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> [FANFIC] Speed Legend Kyushi Volume 2, Rotary Revolution!!
Posted: Dec 15 2008, 04:41 AM

Were you expecting something else?

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Now that the battle has actually started, I'm looking forward to seeing how you write it.

I wonder how Takumi's doing.
Gunma's 34
  Posted: Dec 18 2008, 05:16 AM

The R34's chosen one

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Chapter 5 - Comeback

Akagi's fearful end-of-second-section chicane area; somewhat the hardest series of high speed corners that Akagi's drivers ever took on. The tendency for unwanted body roll will surely come here if you're not careful. The first section of the downhill is as tough as it is but, this place is double the difficulty. The hardest part here is to keep your top speed without hitting the inner and outer walls of the pass.

Himiko and Honzou just cleared this part of Akagi and are now on the high speed 3rd section - a series of straights and hairpins of sorts. The high powered JZA80 is still behind the blue FD. Who knows when Himiko can't take much more of this? Back in her match with her cousin, Tomo, she is known to be a better chaser; yet Tomo beat her to it. If she wanted, she could mimic the runner's movements - depending on the level of the driver she's chasing. If the level is too high, expect Himiko to make a wrong move one way or another; if not, she'd stick to the runner like glue.
A runner's position is something she's comfortable with... at Usuitouge. This is Akagi. There's a huge difference among the 2 passes and Himiko is having a really hard time managing her lead.

"How could I outrun this guy? this is nuts!" she said as she gritted her teeth.
Then, the inevitable happened. At the 1st hairpin of sector 3, her FD understeered. Honzou saw the flaw and took the advantage. Himiko also saw through this and counterattacked likewise. Honzou was nearly there - gaining the lead and finishing the match for good.

Himiko positions the FD on the outside lane; thus going for another out-in-out attack. Honzou saw through it and tries to beat her to the corner. The JZA is now side by side with the FD and Himiko just couldn't take the pressure. Honzou's Supra was too parallel to her FD - she can't do what she did at the start of the second sector. She lets go of the gas, lets the boost pressure & acceleration drop, and allows the Supra to gain the lead. For a little fun, Honzou showed one of his 'amazing' skills to impress or taunt Himiko - an out-in-out, inertial drift combination. The JZA drifts through the incoming hairpin as if it was nothing. His car is perfectly positioned in the middle of the corner. It's like she's facing Kozo Hoshino, when he started drifting his BNR34 to taunt Keisuke.

Kyoko, on the other hand, is just halfway through section 2. She's beginning to wonder as she slowly makes her way down Akagi. "Is Himiko-chan gonna be alright? I sure hope so..." She looks down on the road and pushes it a little, hoping to catch up to the two of them.

Honzou was pleased with what happened. "Sometimes, hitting the outside first is stupid..." he said with a grin. "Now, alls I got to do... is win this!" He steps the gas pedal further and aims to outrun Himiko. He drifts through the second hairpin. Flames bursted out of his exhaust as he hits 6500 rpm. Wheelspin was too much, but he wanted it that way. Getting to sector 4's checkpoint, Honzou wished that the FD was out of sight.

He was wrong.

As he looked at the rearview mirror, he was surprised to see the FD still clinging on to his JZA. His 500 hp Supra was caught up by a 430hp FD!? The 3rd section was a series of straights and this was Honzou's advantage but, he forgot one thing... The FD is a master of corners. What a car of the same class does through a corner, the FD can clear it faster amongst it's class.

The Supra pulls a way a bit on the straights but as soon as the corners are up, the FD lessens the gap. "What is this?" Himiko wondered. "Is this what my FD could really do?" She never thought about her FD's true potential. What she only knows is driving her best, hoping the FD's power would help. The rest about the FD was unknown to her. Until now.

They're now approaching the 5 hairpins and Honzou now has a ton of pressure behind him. He's not sure when to brake as of the moment.
He brakes 10 meters too early. Himiko was disappointed. She wanted to take the lead ASAP. His opponent is just too slow in entry. To top it off, Honzou enters the hairpin too much on the center. He had a gap enough to overtake by the inside. Himiko takes the chance. Slightly, she rubs the side of the Supra. Honzou wasn't interrupted by the contact. He was too busy concentrating on the road. As they approach the next left hairpin, the tide changes - Honzou got the inside, finally leaving Himiko on the outside. There's another catch to this - Himiko pressed the gas further but she was able to balance the car on the outside, side to side with the Supra.

She is ready to attack. "Not on my watch!" Honzou declared as he pounds on the gas causing the Supra to gain a sudden boost on the short straightway. The next hairpin is up and Himiko has the right position. Honzou brakes a moment too early giving Himiko another chance. She takes the inside side by side with the Supra once again. Inside on the first hairpin; outside on the second. Himiko knew what she had to do and her speed through the fourth hairpin is 4 kilometers higher than the second hairpin. As they exit the hairpin, they're side to side with Honzou leading a bit. Himiko still has the inside completely. Honzou was infuriated and had no choice but to slow down on the next hairpin. It happens to be the last. Himiko brakes late and still manages to clear the hairpin by a hair. She got the lead again. Yes, she won the match.

She stopped on the side. Honzou parked on the other side; he lowers his window and gives a thanks and sorry sign. He takes his leave to report to the Kingdom Twelve leader. Himiko gave a huge sigh of relief knowing she did her best. She waited for Kyoko. Kyoko arrived a moment later and talked with Himiko.

"Himiko chan... I'm sorry I..."
"There's nothing you should feel sorry about."
"I won."
"You... can you say that again?"
"I won."
Hearing that, Kyoko took Himiko's hands and lifts 'em up and down. Himiko nearly felt dizzy over Kyoko's exaggerated reaction.
"Wait a minute, where's Darling?"
"I dunno. Didn't see him."
"Wasn't he here a while ago after his race with Shirou?"
"He" A piece of paper flew and hits Kyoko on the face.
"What is this?"
she takes the piece of paper and reads it. Her heart was beating fast for some reason.
"This is..."
"This is..."
Himiko's getting concerned. Kyoko was so stunned by the letter making Himiko think it was a last will or something....
"...A LOVE LETTER FROM DARLING!!" Himiko fell on her feet after hearing that exclamation from Kyoko. How could it possibly be one during this serious moment.
It actually says:

My dear Kyoko,
I need to go somewhere. Sorry I can't wait for you and your friend after my match with the verossa. Hope you forgive me for leaving so soon and leaving this only behind. I'll call you soon.

At least Keisuke has a way with words, since he had a girlfriend once before he went serious with his driving.

At Haruna...
a yellow FD struggles on the 5 hairpins keeping his lead against a panda Trueno. It wasn't just an ordinary panda Trueno. If it was, then people would think that the Thirteen Devils are just a fluke team. This Trueno holds a powerful AE101 Racing engine underneath its carbon bonnet. The side door shows a decal stating FUJIWARA TOFU SHOP. No doubt about it. It is Takumi Fujiwara. He's racing against Kiriji Sakamoto - also known as Backstabbing Jacknife, who is driving the yellow FD.

The reason why Takumi is racing this outside is because of avenging Itsuki's once again crash. This has been the second time that Takumi races against a no good dirty cheat. The first one was against Shingo Shouji who did the same exact thing. Takumi is just 10 yards away from Kiriji's yellow FD. The FD resembles a lot like Himiko's where the rims and color scheme differentiates the two. Takumi uses his blind attack and gutter attack together in the last hairpin and takes the lead.

To Takumi, driving on Haruna is bliss. It's a place where no matter how tough the battle is, he could sit back and relax; unless it's his dad he's racing against. Takumi outruns Kiriji as if it was nothing. Slowly, the gap widens even if Kiriji insists on catching up. As soon as he got to the base, the 86 was gone.

Thirty minutes passed and another FD makes its way up Haruna. It was Keisuke. He got stuck in traffic half an hour ago. He was wondering if any of the 13 Devils challenged him. To Keisuke, he feels that Takumi is no match against a Wangan tuned race car. If he only came half an hour earlier, he would have stood corrected.
As soon as he got to the base, he wonders: "Where the heck is Fujiwara? Am I late or that Iketani just fooled me. But he couldn't have. Maybe the battle's done?" While thinking, he hears an engine roar coming up to where he is. The sound sounds unfamiliar and he concludes that it is Takumi. When he got clear view of the oncoming car, he was somewhat surprised.
Posted: Dec 20 2008, 02:42 AM

Were you expecting something else?

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Sorry for posting so late. Yeah. Sorry sorry sorry!

Another nice chapter. I think you could've written the race scene better, but it wasn't bad. The love letter bit was amusing, and the short 86 VS FD battle was nice too.

Now what sight is it that got Keisuke somewhat surprised? Update please.
Gunma's 34
  Posted: Dec 24 2008, 08:16 PM

The R34's chosen one

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Chapter 6 - Kingdom Twelve

As the car got in view, Keisuke couldn't believe what he saw. It was a car he has never seen before. Until now...
The car was a BNR34 Skyline GT-R with a C-West bodykit. The stock spoiler was retained, at the very least. The ride height and cambers were adjusted. It was painted in a luster red with dark red-orange flames on the side. There seems to be some sort of a shield vinyl on the hood of the GT-R. It stated 1ST KINGDOM. He is obviously one of the members of Kingdom twelve that Nakazato said.

Someone stepped out of the GT-R. A young fellow, with mid-length and curvy hair wearing a long sleeve shirt and denims approached Keisuke who was standing right next to his FD.

