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> How to get full wheel use?, Trying to figure out how to use all of the wheel area
    Posted: Feb 26 2012, 10:55 AM

IDW Member

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I'm using a Fanatec PWTS and even on 620 (which seems to be best for time attacks) I'm barely moving the wheel compared to other games, and it's night and day compared to the actual arcade obviously)

I know the forum is practically dead but I'm curious if any of the experts on here have figured out the proper way of getting as close to full lock to lock rotation out of it...

Yes I'm faster with the uber sensitive light/short steering, but given my rig and my boredom at times, I want to slam my wheel around because god knows if they will ever fix the IDAS 4 cabinet at my arcade rant.gif
Posted: Feb 26 2012, 04:00 PM


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I don't think it's possible for full lock, I have my sensitivity on 900 and it's still no where near full lock. I have the fanatec gt2, does your wheel lean left when you start a match? My whole wheel and in car game tends to lean left. Im going to install a initial d sega shifter tomorrow, its gonna be dope. What's your rig consist of?
Posted: Feb 26 2012, 04:02 PM

IDW's Furfag

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I have a Fanatec 911 Carrera wheel, but I haven't got a chance to play this game with my wheel yet. But I've played it so many times at a friends house who has a G25 and now a G27. When I play it at his house, most of the time I would only have to turn the wheel 90 degrees which I know isn't that fun. Just like what you said, it would be great if it was the same or close enough degree of rotation of the arcade.

But to help you with your question, have you tried putting the wheel sensitivity to 900?