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> The Gun Enthusiasts' Thread
  Posted: Jan 28 2017, 02:00 PM

Ballistic heartbreak

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QUOTE (APX @ Yesterday, 3:16 PM)
Oh yeah, I posted the calibers I shot with on that day. handguns/shotgun/rifle (Which was a 270 winchester, so I don't know if it's weak or strong lol) They had the .22 but I didn't get to use that, mostly used the glock and colt. biggrin.gif

.270 Winchester is actually a pretty big caliber. My Panther Arms Mod. A-150 is chambered for 6.8mm Remington SPC; the rifle you shot is just barely a bigger caliber than what my rifle is, and all things equal in terms of comparative ballistics, that fucker can have a violent kick from something that shares a rough casing length as the 5.56mm NATO. I can handle my rifle, because honestly, between that and my dad's Remington .30-30, with me having shot no other rifle calibers besides those two, big calibers are all I know. laugh2.gif So if you shouldered that .270 Winchester with ease, then that's pretty good.

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