"Ore-wa shobu-da!" He actually said "I want to challenge you" in English.
Keisuke went like "what the hell is this guy saying? Challenging me all of a sudden..." He tries to talk some sense into the guy.
"Hey, you! I don't know who you are but you just can't come to people issuing challenges and..." his words were interrupted when the driver put himself back in the GTR before revving it all the way to the redzone. He was obviously taunting Keisuke. As much as Keisuke hates the GT-R, even after his showdowns with Nakazato and Kozo Hoshino, he still despises its engine roar. "Fine. If that's how you want it..."

It's late at night now. The time is close to 11:30. Mostly there are no other racers left at this hour. The only ones in Mt. Haruna as of this time are Keisuke and this R34 driver going by the name Kotetsu Furyu. He was tasked by the leader of Kingdom Twelve to defeat a yellow FD from the thirteen devils. He wasn't given any other detailed information of the FD - what generation it was, how it looked like; none at all. As soon as he saw Keisuke's FD, he immediately thought that he was the specified target of the leader of k12.

The FD sits behind the R34. It's an FL battle. A follow lead race where Keisuke is the chaser. As the R34 blasts its way out of the starting line, Keisuke follows along. Unknown to Keisuke, Kotetsu was just a starter yet he has a feud with Act Of War who is assigned at Omote Rokko. The reason why he was recruited is because they needed an R34 specialist and Kotetsu was the man for the job.

The first corner was up and Kotetsu went too far and aimed at the outside in blistering speed. Keisuke grinned in his seat and watches Kotetsu pull it off gracefully. He follows through with one of Takumi's classical attacks. He drifts on the outside, nearly riding the guard rail. He is able to catch up. Kotetsu grinned as he felt Keisuke's FD stay behind him.

Slowly, Keisuke is feeling a little tired out. Is it because of his race with Shirou? or is it just too late in the night? "I have no time to be toying around with this poser. He's not as fast as God Foot. He's like Nakazato; only weaker." He pulls his FD to the side and is ready to attack. For Keisuke, seeing how his rival takes the first corner gives him the idea who he's dealing with. He's ready for the kill.

Kotetsu looks at his side to see the FD closing in. He can't block him now as the second corner is up. If he aims to block him, he'll crash straight into the outside. He lets Keisuke pass and watches the Yellow FD drive away. Keisuke does a feint motion at the first hairpin and drifts through it as if it is nothing. The 13B rotary hollers down Haruna leaving anyone left in the pass stunned as he passes them in lightning speed.

As for Kotetsu and his GT-R... he stays at the side to report the defeat to the leader. He dials the number and is prepared to take punishment.
"He...hello, sir."
"By the looks of your voice, you lost, haven't you?"
"Y...yes sir."
"It's a good experience for you."
"B-but... I lost to the Thirteen Devils' FD."
"That is not the 13 Devils' FD."
"It's not?"
"I heard from one of our other members that a mysterious AE86 defeated that blasted FD of theirs."
"So... um... well you see sir... I lost to an FD just like it."
"Probably one of the local drivers. You must have mistook him for the devils' FD."
The conversation went on as Kotetsu drives back to the headquarters of Kingdom Twelve.

Ten minutes later, they met up at the Parking lot by Mt. Zao.
Kotetsu comes up and meets with the rest of Kingdom Twelve.
The cars there are what you wouldn't expect to find. Majority of which are 4WD's. The rest are of other drivetrains.

The cars consist of the following: A Subaru GC8 22B Impreza, A BNR32 Skyline with a Bomex body kit, A Nissan Stagea of the latest kind, A Mitsubishi Evo 8, A Nissan Laurel, A Citroen Xsara rally edition, Kotetsu's BNR34, A Mazda RX-8, A SA22 RX-7, A GDBF impreza, and Honzou's JZA80 Supra. This group consists of Kingdom Twelve - a team made to contend with the 13 Devils who came from the Shutoku highways.

"So 1st kingdom, I heard you lost. Probably, you're not good enough to race with us..." The R32 driver said.
"Just shut it Act of war. I mistook him for one of the Devils that's all." Kotetsu replied.
"You mean Jacknife? He's better than you, I could tell." The Laurel driver followed.
"Well, he's not the only one who lost tonight." Honzou said.
"I can't believe Heaven's sword... you lost? You have the skills to manipulate your JZA As if it's a lightweight machine." The GC8 driver added.
"Well, the internet really brings up the latest in a pinch." The SA22 followed.
"seriously, why do we have to race outsiders who interfere anyway..." the Citroen driver questioned.
"I don't know. We just follow the captain's orders." The Evo8 driver added.
"Psh! Shush, the captain's about to talk." The Stagea driver told the rest of the rowdy group.
"I appreciate you all for coming here at this late of the night." A man said behind the Stagea driver. "Good for you to give me such respect, King's Chariot." King's Chariot is the representative name of the Stagea driver.
"Heaven's Sword and 1st Kingdom." The man called out.
"Yes sir!" They both answered.
"Have you even raced the Devils?"
"No sir." They both answered.
"I accidentally concluded that my rival was from the devils. I mistook him and out of restraint I issued the challenge to him." Kotetsu said as he went down on his knees.
"Because of my showy personality, I challenged a local to a battle. I was supposed to race Bloodhound but another guy battled him in my place." Honzou answered doing the same thing as Kotetsu.
"Kotetsu Furyu, Honzou Tsuruoka. Stand up." He said as they followed.
"Although you two have met defeat, I salute you." The man answered.
"You haven't raced the devils but you guys have at least learned something from your battles."
"yes we have sir."
"Good. Kotetsu, since you're new to the team, and because of your willingness to follow the code of the Kingdom, I shall raise your rank in the team."
Kotetsu showed his sincerity by bowing infront of the man. "Thank you sir."
"Honzou. You may have acted unwillingly in behalf of the group but with your skills, it is a waste to let you go. You will be rewarded in a way as I wish. You're still with the team."
"Yes sir! Sorry to have disappointed you in any way." Honzou said as he bowed as well.
"Please the two of you get up. you have served the team well tonight. Now tell me what car was your opponent driving?"
"Um... why sir?"
"Who knows if that person could be an ally or a rival of the Kingdom, we don't know. But at least an idea of what he drives would keep us updated on it."
"It was an FD Sir." They both replied.
Kotetsu and Honzou looked at each other thinking if they both raced the same person.
"Any specific details?"
"The FD I raced sir is an Innocent Blue Mica with a Mazdaspeed GT-C body kit." Honzou answered.
"I sir have faced a yellow FD with a RE Amemiya body kit." Kotetsu replied.
"Good for you to retain those details. Steel Fossil!"
"Sir!" The SA22 RX-7 driver answered.
"get me details on the two cars and find out who could possibly it be. That's all for today. Kingdom Twelve, dismissed!"
"Thank you! Sir Hamagaki!!"
With that the whole team dispersed leaving Hamagaki behind.
Hamagaki boards his car and leaves. It is a lime yellow HONDA S2000 with the Amuse Body kit. Somehow the car sounds different. It doesn't sound like an S2000 at all nor did it accelerate like one.
Now that Kingdom 12 is taking action and they're keeping close eye out on Himiko and Keisuke, what is going to happen now?

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Posted: Dec 27 2008, 08:31 AM

Were you expecting something else?

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I just have two problems with this chapter.
Someone stepped out of the GT-R. A young fellow, with mid-length and curvy hair wearing a long sleeve shirt and denims approached Keisuke who was standing right next to his FD.

"Ore-wa shobu-da!" He said "I want to challenge you."
Keisuke went like "what the hell is this guy saying? Challenging me all of a sudden..." He tries to talk some sense into the guy.
"Hey, you! I don't know who you are but you just can't come to people issuing challenges and..." his words were interrupted when the he revved his GT-R all the way to the red zone.

So, the driver revved up his GT-R while standing outside it?

You could've done it like this:
Someone stepped out of the GT-R. A young fellow, with mid-length and curvy hair wearing a long sleeve shirt and denims approached Keisuke who was standing right next to his FD.

"Ore-wa shobu-da!" He said "I want to challenge you."
Keisuke went like "what the hell is this guy saying? Challenging me all of a sudden..." He tries to talk some sense into the guy.
"Hey, you! I don't know who you are but you just can't come to people issuing challenges and..." his words were interrupted when the driver put himself back in the GTR before revving it all the way to the redzone.

"Ore-wa shobu-da!" He said "I want to challenge you."

So he says the same thing twice?

The Kingdom Twelve meeting was quite interesting though. So what's going to happen next, now that Kingdom Twelve have taken an interest in those two FD drivers? I'll wait for the update.

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Gunma's 34
  Posted: Dec 27 2008, 06:19 PM

The R34's chosen one

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Edits were done. Thanks for pointing them out for me. Thanks very much. Anyway,
And we got new vids uploaded. Not perfectly sure with the quality though... laugh2.gif if it shows 'view in high quality', please do so... much better that way.

Takeshi vs Noboru - RE FD3S vs GF-GC8 Impreza V - Zao downhill

Takumi vs Hiroyuki - AE86 Levin Turbo vs Lan Evo 8 GSR - Zao Uphill

Ryan & Minami vs Kaede - Audi TT Quattro 3.2 vs Nissan ER34 Skyline 25GT - Hiroshima fog downhill

Kaede vs Hiroshi Matsuoka - ER34 battle - Aso downhill

Here's thou update!


