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> [FANFIC] Wonkndeso Xtreme Racer: Hashiriya Legend, Inspired by Street Racing games/animes.
  Posted: Dec 30 2009, 07:42 PM


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Wonkndeso Xtreme Racer is a racing fan fiction by Rendy. This fan fiction tells a story about Zen Kusanagi, an 18 year-old racer who race Japanarta GP but his R34 were totaled after the race. Because of this, he must start his journey from zero and pull out some stylish techniques and speed to win and get his confidence back with his AE86.

Without Zen's notice, some of his relatives are a part of Wonkndeso Racing Scene, which is settled at 2007 in the fictitious place called "Ndesoland". This is where the racing scene come from, and the racing scene gathers Hashiriyas from many occupations. Unlike the usual Hashiriya activity of racing in mountain passes, city streets, highways and circuits, the Wonkndeso Racing Scene also include shopping malls, water parks and recreation parks with a special tool.

Now, Zen must conquer the town of Coreland first and be the master on his home Fujiwara Village. However, tougher rivals awaits. Ryoiji Nakamichi, Ndesoland's Emotional King who conquer the arcade racing game high scores for 6 years is the Ndesoland master to defeat. However, Zen's rival are spread throughout Ndesoland, even his relatives are also rivals on racing.

Will Zen Kusanagi become the next legendary Hashiriya of Ndesoland?

The casts will be announced soon... Comments?