

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 9 2009, 12:56 AM
LOL, i've passed it by some japanese friends who want to translate it to Japanese and even draw it. So yeah, lol Manga.

This is all just for fun though so hah tongue.gif

Bozz, did you see the post after Gunma 34's? I'm basing the 4 door skyline in the story off of one I actually saw racing a Suzuki alto works on Haruna one night - and it was UPHILL!

But of course, I am definitely influenced by my daily lives.

In actuality, some of the character names are borrowed from friends, co-workers, even students of mine.

Masaki is part South American - I actually have a friend by the name of Masaki who is part Peruvian.

DJ, im typing up chapter 8!

Posted by: BOZZ Nov 9 2009, 09:09 AM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ 8 hours, 12 minutes ago)
LOL, i've passed it by some japanese friends who want to translate it to Japanese and even draw it. So yeah, lol Manga.

This is all just for fun though so hah tongue.gif

Bozz, did you see the post after Gunma 34's? I'm basing the 4 door skyline in the story off of one I actually saw racing a Suzuki alto works on Haruna one night - and it was UPHILL!

But of course, I am definitely influenced by my daily lives.

In actuality, some of the character names are borrowed from friends, co-workers, even students of mine.

Masaki is part South American - I actually have a friend by the name of Masaki who is part Peruvian.

DJ, im typing up chapter 8!

Yes I read your post after Gunma 34's.

Good luck with it if your friends come through on drawing it.

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Nov 10 2009, 10:57 PM

Chp 8 - Predator and Prey

The white skyline tails the little vivio as both cars approach the second hairpin on Haruna's downhill.

'This is too easy!', the man in the skyline thinks to himself as he presses on the accelerator, coming only within inches of the Vivio's rear bumper.

As both vehicles approach the second hairpin, they both make quick feint movements, going to the outside, then setting up for the inside of the hairpin. The man in the skyline brings his left hand down behind his shifter and lifts and drops the parking brake lever. The rear wheels on his skyline lock up, then go back to spinning again, the skid has been initiated.

'Watch this! What a real car can do!', The man in the skyline thinks to himself.

'Man... This guy is a pain...'Masaki thinks to himselft as he grips the corner with his Vivio and glances at his rear view mirror, watching the skyline as it drifts, unstable, coming out of the corner. The driver is obviously inexperienced.

With the second hairpin cleared, the vivio increases the gap between itself and the skyline. Grip driving is indeed faster than drift driving. But the skyline, with its muscular and massive horsepower amount advantage, quickly closes the gap.

'Jeez, this fool won't give up... I just want to gom home... Fine... I'll deal with this guy... NOW!' Masaki thinks.

The man in the skyline grins as he sits in his skyline, which is once again within inches of the vivio. What he sees next though, surprises him...

A quick right turn approaches. Suddenly, the vivio's parking flashers start flashing, the Vivio pulls over to the left hand shoulder of the road.

'What?! The toy doesn't want to play?? Ah well, forget you, slug...' The man in the skyline thinks as he manouvres his skyline around the little kei car and proceeds to the third hairpin.

The skyline ets up to drift the right hander. The wheels lock up, then release. The driver swings the skyline's tail out, once again, unstable... But he survives and and drifts out of the hairpin, setting up for the next, fourth hairpin, a left hander.

As he rotates his car, he gasps at what he sees through his passenger side window... A pair of headlamps and foglamps, heading towards him. The Vivio! It's cleared the 3rd hairpin, and approaches the fourth as the skyline clears the fourth by drifting. 'Hah? What's it doing? Speeding up?', he the man thinks.

Unside the vivio, a pair of hands tightly grip the steering wheel, then suddenly, the left hand brings the sifter down to a lower gear. A pair of feet move quickly about the pedals. The engine revs increase, the steering wheel turns right, then left, the front passengerside tire of the little car comes millimeters from the grassy apex of the left hander hairpin. The vivio clears the turn.

'Getting serious, are we? But I want to have some fun! No matter, this next section is going to be where I dust you!', the man in the skyline thinks as he floors the gas pedal.

The vivio clears the haprin, then accelerates hard. The driver, Masaki, breathes heavily. Acclerating sharply, the Vivio's tachometer goes up to 10,000rpms, then shifts, during this, the engine's high revving scream is accompanied by the harmony of that hit pitched whine, the whine that is only present when the green indicator light comes on in the guage cluster.

The vivio follows the skyline. Both cars speeds increase steadily, dangerously, with the skyline quickly opening the gap between both cars on the straight.

'Damn, im going pretty fast', the man in the Skyline thinks, as he watches his speedometer.

Both cars approach the gentle left hander, aacross from Haruna's famous view point.

The skyline brakes hard and early, setting up to drift. The driver looks in his mirror and gasps.


He frantically manouvres his skyline into another unstable drift... This time... His tail steps out more than usual, making his skyline's nose turn to face the inside of the corer... The inside... towards the face of the mountain!

'Aah! I've gone in too fast!!', He thinks in the several short moments, in which it seems as if time itself has slowed down...

The man looks at his passengerside window and freezes in terror. The Vivio is still coming, no signs of slowing.

'My skyline is taking up too much of the road's width! He's going to hit me!' He thinks as his tires screech, making marks on the road...