Chapter 7 - The Informant

The next day arrives. Time? Just past lunch time. A girl leisurely waits for somebody by the train station with her car, a black FD. Minutes later, a taxi just dropped off a passenger. A handsome fellow with Yellowish spiky hair wearing a tight fit brown shirt and denims. Yes, it was Keisuke who's going out on another date with Kyoko. Kyoko wore the same thing that she wore when they had their previous date - where Keisuke breaks the most painful message that Kyoko couldn't bear to hold.
"So, did you wait long?"
Kyoko shook her head sideways.
"Doesn't this bring back memories? Of you know... our last date?"
"Please don't make me remember..."
"Uh...S-so-sorry! I didn't mean to break it to you that time. I had no choice."
Kyoko's mood changed and replies "Well, the past is the past. What matters now is the present. Right?"
"Uh... right..." Keisuke said in utter doubt.
"So, shall we get going?" Kyoko asked.
"Sure but I'll drive."
And they did just so. Keisuke boarded the drivers seat while Kyoko sat on the passenger seat of her own car.
While driving, Keisuke asked something to get a conversation under way: "So... where's that friend of yours?"
"Himiko? Oh, she said that she needs to go back to her place. She'll be coming back when she feels like it or if something comes up."
"I see..."
"You know...?"
"Her driving style... really reminds me of yours, Darling."
"Is that so... Well, I could've wished I'd race another FD in the passes as well. You're pretty lucky, Kyoko."
"I don't think so... I mean, I was searcing for you endlessly at Akagi ever since we well... 'broke' up years back..." as she kept on talking, a tear fell down from her cheek. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up again."
"It's alright." Keisuke hands over his handkerchief to her.
"T...thanks. You're so sweet."
Hearing that caused Keisuke to go red and nearly losing control of the FD on the highway.
"I'll make sure that the mood from this moment on would be pleasing to you and I." Keisuke promised. Kyoko just blushed back. It was a moment that Kyoko was waiting for ever since that 'day'.

Ura Rokko. A 2 mile pass resembling Shomaru, only wider but more trickier. It is located in Kobe City. The resemblance is too close that you might even mistake one for the other. The main difference is this: Shomaru is more of an old road with rusty guardrails and hard to tell road surfaces. Ura Rokko has a well furnished road with Spring all over; you can tell so by the flowers and bushes and all that. It's nice to look at during the day. At night, the place is completely different.

A silver MR-S drives along that pass day and night. The driver is definitely trying to picture the course in his mind. What's surprising with this MR-S is not only because of its GT wing, but more so, the pace that it's running on. You may think that Fujiwara Takumi is driving but you're wrong. It's someone else. This driver also defeated the upcoming return of the Hillclimb guys' leader, driving a TRD JZA80 Mk IV Supra.

That night...
Keisuke drives past Ura Rokko on his way back. He has heard rumors about the area and wanted to go there; with Kyoko of course. The natural ambiance that the place covers, even at night, gives Kyoko the impression of the perfect date. Unfortunately for Kyoko, that date is soon to end. Before Keisuke could finish the course, a white MR-2 stands in his way.
"Fumihiro?" Keisuke uttered.
As soon as he got closer to the car, it was Fumihiro. What is he doing in Ura Rokko now that Project D is done? "I'll be right back Kyoko."
"Okay." she answered. As Keisuke got out of the car, Kyoko took something out of her purse. It was a laminated picture key chain of Keisuke and her. "I'll cherish this forever and ever..." she said with a smile.
"Fumihiro. What are you doing here?"
"Keisuke. Glad I bumped into you. Have you heard of the Thirte-"
"The devils? Yeah, I've heard of them."
"So you know. You see, Kenta lost to one of them in Akagi. The Verossa?"
"That? I nailed its ass already."
"What? You don't believe me?"
"No. It's not it. Recently, some of the people we know and raced encountered them as well. Even Sudou wasn't of a match with that FC in Iroha 2. So I figured I'd go around checking where they could possibly be targeting next."
"And that's where our paths crossed again, right?" Keisuke finished.
"That's right. I asked the locals about it and they said an S15 could be wandering off here. I was wondering if..."
"Sorry, Fumihiro. I'm afraid I have to pass?"
"Why on earth so?"
"You see... I'm sort of busy at the moment."
Fumihiro looks behind Keisuke and spots Kyoko's FD.
"Ah, on a date I pressume? Well, sorry to have bothered you Keisuke."
"Yeah. No problem at all."
They bid their farewells and went back to their cars. Fumihiro drove off while Keisuke just closed the door of his FD.
"Darling, was that an old friend of yours?"
"Yeah. The Spokesman of project D when we first met."
"I remember that. The case with my Cell, right?"
"Yeah. Come on, let's go home."
"Your place, of course." She blushed extremely when Keisuke mentioned that.
"What's with the face? I'm going to get a cab from your place that's all. Unless you want me to stay..."
"No-no-no! It's alright. I don't mind you to stay in my place." She answered in embarrassment. "...(crap! What did I just say? What on earth would he say now that I gave him an idea of what I want to happen?)"
"Alright. Since you asked me to."
Kyoko just blushed in her seat while Keisuke brings the FD to her place.

Minutes later, the MR-S showed up again. This time, with someone right behind him. A white Nissan S15 Silvia with a GT-Wing and a C-west bodykit. The S15 flashed its lights at the MR-S and they both pulled over to talk it over.

The MR-S driver shows himself. It was Kogashiwa Kai. No wonder the movements of the MR-S were flawless. "So, you want to challenge me?"
The S15 driver boards off the car as well. The driver reveals himself... or should I say... herself. A gloomy girl steps out of the Silvia and approaches Kai. "What's your name? You can call me Kai." Kai asked.
"Setsuko Kuroe." she answered in a very pale voice.
"You sure you want to race me? I mean, you don't look so good."
Setsuko nods telling Kai that she wants to race him. "You're the fastest; I've heard. I want to race you."
"Fine. I'll give in to your requests." Kai said as he boards his car.
Setsuko turns around and boards her S15. There was something different about her when she boarded her car. Her face changed. Her eyes narrowed. She showed an evil grin. Her gloomy like face turns a bit more boyish and Serious. Kai looks at his rearview mirror and reads what is on the hood of the S15.
"Gl..oomy... Ang...el... Gloomy Angel. Who the heck is she?"
He wonders as he starts his car up and does a rolling start, LF style...

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Posted: Dec 28 2008, 10:15 AM

Were you expecting something else?

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Ah, Kai Kogashiwa. The least commonly used character when it comes to fanfics (I'm not saying he's rarely used, but he's just not used as much for some reason).

Let's see how he does against Gloomy Girl.
Gunma's 34
  Posted: Jan 7 2009, 04:21 AM

The R34's chosen one

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Chapter 8 - Another Mishap

Kuroe has no idea of what Kogashiwa Kai is capable of. Yes, her S15 is much more powerful... extremely powerful compared to that of Kai's MR-S but she always forgot one thing - this is a mountain pass. Power doesn't count at all on the downhill. The same though is for Kai. For one thing, this isn't Irohazaka so no shortcut jumps. This isn't Hakone either. There is only one difference - Kai is like Takumi's twin in some way. To top it off, he has practiced and defeated the locals in Ura Rokko - including the Top driver, Tendou and his NA2 NSX-R.

Setsuko is known amongst the 13 Devils to have that analytical thinking whenever she races. That's what made her special among the group. It totally goes against her personality but that's how she is. She gets too proud of herself once she starts racing. In the Wangan, she's the best of the bunch. In the touge? There's not much known about her.

The race began in a rolling start fashion and Kai is desperately retaining his lead; the start afterall of Ura Rokko is a long straightway, around .20 miles long. Setsuko is right behind him. "you're fast on the straights but..."

The first hairpin is up. Setsuko brakes earlier than Kai on the entrance. "Tsk." she uttered. Kai is still entering the corner at full throttle. Ever since his match with Takumi at Hakone, he downgraded his MR-S and concentrated on handling and weight reduction settings. "...You're no different from that irritating Lan Evo 3 back home!!" Kai shouted. As soon as he's 20 meters away from the hairpin, that's when he braked. The weight of his MR-S shifted to the outside. With delicate throttle control, he induced the car to a smooth drift; zero countersteer. As soon as the exit of the corner is up, he went full throttle as the car is perfectly positioned at the center of the road.

Setsuko cleared it using a grip maneuver. She thinks that she could invade the mountains with a highway setup - a bit too proud as a wangan driver. Slowly, Kai increased the gap. The only way for Kai to win is to increase the gap to 220 meters. After the straightway and the hairpin, the next series of corners around Ura Rokko are corners, corners, and more corners... pretty much like in Saitama. Kai had the utmost advantage. Less power and weight would mean a more nimble and faster ride through corners. This is where Kai wanted to increase the gap.

Setsuko is somewhat infuriated with what is happening. Her S15 is the prime Silvia and is losing to a near-stock MR-S!? She must be having a bad dream. VERY proud of her identity as a Wangan Legend has become her downfall in this downhill. It seems as if the Thirteen Devils might not succeed in their invasion.

She finishes the rest of the pass and thought to herself... "he must be gloating about his victory. This is just the second stage of our invasion. We may have the disadvantage but at the other passes we shall succeed. Omote Rokko, Shiga Kusatsu and Nikko's Irohazaka... we know we've succeeded there! I may have lost but the Devils would surely have their revenge."

As for Kai, this battle was only a time trial. Thanks to the fact that he's racing against someone, he set a new course record at Ura Rokko. After finishing the pass, he exits the pass and heads to the road leading to the main freeway. Upon entering the freeway, a familiar car caught his attention. Takumi's AE86 by the toll booth. He was sure that it was his. The Fujiwara Tofu sticker says it all. Behind it was a blue Subaru Impreza version 5. "What have you been doing this whole time, Takumi...?" Kai wondered. He lets that moment pass as he heads home to Tochigi.

