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Posted by: Racer4WD Jul 1 2018, 04:09 PM
Fujiwara Tofu Shop released today on his Youtube Channel a video about the planning to expand his content and the creation of his Patreon with the main objective to make the translation of Initial D related content

Link to the video:

If you are too lazy to watch the vid,here's the transcript:

Hi, so far you have only seen videos of Initial D games on this channel. However, I would like that to change. It is my wish that all Initial D media would be available in English. The manga, the anime and the live action film all have either official or unofficial translations. The majority of the video games do not have English versions but I have been making good progress making subtitled videos. As for other media formats, however, things don’t look so good yet.

Character songs

A character song is a song sung by a voice actor of an anime. There are a lot of Initial D character songs. The first album of these is Initial D Vocal Battle, which came out in 1999. Then there are Vocal Battle Second Stage (2000), Vocal Battle Special feat. Takahashi Bros. Red Suns (2001) and Extra Stage Original Soundtrack (2001). There is a good chance that I do not know about all of these songs because a definitive list of these does not exist.

Drama CDs

There are four Initial D drama CDs according to my knowledge that all came out in 1999. They are Black Lightning – A New Undefeated Legend, Drift King Youth Graffiti, Lonely Driver Legend and Mako & Sayuki – Beyond Impact Blue....

Radio Show

Initial D Radio Stage was broadcasted from November 2012 to May 2013. It was hosted by Miki Shinichiro (the voice actor of Takumi) and Chiho Oda (a Japanese model and radio DJ). It had 14 episodes in total.

Here is the tricky part. That is a lot to translate and I won’t be able to do it all on my own, mostly because of my poor spoken Japanese skills. I cannot predict how difficult it would be to translate the songs due to varying speed, repeating lines, somewhat poetic language etc. The drama CDs are around an hour long on average (3:50 in total length) and the radio show episodes are all about 40 minutes long (about 9 hours in total).

My videos do not generate any revenue and a lot of them are being monetized by Avex Inc. (the owner of Initial D intellectual property and the majority of Eurobeat). And that is the reason why I am going to start a Patreon page ( The page might not be fancy but it is one of the more simple ways to fund these translations. Professional translations are expensive but someone doing this as a hobby would be adequate to me (everyone who is interested in joining send an email to If I do not raise enough money to pay for these translations then I am going to find alternative ways to invest it into my channel.

I will also have to look into how I could distribute these translations. I most likely won’t be able to upload full radio shows or dramas on YouTube due to copyright reasons (Japan has one of the harshest copyright laws in the world).

As for videos of Initial D games on my channel, they will come. Videos of Initial D: Special Stage Story Mode will start in a month if everything goes according to plan. The reason for such a long brake is that I will be spending most of the month of July visiting
distant relatives on another continent (due to that I might also take longer to respond to comments and letters) and I have been having technical issues as well.

That is all for this video. If you have any questions about anything then leave a comment or email me at Be sure to check out the Patreon page and pledge if you can.

If you are translator,or translate as a hobby,could you please help him in his project?

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