The Vivio comes closer and closer. Everything occurs in slow motion.

Masaki's eyes burn with intense concentration. He shows no fear. Suddenly, within a few feet of the Skyline, Masaki jerks the steering wheel towards the left - towards the inside wall!

'Aaah!' The Skyline driver screams.


Half of the Vivio's width moves into the gutter, with the other half on the road.

'Vroooooooom!!' The Vivio's right side clears past the nose of the Sykline, with only a few inches to spare.

'What the?!' The man in the skyline thinks.


The Skyline's tail rams into the outside wall, sending it into a clockwise spin. The Skyline's nose hits against the outside rail.

'Gah!' the man yelps.

The Skyline comes to a complete stop after coasting for a few seconds. It's driverside front corner is damaged, the headlamp is shattered and the radiator is cracked. Steam rises into the air and coolent drips onto the road.

The Skyline driver breathes a sigh of relief and rests his head on his steering wheel. His forehead has a cut from his head slamming against his driverside window. Blood trickles slowly from it.

'I wanted to play with it... But instead I got played with...' he thinks, as he recovers from the impact's shock.


'Leader to newguy, you there?' a voice from a walky talky on the passenger seat calls out.

'We're still here at the top. We heard some discouraging sounds. What happened?', the voice calls from the Walky Talky.

'I crashed...' The man replies.

Suddenly, the sound of laughter, many people's laughter, is heard from the walky talky.

'What's so funny?!' the man yells out.

'You're the guy who said you were going to run down the 'slug'. It's kind of funny. But hey, don't sweat it. You aren't the first to fall prey to 'Red Demon'.

'Red... Demon...?' the man asks.

'Yep, long story. We'll call a tow truck for you. You are just a new guy, you didn't know about Red Demon', says the voice from the Walky Talky. 'Just wait, we'll be down in a bit. Leader out'.

Everything goes to silence until the young man hears the the faint sound of a high revving engine and that whine... the whine of a supercharger.

'It's him!' the man thinks, running over to the famous viewing point on mount Haruna. There, he looks down at the 4 sequential hairpins. The Vivio cleras them all quickly, dropping into the gutters, one after the other, each time half of it's small body going into the gutter and the other half remaining outside.

'He didn't hit me because he used that technique... And because... It was a kei car.. A bigger car would have surely rammed me.' he thinks.

He continues to admire the car.

'I guess not all kei cars are toys...', thinks, watching as the Vivio clears the last visible hairpin from the viewing point and disappears into the cover of the trees.


Back home in Isesaki city, Masaki, having showered and prepared to go to sleep climbs into his bead and slowly wanders his mind into a relaxed darkness, fading into dream.

Suddenly, his room lights which were off, come on!

'Be sure to set your alarm, kiddo!' Takuya calls out from the entrance.

'Whaaaat?!? Whyyyy?', Masaki whines.

'Akagi festival is saturday. Today IS Saturday morning. I need you to hand out fliers and samples of our Pizza today. I'll let you sleep till noon, then your butt needs to be at that festival.', Takuya orders.

'Okay, okay...' Masaki says, covering his face with his pillow.

'Right then, I'll let you get your beauty sleep', Takuya says, leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

As he leaves, Masaki remembers something important and calls out, 'DAD! DONT FORGET TO...', Masaki stops.

THUD! The door closes.

'... Turn off the lights...', Masaki finishes.

'Damn-it, Dad...'

End Chapter 8

Posted by: djmisio85 Mar 4 2010, 07:09 PM
Dude, don't think we have forgotten about Omoji K, we want more more MORE w00t2.gif

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Mar 4 2010, 07:48 PM
I've become lazy... My apologies to my fanclub. I'll get cracking on it as soon as more ideas flow into my head.

Posted by: Sekinin Mar 10 2010, 12:19 AM
boring read.....and probably the ugliest car I've ever seen

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Mar 10 2010, 01:14 AM
QUOTE (Sekinin @ 54 minutes, 57 seconds ago)
boring read.....and probably the ugliest car I've ever seen

Of course it's boring - for those who can't read.

Posted by: Sekinin Mar 10 2010, 03:04 AM
QUOTE (WRX DEMON Type R @ 1 hour, 50 minutes ago)
Of course it's boring - for those who can't read.

Of course I can't read - its unreadable. Ever heard of proofreading? xD

Posted by: WRX DEMON Type R Mar 10 2010, 05:07 AM
QUOTE (Sekinin @ 2 hours, 2 minutes ago)
Of course I can't read - its unreadable.  Ever heard of proofreading? xD

You just admitted that you can't read. Thanks.

Others can read it just fine.

Oh and also,

I'm typing on a Japanese keyboard, gimme a break.

Posted by: djmisio85 Mar 10 2010, 06:51 PM
QUOTE (Sekinin @ Today, 12:19 AM)
boring read.....and probably the ugliest car I've ever seen

There's an old saying....

"If you have nothing good to say, its better to say nothing at all! wink2.gif

Just keep that in mind when using the forums wink2.gif

As for you demon, hurry up and whip out another episode cool.gif

Posted by: Sekinin Mar 11 2010, 02:11 AM
sorry, I can't "read" according to a certain someone so I wouldn't know any better. Har har har grin2.gif

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