An hour passed...
"Did you see that fast S15!?"
"No Kidding... it sents chills down my spine."
"GLOOMY ANGEL'S PRESENCE has really made things epic here in Ura Rokko!!"
Unfortunately, none of the locals witnessed the battle between Kai and Kuroe. The battle could be described in two words - very short. Simply put to it, Kai was overqualified for a low ranking area such as Ura Rokko.

A black FD shows up in the said area. It was none other than Kyoko. She has always wondered why Keisuke brought her here on the way to her place. Now with Keisuke sound asleep at her place for a while, she sneaked out and went to Ura Rokko herself. She parked right next to a pale blue Impreza. The Impreza though wasn't an ordinary kind. It had a modified, modified 22B body kit. A double modification, equipped with a GT wing and the fearful Vinyls around it.

The driver of the Impreza approached Kyoko, who was seriously staring at the place. "What's so special about the course? The drivers here are as low as those in Haruna, as what darling told me when he was part of the Red Suns... all the drivers here are talk and talk. If darling wasn't a pro and he'd come here, he can beat these guys in one night."
"You're gloomy angel right?"
Kyoko turns around to see an old guy with crew cut hair, wearing a long rain coat.
"excuse me?"
The man turned around and looked at the note he had on his hand:
"Man, Steel Fossil should be more clearer with these target descriptions he sends to us. I don't want to end up like Kotetsu; yet... orders are orders. She IS a girl after all. And that FD looks Wangan-ish... It's game time."
"Weirdo..." Kyoko uttered to herself.
"GLOOMY ANGEL! I CHALLENGE YOU!!" He shouted out to Kyoko.
"A-TATATATATATAT-TAT! No excuses. Race time!" He said.
The rest of the crowd turned around to see the commotion. They stood in awe as they saw who Kyoko was actually talking to: the GLADIATOR of Kingdom Twelve.
"Another weird guy? And a bad time not to have Himiko race for me... guess I'll take this moron on myself." she uttered to herself. "FINE! LET'S GO!" Kyoko shouted back.
A huge applause out from the crowd. Another epic battle is about to take place.

Let's just hope this race would last a bit longer than the last one... >_>

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Were you expecting something else?

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First Keisuke get's mistaken for a Thirteen Devil's driver, and now Kyoko gets mistaken for someone who's not quite as good on the mountain passes as she is. .

I'll be waiting for the race.
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After a long session of delaying this story... I'm glad to say that something came up for this. I wanted to make things interesting here as well... enjoy, for those who have waited so long for an update on this fanfic.

Chapter 9 - Deja Vu

Yoshimune Nebugawa, the one known as Gladiator, is a member of Kingdom 12 - A Racing team or organization made to contend with the 13 Devil's plans of invading the Kaido territory. His racing expertise in driving fast in narrow roads leaves him a formiddable rival, not to mention driving a very rare Impreza such as the GC8 22B type. His mental abilities outside the road is quite slim and could clearly follow only if given all the specific details. He just recently mistook Kyoko Iwase for Setsuko Kuroe and issued a challenge that the locals would like to see.

Kyoko Iwase, is a local of the Saitama area: prefecture near Gunma and their roads consist more of narrower and poor pavement roads that racers think of as a ground of rally race training. Her FD3S RX-7 is a single turbine type and is well fit for the narrow passes of Saitama. She's a sensationalist and drives with the correct feeling.
She drives at her best when she's happy - like that incident with Project D's Keisuke Takahashi in their battle; she gave him quite a hard time halfway through the pass.

Kyoko and Nebugawa talks amongst themselves on how their race would take form...
"Is it alright if we do this in a first lead fashion?" Nebugawa suggested.
"Anything would do but if you insist on it, I guess I have no choice now do I?" Kyoko agreed upon.
"Then let's get started." Nebugawa concluded as he approaches his Impreza.
"Hold it!" Kyoko interrupted.
"What is it?"
"Make sure you don't underestimate me." Kyoko says as she sternly looks at Nebugawa's eyes.
"For being a female driver? It's not in my code of honor as a member of Kingdom 12 to underestimate any driver, whether be male or female." He proudly said.
"Alright then." Kyoko uttered as she steps into her FD.

She fastens her seatbelt and placed her right hand on the steering wheel and her left hand on the gear shift. Huge revving sounds came out of the GC8 and the FD. One of the locals stepped out of the gallery and volunteered to start the countdown.
He raised his hand and starts counting down from 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Goooo! The Impreza and FD sped off the starting line and into the first hairpin. Ura Rokko's starting point from uphill is one Z type hairpin then followed by a small high speed section where you need the right line to take to make it through the section without decelerating too much.
Nebugawa is holding his lead very well. His GC8 is tuned rightly for a course such as Ura Rokko. This doesn't mean, however, that Kyoko is defeated. Nebugawa's Impreza gains ground as it speeds up. Kyoko shifts from gear 2 to 3 and the boost pressure gets more air to spool the single huge turbine. She holds down the accelerator and continues to speed up, catching that Impreza. Upon entering a series of hairpins, Nebugawa doesn't brake and enters them perfectly via deceleration only. Kyoko couldn't help but brake and balance her car throughout the narrow corners. She grits her teeth thinking that her FD is outclassed by such a perfectly tuned car.
Nebugawa looks at his rearview mirror seeing the FD, with an estimate of 2 car lengths behind, smirks and says... "You should've regreted challenging my Impreza, Gloomy Angel. I won't let the Shutoku drivers get the best of Kaido!"

Kyoko had a sudden thought for a while as she drives... she remembers her battle with Keisuke. It somewhat resembles it, only the other way around. Keisuke had trouble with his high powered twin turbo FD as it maneuvers through the narrow, bulky road of Saitama while keeping his momentum in place with her own FD. When their braking points coincided through a series of corners, she relaxed which led to her defeat. If she relaxes a bit, the weakness of her FD shows; she doesn't want that. She didn't want to expose the fact that her FD is peaky. The last move that Keisuke did to her before overtaking her, a bump tap came into her mind which made her lose control. "But I couldn't possibly do it against him. His car is a 4WD, it'll just retain its balance despite me doing it. How would I overtake him, then?" she uttered to herself.

"Darling pushed his car further when I showed my weakness... if I pressure him too much, it might do just so..." Kyoko didn't hesitate to increase the pace of her FD. The body weight then shifted to the rear while uphill and during braking, shifts immediately to the front. While braking, she corners at the same time inducing her car to a somewhat grip-drift position.

All that thinking though had just increased the gap between her and Nebugawa. She didn't budge though nor relaxed. She just kept going. She accelerated her FD further and after every corner, she could feel that she's gaining ground. As for Nebugawa, the upgrades he did on his Impreza - a heavy GT wing, a wider body kit, powerful yet heavier engine parts has cost him his tires, despite the fact that he has total balance and control over it. His entry through the corners are starting to diminish after every corner passed. His style was always to increase his pace at the start so that mid way he would have got ridden of his opponent. He glances at his rearview mirror to check if the FD is gone. He smiled as he glanced at it - no FD in sight. "Just what I was planning on."

Just then, he entered a corner too early and his front nose slightly raped the inner wall. "Rgh..." he growled. "That really has cost me... This isn't good at all..." As we go higher to the pass, the corners get more rigid and steeper in angle. "I miscalculated one corner to be a low speed one and decelerated toom much." he said. "But no matter... without that FD anywhere... it's alright... I can just increase my gap further and further..." he stated as he cuts his acceleration down to 3/4 to decrease his use on the brakes. After one tight hairpin past the bridge, he could feel something behind him... "Don't tell me..." He looks at his side mirror and sees an FD flashing at him... "it can't be..."

"Pushing my car further did quite help, even if it is an early attack... my FD is lighter than his Impreza so it is telling me that I can push my car further without worrying too much on the technicalities... My body weight and my single turbine could comprehend any opponent in any narrow technical pass such as this one!" Kyoko stated. She went full acceleration at every corner but controls her acceleration by the time her rear slid to prevent too much tire wear.

In front there is a tight-angled S curve leading to the last section's checkpoint. Kyoko is gaining ground and is now bumper to bumper with the Impreza. This corner seems a bit wider compared to the other curvy sections of Ura Rokko. She takes the chance and when Nebugawa starts to brake from the inside, she closes in on the outside. She had one last vision of her race against Keisuke and timed her braking right. When she heard Nebugawa take his foot off the accelerator, telling her that the boost pressure of the GC8 fell, she stomped her foot on the gas and entered the corner side by side with the Impreza. This time, she didn't mind letting her car drift. She brakes half a second later than the GC8 thus getting her the lead.
She turns and brakes at the moment that she's already infront of the Impreza. The rear of the FD skid and Kyoko immediately countersteered to face the next half of the S curve. She didn't let go of the countersteer as she presses the gas completely inducing a powerslide on the next, right at the middle of the road. Another fine drift-powerslide was executed.

