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> Teknoparrot now supports ID6AA & ID7AAX
Posted: Feb 9 2018, 06:37 PM

Nagao Fanboy

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^I can agree that it's unstable in general. In fact, since the 1.20 update it has been relatively unstable compared to previous version, 1.07.

This is when they started many of the new recent features and when they rewrote most of the code. The new features are cool for those where it works but there's also an increase in users who have problem, especially on Windows 7.

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Posted: Feb 15 2018, 09:09 AM


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QUOTE (SonicSP @ Feb 9 2018, 04:57 AM)
Random crashes are hard to diagnose so I'll give you some general tips and hope that it helps with tie issue somehow:

1. Also ensure your AV and/or Windows Defender is off, they sometimes interrupt and modify the game because they sense a false positive. When troubleshooting, this simplifies things.

2. Take your dump folder and move it into the root of your C letter drive.
IE - Basically go to your dump folder, right click and press "Cut", then go to My PC, right click on your C drive and select "Paste".

Also, give TeknoparrotUI permanent admin rights.

3. And after all that it still fails, go download a new copy of the dump or if you have a RAR backup, uncompress that and run the game from the newly unpacked dump.

Sometimes for whatever strange reason the dump can become unplayable or corrupted in some instances. I don't know why but sometimes this fixes issues for me.

Thanks for the reply.
i think i found the culprit: its idlogger. if i run id6 with idlogger it corrupts my card files.
i have moved both id6 and id7 dumps into C:\ root and running TP as admin and no problems until now (im only playing id7 for now so i dont have any random issues.) i backup as a zip my card everytime i finish playing and exit the game after the GAME OVER screen (when it says SEGAAA) i push escape.

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