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  Important Rules
Do NOT post any torrents other than Initial D and automotive related stuff.
Give the original torrent maker (if it was not originated from this forums.) proper credit.
If you wish to start a new topic, please contact either the FORUM MODERATORS or one of the ADMINISTRATORS via PM or E-Mail.



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> Rules and Regulations
    Posted: Jul 18 2004, 05:45 PM

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Okay guys. So now we have a torrents section dedicated to Initial D. Special thanks to Takumi Trueno for this idea. You can post any torrents you find on the net or make your own torrents and seed them here.

Here's some rules I want you guys to follow:
  • Do not post any torrents other than Initial D and automotive related stuff. (i.e. - Initial D OSTs, Initial D episodes, Best Motoring DVDs ... etc.)
  • Give credit to the original torrent maker. (If taken from another site)
  • Do NOT take torrents from here and post them elsewhere. Most torrents here are IDWF exclusive. Lets keep it that way.
  • No Flaming.
  • No Spamming.
  • Do NOT create seperate topic just for requesting reseed.
  • No Leeching. (You have to share as much as you can; if you purposely disable uploading, you could receive a warning.)
  • General Forums Rules apply here.
  • Please let the download window open as long as you can. Also, set your upload speed as fast as possible. We are here to share, not leech.
  • The files you downloaded here might be copyrighted to their rightful owner. Therefore, I strongly advise you remove any copyrighted files (OSTs, DVD rip ... etc.) you downloaded within 48 hours. This forums is to let you trial / try out any Initial D merchandise and other automotive related DVDs / VCDs. If you like the product, please purchase them in your local anime store, or visit
That's it guys. Keep it clean.

*Revised by Takumi Trueno*

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