Nebugawa didn't expect that one and tries to catch up. But after every corner, the gap just increased and increased. He tried his best to catch up but Kyoko just keeps going. It is game over. Kyoko won and she went 100 percent right until she sees the goal in view. She stops her car as soon as she passed the checkered line. She waits for Nebugawa to arrive. a quarter of a minute passed and Nebugawa arrives. He steps out of his car and talks with Kyoko about her skill...
"Who would have thought that the Thirteen Devils are this good in the Kaido Circuit."
"For the last time, I'm not a member of this so called 13 Devils okay?"
"For a Kingdom 12 member, you sure aren't that smart..."
"What was that!?" Nebugawa immediately went in rage.
"OKay... I guess you didn't like being called that. And for your information, my name is Kyoko Iwase... not what you call as Gloomy Angel..."
"Kyoko, huh?" Nebugawa reiterrated. "Hows say you be a part of Kingom 12, we sure would need skills like yours around... you know, to defeat 'em 13 devils..."
"Really?" Kyoko blushed as she thought about it...
"well? Would you?" Nebugawa insisted with a smile.
"I know it is quite a flattering and honorable offer but..."
When Nobugawa heard the word 'but', he knew that she'd reject the offer.
"...I have someone in mind to team up with and we have the same obligation as your team has already..."
"If I may ask, who is this someone that you refer to and praise so much?"
"Darling?" Kyoko suddenly turned red with embarrassment and corrects that.
"I mean... he is Keisuke Takahashi..."
"Why? you know him?"
"Do I? He's a member of the well known Project D!"
"Well... he was... but now he's working with a tuning company now - team RE Amemiya... he came here to take a breather and when these Devils as you say came around... we decided to form a group that would contend with them... well, we didn't know the exact purpose of your group until now... because... we accidentally raced and defeated one of your members..."
"Heaven's sword?"
Nebugawa clarified.

"I think it's him... in the Supra... at Akagi."
"Well, Kyoko... I'm uncertain of what would happen at this point in time... Us... the Devils... and now you and your rotary friends... because... our leader has already instigated a search for you, and your 2 other FD friends. He wanted to know if you are a friend or foe... but by the looks of how our leader wants it, he wants you to lose and leave the battling of the Devils to us..."
"But I think I couldn't allow that either..."
"Why do you say that?"
"Keisuke's goal is to defend Gunma from them. It's his home and I want to help him. With or without your help, I feel that it's his... no our responsibility to defend it."
"I'll keep this secret away from our leader. It's for the best and since you insist on it. It is nice meeting you, Iwase Kyoko..."
"You too, um..."
"Yoshikune Nebugawa... that's my name..."
"I'll be seeing you, Nebugawa..." Kyoko said in a flirtish tone as she leaves Ura Rokko in her FD.

As for Himiko on the other hand...
She's gone off to Ohtarumi to visit her cousin and former team leader of Turbo Division - Kyoichi Sagara. She waits for him in the Ohtarumi parking lot in her FD. She buys a can of soda and sits on the hood of her car until he hears a familiar engine tone from afar - a 4G63 turbocharged engine...
"Is that Kyoichi?"

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Were you expecting something else?

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She's a sensationalist and drives with the correct feeling.

1. I don't think "sensationalist" is an existing word
2. This sentence makes no sense.

This doesn't mean, however that Kyoko is defeated.

You might want to add another comma after "however". Otherwise, the sentence does not make sense.

When their braking points coincided through a series of corners, she relaxed which led to her defeat.

Umm, what? I don't recall Kyoko relaxing during that battle. And the main reason she lost was because Keisuke managed to figure out Ryousuke's hint before the race was over.

Just then, he entered a corner too early and his front nose slightly [[raped]] the inner wall.

So the nose of his Impreza sexually assaulted the inner wall? I'm afraid IDAS terminology does not work here. Change it to something like "Just then, he entered a corner too early, resulting in the nose of his Impreza lightly grinding against the inner wall before he corrected his line."

The latest race scene felt cluttered most of the time, and I doubt Kyoko would be running below her normal pace in a battle (which would mean she couldn't just suddenly increase her pace later in it). But the overtaking part was written quite nicely.

Anyway, keep writing. I'll read your other story later.
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My opinions...
1. Sensationalist IS a word. Check under sensation. then Sensational... forget that. here's the encarta dictionary entry on it:
sen·sa·tion·al·ism [sen sáyshən'l ìzzəm]
1.  use of shocking material: the practice of emphasizing the most lurid, shocking, and emotive aspects of something under discussion or investigation, especially by the media
2.  theory of knowledge: the belief that all knowledge is obtained only through the senses

-sen·sa·tion·al·ist, noun adjective
-sen·sa·tion·al·is·tic [sen sàyshən'l ístik], adjective
Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

2. y...YEAH... about the relaxing thing... this is how I remember in the Anime: Remember the slow motion scene where the black FD brakes and the yellow FD brakes at the same point in the corner's entry; then the flame burst from the yellow FD's exhaust; then the quiet part - no SFX just the eurobeat piano entry of Right Now by Dark Angels; then Kyoko says this... "The goal is just ahead... if I manage to retain this lead, we'll go on to the second round..." When she smiled... her mood seems relaxed then... THAT'S where her weakness was exposed and Keisuke was able to figure out Ryosuke's hint from that point turning the tides.
3. About that 'raping' thing... I couldn't get a good one-worder for that. I tried Kissed the inner wall but it gives a more obvious context, not to mention literal... and I have no other option but to place 'raped' as a coined word for that. And since IDAS = ID in general... maybe terms like that could work... I guess I was wrong... but it at least gives a IDAS picture in mind of what the rape term means... laugh2.gif

I'll be posting the next chapter once I am done...

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Were you expecting something else?

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Oh. So sensationalist IS a word. . . Couldn't find it in my dictionary and I didn't find it when Googling "oxford dictionary" either. Sorry about that. . .

*looks in own dictionary*

So it was here after all! How on Earth did I miss that? I apologise for my moment of stupidity.

The word still doesn't apply though.

Sensational - use of shocking material: the practice of emphasizing the most lurid, shocking, and emotive aspects of something under discussion or investigation, especially by the media

So what would a sensationalist driver be? I can understand what something like sensationalist headlines in a newspaper are. But is a sensationalist driver the kind that exclaims "Dude! I was just exiting this one corner. Then my rear slipped and crashed into the guardrail! It's absolutely destroyed - I'm lucky my fuel tank didn't explode!" when talking about a slight dent in the rear from powersliding into a wall?

I apologise again for thinking that "sensationalist" wasn't an existing word.

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that's the encarta edition. I don't trust that much... but to give more light to the word, here's the other dictionary I have... a REAL one... not a program based one and let's break it down:

sensate: adj. perceived by the senses. to perceive by senses
sensation: n. 1.the aspect of consciousness resulting from the stimulation of any of the sense organs... 2. Physiol. The capacity to respond to such stimulation. 3. what produces great interest or excitement. 4.An excited condition.
Sensational pertaining to emotional excitement of or pertaining to physical sensation; causing excitement; startling; melodramatic.
Sensationalism n. The use of sensational or melodramatic methods, words, etc. - sensationalist n. sensationalistic adj.

Kyoko's driving is More better described to be melodramatic. Since when her emotions were running wild when she first saw Keisuke and was preparing for her race with project D the night before (act. 7 start), she drove with the wrong or improper mood causing her to nearly crash to a guardrail.

And yeah. Forgiven. We make mistakes... (mostly me, though laugh2.gif)

Have you read the other story already?
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another update again...

Chapter 10 - Rendezvous with the Devils

A 4G63 Engine IS coming close to where Himiko is waiting. She had a huge feeling that it is her cousin and team leader back in the old days, Kyoichi Sagara. Aside form the Evolution's engine, there is also a 4 cylinder 1.8 Litre Straight type engine running along side it; and it also sounds turbocharged as well.

"A bolt on turbo on a straight-4? It IS them!"

When Himiko stepped out of the parking area to check if it is them, she was right. A White Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 98' and a green 2000 model NB8C Mazda Miata RS arrived at Ohtarumi. Himiko knows who are driving the 2 cars. She watched as the roadster and the WRC car make their way into the parking area and parked right next to Himiko's FD. Both drivers turned off their engines and stepped out of the car.

The driver of the roadster was so anxious to see Himiko that the driver ran to her. Wearing a V-colared black blouse with tight jeans and letting her long, combed hair sway from side to side when she ran, Himiko knew that it was no other than Tomoko Saeki - another cousin of hers... To Himiko, she was her favorite cousin. "Himi-chan!" She called out with open arms to Himiko. She in return ran to her as well. "It has been years since we last saw each other..." Himiko said. "Tell me about it..." Tomoko answered in return. A few feet away from them, the driver of the Evo started to butt in the conversation. "It seems like forever since we hanged out again..."

"Kyoichi..." Himiko uttered as she looked intimately at her male cousin. He is wearing a black jacket that had a red flame design and black denims with white sneakers. As for his hair, it goes right past his colar by an inch and his hair is somewhat messed up, even with shades placed above his forehead to hold his hair.
"You should stop listening to those EMO rock band CD's. You're giving Tomo, as his cousin a bad name." She suddenly said which caused Tomoko to burst into laughter.

Himiko looked sterningly at Kyoichi's Evo. It had a few extras ever since that time. Before, his Evolution only had a new muffler and copper-toned volk brand wheels. Adding to that, it now has a set of yellow mudguards, single canards in the front and a Rally Kit - pretty obvious with the roof scope and the extra antennaes. "YOur car... seems different." she said.

Kyoichi stood up from his bad-boy reclining-next-to-his-car pose and walked to her saying "So you noticed." He looks at her FD and states that "well your FD is no different. New tires, eh?" Himiko interrupts as she gave more observations on Kyoichi's Evo 5. "You even installed a set of reinforced rollcages around it, not to mention lowering its ride height." "And that's not all" he uttered. "It even has a larger turbine. It blasts through the straights like that new Evo 9 MR." he proudly claimed.

