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> Initial D Bluray Torrents, It's Happening!
  Posted: Jan 7 2018, 04:10 PM

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I figured I'd want to make the Bluray versions of the first four stages more easily available, so I took it in my own hands to go ahead and buy the bluray box sets. Yeah, I know many complain that they're just upscales, but they're going to include the English audio and subtitles where applicable.

Anyway, when a torrent's complete, a link will be right beside the stage name.
First Stage: In the works: Just need to make sure that all the episodes are 10bit.
Second Stage: In the works
I don't have Pit 2 for the Extra Stages, Battle Stages, Third and Fourth Stages (Though the two Battle Stages will have English dub edits because the Battle Stages are mostly recycled dialogue from earlier stages. Yes, you read that right.)

If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, let me know.

Edit: Yeah, I see that the original torrent got seeded before I completed my second one, so. Terribly sorry for all the confusion! ^^; Will thoroughly seed before uploading the second torrent.

With this being said, download and enjoy!

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