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> My comrade claims ID8 has autosteer
Posted: Apr 10 2017, 09:40 AM

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QUOTE (Corposition @ 4 hours, 2 minutes ago)
In regard to gutter: yes I understand that, but when I mentioned gutters, I meant that if you missed the gutter on Akina, it would give the autopilot effect.

OnTopic: Thank you for the knowledge, SHINN. It seems I am correct in the sense that there is definitely autopilot where the line is taken improperly, which was a piece of my first argument. And reflecting back on my gameplay, it is evident that you are correct as well, as I would only get thrown around with autopilot when I am either taking a bad line, or going too slow. When I played, I would find what causes that to happen and avoid it at all costs, because it felt so unnatural that it would be detrimental to my performance.

TL;DR, thank you SHINN for clarifying my thoughts, as there is nothing here that I disagree with.

I think that is the end of this, there is nothing more to be said, as there definitely is autopilot, but only when on the wrong line, or going at a bad speed... and it is also in very specific instances such as sadamine and irohazaka.

And side note: Thank you for letting me know that world record pace does not apply those unless it is in those two maps, because now if I were to play, and the autopilot takes on, I would know that I am driving the course wrongly smile.gif Have a good day!

You're welcome, we are all here to share. I also learn by watching others play, so feel free to ask technical questions. If got answer, I think most of us can provide. Yes if you've missed the gutter but you've managed to bc or by any means reduced some speed to drift, you'll get autopilot. This is crucial during battle for battle boost but not in TA.

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Posted: Apr 10 2017, 01:45 PM

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Normal / Spec 1 - Lake Akina
Try doing a u-turn, I experienced this yesterday lol

The only time I've felt the game helping me corner is the Irohazaka DH corner mentioned (the optional first jump)

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