"Kyoichi has been busy for 2 years tuning his Evo..." Tomoko whispered to Himiko while Kyoichi is laughing his ass out. "For 2 years!? No way!"
"Oh, yes way. He even asked my dad to bargain for good parts for his turbine." she added. "That sly leader of ours..." Himiko whispered. "Leader? Our team was..."
"I know, I know through after we faced Tomo and his group 2 years ago. I was able to do some joyriding and a little bit of racing myself to take a break once in a while. Did you know that there are a lot of good love song downloads in the internet nowadays?" "Of course I do. I go to our internet cafe around every week to get updated, you know. There is this one good song that I want you to listen to one time."
"Okay." Himiko nodded as she faced Kyoichi this time.

"Say, Kyoichi... you told me that you changed the turbine, right?"
"Wanna give me a quick run here? We'll just start a mile away from here and be back in no time flat."
"Great. C'mon. Let's board the car." Kyoichi says as he walks to his car.

[3 minutes later]

The white Evo 5 runs down the high speed left corner down Ohtarumi. Kyoichi has a good hold of the wheel and is happy about the new semi-racing tires he had on his car. They enter the 1st hairpin of the short pass; a wide one, and Kyoichi brakes hard, downshifts and turns the wheel to the left. The car's nose nudged right to the inside but is slowly moving to the outside lane. Only a centimeter away and Kyoichi might have scratched his new set of rims onto the brink of the sidewalk. "Phew. That was close..." Kyoichi said. Himiko however wasn't quite happy about that cornering of his Evo. It feels sluggish and the speed that he enters on is quite slow; not to mention the fact that it loves to understeer right before it hits the apex. This is one badly tuned cornering car. Kyoichi must have put too much power onto the Evo that he didn't care much on the cornering and just retained the semi-racing suspension he had on before. At the last wide hairpin, Kyoichi didn't brake. Instead, he removed his foot off the accelerator and lets the engine slow down as he enters the corner. most of the time, the car was on the outside at a speed that Himiko didn't feel right. Passing the goal, Kyoichi brings the car back to the parking lot and parks right next to the FD.

"No wonder Tomo beat you hands down..." Himiko commented. "Pardon? That's the past. This Evo's better." "Better, you say? It understeers quite a lot and the response in the corner's exit is very very sluggish. It feels as if the car's quite heavy for a WRC lightweight. What's the weight actually?" Himiko asked.
"1600 kg." Kyoichi answered.
"No wonder..." Himiko said as she shrugged her shoulders.
"That's as heavy as a 3000GT..." Tomoko quoted.
"See? That's why it's weak on the corners. the speed might have increased, and do did its power but if you don't tune your handling aspects, it's still a weak car altogether, Kyoichi."

Kyoichi slowly fell down on his knees and touched the ground with both his palms...
"All that work... for nothing..." he whispered in vain.
"I think you went a bit too far with the car descriptions, Himi..." Tomoko said.
"You think?" Himiko doubted herself.
"There must be some way you could teach him the proper setup..."
"PLEASE! Help me. What must I do to make my car corner better?" Kyoichi pleaded.

Just then a yellow Toyota Supra JZA80 Mk. IV parks at the other end of the parking area. It is covered in what it looks like some summoning characters in a circle with red and green tones around it. At the back is a GT wing with the installment at the center. The rims it had are 2 inches wider in diameter compared to the standard size. A young guy, around in his 30's stepped out of the car while talking to somebody in his phone.

"This is the course that I must control? The drivers here are pretty good themselves... all cars here are A-class ones. I don't see any cars below that class. This ought to be an interesting track. Thank's boss." He hangs up his phone and scouts the area.

"I got an idea." Himiko told Tomoko.
She then approached the driver of the yellow Supra.
"I hope you know what you're doing, Himi" Tomoko said to herself.
"Excuse me." Himiko called out to the Supra driver. "Yes?" "By the looks of your car, you're a hashirya too, right?" "That's right." "Is it alright if I race you uphill?"
"Why wouldn't I? Let's roll. By the way... what's your name? I'm Daigo. Daigo Kaneyama."
"Amatsuka Himiko."
"Well? What are you waiting for? Get in your car!"
Himiko faced away from Daigo and walked towards her FD. Daigo was familiar with that FD. "Is that the FD the yellow one was with when Bloodhound lost? This shouldn't take me long..." Daigo grinned as he said that. He boards his Supra and is ready to start battle.


Daigo Kaneyama's Supra is somewhat Identical to Kingdom 12's Honzou: a TRD body kit, a GT wing huge aftermareket rims... His yellow Supra isn't the common one that he uses in the wangan, where Kaneyama's specialty is. He tuned this 'new' car for the sake of the touge only. It is surprising, however, that Daigo was able to control the Supra with such equal ease like that of his original car.

The start of this event would be a rolling start with Himiko being the chaser. Himiko has Kyoichi with her in the FD. Although a handicap for Himiko, she is willing to show him the handling capabilities of her FD in comparison to Kyoichi's Evolution 5, which is carrying too much power: 540 hp. Tomoko took her roadster out of the parking area and waited a mile away from where they are. Kyoichi and Himiko have no idea who they are dealing with; though Himiko has a slight idea. Both cars are running at a constant 30 mph from the first corner. Once they pass the the sign board after the corner, Daigo will step on it. Himiko only has a very short chance of winning. Ohtarumi consists of mid to high speed corners, but the road isn't wide enough to be able to overtake freely, unlike Haruna, especially if the runner puts his car in the middle of the road.

Daigo presses harder on the accelerator and the body weight goes straight to the back, with the front nose of the Supra slightly raised. Himiko's suspension setup is more precisely tuned for acceleration purposes and is stable even in full throttle. The only present advantage that Daigo has over Himiko is the god-like acceleration setup of the Supra over the FD, while the latter has a full, high speed handling setup advantage, not to mention a much lighter body weight. Himiko limits her press on the accelerator thus centers her car while Kaneyama's full accelerator tactic causes his car to understeer at the exit. A high speed S curve is up and Kaneyama's car seems to be out of place. "How good is this guy actually? If he is one of the Devils that Keisuke defeated very easily, could he be as fast as the locals say he is?" Himiko doubted as she stared earnestly at the Supra. At the second half of the S curve, Daigo was able to accelerate with full throttle on the inside without understeering. "What is good about Ohtarumi as a course..." Daigo thought "is that it is very familiar with the wangan... only narrower..."

"This unformalized battle would be finish before we even reach the main hairpin of Ohtarumi - the only low speed one..." He concluded as he makes his way into the first medium speed hairpin. Barely touching the brakes he lets deceleration be his braking power as he enters the corner. Himiko brakes and downshifts to increase her acceleration throughout the hairpin. The good part is that Himiko is able to narrow down the gap by half and Kaneyama could feel the FD closing in. Entering another S curve, Kaneyama removes his foot off the accelerator while Himiko attacks with full force. At the exit of this corner would be the main low speed hairpin. The good part is that she is able to reah the rear bumper of the SUpra up close before Kaneyama increases his pace. What is weird about Kaneyama's braking is that it isn't very obvious that he is braking because of the brake lights; they're so dim and you could barely say that he is braking. Truth is, he rarely touches it.

Kyoichi notices how Himiko drives and how the Supra in front of them moves. "My Evo couldn't go through the corners that fast without understeering..." he thought. "Is this what she is trying to tell me? But I wouldn't believe whatshe is saying unless she wins this. But how could she?" There is one blind corner right before the low speed hairpin forcing drivers to slow down immensely. Himiko takes this chance to minimize the gap as close as possible. Kyoichi holds tight to his seatbelt. "Y-You're entering it too quickly!" Kyoichi feared as he scaredly looked at Himiko's driving. Daigo finally brakes hard and controls his car in the inside lane. What about Himiko? She knew this is coming and she had a plan: as soon as the FD strays away from the inside, she brakes while cornering letting the rear slide away, inducing it to a drift - a perfect outside drift with the rear half a ruler's width away from the sidewalk. Daigo though, was able to increase the gap again, but this doesn't stop Himiko. Her speed is slow at the exit, but it is the right entry speed for the upcoming left corner. Daigo had to brake hard, causing the gap to reach a bumper to bumper status. "U...W-what!?" Daigo freaked out in his seat. He felt a sudden bump right behind him. It is obviously the FD closing in. "So outside drifting wasn't a mistake on her at all... she intentionally planned it. Causing the huge gap at first and gaining it back by the next corner. At the short straightway, Himiko fully presses the gas but it isn't enough to keep up with the Supra. She waited for the last corner to regain a higher speed. She isn't holding anything back now and is free to prepare to drift through the next corner. Daigo will execute an out-in-out attack; Himiko had a feeling and intentionally executes an out-out-in drift where both drivers flawlessly execute it perfectly.

Himiko positions her FD side by side with Daigo's Supra. Because of too much pressure from a while ago, causes him to over rev on his next shift. Daigo, later, halves his accelerator and stays on the inside, giving Himiko the opportunity to overtake. "You wouldn't make it through!" Kyoichi and Daigo successively mentioned against Himiko. But she was able to prove them wrong. To avoid understeering, she raises the e-brake inducing the FD to go to a drift right close to Daigo's Supra. "Foul move, miss. making your car face the inside would let you hit it face to face and-" Daigo's words were interrupted when he saw Himiko jolts the wheel and tapping the accelerator to stabilize the car. Kaneyama lost and Himiko won. Both drivers brought their car to a stop with Daigo nearly losing control and stopping his car perpendicular to the road.

