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> What Car Do You Have?, Pictures, Details, and Bread and Milk
Posted: 5 hours, 54 minutes ago

Hiretsuna rōjin

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QUOTE (Nomake Wan @ 1 hour, 13 minutes ago)
TCM Connection Loss simply means that the connection between the ECM (Engine Control Module, which I assume is also the source of all your OBDII diagnostic codes) and the TCM (the transmission control module, essentially the computer that controls your automatic transmission) has failed. This could be as simple as a wiring issue or as complex as the TCM itself failing in some way.

However, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that your actual physical transmission is bad. From just the code you provided, so far all we know is that the electrical signal between the two computers isn't correct.

thank you for the reply. i have a 1st gen Fiesta with that transmission and as of 2014 the TCM had many issues and gone thru 11 TCM models, i dont know if 2014-2018 had any new revised TCM designs. i did find 2 very useful videos from a Ford tech on YT that date back to 2014 but changing a TCM or reflashing it can really only be done at a dealer for the most part. they didn't really provide too many repair options but it sure is surprising how many issues Ford has with the Fiesta/focus TCMs.

apparently there is only 3 grounds, battery neg to frame and 2 grounds lower down near the battery. any insufficient connection with the grounds can cause a whole bunch of transmission issues on the car. even a sufficient contact might not be able to handle the amperage if something might take too many amps. the battery neg to frame is only contacting thru the threads and there likely isnt a TCM->frame ground.

at this point my initial fear has passed and i just hope it gets dealt with properly without the dealership runaround. just gotta push the car to a place where the towing can reach it tomorrow morning. manually bypassing the shifter lever works like a charm to get it in neutral. i dont know how to get it done by the small access point as i gotta push down a bit and push it forward. removing the side panel of the center console makes for an easier task to bypass the lock. i still need to get to work tomorrow but i can still get there easily enough with my bicycle.

the transmission does have its design issues ie possible oil seal leaking and contaminating the clutches and the warranty is 80K km and i only put on 53 K km on the car. apparently the TCM is also a problem on first gen transmissions. there is also a TSB regarding the accuracy of the oil life monitor but im not too familiar with the exact details but it might be reading 0% in some cases.

there's only one stupidity that i cant understand yet. i gotta reset the oil life before i can start the motor with its current errors, its a non-crank state with the alert on. would the TCM also take into account the oil life of the motor?

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