All 3 drivers stepped out of the car and talked amongst themselves. Tomoko, too, joined in the conversation...
"I don't think the Emperor would be so happy about this..." Daigo uttered to himself.
"who's happy about what?" Himiko verified.
"Oh...I-it's nothing..." Daigo confronted. "Well... so much for the Devil's invasion of the Kaido..."
"Invasion... Kaido... Devils... Don't tell me you're..." Kyoichi nearly concluded.
"a member of 13 Devils?" Tomoko followed.
"That's right. It WAS supposed to be our task but a couple of drivers have stopped us in their tracks. Bloodhound at Akagi, Gloomy Angel at Ura Rokko, Backstab at Haruna... and then me, Sitar Kaneyama... that's right." He proudly said ironically. "We failed thanks to you guys."
"If this invasion of yours of Gunma would be your top task, I have no choice but for me to stop you guys." Himiko courageously warned.
"Save your breath, woman. There is still one more person in Gunma who's close to successfully invading Gunma... mainly Usuitouge." Daigo stated with an evil grin.
"U-Usui!?" The 3 mentioned.
"But it's too late for you to do anything now. The Emperor told me that Heartbraker, one of our men, is now facing the famous Sileighty of Usui... By the looks of how things are going... she seems to be falling behind Heartbreaker's Supra..."
Himiko's body is shaking in fear - the Devils at her home turf and she isn't there to aid the locals... She immediately runs to her FD and drives to Usui.
"Himiko..." Tomoko softly chattered and follows her in her roadster.
Kyoichi seriously looks at Kaneyama. "Hear this. We will regain Usui... We guarantee it." he said as he drives off to Usui with the other two.
When the Evolution, the Roadster, and the RX-7 left Daigo took out a cigar and lights it. He puffs out a ball of smoke and says... "well... I fulfilled my task. Sacrificing my undefeated record among the Devils to push through with the invasion... of Gunma. As long as Heartbreaker accomplishes his objective, it is alright with me to break my own record... in fact... I am glad that I lost... This is a feeling new to me."

Well, Daigo is right. Heartbreaker has defeated the legendary Sileighty of Usui - Mako Sato of Impact blue. Her recent experience with her past love and a badly timed battle with the Devils has caused her defeat. Himiko is too late to defend Usui properly... is there any way to regain Usui back from those devils?

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Were you expecting something else?

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The non-car-related conversations in this chapter felt a bit fake, and I've also seen you write better race scenes before. Maybe you could try writing your race scenes with smaller paragraphs. I think it'll be easier for you to write clear descriptions that way.

Heh. Of all the people to defeat Mako after her recent experience with Iketani, it had to be someone nicknamed "Heartbreaker". . .

"well... I fulfilled my task. Sacrificing my undefeated record among the Devils to push through with the invasion... of Gunma. As long as Heartbreaker accomplishes his objective, it is alright with me to break my own record... in fact... I never intended to lose."

Something about the last sentence here doesn't seem right.

Well, anyway, keep writing. You're not writing at your best these days, but I know you can get back up there.
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  Posted: Mar 19 2009, 05:37 PM

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I know what you mean by the last sentence. Gave it a bit more sense... the classic one at that...

Yeah, I am not writing my best these days... starting a new one at wmeforums, getting sick with recent intestinal gas pain + headache + nausea, and looking for better things to write on the SL Z story well... left me only a pinch of 'creative spark' remaining on me... Forgive me for that.

Yeah... Ironic, isn't it... HEARTBREAKER... the titles are from the Genki racing series like the Tokyo Xtreme Racer ones. They are the main legendary antagonist group; and since I have the touge version with me and they appear as well... I sort of made this a joined fanfic of Initial D and that. There are 13 of them exactly and you could search for yourself who are the others and the backgrounds (even if it is just a game and all laugh.gif)

And I don't get what you mean when you said that the non-car-statements feel a bit fake. Could you PM me your reason for it? Thanks.

I'll try to make the next chapter better. It would be the highlight of this Volume...
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It's been so long since I updated this. I needed high-inspiration to continue. Glad to say that I had some 2 days ago and managed to complete this. enjoy!

Speed Legend Kyushi v2 Final chapter
- Part 1

[Usuitouge - local cafe - 2:30 p.m.]

A blue Nissan Sileighty is parked right infront of a well known coffee & cake shop. Gloomy faces, however made the place not as lively as it was before. Two girls, in their late 20's, sit doubtlessly while eating strawberry cake. One of them, who had brown-red long hair and is wearing a pink buttoned blouse with a matching mini-skirt slouched in her seat while eating cake. She feels depressed; very depressed. The other one, who had long blonde hair and is wearing a spaghetti top with a glossy red mini skirt sits with a serious face, directing it at her friend. These two are the members of Impact Blue - the earlier being Mako Sato and the later being Sayuki.

Sayuki cannot control her emotions any longer and caused a ruckus. She thomped her fist down on the table causing everbody in the cafe to stare at them. "Dammit!" She yelled. "How on earth could we have lost to that freak! Who does he think he is!? This is so frustrating!!" "sayuki, please calm down." Mako assured. "Calm down!? How could I!? We lost on our home course to a pink freak in a wingless Supra!!"

"I said calm down Sayuki!" Mako said in a fit. "I am as pissed as it is..." sakyuki, hearing Mako freak out for the first time outside the wheel of her own car was surprised and sat silently as she quietly and calmly drank her iced tea. "He said he is from the Shutoku area, right?" Sayuki asked. "Yeah. The Tokyo Highways... But I don't get how quick was he able to adapt to that kind of area; especially a place such as Usuitouge." Mako wondered.

"He must have practiced so much during the day, memorized the course, and lastly defeated us hands down. From the scenery of the bridge down to the goal, I totally lost to him..." Mako quoted. "And his Supra seems unfit for the touge... so maybe he is that skilled?" Sayuki thought to herself.

Just then, a blue FD, a green Roadster and a white Evo5 parks right next to their sileighty. 3 people, most probably in their early 20's stepped out of their cars. "Do you think it is them?" one of them asked. "Probably. Best to ask them... Kyoichi you stay here." "Why do I have to stay?" "If you talk to them, things will mess up." "Pfft..." The group of Himiko and Tomoko enters the restaurant to ask the pair of Mako & Sayuki about the invasion of the 13 devils.

"Y-you're Mako Sato, right?" Himiko started. With a mellow look, Mako nodded yes. "I'm Himiko Amatsuka and-" her words were interrupted when Sayuki couldn't control herself anymore. "Please. If you are going to challenge us, sorry. I decline."
"Um... no." Tomoko replied. "She isn't here to challenge you. She's from Usui as well." "You are? Which team are you from?" Sayuki asked. "Turbo Division." Himiko answered.

"I only know that team because of the arrival of Reminiscent White here in Usuitouge." Mako commented. "Is that so?" She wondered herself. "Why did you come here and approach me?" Mako followed up with a question. "We've heard the news about the 13 devils and..." Tomoko stated who was interrupted too by Sayuki. "I don't want to talk about it. Sorry." Sayuki said in a fit. "Sayuki... please..." Mako confronted calmly. "Sorry about my companion, Ms. Himiko. She was so stressed over the loss. Anyway let me give you details about it. The car we challenged was a Pink Toyota Supra which has its wing removed and has canards equipped. He only gave us his title name: Heartbreaker. He was a good driver behind the wheel of such a heavy car like that. It's weird yet Amazing at the same time." Mako detailed in all.

"So Kaneyama was right..." Himiko concludede to Tomoko, who nods in agreement. "Why? What are you going to do about it?" Sayuki asked. "Well..." Tomoko started, "Himiko here is going to race him." "Hey, I didn't say I would yet..." Himiko shrugged in response to Tomoko's answer. "You can't be serious. There is no way you could take him on." Mako reacted. "I mean, look at us! We, the fastest pair in Usui, lost to someone like him." Sayuki reacted extremely. "That's why she's going to race them... well, him..." Tomoko assured whereas Himiko reacted negatively to it.

"What's your plan anyway?" Mako asked. "Well... race with the best of my abilities, that is what I am going to do." Himiko answered. "Hmm... it sounds something that Takumi would say." Mako wondered to herself. Sayuki's mood changed when she heard Takumi's name from anger to a sentimental mood. "Oh, Takumi... I wonder how he is doing." Sayuki said while dreaming of Takumi in a suit coming at Sayuki with open arms in her mind. "aww! I just can't that cutie out of my mind..." The rest in the restaurant showed a What-the-hell look at Sayuki. "What?" Sayuki reacted when she noticed them all. "I girl could dream, can she?" Outside, Kyoichi leans at the back of his Evo 5. "Grr..." he muttered. "What is taking those two so long?" He leans off his Lan Evo and gets out a smoke. Before he could light his cigar, a black FD mercilessly brakes right infront of him. A huge screech could be heard from inside the cafe as well. A girl in her mid 20's, steps out of the FD and leaves it there, idling in Neutral - it may seem as if she is quite in a hurry.

"HIMIKO-CHAN!!" She shouted as she entered the cafe. "What is wrong with you, Kyoko!? It looks as if you were being chased by somebody..." "Enough of that! Are the 13 devils here!?" "Duh! As in still yesterday..." Sayuki commented. "If the Devils continue to do are there any members of Kingdom 12 around here?" Kyoko asked. Mako, Sayuki, and Himiko nodded sideways. "This is bad..." she whispered. "Whatever you are planning, it is too late for that now. The devils have taken Usui and there's nothing we could do about it." Sayuki informed the 2 rotary drivers.

"As long as there is a way, there is hope." Himiko quoted. "Do you know someone named Tomogashi Kitsumoro?" She then asked. Mako and Sayuki seem to remember him because of the Reminiscent White thing. Kyoko had absolutely no clue about him. "Well," Himiko staggered. "I am her cousin and I think what Tomoko is offering to you guys is possible. I would like to beat the Devils." They just gave her a what-the-hell look straight to her eyes; except for Kyoko. "She is right. He did defeat one of Kingdom 12's members - Sword of the Kingdom, so there is a chance that we could reclaim Usui with Himiko's skills."

"I'll start practicing right away." Himiko said as she waved goodbye to the girls in the cafe. She turned the FD on and left the vicinity. Sayuki slouched again in her seat and wonders if she, Himiko, could be right. "What difference does it make if she is Tomogashi's cousin? That driver is a kid." she crammed. "Well, so is she but that part of her defeating Sword of the Kingdom might just give us the hope we need to reclaim Usui. She did say she is a local here." Mako assured. "C'mon girls." she followed up as she stood from her seat. "Where to?" Tomoko curiously asked. "We're sending a message to the Devils. I'm confident of regaining Usuitouge from them." Sayuki, Kyoko, and Tomoko followed Mako. There was something missing though... Kyoichi is still right next to his Evo 5, not moving an inch, and is still in shock over the close-to-death-experience with the black FD.

Himiko spent the whole afternoon practicing up and down Usui like hell. You could hear the screeching of the tires from one corner to the other. It also tells that she is bringing her drifts to a minimum. Her speed increases after every corner exit. She is gaining good time and momentum. We could say that she is far from ready - but her progress is so immense it is like Takumi driving Usui for the first time in his AE86. She has been away from Usui for a long time and she needed this home course refreshener to regain her memory of the course. That Rotary handles so well in a tricky course such as Usui. She might definitely have a chance against Heartbreaker.

That night, at Tokyo...
The Devils were celebrating and lamentating on their touge expeditions. Some showed gloomy faces, like Bloodhound, Jacknife, Sitar Kaneyama, and Gloomy Angel of Course, as they failed to accomplish what Heartbreaker had completed. "Don't worry guys, you'll get back at them someday." Grief Pluto said as he leaned on his Toyota Verossa. "A fail, though is a fail. In this world, what we need are successful players." Dying star said as he drinks right next to his Yellow GTO Twinturbo MR. "Once I get Shiga Kusatsu, I'll be able to become the most gourgeous and sinister driver that ever set foot on that track just like Heartbreaker and Usuitouge." Midnight rose assumed. "The racers in Gunma are very low in morale and skill. It was easy for me to cream them." Heartbreaker proudly said. 'Dream fiend' Banshee, who is sitting on the hood of his good looking NA2 NSX-R with his laptop in hand, reads a new message directed to the whole Devils clan. "Guys. You better see this." Every Devils member in the parking lot moves closer to Banshee and reads the e-mail that he just opened up:

13 Devil's Member

To Heartbreaker,

I issue a rematch on Usuitouge, tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Same rules apply as that of the last battle.
I'll be looking forward to your arrival. Best come prepared. You'll be facing a friend of mine for this race. Don't you ever overlook this battle. We will reclaim Usui from you at all costs necessary.

Yours Truly,
Mako Sato
Impact Blue driver

"Ooh! Looks like another girl added to your fans list, huh?" Shadow eyes teased to Heartbreaker. "Maybe. But a challenge is a challenge." Heartbreaker said as he crushed his soda can with just his hand. "Another pushover-wannabe who will fall prey to my Supra." He uttered with a loud demonic laugh. He's so hyped about the upcoming battle to take place in a course he is already familiar with.

[USUITOUGE - 9:30 A.M.]

The background is crowded with locals and fans alike. Some familiar faces are in Usui such as Takeshi Nakazato and Shingo Souji of the night kids, Fumihiro and Kenta Nakamura of the late Project D, Kochiiro Iketani and the rest of the Speedstars, and surprisingly, Kyoichi Sudou of the Emperors and Kogashiwa Kai.
"You..." Takeshi called out to Sudou.
"What?" He reacted.
"I never expected Sudou to be a spectator in a place like this." Fumihiro ironically said.
"Hmph. I have been to your expedition at Happogahara so this is no different, Fumihiro. Give my best regards to Ryosuke if you have time later."
"Why-WHY ARE YOU HERE!?" Itsuki squealed as he saw Kyoichi.
"You got a problem with that Kid?" Itsuki's tone was annoying to Sudou so he changed the tone of his voice to shut him up.
"You're just here to watch the Devils fall and then claim Usui for your own, aren't you!?"
"How sure are you on that?"
"Pretty sure!"
"Oh, really?"
Kai, who is sitting next to Sudou chuckled. "Looks like you made more enemies than friends ever since I have gone pro at Hakone." He uttered.
"oi, Takeshi." Shingo started.
"What?" Takeshi answered back who later looks in between him and Shingo.
"Do you mind?"
"Oh, right. Sorry." Takeshi later moves away from Shingo. "Good of you to notice" Shingo said. "It's either that or people would think we are best friends..."

Heartbreaker's Supra sits idly on the starting line - near the Usui arc bridge scenery. He had his arms crossed while waiting. "Who could this friend of her be? Don't tell me it's that prostitute looking girl she is with everytime..." He wondered. At the finish line... "A-choo!" Sayuki sneezed in a loud voice. "Sick?" Tomoko wondered. "No. It's nothing." Kyoko, on the other hand is walking in circles behind them with her cellphone in her ear. "what is up with you?" Sayuki asked. "Darling won't answer my call. He must probably be in some race meet again at Omiya..." She said in a sad tone. "Darling?" "I think I have an idea who it is." Mako told Sayuki. "Where is Himiko?" Kyoichi wondered, who is standing right next to Mako's Sileighty. When they all heard a huge cheer from a mile away, they knew that it is her. With a walkie talkie in hand, Mako calls one of the locals from the other end of the course, exactly 1 mile away. "Did she arrive?" "The blue FD. Affirmative. I'll start the race once both are ready.

Himiko's FD looks quite different now. She changed her rims and tire compound, and the sideskirts seem different as well. The ride height is lowered yet she retains her suspension settings. She must have done some serious tuning the night before. "An FD eh?" Heartbreaker muttered. When Himiko stepped out of the car, she immediately faced Heartbreaker's Supra. "Shall we begin, miss?" Heartbreaker started, whereas Himiko nods vertically in agreement.

Both drivers rode their cars and revved all the way to the red zone. The Supra's engine sound seems different compared to other touge JZA80's. The tone is high and the change in pitch is quick. The FD well... sounds much like Keisuke Takahashi's FD A-spec this time. The race is an uphill, side by side start with a immediate left from the starting point. Drivers must go up 1 mile to the cone exactly in the finish and head back for a downhill run. Whoever crosses the finish line at the second round wins. One of the locals stood on the side, raised his right arm and started the countdown.
"Five!!" Himiko grasps her hand on the steering wheel and gear shift.
"Four!" Heartbreaker fastens his seatbelt.
"Three!" Himiko revvs the engine.
"Two!" Heartbreaker revvs his engine to the red zone.
"One!" Flames simultaneously burst out of the exhausts
"Go!" Both drivers shift to 1, causing an immense ball of smoke from their rear tires, with the Supra gaining the lead by a notch over the FD. Even though the FD is in the inside and the Supra on the outside, when the FD starts to move, the Supra has half a car length distance away from the FD.

"The Supra entered the first corner first!" Somebody holding a walkie talkie shouted to the phone.
"Ike... Orewa e-Fu-Di!" Himiko said in Japanese. Imitating Keisuke's 6 level acceleration technique, she grips the first corner putting her FD tailgating behind the Supra.
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here's the final part of this story: a comic medium.

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

I'll be uploading the video of Mako vs himiko soon. For now, the rest would be for comments.

Oh, I would highly discourage commenting on the color. I lacked time as I have another more important deadlined project to accomplish. I don't want this to interfere with that work so I finished this for now. It's basically matte colors of well... everything. This is all I could do with this piled-up job of mine. Hope you guys understand and thanks for viewing... the rest would be for FAQ and comment posting until the vid is up.
Posted: May 13 2009, 11:14 PM

Were you expecting something else?

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So. . . Someone who defeated Impact Blue was defeated by something like. . . Matching braking and acceleration points?
I am disappointed. You have written far better battles than this.

The art wasn't all that good either. You've drawn better things, and Mako and Sayuki didn't even look remotely like themselves.

I'll wait for the video though.
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  Posted: May 14 2009, 05:13 AM

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They don't; I admit it. What was on my mind was Actually Mako and Sayuki in 1st stage, and the Arcade stages... I think... I tried my best until...


The internet... crying2.gif

It was all inked... and I went like "Holy!$^&*()... Oh well..." dry.gif Can't do anything after that...

That's when I said... "This is the last time I'm coloring a comic... next time... I'll let it stay in monochrome... and lead... looks better that way... than this... Oh, and this TOO is the last time I get reference from a Genki based game with their character who doesn't even have a face and only has a silhouette. thumb_down.gif rant.gif madrant.gif I rest my case... (headbutts soft bed comforter)" <- They have a good soundtrack of the 13 Devils, plus the intro and ending songs too... that's all...

As for Kyoko... it's well... a lucky shot... I checked the internet <again> and managed to... nearly... get her right... laugh2.gif what a relief... fear2.gif

The Sileighty... I know... I suck at Silvias... except the S14 since it is part of mine... stock s13s... I don't get it right much these days... make that at all...

I'll try my best to upload the video perfectly... It is ready, btw... just need to upload it... which is a pain in the a** (because of file size and crappy internet connection with time limit of 4 hours per interval)
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at last, here's the video concluding the Kyushi Series.
I messed up quite a bit on the final comic but here's something to get things back up on track.


This vid was made using the following stats:
A tune
130K points

Game level: HARD

lemme know what you think.

note: some points on the track I intentionally slowed down but for other parts... it was well... pure luck that I made it out without a scratch/hit. grin2.gif

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